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HP Color Laserjet CM1312 MFP

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2010 10:55
      Very helpful



      Good robust product

      For the past 15 years, I have struggled away with an inkjet printer, paying a fortune for cartridges, and replacing them every five minutes. It wasn't until I invested in a laser printer, that I realised what I'd been missing. I say invested, because inevitably, the thing which puts people off laser printers is that they're more expensive. This is absolutely true, and opting for laser over inkjet will require a bigger financial outlay initially. That said, once up and running there are savings to be made.

      Generally, I do mostly ordinary black and white text printing, with occasional colour. The printer is perhaps most suited to this. The technical specification states that it prints 12 black and white pages per minute. I have to say that my experience is that it prints at least double that if not more.

      The quality of both the black and white, and colour printing is absolutely superb, and I have never come across any faults in it.

      The machine is supplied initially with one of each cartridge (a black one, and the three colours). It states that these are enough for 750 pages, which is probably about right. Bear in mind that when you replace these with proper HP cartridges (about £60 or £70 each), they state around double the number of pages, and last considerably longer. I've had the printer over a year and have printed literally thousands of pages; I've replaced the black cartridge twice, and the colours once each. Compared to how much I would have spent on inkjet cartridges, this is an enormous saving, even though the consumables themselves are more expensive as individual units.

      I use the machine for copying quite a bit, and this works well too. It is slower than printing, though for multiple copies, once it's scanned in the original, it prints them off quickly. One problem with the copying part of the machine is that it's really only suitable for single sheets or thin booklets. I find that for larger items such as books or music, you have to take the top flap off and hold the books steady by hand. This is a bit annoying, and can be time consuming.

      Another slightly annoying part of the setup is that about 15 minutes after you've switched the printer on, it needs to 'calibrate', and this can take around 10 minutes, during which time you can't use it. As it needs to do this every day, it can get irritating.

      Another cost saving is that the machine allows you to easily print double-sided. When you select this option, it provides on-screen instructions for turning the sheets over and placing them back in the tray the right way round.

      One thing to watch, though I suspect it's to be expected, is that when printing a lot of documents, it does get very hot.

      Overall, I'm happy with the product. Generally, the few things which are less than satisfactory are design errors, and come from the fact that the manufacturer hasn't thought about how people actually have to use the machine itself.


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