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Epson Stylus SX435W

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9 Reviews

Manufacturer: Epson / Type: All-in-One Printer

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    9 Reviews
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      08.02.2014 16:41
      Very helpful



      This is a great, top of the range economy printer. Would recommend to anyone.

      I believe I paid in the region of £50 for this printer but doing a quick Google search returns results for £45 - £70. Getting the printer out of the box, it really is a sleek design that takes up minimal space on my desk . Everything is neatly compacted within the printer which helps with the compact design. I set the printer up wirelessly and didn't really have any issues. Some people might find it easier to set the printer up using a USB cable, I suppose it comes down to personal preferences and computer literacy.

      When it comes to the printing, the quality is good. You do have to be extremely patient when your document is printing as it prints each page a bit too slowly for my liking. However, the quality that comes with the waiting is worth it and I wouldn't change this compromise. I've also printed some big photographs on more expensive paper once or twice too and the printer really comes into its own then.

      Printing wirelessly is an ease. My phone is connected, 4 laptops and my father's iPad and we can all print with ease whenever we feel like it. The scanning and photocopying capabilites are good too. Again, as everything with this printer, they are very easy processes that take seconds to master.

      One should be slightly wary with the running costs, though. For a full set of colours (each colour comes in a separate colour) you're looking at slightly over £30. I would recommend only using the correct, 'branded' cartridges, though. My friend has had his Epson Stylus for a little over 15 months and he consistently refilled his printer with cheap ink cartridges. The printer now no longer works, and no amount of deep head cleaning seems to fix it. So, the cheaper cartridges do seem to be false economy.

      In conclusion, this is a great printer that I would recommend to anyone. When I think about the Dell All In One 810 printer I bought four years previously (similar price) it is miles behind this Epson. The printer is very easy to set up, very easy to use, prints great quality sheets and without the ink cartridges costing too much. It is my first Epson and my next printer will definitely be an Epson too.


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      14.08.2013 18:03
      Very helpful



      Good quality home wifi printer

      Wanting a Wifi printer for our house to avoid trailing cables and allow us to stash it somewhere out of site I purchased the Epson SW435. It was on offer at £45 which was apparently half price with Littlewoods at the time. A quick internet search did show that other stores were selling it for the full price so I felt this was a good deal.

      It is a good size, not too bulky at 30 x 39 x 14.5 cm and looks sleek in glossy black. It allows you to scan, print and copy and also allows printing from smartphones and directly from digital camera memory cards. I found it simple to set up and later add an additional devices. The digital screen (1.4 inches) has simple and easy to navigate functions.

      Printing is a sufficient speed for home use and the quality is excellent with the usual advanced options of paper types, resolution, colour options etc. Scanning is problem free and provides excellent quality images. We use it regularly for home projects i.e. party invitations, photos as well as some business related related documents.

      It takes separate ink cartridges and as usual you are prompted to buy Epson only models, but I've easily found compatible cartridges to buy online at £10 for all four. This printer has really met all our needs and I'm very pleased with the wifi capability but I really dislike the fact that it does not allow you to print if any of the cartridges run out, not even in simple black & white and for that reason I rate this as four stars instead of five.


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      26.11.2012 19:38
      Very helpful



      A potentially good choice for many home users

      The Epson Stylus SX435W is a reasonably priced multifunction inkjet printer with Wi-Fi connectivity. The smallest model in Epson's new 'Small-in-One' range, this is a smart compact printer/copier/scanner that's easy to set up and reasonably economical to run.

      Ours has proved reliable in regular use since we bought it several months ago to replace our elderly Brother model. It's better designed and equally functional, with superior performance, a smaller 'footprint' and Wi-Fi capability instead of fax, which we never actually used.


      Print quality from the Epson is fine for our purposes - mainly text, web pages and graphics, plus the occasional photograph or two. For resolution details etc. see below.

      Not being heavy users, speed isn't our primary consideration. Colour printing seems fast enough, as does copying and scanning, but this is clearly aimed at the domestic market and more demanding users might want to check the technical specifications (see below).

      The other big advantages this printer offers are:

      * Wi-Fi connectivity with easy setup
      * Individual colour ink cartridges
      * Colour LCD display
      * Memory card reader

      It's easy to share and use wirelessly, relatively economical to run, with a clear display and menu system. The printer just sits there quietly on standby until summoned by one of our laptops, then it's fairly silent in operation too.

      Epson are a well established manufacturer. I've used quite a few of their products over the years, starting with some of the first dot-matrix and daisywheel printers and graduating to various models in their 'Stylus' range of inkjets in more recent years. Our old Brother machine was actually a gift some time ago. Although it proved a willing workhorse, it was not a model I would necessarily have chosen for myself. So when it finally gave up the ghost, I surveyed the market and was impressed with the latest 'Stylus' on offer and its positive reviews. So far, I haven't been disappointed.


      I had no difficulty unpacking and installing this printer. It's quite light and compact for a multifunction device, occupying slightly less room than our previous model. According to Epson these are '39 percent smaller than previous models'.

      Once in situ, installing the software took a little time but was trouble free, including setting it up on the wireless network and sharing it between several laptops, a task that might have proved quite challenging not so long ago. (No USB cable required or provided.)


      This product comes with a significant 'bundle' of accompanying software on CD, which might cause problems for netbook owners and others with no onboard optical drive. However, all the latest manuals and essential 'drivers' required for Epson products will be available online for downloading from their technical support website (see address below).

      I just installed the Epson printer driver and utilities initially, not the photo printing software. I already have suitable graphics programs for image handling etc. and I haven't needed this so far.
      The only drawback worth noting with our setup is an issue with Windows drive mapping that relates to the networked memory card reader. This generates an error message on startup. It's just a minor irritation which may be version-specific but doesn't actually affect functionality.


      Epson printers are very widely available at competitive discounted prices. Ours was on offer from our local Argos Extra store for under £50, substantially below RRP. Similar offers are still available online.

      Running costs were my only concern initially, given the price of branded ink cartridges. But cheaper alternatives are readily available, with the usual caveats. We've had no problems using budget inkjet paper either, which also helps. Note: Larger capacity cartridges are best value.


      * Basic operation guide (50 pages, illustrated, pdf format) - covers basic use and problem solving. May be all you need, at least to get started.
      * Network guide (html format)
      * Full user guide (html) - Includes full technical specifications, ink and paper information etc.
      * Epson website (see below)


      * Mobile printing - from smartphones & tablets
      * PC-free printing - using memory card and LCD
      * USB (2) connectivity


      A potentially good choice for many home users.


      * Maximum print resolution: 5760 x 1400 dpi
      * Print speed: 15 pages per minute in colour
      * Dimensions: 390mm x 300mm x 145mm
      * Scanning Resolution 1,200 dpi x 2,400 dpi

      For full details, please refer to manufacturer's website.


      * Epson website : http://www.epson.com - 'latest drivers, FAQs, manuals, or other downloadables'
      * Technical Support : http://support.epson.net/

      [© SteveS001 2013. A version of this original review may appear on other review sites]


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        23.10.2012 14:04
        Very helpful



        a copier, scanner and printer in one by Epson

        I have never been lucky with printers as either they just stop working on me or the ink starts to print funny, the thing is I don't overuse them so cannot see what happens. However, from my previous experience of using printers Epson have always proved to be the best brand for me and so on my next printer I knew I wanted to get on again as they are always very compact and easy to get ink cartridges for. This model the SX435W seemed good to me as it had everything I wanted and it looked nice without taking up too much room in my house. It prints and scans as well as being able to print many different print sizes, I will go into all of this in the review but it is black in colour which looks nice to me and it weighs 4.1kg.


        This printer is 30 x 39 x 14.5 cm which is a nice rounded rectangular shape and it has a pull out tray for paper which can be pushed back in and concealed. On the front of the printer is a colour LCD screen which is easy to use and can be controlled by using the buttons around it. The power button is at the front and when it is on it is green so that you know and the Epson logo and model number is also on the front. At the back is where you will feed paper into the printer and then on the top of this printer you lift up the thin lid and you have your scanner where you can start scanning. This printer has the wi-fi logo on the front as it can work wirelessly as well which is great if you are using it with a number of devices at the same time.


        So, to start with this printer does offer a lot, as I mentioned above it has the option of printing, scanning and copying this is all very easy to do, just use the installation disc and tthe software you ned to scan will be there. This is very straightforward to use and it scans very well it can scan in colour and black and white and it is up to 1,200 DPI it scans up to but this takes a good ten minutes which is very slow but if you have time this is the sharpest. The scanner isn't noisy which is good it has a light noise with the laser scanning but not as loud as others scanners I have used. You can scan at 400 DPI also which is a lot quicker and it outputs the file as either a JPG or a PDF it is up to you but it is very good to use and I love this.

        For copying, it is also easy if you want to copy something quickly just put it under the lid and press the red copy button and it instantly copies it and prints the paper right away so that you have a duplicate of what you were copying. This is a quicker feature if you are printing something that needs to be copied. This printer runs on four cartridges a cyan, magenta, yellow and black but they last a good while and are easy to install, you just clip them in and it will register that they are new so that when you check ink levels it will be accurate. When printing if these have been inserted properly, the ink will not be smudging or blotted and will print quite sharp, you can do a line test and clean the print heads if you feel there is a problem.

        The capacity of the printer is that it holds 100 sheets of paper in the tray. The speed of the printer is 33 sheets of paper per minute if it is black and white, colour is 15 sheets a minute and for photos 54 seconds per photo. With this printer you can set it up to print A4 which is standard or envelops and letter sizes. There is a slot if you want to insert an SD card to quickly upload photos and print them, this is a good feature and I do use it quite a lot. This printer can be connected either by USB to a laptop or PC or you can do it wirelessly which I prefer as there are no cables everywhere. If I print when someone else is printing wirelessly then it will notify me that someone else is printing at that time which I like, it also has a window showing ink levels.

        To use the LCD screen you just use the arrow buttons and there is a menu for scanning, copying and the tool icon is where you do maintenance, ink levels, file sharing, etc anything you need to fix is on this menu. If you want to go back to the home screen just press the home icon button and it will take you back to the main menu again where you can access other options. When you get this printer, you will get the user manual, ink cartridges, a power cable, software and your warranty, this is everything you need. To buy new cartridges is easy just make sure you are putting the cartridge into the right colour area otherwise it will cause problems when printing. The nozzle configuration is handy to make sure it is aligned properly when printing.


        With this printer, I find that printing is very easy to do, it prints quick enough for me and the 33 sheets a minute for black and white is great when printing type documents. It has a noise level of 5.2B I find this to be quite quiet when it prints. So far, I haven't had any paper jams with this printer, it seems to feed the paper through quite well which I am pleased with. I never fill the paper tray to the maximum 100 sheets of paper to avoid this and usually only put about 10 sheets in at a time which is fine as this ensures no problems. I don't use this printer much to print photos so cannot comment on how different it prints with glossy paper. I use this for colour printing and it prints 5,760 x 1,440 DPI which is good enough for me and it looks good.

        I think the softwar eis very easy to install and it always shows up fine on the wireless connection and is easy to identify. The printer is quiet and it does everything scanning, copying and printing there is nothing more I could want. This printer is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7, Vista and XP and I run this software on Windows 7 and it has worked easily with it and was great to set up. If you are using his in a home office mainly for text and the odd colour printing job but I wouldn't hit it hard with lengthy pages of colour or it will drain your ink levels quickly. You can walk out of the room, come back in and all of your printed pages will be sitting nicely in your tray ready to pick up as it shouldn't have any errors when printing.

        I like Epson as a brand for all in one printers and I am happy with this model, it does work easily, takes no time to set up and to buy new cartridges and install them is easy to do. The printer prints very good quality and sharp enough for me for an ink jet printer and black and white prints very well too on this. It scans as high quality as you need to, even if it does take a long time and the copy function is great. It is easy to use if you want to print photos on this with the SD card slot, I really cannot say enough about this printer. It is easy to put onto a desk or slot into a corner and it is a good compact size, not ideal for an office but ideal for a family home, it is priced very well for what it offers and I haven't had any issues since I got this.


        This printer is available to buy on Amazon where it is being sold for £66.99, Asda Direct is selling it for £45 but it is out of stock and Epson have linked it to an online retailer selling it for £64.99 which is the best and that is on Insight.

        The official Epson website is http://www.epson.co.uk/.


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          08.10.2012 02:55
          Very helpful




          I bought this printer after reading reviews of various types of printer on dooyoo and looking at price comparisons on Amazon. I was advised to check the price of ink as well as the printer itself; while this is marginally more expensive than other brands of printer I considered, the cheaper ink available more than makes up for the initial purchase price.

          The previous reviews on dooyoo all seemed favourable so I ordered this printer from a retailer on Amazon. It took a while to arrive, but once it did I was very impressed by how easy it was to set up. It's the first time I've set up a printer by myself and I was fully prepared to call a friend for assistance, but I took it out of the box and plugged it in. No assembly was required and everything I needed, excluding paper, was included in the box. Loading the cartridges was really easy as was connecting it to my computer. I have since bought a new laptop and adding this to the wireless network was easy.

          The only issue I have with the printer is that it often does not recognise that I have loaded it with paper, and sometimes prints slightly squinted. However, this may be a problem with the paper, or with the way I've loaded it, rather than the printer itself!

          My favourite thing about the printer is that it's wireless, which makes it a lot easier to use and means that I can print from anywhere in my flat. It's also small enough to be transportable; although I haven't tried transporting it anywhere yet, if I decide to move it into the living room rather than in my bedroom, or when I move to a different flat, this will be relatively easy. The size also means that it fits neatly on the edge of my desk and isn't at all obtrusive.

          The printer also has the ability to scan, although I have not yet used this facility. The scanner part is neatly integrated with the rest of the printer and looks like it will be easy to use.

          In conclusion I would highly recommend this printer as it is easy to use and setup and has relatively cheap additional costs.


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          27.09.2012 22:20
          Very helpful



          It's all in the fine print, a good product overall.

          After buying my Dell desktop many years back, I also got a rather dodgy Dell all-in-one printer that never really impressed me. When my Dell computer died this year, my new purpose built PC needed a new printer, and because my father had bought a new Epson and was happy with it, I chose to buy an Epson too, taking into consideration of the Epson brand history of course. I got a higher spec model, which could fulfill my needs at a reasonable cost. Here are my views on this Epson Stylus all-in-one SX435W inkjet printer.

          --Stop the Presses!--

          In yet another case of brand names becoming pseudonymous with the product they are famous for, Xerox means Photocopier and Epson means Printer, with the Canon brand possibly having a say in that. I can remember Epson printers all the way back to when the 8-bits were claiming dominance and the Compaq 386 was the choice in the offices. Seiko Epson are a huge world leader in computer printers and media interfaces. They were formed in 1942 and are based out of Suwa, Nagano, Japan. They were the first company to release a colour LCD screen and a rudimentary handheld computer.

          The reason I make to automatic connection with printers to the name Epson goes back many a year. I remember the reams of green-lined computer paper that ran through the dot-matrix Epson printers in the school library, churning out nonsensical images and text lines, and that all so familiar sound of the drum pushing the pins in and out. Since then of course, technology has progressed quickly, and now we have high-quality ink-jet printers as common as fresh air. It's this memory, and I'm sure similar ones of yours that make you trust such a brand name, but sometimes, that trust is not justified.

          --Cost and Packaging--

          This product comes to you in a large and sturdy box, brightly decorated with Epson logo's and supposed examples of the prints you will get out of it. It's all rather predictable and fit for purpose. The printer itself if much smaller than the box, so there is a considerable amount of polystyrene cut outs, and a few card inserts. Included are a USB 2.0 cable, power cable and a set of four cartridges. Overkill on the packaging I feel, but it's contents are very well protected. All the card is fully recyclable, but the big bits of polystyrene is not.

          At £59, this is a great price for what you are getting I think. In the mainstream shops, you will pick this up at around £70 and the same for similar models. I bought on-line from our friend Amazon for the reduced price. As we all know with the majority of inkjet printers, it's the cartridge cost which gets expensive. The genuine Epson cartridges can sell for up to, and sometimes over £15 a pop! £30 for a set colours if you will. There are of course more reasonable after-market compatible alternatives, but be wary. Epson printers are VERY touchy about what you put in them, so don't buy the cheapest you can get, as you may find this will not work with the printer.

          --Design and Durability--

          Comparing to my last printer, which was a rather awful design, this is a nice looking piece of kit. Black plastic with a matt finish on the base, with a gloss shine for the top and control panel. The shape follows a basic flat box design with rounded corners, no wild design cues here, but in all honestly I prefer this. The control panel mounted on the front edge is nicely sized, with well spaced and shaped buttons, with the LCD display and cursor keys positioned in the middle for that element of symmetry. The paper out flaps fold away neatly, as do the paper in holders using a combination of black translucent plastic and a thinner gauge plastic, as so it folds up into a tidy compact box. It's not a design that's going to win a Turner prize, but it's pleasant to look at, subtle and functional. Small silver details and logo's finish off the overall look. All the cable inputs and memory card sockets are well positioned and easy to access, fitting the cables without problems.

          The quality of the main body is nice and hardy, heavy to touch and lift and can take a few knocks without damage. This included the scanner cover on the top, which provides good protection to the glass scanner surface. On a negative point of view, the feed flaps seem a little weak, particularly the paper out guides, and could be subject to snapping under pressure. The control panel, which is also mounted on hard plastic, lifts out to lean at an angle. Whilst this looks good and makes the printer easier to operate, the support holding it in place also feels weak and could break when releasing to fold back in. The display screen is quite scratch proof, and the glass scanner bed is also resistant to minor scuffs. The white backing plate however is, as always on most scanners, a little susceptible to damage without care. In would say the gloss surfaces could be damaged a little easier then the matt parts, but this is neither here nor there.


          Whatever the outside looks like is nothing without quality print results of course, and I'm happy to report that things are good with this Epson. Firstly, I have had a terrible history with printers that always have problems with the paper feed, and so was chuffed to find I have had not a single problem with this printer feeding the paper in. It holds a good stack, feeds smoothly and, up until now, has never jammed. This all bodes well, and with a relatively easy set up, all the functions work like they should and this is not time consuming either. I have used two different grades of paper, the results were fine on both. The ink lasts entirely depending on what you are printing of course, but it does seem rather economical with standard print settings.

          As far as print quality goes, using the genuine cartridges produces a very good print indeed. Details are sharp, with very minimal blurring and the colours are accurate to the screen and opaque. When the cartridges get low, things stay good too, but using non-genuine cartridges can product varying results. Most of the time, the print is true and clear, but sometimes the odd error can occur, or a line of print can go missing. This is due to fact that Epson printers are notoriously picky about the cartridges used, and sometimes the unit needs to be reset altogether. I haven't come across this so far, and it handles my cheaper cartridges quite well. The speed of the printing process is good too, at standard print setting, and doesn't take long for your work to be spat out in a rather noisy fashion. That said, the printing noise isn't to annoying, but the feed in and out mechanics are a touch loud.

          Other functions are the included scanner, fax and photocopy. The scanner is fast, creates a sharp image great for Photoshop, and can be used with a variety of software applications. The photocopy function work directly from the unit, easily operated and produces the same quality as the standard print in black and white. This is ink- thirsty however. I have no need for the fax function, but I would assume this would work as well as the scanner as it uses the same types of software.

          So, the print quality is good, the speed is good too as are the general mechanics and scanner, but there are a few issues I have with this printer. As I have already said, certain parts seem a little weak in construction, and the printer can object some cartridges, but this can be forgiven. What cannot be forgiven are the fact that the software bundled with the printer is a little difficult to use, and I still haven't been able to fully install all the software included. I run Windows 7 so it shouldn't be a problem, the certain applications just refuse to work, even after a re-installation. Windows and Adobe programs work fine with it, but it's own software seems to have problems. Driver updates however run fine, and automatically install without prompting. Other small issues are the fact it has no auto-off function, so has to be manually switched off after you have shut down your computer, and it's also a tad lethargic in booting up and shutting down via the manual button. Annoying sometimes, because you may think you have turned it off when you haven't.


          Height - 135 mm
          Width - 390 mm
          Depth - 300mm
          Weight - 4.1 kg
          Colour - Black
          Item model number - C11CB21304
          ASIN - B005LDLWH6
          LCD Screen - 1.4 inches
          Wattage - 15 watts
          Cartridge Type - Epson T1281/2/3/4 or compatible equivalent.


          If you are looking for a good quality printer at a low price, then this is certainly one to consider adding to your computer peripherals. With high quality output, easy initial set up and fine robust but simplistic design, I would mostly recommend this device. Just be wary of the touchy aspect of the unit in regards to cartridges and poor application software. It has not let me down so far without my own influence, and using the correct replacements you should get many hours of good prints weather they be text or pictures. A slightly above average budget printer from Epson, not bad at all.

          Thanks for Reading. © Novabug


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            21.08.2012 18:35



            Would buy again

            I needed a relatively cheap printer for home that did OK quality colour printing. For £40 this seemed to fit the bill and with the "all in one" facility to scan and copy as well as print the machine has been used more than I ever thought it would.

            The unit is not much bigger than an A4 piece of paper and as the picture shows the flat top allows you to stack books or spare paper on top.

            It is very easy to set up with the CD-ROM providing simple "walkthrough" instructions and once set up (cable not supplied) the printer is wireless which is really handy when using a laptop or tablet.

            One of my concerns when selecting a printer was the cost of the replacement cartridges. After checking on line the Epsom compatible cartridges seemed more reasonable than other manufacturers. Amazon etc have a wide selection of multipacks. I would note that the Epsom cartridges are not refillable and thats why they are so cheap (so you cannot recycle them for cash). Epsoms website is not very helpful how you can recycle these but Tesco will recycle these but not for money. The cartridges last longer than I thought they would.

            The quality of the prints is good and the speed not so bad if you can leave it and do something else for a while. The memory stores the information so if you run out of paper or ink then you don't have to start again.

            You can also print direct off camera cards ie, SD/MSPro and the menu screen is simple to use


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            24.07.2012 14:09



            a very good value for money product

            The Epson all in one printer is more than just your average printer within respect to its ease of use, compared to other printers on the market it this is probably the one printer that provides the most value for money. The print quality is very good for an ink jet printer, however the price of those inks once the they need replacing are rather high which brings the value of this printer down slightly.

            The Epson All in one printer has a very easy set up from start to finish from plugging it in to installing the software , as i have found with other printers the set up is not as easy as epson. The design of the printer creates a modern sophisticated looking printer that would suit any commercial office or home office, i currently use mine in my home office and it looks great.

            theres not much to say about this printer apart from that if you want value for money and an easy to use printer then this is your one.


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            25.04.2012 15:02
            Very helpful



            A great little printer!

            We had been printer-less for a few years now. We had bought one a few years ago; an all in one, but after a while it kept coming up with a message that said 'contact administrator' and so we had to keep taking it to the computer shop. When we would get home the message would come up again. So in the end, whilst we had a printer, we kind of just got used to the fact that it didn't work. However, being a student, having a printer would be so useful as it would mean that I could do my work at home, rather than doing my work at home, sending it to the library in college and just hoping that it had sent properly, so that I could print it out there. So it was a bit of a hassle. In the end we decided to call out a local 'computer man' who had a look at the printer and said that it was unfixable. So I needed a new printer, but wasn't really sure if I could afford one or not, being a student and all.

            Although I wasn't actively looking for a printer, as I didn't think I could afford one, a family member called me to say that they had seen an 'all in one' printer in Sainsbury's, which was for sale for just £49.99 rather than its original price of £99.99. The family member offered to buy it there and then for me, so that I wouldn't have to make the journey to Sainsbury's myself, and I would pay him later. So that's what we did.

            ~ * How Did It Come? * ~

            The printer comes 'in parts'. Obviously you have the main 'body' which is the printer, and some wires, a disc and some ink cartridges.

            ~ * What Does It Look Like ? * ~

            The printer is very attractive to look it. It is black all over and just looks very modern and professional. It also looks a lot more expensive than £49.99.

            ~ * Setting Up * ~

            I have set up printer's before (not many but a couple) and so I was pretty certain I knew what I was doing, and so for a little while I was getting along well, sticking wires here and there. I inserted the 'set up' CD into the computer and followed the on screen instructions. This I found easy...until I realised that there wasn't a lead to connect the printer to the computer. I then read the instructions which said that you can use the printer as a 'wi-fi' meaning that you don't have to plug it into your computer as it can pick up from your 'wi-fi'.

            Well I'm not very technical when it comes to things like these and so I was getting a bit frustrated especially as on the printer it kept asking for my broadband details - but as there are no numbers or letters on the printer, I couldn't understand how to type in the letters and numbers if I had no letters and numbers. In the end I discovered that you had to use the arrows - which I thought was a bit difficult. Luckily in the end, having searched high and low, I managed to find an old 'USB' lead from my old Epson and used that to connect the printer to the computer.

            ~ * How To Use * ~

            Now that the printer is set up - GET PRINTING!!

            Printing is very easy. When you are ready to print a document , simply click on the 'print' sign and wait for it to print. Ensure that you have the printer switched on by the mains and on the machine (I think it turns itself off on the machine after a while if you aren't using it - I'm not 100% but I'm sure that happened a couple of times).

            Copying and scanning is also very easy. Simply lift the lid up and place the document you want to copy/scan face down and press the 'copy/scan' button. Then just wait for your copy to print out.

            ~ * Quality of Printing * ~

            I am very impressed with the quality of printing. Each document looks professional and of good quality. The text is clear and not blurry like you get with some printers.

            The printer is quite fast - expect to wait around 10 seconds for it to print a whole page.

            It does make a noise when it prints although it's not very noisy. It does make a funny noise though - a couple of times when I have been printing and there have been visitors in the house, they have asked 'oh what's that noise?' as it makes a strange and different noise to other printers.

            ~ * What Else? * ~

            When I received the printer, I was concerned that I would have to fork out loads of money on ink cartridges (we all know how expensive they can be) and so I thought that I wouldn't be able to use my new printer as soon as originally planned. When I looked in the box I could see that there were four individually wrapped ink cartridges (black, cyan, yellow and magenta). I was over the moon. In fact when I looked how much each ink cartridge cost online they were priced at around £10-11 each and so it didn't make sense that really, the printer had only cost me £9.99 if you took away the cost of ink cartridges. So I was very pleased.

            I have been using this printer for around three months now - although I don't use it everyday. I only really use it to print letters, college work and discount vouchers. I would like to print photographs, however I have read reviews that say that printing photographs suck up all the ink and so I don't really want to waste the ink at a time where I am strapped for cash.

            I haven't used the wi-fi side of the printer, however apparently this is one of it's major features and a main reason why people buy this particular printer. I don't really understand the wi-fi side of it, and am much more happier using the traditional way - USB lead connecting printer to computer.

            The printer is quite small and so doesn't take up a lot of room. It is also quite light which makes it easy to move around.

            Paper Formats to be used with this printer include: A4, A5, A6, B5, C6. I have only used A4 paper so far (and probably that's the only size I will use) and so I am unable to comment on how the printer copes with different sized paper.

            I like that the ink cartridges are individual as it means that you only have to replace the colour which has run out and not the whole thing (just because a part of it had run out). This is great as it saves money. Inserting the ink cartridges is very easy - make sure you follow the instructions on the packet though.

            I would definitely recommend this printer; especially to people like myself who only occasionally use a printer and don't heavily rely on it everyday.

            Thanks for reading!
            April 2012
            Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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