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HP Deskjet 3055A e-All-in-One

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5 Reviews
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    5 Reviews
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      03.02.2015 22:43
      Very helpful


      • " copies and scans"
      • " prints"
      • "all in one"
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Nice size"


      • "none to moan about"

      Printing your own photographs has never been so easy... and cheap

      The body of the unit is mainly black, with a ring of dodgy brown running around the edge, near the top. On the top, above the ring, there is the copier lid which, when lifted, allows you access the the copying window.
      The little control panel pulls up from the top, giving you a better look at the control on there. There are only a few touch sensitive buttons, those being copy, scan, quick forms, all on the screen, with other touch buttons around the screen being 'eprint', wireless, back one space, setting and cancel, together with the WiFi option which means that you can set this up using a wireless router so that you're not tied to the printer by a wire.

      To use the printing option you simple lift up the paper holder at the rear of the unit, pull out the paper tray at the bottom front, so that the paper does not fly off everywhere. Then you put the paper into the paper holder at the top. You can put several blank pieces of paper there as the unit will only take one at a time. The more paper you put there the less likely you'll run out of paper.

      The scanning is done by lifting up the top flap, revealing the glass covered scanner arm. You then just put the paper you want scanning on the to glass, close the lid and choose scanned in the option. You can either scan to your PC or scan and copy, using the scanning action combined with the printing action.

      This printer is designed for the household as it is a good compact size which will fit on most desks.
      The price of this all in one is not more than £40, which is good money for the quality of the prints you get.


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      12.09.2013 23:39



      I would recommend this printer

      I am not an expert on computers and technology: I have had this printer for over 6 months now, I like it and find it very easy to use. It came with some easy setup instructions. But found It difficult to set up to print useing the wifi function. Personly i find it handier to email the printer what i want printing, the only downside to that is you cant change it to black and white printing when printing though email, but can easily connect using the lead for bigger jobs, also the lead to connect from printer to computer is quite short would have been much handier beeing a bit longer.

      I find it very simple to scan and print copies and the quality of the printing is very good. It dosnt take to long to warm up before printing, and fast at printing.

      Overall I would reccomend this printer to anyone, especially people that dont have much experience with printers like myself.


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        30.05.2013 23:50
        Very helpful



        It's a printer.

        Most people reading this review will be familiar with the concept of wireless Internet access (unless they use an Ethernet cable or indeed a carrier pigeon). So what if you could print wirelessly as well? Someone at HP obviously had the same thought, as the HP Deskjet 3055A e-All-in-One Printer is indeed a printer that promises to print documents from a tablet, PC or smartphone wirelessly.

        Just to heighten your anticipation, before explaining how the wireless printing works, I will elaborate a little on the printer proper.

        Like most printers, it is stout and covered with a black plastic finish. It has space for paper, replaceable cartridges and a small LCD screen that you can use to navigate (to cancel the print, check wireless connectivity, and ink levels). Not especially beautifully designed, but fine enough.

        The product dimesions are 40.6 x 42.7 x 24.9 cm; weight 4kg; with 9 watts. The model number is B0N11B#BEV.

        The printer can handle:

        * Scanning
        * Copying
        * Printing (photos and documents)

        The printer comes with a box, black and coloured ink, and a Quick Start Set Up Guide along with a longer user manual. The set-up guides are very involved and cover troubleshooting and all aspects of set up. In particular the 'getting started' poster is extremely easy to follow.

        The company behind the printer, Hewlett-Packard, are an American corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United States that make anything from printers to medical equipment. As expected from a trusted company, this printer comes with a parts and labour warranty for 12 months after purchase.

        OK, onto the "exciting" part.... after A Quick Set up the printer automatically connects to your Internet connection. Once you register the printer with HP the printer has its own unique email address. When you send an email to this address, it prints it off. That's it. This is called AirPrint and as long as your printer is in range of your wireless router and has access to the Internet, it will print anything sent to this email to your printer at home, even if it is half way around the world (ostensiby; haven't tried it from Cape Town yet).

        To set up a computer to use the printer traditionally, without the email process of AirPrint, they have to go through an installation CD process. Some users have reported the software on the CD can cause their computer to lag or freeze as it works in the background, but I have not experienced this. If I had, I would just nix the program in Task Manager.

        The software should be compatible with all versions of Windows as well as Macs, but if the software throws an error, a patch is available from the H-P website. We have had no problems with software installation, though it does seem superfluous compared to AirPrint, it does mean you can control the colours and other details of the document more precisely. You can also convert the computer's printer drivers to wireless easily in the printer's configuration - basically you can send a wireless command from a computer instead of emailing the printer's address.

        There are few downsides to this printer; it is noisy, and startling if no one is in the room when AirPrint starts up. I can imagine if the email address of the printer is stored in an address book of some kind, it could be at risk of spam emails... But that's purely hypothetical.

        So far, it has been used a lot by all the family to print out materials for school and work, as well as other misc things, both in colour and in black and white. The HP website promises printing at 'laser quality' and so far, it has lived up to that claim. However, we haven't used it to print photos directly onto photo paper, so I cannot comment on the quality of that. We have also not used it to scan or copy. As an all-in-one printer, it is of average quality, but it is really the AirPrint technology that sets it apart and gives it pride of place in our home office.

        RRP: £45
        Available from Amazon, Tesco, Argos, John Lewis and PC World.
        ASIN: B008BT24QK


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          26.03.2013 22:34



          GREAT VALUE

          I brought this from Tesco when they has it on a half price offer so got it for £35.This was the first printer I had purchased so decided to go for something simple as not too good with technology.Actually it was very simple to set up because if I can do it then anyone can. The printing is very good and very quick,and it also acts as a scanner and photocopier,no wonder they call it an all in one.I had it connected to my wireless broadband in minutes and I was amazed to find that I could also send documents to it direct by email using hp's e Print. It's a bit noisy when operating but for the price I paid for it I think this can be ignored. The print quality and speed is excellent and the ink cartridges are very economical aswell.I would highly recommend this printer to anyone as it is a great buy in this price range.


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          02.01.2013 22:48
          1 Comment



          I would highly recomend this product

          I was quite impressed with the HP printer, it was quick and easy to set up after reading the quick start guide, that was very easy to understand and get you on your way.

          It powers up in less than five seconds for instant use, shuts down instantly, and also connects automatically to your home network using HP Auto Wireless Connect.

          All the steps through the setup are nicely prompted on the printer screen and for first setup you will need to use the USB lead and also remember to have your router wireless network key ready.

          It does come with a USB cable so you don't need to buy another one. Second off, getting it on the Wireless Network at home took just seconds, you really don't have to open up the generous array of instruction books... only the Quick Set-Up sheet. The printing is very good and very quick, and the scanning is also as good as my work machine which cost loads. OK, the Printer Cartridges need replacing more often than my previous one, but I don't expect to use it as much.

          Most importantly of all, it supports Air Print, so you can print from an iPad and iPhone!
          The print quality and speed is excellent, and I would highly recommend this printer to anyone.

          Just a suggestion:
          When installing the software remember to untick the unwanted additional software boxes that clutter up our PC's, the software disc included the bing tool bar browser add on.
          With its wireless connection the HP Deskjet can be activated from virtually anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. You can simply email the printer and have your documents or photos ready and waiting for you for when you get home!

          One thing that is a annoying about this printer is that it is very poor for photos it can't do borderless printing. Photos have a border around the outside with one edge having about a 1cm white boarder which makes this printer unsuitable for printing 6x4 photos. To print photos HP says the printer must have "photosmart" in the name. It's a shame that the boxing for this printer does not make it clear that it's not suitable for home photo printing. Considering the home market this printer is aimed at the lack of borderless printing seems a very significant omission.

          I do find it difficult sometimes to get to use it because of the popularity of the printer among my family members, (my daughters use it for there work and my good wife keeps printing various things, mainly for our grandaughters).
          However, let me reiterate, this is the best all in one machine that i have ever owned, it is easy to understand and easy to use, I am self employed and needed something that would create and produce quality paperwork and the HP 3055 all in one printer does everything that i need and more if i want it, so i will definately buy this model again, and just wonder how or if they can in any way improve it.


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