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Epson Stylus SX125

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    6 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 23:16
      Very helpful



      Not an ideal printer for me

      Epson Stylus SX125

      I had a accident with my last printer, I dropped the printer while I was moving units- not a good idea, I was desperate for a printer and I had a document I needed printing, that I just reserved the first printer I came across at Argos, that was cheap and cheerful.

      I paid £30 for the printer, which I was pleased with for an all in 1 printer and ink cartridges included.

      =Comes With=
      The printer came with a set up disk, a quick "set up guide" and an more complex instruction booklet.

      =Printer Cable=
      Unless you have a cable you will need the USB cable for connection to the computer.

      =Setting Up the Printer=
      Once you have taken the printer out of the box and removed the protective wrappers and seals, not forgetting the seal on the scanner element of the printer.
      You first plug in the electricity, then you put the disc into the computer, the process is easy to follow, and your are given prompts to follow, during this process you will be prompted to connect the USB lead.

      =Installing the ink Cartridges=
      The printer comes with 4 separate inks, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. When you are prompted to connect these, you need to shake the cartridges then you take off the plastic wrapper and slot into the matching space in the ink section, this process is repeated for all the inks.

      =Ink Run=
      Once installed the ink will load into the printer, and this process can take up to 10 minutes, as it charges the ink, runs the machine, and will so a test print.


      The Printer has a scanner facility, once you lift the lid, you put the item you need to scan face down, there are guidelines on positioning the item the largest you can scan is an A4 size. Once scanned you can choose where to put the item for storage, whether that's as a file or a picture.

      This has a photocopy facility, again its simmer to the scanner, you press the buttons on the printer, as to whether you want it to be black and white or a colour print.

      You can load up to A4 size paper. At the rear of the printer there is a paper tray that you lift up and this rests the paper when not in use. This holds 100 pieces of standard thickness paper or up to 80 sheets of better quality paper. You just need to line up the pins for the paper to hold them in, this is as if you wanted to print A6 size this can be moved to hold the paper in place.

      There is a collection tray at the front of the printer, and when not in use this folds back into the printer unit.

      =Printing Speed=
      It is not the fastest printer I find on average to print about 10 pieces of black and white per minute, or 6 in colour.

      The positives - there is only one is that the cartridges are 4 single units, so they can be replaced individually, if the black is running low, it will give you the option of using the 3 colours together.

      The Negatives -

      This is the major negative for me, as the machine has been designed only to use Epson own brand cartridges, as it reads the microchip, so to replace the four colours you are looking at about £28 - The cost of a new printer.

      Negative two - if one ink cartridge is empty the whole machine goes into meltdown and refuses to print, even if that is the black cartridge, it will mix the colours when the black is low, but after that you need new cartridges

      This machine is very temperamental, if the paper has a crease in it, the machine automatically rejects it, even half way through a print it can just go.

      If you were printing a document 4 times, and you went through the individual print settings to ask it for 4 of each copies, it misses chunks of writing out, it decides what it wants to print. The same goes for if you were asking for it to print 20 pages, I find that I have to go 3 pages a time.

      =The Buttons=
      The buttons are on the front of the printer, they are not very clearly displayed, they are not very strong, I have a vision of pressing the button and sending the printer unit through the wall. I literally have 1 finger on the button and the other hand sorting the machine.

      =Would I buy again=
      Whilst I like Epson printers as my previous was also an Epson, this is not worth the money, when the ink cartridges run out, I won't be buying another set, I'll be putting that money towards a better printer.



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        05.06.2012 13:13



        Not worth it if you struggle to afford ink

        Well firstly i have to express my dissapointment with this printer, having used a variety of branded printers before Epson sure has let me down. I have had the printer for about 18 months and i do not think i have ever had one expereince of printing whihc has been straight forward! The bad points for me are i find it jams paper, all the time. It is also very noisy and clunky and takes an age to turn off, making you feel like you have pressed the wrong button with its non-agreeing sounds! The ink life also is terrible, its cartridges are too small and they are extremely expensive for what you get. Non genuine Epson inks will not work, as it needs a chip resetter. The printer is hit and miss whether it will let you still print if a colour your not printing in has ran out, sometimes - infact most times- it just will not let you, which is highly annoying! I bought the printer for £35.99 and i really think its one of the worst things ive ever done. I would say one positive however and that is i like its features of an all in one, when you can get it to work properly you have a photocopier,scanner and printer all for the £35.99 RRP so thats good - just dont expect it to last on ink because it most certainly doesnt.


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        13.03.2012 14:06
        Very helpful



        A smart, practical all-in-one printer, scanner and photocopier at an affordable price.

        Epson Sytlus SX125 Printer

        I purchased this printer about six months ago after replacing my old one, which was performing poorly. I wanted to purchase a cheap printer, but one that also had good functions and performed well, with decent quality in its output.

        The Epson SX125 serves that purpose well.

        The printer came with a set up disk, which you just pop into your PC. The disk uploads all the required printer drivers to your PC. Your PC will then locate the hardware itself and you're ready to go.

        The printer also comes with two pamphlets that show you how to set-up and get started and how to change ink cartridges and look after your printer.

        The printer is stylish and black in colour. The general body has a matt finish with a gloss band running around the top edge. It's a nice looking machine and is not too bulky or big.

        The Printer - Set-up

        When your printer arrives, or you get it home, it is easy to unpack and there are no fiddly pieces to mess about with and simultaneously mess with your head. It's a straight forward set-up. The first thing to do is remove all protective wrappers and seals. Some of the covers are like an extremely thin shrink-wrap and can be hard to detect. You need to remove all these in order for the printer to function properly; especially on the scanner and photocopier screen.

        Once all the covers have been removed it is just a case of plugging in one lead, which connects the printer to the electric. Plug in to the socket and the other end of the lead into the back of the printer and you're ready to go. Then it is just a case of pressing the 'on' button located on the top of the printer and placing the installation disk into your PC. I would like to point out that you should put the installation disk into your PC first and it will prompt you when to use the lead or USB cable, which connects your PC to the printer.

        The Printer - Functions

        The SX 125 runs with 'Energy Star' and is environmentally friendly, using very little electricity, thus making it even more economic.

        At the back of the printer is the loading tray. This is the only piece that you will ever have to dismantle or replace on the printer, but it is quite easy. You do have to be careful to line-up the plastic pins correctly in order for it to fit otherwise you could end up snapping them off and not being able to fit it at all. The loading tray holds one hundred standard A4 sheets or 80 higher quality sheets, which are usually a little thicker than the standard printer paper.

        Once your paper is placed in the tray you are ready to print. You can print in black and white or colour. When you initially try the printer for the first time, the printer will print out a test page. You will then be asked on your PC to give the print a rating and the printer will adjust accordingly to its best performance setting.

        If the quality of your prints is not to your liking or there is obviously something wrong, you can troubleshoot on your PC or it could be that the ink cartridges need changing or the printer head needs cleaning. You can run a print test or clean the heads easily by turning off the printer, loading in some paper and then pressing the on button and the test button simultaneously. This gives you a print out on which you can check the colour and print performance. You can then hold the test button for three seconds, which will initiate a complete cleaning of the printer heads. It's always good to run the print test after cleaning to see if it has altered the quality or solved your quality problem.

        The printer can also be used as a scanner. Open the lid on top of the printer and you will see a screen. Place the object or picture that you want to scan face down on the screen and close the lid. Simply press the button for scanning, which you will identify from the information sheets and the printer will scan the picture. You can then view the scan as a PDF file. You should have a folder for scans or will be prompted to make one. You will find the PDF saved here.

        The printer can also be used as a photocopier. You open the lid on the top of the printer as you did for the scanner and again place the picture to be copied face down on the screen. Pressing the copy button once will copy your picture once. Hold the button for three seconds and your printer will churn out twenty copies. You can choose whether to copy a picture in black and white or colour. The copier is pretty good and the picture is copied exactly in its entirety.

        Ink Cartridges

        To install your ink cartridges, open the printer lid. Remove your ink cartridge from its box and shake the packet. Remove the packet and then also remove the tape (usually yellow) from the cartridge. This unblocks the place that the ink will flow from onto the printer heads. Install the left hand cartridge, for arguments sake, the cyan coloured one, and press the test button. The cartridge holder will move as the printer is accepting the cartridge. You then repeat this for the other cartridges.

        When you first use the printer after buying, the ink cartridges will only contain a little ink. This ink is used to charge the print heads with ink and gives you a little ink to use before you buy your first cartridges. Once you have loaded in all the cartridges, including the black ink, you close the printer lid. Leave your printer plugged in, switched on and wait for two minutes until the ink cartridges have charged. This will be indicated by a flashing green light, which will stop flashing when the ink is ready for printing.

        The four cartridges you will need to purchase if they run out are 'Cyan', 'Magenta', 'Yellow' and 'Black'.

        Depending on how much you use your printer it can be quite expensive. The cartridges are around eight pounds each, but do last quite a while, again depending on how much you use the printer.

        Things you shouldn't do with your printer

        You should only use the standard cord or lead that comes with the printer. If you use a faulty lead or a lead with a different out-put then you could end up damaging your printer or worse create a fire hazard.

        When copying or scanning, never lift the lid to check or you will ruin your copy and possibly damage your printer.

        If you want to save on your coloured ink it is best to use the black ink and print or copy in black and white when you can.

        On no circumstances should you try and fix or open up your printer yourself. If there is a major problem that troubleshooting cannot fix, you should get in touch with the retailer or manufacturer.

        If you remove an ink cartridge for safe keeping as you know you will not be using the printer for a lengthy period, then make sure you protect the area on the cartridge from dirt or dust. Sellotape is a good way to do this. This stops any dirt transferring to the printer heads when you replace the cartridge.

        My Final Thoughts

        The Epson Stylus SX125 only cost me thirty Euros (about twenty-five pounds) in a sale. I think it normally goes for about forty Euros.

        I think it is an absolute bargain and it performs well. The copies and prints are clear and precise.

        I have seen some reviews online where people are complaining about the price of the ink. To be honest, they should've checked first. The ink is no more expensive than any other printer ink and is cheaper than a lot of printers. It all really does depend on how much you are printing.

        For the money and the performance, you cannot really go wrong with this printer. It looks good, it works well and it is cheap.

        I would recommend it to anyone.

        ©Lee Billingham


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          06.03.2012 21:51
          Very helpful



          Great for general use.

          -THE STORY-
          When I started university I decided to get an all-in-one printer as I thought it would be useful for everyday student stuff. It was useful, but halfway through the year it died on me all of a sudden for no obvious reason. I bought a replacement and a few months later the same thing happened. After explaining these events to my Dad he said that he had always relied on Epson printers. I didn't have much money but I needed a replacement so I searched and found the cheapest Epson option - the Stylus SX125.

          -IS IT EASY TO USE?-
          The printer was nice and easy to set up. I'm no computer/printer expert but I also hate reading boring instruction manuals and I had no trouble figuring out how to set it up myself. It comes with a cd, as most printers do, which is easy to install and is a big help if you want to use the scanning function of the printer. There's not too many buttons so it's pretty easy to work out how to photocopy (I just pressed all of them until it did what I wanted it to do!). If you're printing and the ink runs out, a little box pops up to tell you and you can click 'show me how' to be lead step by step through the ink changing process. Despite the fact that I've changed the ink several times now, I still follow it just to be sure.

          When I was a student, I was mainly printing articles etc to read but I also printed essays and other documents that needed to be up to a certain standard for my university course. The default setting for the printer was completely satisfactory for this purpose. I have also printed several photographs on the printer. I played around a bit with the print settings and was impressed with the quality despite the fact that I used ordinary paper rather than photo paper. The only fault is that if you are printing a document that is several pages long, gaps sometimes appear in the printing. This is fine if you notice it as you just need to run a print head clean (which sometimes needs to be done twice) but it is quite annoying if you only realise once the whole document has printed and wasted all your ink!

          I normally purchase a multipack of genuine Epson ink cartidges at around £30 for my printer but the printer takes 4 separate ink cartridges so you can just replace one - they cost around £9 each. i always buy my cartridges online as they have much better offers, After having previous bad experiences with compatible cartridges, I didn't want to risk using them in this printer! Now that I have graduated, these cartridges last me around 3-4 months as I do not use the printer frequently. When I was a student and printing almost every day, I would replace the cartidges every 2 months or so, especially the black as most of my printing was for documents.

          The scanning function is very easy to use if you use the software that comes with the printer. It gives you enough options to get what you want but not so many that it is overwhelming. Copying is equally as easy with one button to press for a black and white copy and a different one for colour copying - and it's as easy as that!

          As a printer goes, this one is pretty standard! It's compact and tidy and in my personal opinion, that's all you really need from a printer's appearance. I have been slightly careless with my printer when moving house and the lid that goes on the scanner has come unattached but it still works fine. The paper tray has also come off but it still does everything it's meant to (my print outs just end up on the floor!).

          Overall I have been very pleased with how this printer has worked considering how much it cost. It has been the most reliable printer I have had in a long time and would definately recommend it as a cheap all rounder.


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          19.01.2012 19:25



          If you want to get poor, buy this printer. It´s burning colours for monochrome printing, ink available for extreme high price only, it don´t print anything out if 1 colour is empty. Minimum costs per page 0.37 GBP. Epson is putting it´s logo on your data manager, poping up windows for "buy ink with epson" with each printing job. Refilled cartridges are not working. I´ll never ever buy epson again.


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          04.12.2011 14:24
          Very helpful



          I would never buy an Epson printer again and I would not recommend to anyone

          The scanner on my last printer broke suddenly and I needed to buy a new printer as soon as possible. I looked around for something cheap and found this printer on Ebay for around £20. Bargain or so I thought! It didn't come with any ink so I looked around to see how much the ink was to buy first. It was quite expensive as it takes four cartridges and they were about £8 each, so it seems that the ink would cost more than the printer. So I thought twice about buying the printer, as it seemed the ink was going to work out very expensive. But then I found one for about £30 that came with ink. It said that they were not Epson cartridges but that they were compatible. So I decided to go for it and bought the printer for approximately £30 with ink thinking that I would be able to carry on buying the cheaper more compatible cartridges when they ran out.

          The printer came and I was happy with it. It looked nice and it was easy to set up. However, after using it a few times it came up with an error saying that I needed to insert genuine Epson cartridges. It seemed that the printer knew that they weren't Epson and refused to work until they were replaced with Epson cartridges!!! So, Epson clearly sell their printers cheaply knowing that they are going to make a fortune off you when you buy their ink!

          So, the cheap printer that I bought has not turned out to be cheap, as it costs a fortune to replace the ink. If you don't print very much then it would probably be ok for you but I do print quite a lot and it gets me down every time I have to fork out all that money just for ink.


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