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    9 Reviews
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      13.11.2013 22:34



      never again, is that clear enough?

      the epson sx 130 is an absolute pain. It never workes right, it is hard to install-and-print, it robs you of your money and it makes your life extremely difficult by forcing you to buy ink on sunday evenings (when every ink shop is closed) right before your deadline simply because it demands you have all 4 color cartridges with ink before it will print black !!! Can you imagine that? if you are out of yellow you are out of luck simply because you CAN NOT PRINT IN ANY OTHER COLOR WHATSOEVER !!!!! UNTIL YOU REPLACE YELLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Also, it is very flimsy aNd will break down immediately EVEN IF you sneeze on it ! Beware of this product, 9 ut of 10 times the instalation does not work and the one time ine 10 that it wotks you will in another 9 out of ten times have very poor printing.


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      09.08.2013 16:44
      Not Helpful
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      keep a spare supply of ink with you at all times.

      I usually buy printers based on the price tag since I am not too much of a tech wiz. This printer surprised me since i managed to get it for only 30 pounds and the ink was not too expensive either.
      Well, all was going well with the printer, no problems whatsoever with it, until it ran out of ink.
      I needed to do a scan of an important document for the following day and this was the second time I had used the all-in-one to do a scan, however I had ran out of blue ink. Thinking nothing much of it i decided to continue with the scan however to my surprise all I received was an error message saying I needed to replace the ink. I was not able to do the important scan of the document since I had not blue ink. This was ridiculous from Epson.
      Anyway, moving on to the good points, the printing itself is very quick and I am happy with the quality of the photos I print off.
      There isn't much else too it though, it is a printer. You get what you pay for and I will try to avoid Epson in the future due to the fact that you can't scan without ink.


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        30.05.2013 15:36
        Very helpful



        great if on a budget.

        I have brought this printer after my old printer suddenly stopped working. I paid around £30 for it as I was on a tight budget.
        The size of the printer is pretty small. It fits under my computer desk very easily without any problems.

        What's included:
        > Printer & Scanner (All in one)
        > USB cable
        > Mains Plug
        > Installation disk
        > Starter cartridges

        -- Installation --
        Setting the printer up was very simple. Just plug the Usb cable into the Laptop / Computer, then insert disk and that's it. It does everything else automatically. It was ready to use on my laptop in about ten minutes. You have an option to install the extra software on the disk. I didn't do this so I can't review everything else on the installation disk. It then says insert cartridges. Cartridges are installed one at a time and this process takes around 2 minutes overall, very quick!

        -- Printing --
        The printing is very slow on this machine. If you're just printing off black and white images, or your college work, then this is great as it only takes around 30 seconds to print off a full a4 sheet of text.
        If you are printing a full colour image, It will take about 3-5 minutes. Very slow!
        Don't let this put you off, as the print quality is excellent and even compares to some of the printers I've paid over £100 for.

        --Ink Cartridges--
        The ink cartridges for this printer are all individual so if say the cyan ink runs out, you only have to replace that particular ink cartridge. I prefer this as it saves a lot of money.
        I got about 50 A4 sheets of full colour images out of the starter cartridges before I got the dreaded low ink sign.
        Replacement Ink cartridges are extremely cheap. A pack of four can be purchased for under £5! But, you have to shop around to get the best deal. This is one of the main reasons I brought this certain Epson printer. Be very careful if your using the copy cartridges as they may clog up the ink and damage the printer. Epson will not refund or replace if copied ink is found in the machine, so you've been warned.

        -- Lifespan --
        This particular printer lasted about 10 months before I had to replace it again. Printer was used every single day for work and college. I definitely got my money's worth out of it! If you only use it occasionally, then I reckon it will last you well over a year.
        One great thing I learnt about this machine is that if you run a clean cycle at least once a week, the printer will last a very long time.

        -- Value for money --
        Out of all the electronics I've purchased within the last 12 months. This as to be the best value for money out the lot of them. If you're on a budget for a printer under £100, then I can't recommend this enough. It does everything that all other printers do. Don't let big priced printers trick into thinking they are better, they are not.

        -- Overall --
        Overall I think this is a superb printer for how much it is. If you're running a small part time business or want to print off lots of college work, then this is for you. Yes, a little slow but for the price, can you complain? I didn't try the the scanner, so I can't really comment on that.



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        05.09.2012 22:41



        Good value everyday all in one printer

        I bought this printer on sale for £34.99 at PC world. I did quite a bit of research on which brand of printer would be best to go with this time as I have had two lexmark printers before and been completely stung on the price of their ink cartridges!
        I needed an all in one printer that doesn't wizz through ink and when it does I can actually afford new cartridges! PC world and Asda have their own brand catridges which are compatable with this printer which is perfect! Getting the cartridges in is a bit fiddly and you can't use an ink refill system ( the botttles of refill ink) as the cartridges have those annoying chips on them.
        The print quality is just fine for what I need ( I print the occasional photo, do alot of scanning) the printing isn't the fastest but can't argue for the price.
        I don't really use the copying function but i tried it and it works well.
        I've had it for nearly a year now and it's still going which is a record for printers in my house!


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        27.06.2012 11:28



        It's great if you need good quality pictures

        I bought the all in one printer/ scanner 10 months ago as my printer had broke and we needed one for homework. Looking through the Argos I decided on the sx130 as it had everything I wanted, the price was great- on sale at £24.99.

        It is stylish and neat, although not as compact as my daughters Epson sx235x. It came with the 4 inks needed (but these weren't full as this is often the case with the inks that come with new printers) the setup disc and the power lead but not the usb lead needed to plug into the laptop.

        Set up can be a problem as my netbook has no disc drive, but you just go on the Epson website to download the set up and this was easy.

        The first problem I had was the paper feed, it sometimes chews the paper up or feeds it straight through. When it did work the picture quality was very good if a bit slow. The second gripe was the price of the ink -not cheap at around £30, but on the plus side you can change the inks individually. The third annoyance was the ink replacement, it kept saying no ink, even after trouble shooting and resetting the ink it still wouldn't work.

        Yesterday I took it back to Argos, they exchanged it for a different model with no problems! I wouldn't buy one again because it uses too much ink, which can be expensive to replace and the paper feed is temperamental!!


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        18.03.2012 02:17
        Very helpful



        A nice, neat little printer

        After years of not owing a printer and buying a HP model not that long back, I have come to realise that we (as a family) now rely on a printer quite a lot.
        After moving house and unpacking everything whilst trying to decorate the printer was the last thing on my mind but one day my son said he needed to print stuff off for his homework and although I knew where the printer was I really didn't have any idea where the leads were.
        After searching pretty much everywhere I could think of I gave up and decided that as the leads were missing and the fact that the printer needed ink, we may aswell get a new one.

        To be honest we didn't really do much looking around apart from looking at offers for the cheapest printer and Argos had this one on offer for around £25, it came with ink and leads so we bought it.

        Getting it home we unpackaged it from the box and after removing lots of little sticky tabs and inserting the ink (very simply I may add) we connected it up to the laptop and my son was away with his printing.

        It's a nice compact printer, with a nice sleek design and does everything you would expect a printer to do.

        It gets to work quite quickly and a sheet will print in around 10-15 seconds. I think it has come with tester packs of ink but these have lasted really well and we have yet to change them and as I have noticed on amazon the compatible inks are very cheaply priced which makes this an even better printer for people on a budget.

        It scans and copies well and things come up nice and clear. The printer has a little tray that slides out to catch the paper when it has finished printing and in general this is a really neat little printer.

        Having owned this printer for about 7 months now I am very happy with it, it gets used on a weekly basis and is going really well.


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        22.01.2012 22:25
        Very helpful



        Cheap and Cheerful!

        ~~*~~*~~ Epson SX130 ~~*~~*~~

        I can't imagine many people will be interested in this review but times are tight so I'm writing about my printer. Yawn.
        I used to have (well I still do until I can be arsed to put it on ebay) a Lexmark all-in-one thing - it was fine for the job but was never wireless and the cartridges were £20 ish so when I went into my lovely local printer shop and they didn't have any because they don't agree with Lexmark, I did start to wonder whether it had been the cheap purchase I originally thought. Basically, after some salesman persuading, I purchased the Epson SX130 for £40 including ink. Bargain, or so I thought until I started writing this and found them on Amazon for £25 including postage. Dammit.

        Anyroad, back to the intriguing story...I trotted off home and left the printer in my hallway for approximately 4 weeks because I couldn't face setting it up - eventually I forced myself to do it:

        Open box and drag printer from those annoyingly tight polystyrene things that require you to place your foot on the box and heave.
        Plug printer in.
        Insert disc into laptop.
        Search the box for the printer to laptop USB cable thing.
        Swear profusely thinking the lovely salesman has ripped me off.
        Read box and realise the cable is sold separately.
        Swear profusely at the ineptitude of Epson.
        Go upstairs and retrieve cable from old printer.
        Exhale when the old cable fits new different brand printer.
        Follow the installation CD (basically click yes to everything).

        It wasn't that hard to do in the end and I am a bit of a simpleton. However, I must reiterate that there was no USB cable. Really? Apparently most printers come like this now but I think Epson are cheap gets. Little rant over.

        With the printer now installed and resting precariously on the arm of my sofa as this was the only spare plug I obviously had to test its capabilities. Then I noticed the ink cartridges lying on the floor where I'd thrown them during my paddy. You've probably realised that I don't read things after the cable incident and nor did I learn my lesson where it came to installing the cartridges but I still managed it - yay, go me:

        Unwrap each one and remove the taggy thing.
        Open the cartridge section and wonder at how you're supposed to fit a cartridge in at such a random angle.
        Press the ink icon button and marvel at the way the cartridge holder moves into the right position allowing you to insert the cartridge of your choice.
        Marvel even more at the fact that when an ink is low the cartridge section moves into the right position for that particular cartridge all by itself.

        I suppose this makes little sense until you understand that there are four cartridges - magenta, cyan, yellow and black so that makes it a little easier on the pocket when the colours run out individually - particularly good for me as my business logo is red and black thus I haven't had to replace yellow or blue yet. Even better is the cost of these cartridges - you can either pay about £8 for the official version or £3.99 for a cheap compatible one (exactly the same ink just not branded). Or even better get the multipack of all the inks for £15.99 (much better than Lexmark's £40).

        Obviously the price of the cartridges is irrelevant if the Lexmark's last twice as long but they don't - at first I wasn't that impressed since it wasn't long before I was going back to the shop for replacements, however the salesman informed me that the included inks are rarely full and it would appear he was right since the new ones have lasted a lot longer. I print a lot of labels with block sections of red and black on so I really go through the magenta but not as quickly as when I used Lexmark. So if you're using it for general document/essay printing that's mostly black characters I imagine it would be much more economical. You're alerted to the fact that one particular cartridge is running low by a flashing light on the printer and by your computer asking you to check the ink levels so you know exactly which one is low.

        The copier part is an absolute piece of cake to use - place document in the x-ray section and press the copier symbol. I have to confess I've never used the scanner but it says it only requires one button press and I believe it. I have one major gripe with this machine and it doesn't matter how many pieces I put in the bloody thing - it always says paper fault and requires the feeding of one piece through before anything can carry on. Maybe that's just my machine but it annoys the pants off me. It supposedly holds 100 sheets at a time but mostly I use expensive label sheets and at the risk of poor feeding resulting in wasted ink and labels, I've not tried cramming 20 of them in.

        It's a pretty attractive piece of kit - when you're not using it the paper feeder and paper tray fold back in on themselves leaving a neat shiny black box and measuring in at only 436 (W) x 304 (H) x 150 (D) it is a neat little machine. It is a fairly noisy bugger when it gets going and each time it faffs around the dogs are awoken from their slumber. It takes bloody ages to get going when you initially turn it on and I've no idea where Epson have got their figures for printing speed from but they lie - it usually takes about a minute to print one of my contracts which is essentially a massive empty table so shouldn't take that long but Epson reckons that it will print colour pages at around 15 pages a minute. It does confess that colour photos will take around 93secs to print and for the one photo I've printed it was more like 3 mins.

        Which brings me to quality...now the Lexmark wasn't particularly impressive but photos passed inspection when printed on quality paper. The Epson would fail my mother's high standards but luckily I'm not so picky - the colours are less vibrant than the other's I've printed off but hey, what do you expect for £25. For average everyday printing this printer is great - a must for students on a budget or for home business use. It doesn't have wireless but since the Lexmark never worked I don't miss what I've never had. It's compatible with most operating systems so grab yourself a bargain (well, a better bargain than I did) but don't expect too much: it's good for the money.
        Should you need any help with setting up, troubleshooting etc try www.epson.co.uk - it probably won't help but you do get 1 years warranty so it's worth a try before you take it back to the shop.

        Thanks for reading.
        Review will most definitely appear elsewhere.

        Caroline, Pig & Puddle
        September 2011


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          31.12.2011 20:27



          Epson SX130, small and compact

          I have always brought Epson all in one printers. And this is my latest acquisition. At the time I did not have extra money at the time of this purchase, so I went for a budget version scanner and printer all in one. This is a lightweight compact printer, which came complete with cartidges. The instructions were easy to understand and the installation disc was very simple, the installation was quick and it sailed through with ease. The scanner is simple and quick, and when you enter the printer preference box it is easy to understand and all functions understandable. For a small printer this does the job of a big printer with ease, and never struggles with any task you throw at it, and very quick. When it comes to cartridge changing, once you figure out where the ink cartridges go, the installation is very easy and require the least time possible. The ingenious idea of the location of the ink cartridges is a brilliant piece of thinking, and space saving. This is a worth while buy, whether on a budget or not.


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          03.11.2011 13:42
          Very helpful



          Cheaper and more versatile than a scanner

          I really didn't intend to buy another printer, I'm more than happy with my Espon P50, but on a recent holiday we had some professional photos taken and I wanted to scan them so that I could make copies for all the family. When looking for a suitable scanner I came to the shock conclusion that it was actually cheaper for me to buy an all-in-one printer than a standalone scanner. I actually picked up the distinctly bottom of the range Epson SX130 for the bargain price of £24.99 which was less than half the price of the cheapest scanner I could find. At such a low price I certainly didn't have any high expectations of print quality or speed, which as you'll soon discover is a good thing, all I really expected was a basic printer with the addition of a scanner.

          ==First Impressions==

          The SX130 came securely packed in a fairly large cardboard box, held in place by polystyrene inserts. Within the packaging there was also a power lead, starter set of inks, set-up guide and installation disc. As is the norm for printers nowadays a USB lead is not supplied, so you will need to ensure you have an A to B USB printer lead available (I purchased one for 97p including delivery from Amazon). Once removed from the packaging there is a ridiculous amount of pieces of tape to remove from the printer before it can be installed. Personally, while I appreciate that these pieces of tape prevent the working parts from moving and being damaged, I did become very frustrated especially as many of these pieces of tape were difficult to remove and a few of them left a sticky residue.

          Once all the tape and protective film was removed, I was actually pretty impressed with the look and styling of the printer. Measuring in at approximately 30cm by 44cm and standing 15cm high, it does seem to deserve the compact status that Espon have given it. In fact it is smaller than my P50 which does not have the scanner and photocopier functions. Something that I have noticed is that over the years printers have gone from being purely functional to having a more stylish look and the SX130 is no different in that respect. Gone is the beige exterior of days gone by and in it's place is a glossy black with a mirror finish. While this glossy black look does look very smart and fits in well with my other electronic equipment it is also a dust and fingerprint magnet that requires daily dusting. As the paper feed guide and tray fold neatly away when not in use, it could be said that the printer looks a little boxy, but personally I feel it looks minimalistic and very tidy as well as helping protect these slightly more fragile components from accidental damage. This minimalistic look is continued in the amount of buttons there are on the printer, there are only four, a power button, black/white copy, colour copy and stop/maintenance along with two LEDs (power and maintenance).

          ==Set Up==

          The Quick-Start guide is easy to follow and takes you through the complete set-up process, which was fairly easy. The power lead is a reasonable length, meaning that the printer does not need to be placed right next to a socket. There were actually two power leads included in the box, one with a three pin plug for those of us in the UK and a two pin for those on the continent. While this isn't actually all that useful for me, I was still impressed that should I ever move to the continent I would still be able to use the printer without having to purchase a new power lead.

          The majority of the set-up process is completed before connecting the printer to a computer, which would be handy should you have only purchased the printer for it's photocopying abilities. Basically there are a set of four ink cartridges to install and while I struggled to fit the first of these in place, it's a very intuitive process, with each cartridge and it's corresponding slot being clearly labelled. Once the ink cartridges were installed I only had to wait a couple of minutes for the ink to charge and the printer was ready to be connected to a computer for installation. Although the printer is compatible with Windows operating systems from XP onwards and Mac 10.4/10.5/10.6+, I have only installed it on a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium and a netbook running Windows 7 Starter. I must admit I found the installation process on both machines a long and laborious affair, taking just shy of half an hour. Along with the actual drivers several programs were installed including Epson Easy Print, Epson Scan, and a print monitor. There is also a pop-up requesting you allow Epson to monitor your printer, but I declined this option. Once everything was installed, all that was needed was to connect the printer via the USB, wait for it to be recognised and then restart the computer and then the printer was ready to go.


          Although I must admit that I hadn't really thought about how useful the photocopying function of the printer is, I've actually already made use of it. The lid to the scanner section is easy to open and feels secure with no creaking of hinges and the scanner is large enough to easily accommodate an A4 sheet of paper. Photocopies can be made in either black and white or colour and you can choose from printing just one copy or twenty. I do like how easy it is to operate and the fact that you do not need the printer connected to a computer to make photocopies. But I don't like the fact that there is only the choice between one or twenty copies, surely ten would have been a better amount than twenty.

          Photocopying itself is a fairly quick procedure, the scan portion seems to be quite speedy with minimal warm up time. It's almost as if it's doing a preview scan, rather than a full scan. Black and white photocopies come out almost perfect, with a small amount of fading, but colour photocopies do suffer with a loss of colour, especially if the background is a pastel shade. For example I photocopied a CV that had a pale yellow background and that background was lost in the resultant copy. Printing of the copy is also far quicker than the original was printed and it reminded me of a draft mode. Even with this little gripe I must admit that the photocopy function is something I've used far more than I expected and is something I now wonder how I managed without.


          As I stated at the beginning, I bought this printer solely for it's scanning function as a standalone scanner would have cost far more. Scanning is fairly simple using the supplied program, if you're not technologically minded then there is a full-auto mode that chooses what it thinks are the best settings and does a reasonable job. But for those that want more control there are a multitude of different settings to play with, including colour correction and DPI (how much detail). Having only scanned professional photographs, I have set up my own scanning profile where it scans at the highest setting of DPI with no other adjustments. Although the results are excellent, I must admit that I find the scanning process extremely slow, with it taking anything up to 4 minutes to scan a 5" by 7" photo. Resultant images are saved in the picture folder of your computer by default using the prefix IMG for each photo. Although this output folder can be changed, I really haven't bothered.


          Let's start with the basics, the paper feed can hold up to 100 sheets of paper and is easily adjusted to any size of paper or envelope up to A4. Although the printer is technically capable of double sided printing, this is actually performed by printing alternate pages and then putting the paper in the other way round to print the other sides, which as far as I'm concerned is a basic function that certainly isn't anything to write home about. While the paper feed feels very secure and opens up far enough to support the paper, the paper out tray feels far more flimsy and only gives very minimal support to printed pages. So far I've had no problems with paper feeding into the printer, whether it be bog-standard printer paper or glossy photo paper.

          Epson's own figures for the printing of text are up to 28 pages per minute in black and white and up to 15 in colour. Well I've no idea where they got these figures from, maybe there was only a word per page, but I've found a full page of text takes just under thirty seconds whether it be in colour or black and white. The print quality on cheap value printer paper is perfectly acceptable, with it being clear with no ink run and even fine detail is viewable. For some reason I have found that printing from a computer is actually slightly slower than when using the printer as a standalone photocopier (which perhaps confirms my suspicion that the standalone function uses a form of draft print). Although I have the printer placed on a flat, stable surface (the floor to be exact) it doesn't seem to shake or vibrate too much while printing. It's not too noisy either, not whisper quiet but not so loud as to drown out any conversation or background noise.

          Printing photographs should, in theory, be made easy using the Espon Easy Photo Print software and indeed it is easy if you only want to print photos on 10cm by 15cm photo paper. The Easy Print software allows you to choose which photos you want to print and make some enhancements before printing. But for some reason it will not allow me to print these photos on A4 paper (although it will on the Epson P50). I got round this by using other software on my computer, but by doing this I did lose the borderless printing function which was a disappointment. If I thought scanning and printing text was slow, nothing had prepared me for how slow this printer is at printing photos. An A4 page incorporating two photos takes a little over six minutes to print, which is a ridiculously long time. The resultant photos are reasonable, with good colour reproduction, but there is a noticeable difference in quality between photos printed on this printer and photos printed on the P50, with the P50 being far superior. That's not to say they aren't displayable, because they most certainly are and once behind glass they look good, it's just they're not quite as vibrant and sharp.

          ==Ink Economy==

          The use of four separate ink tanks should, in theory, make this printer more economical than those that simply utilise black and colour, as you only need to replace the colour that has run out rather than the complete colour cartridge (even though only one of the three colours has run out). In practise I really don't find this printer that economical with ink. Although I fully understand that the initial set of starter inks had less ink in them than standard cartridges and some of that ink was used in the initial charging process, I only managed to print out five A4 photos before the ink monitor was complaining that the ink was running out. Replacing the cartridges is a simple affair, you can either use originals, which would cost almost as much as the printer did, or do what I did and go down the compatible route. I bought three full sets of ink for £12 (inc. delivery) and have so far had no problems with them being recognised and indeed have had just as good results as I had from the original cartridges. I still find this printer is very ink hungry, managing up to ten A4 photos before needing one or more cartridges replaced.


          As with most Epson printers I've owned this has required very little maintenance, bar ink cartridges being replaced. There is a warning light that flashes as the ink begins to run low, which does get a little annoying. So far I've had no problem with the heads clogging, but one thing I've discovered is that it's best to keep any Espon printer on as this does seem to reduce clogging. Should the heads clog, the clean head function is easy to access, although this does seem to fairly eat ink. I've not had any paper jams to date and have given the printer a fairly intensive test drive.

          ==Final Words==

          This really isn't a bad printer, far from it, I love the standalone photocopy function and have made extensive use of the scanning function. But it's not the best of printers either, it is incredibly slow, both at scanning and printing and the print quality, while acceptable, is easily beaten by my Epson P50. I don't regret paying the £24.99 for one minute, after all I would have had to pay far more than that for a standalone scanner, and with this I also have the choice to use it to print. So as to my recommendation, well I would recommend it for anyone looking for a way to digitise their photos for sharing with family and friends, or those for whom the photocopier facility would come in useful (which is all us really). I just wouldn't recommend it as the only printer in the household, as it's rather slow at printing the resulting images, not the best quality and uses rather a lot of ink. So I'm going to give the Epson SX130 four stars out of five, with it losing the one star due to how slow it is at printing.


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