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HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One

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    6 Reviews
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      24.10.2013 01:21
      Very helpful



      Good printer for everyday needs

      I've had this all in one printer for over a year now and it's served me very well! As I like to be creative at home and make a few DIY paper crafts mostly for my boyfriend and also I like my photo albums a lot so at the time of buying this I was looking for something that would print my ever growing collection of photo's that I seem to take a lot of photos of my two dogs!

      I bought this printer in Tesco which last year was on special offer and I paid around £50 or £60 at the time but now a days it's £90 from Tesco but I'm sure other places sell these printers. The box it comes in is quite large with a picture of the printer and the features it has which included the 3 in 1 print, copy and scan, You also get 4 tester ink cartridges which I must admit I thought wouldn't last long as they was testers but it surprised me how long they did last but at the time of buying I also bought some ink separately which was quite pricey as I bought the Hp multi colors which include cyan, magenta, yellow and black which I think I paid £20 for.

      Setting up this printer was fairly simple and easy to do considering as my boyfriend normally deals with that side of things as I'm normally useless at setting up things but this was straight forward - you plug it in and the color touchscreen comes to life with various setting and features like wireless which was the first thing we set up by touching the wireless picture and following the instructions on screen.

      I really like the screen on this printer as it has many features on it. On the side of the color touch screen is various buttons like Home, help, directional keys, back button as well as a cancel button. On the screen itself is different picture icons like Photos where you can view or print photos, A scan icon where you scan a document or photo to your desired place like your computer, a copy icon where you copy documents etc, An apps icon that you can access the internet and print your item, a Setup icon where all the settings are, wireless button where you configure your wireless preferences and a handy tool that shows you how much ink are in each cartridge. So this printer has plenty of useful tools that you can play around with.

      The printer has the paper tray that pulls out and back in so it's not in the way I've found I can put quite a few sheets of paper in the tray too, next to the tray is a memory card slot where you print your photos straight of a the memory card.
      Placing the ink cartridges in are easy to do as well as all you do is lift up the lid and the scanning glass area and there you can find where to insert the cartridges.

      Scanning with this is straight forward to do as well as you just put whatever your scanning face down and from the printer you click the scan button and away it goes, also you get a CD which is for your computer to install a couple of applications like Photo creations that you design cards,calendars etc also A Printer assistant program where you can setup,customize,settings and scan from the computer instead of touching the screen on the printer to scan.

      When I first printed a photo it did come out with lines down the photo but I easily sorted the problem out in the settings area and by using the feature of cleaning the print head which is found in the Tools section under setup. After it finished cleaning and so on my photo's came out much better with the photo paper that came as a tester pack in the box.

      Over all I'm extremely happy with this printer as it suits my needs and prints very well also for the price I paid at the time I couldn't ask for anything more from this printer as it does the jobs very well. I like the fact I can print from either my Desktop PC, Ipad or laptop using the Wi-fi option, I didn't find it to be slow either. It suits my everyday needs and also produces lots of good quality photos.


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      25.04.2013 18:11
      Very helpful



      It sounds like a lot of these printers come with defects, so the bottom line is: it's not worth it.

      I bought this printer when I went back to University, realising that although printing costs on campus were not unreasonable (we were even given free credits of 50p to start us off), getting work printed and retrieving it from a shared printer, especially around deadline time, was a nightmare. I'm awful for leaving things to the last minute, even now after having had a fair few years to grow up a bit, I still do it! This meant that having a decent colour printer would be a real help. When my room-mate moved out of our shared room, I had ample space left behind and quickly got onto Amazon with more of those lovely Amazon vouchers.
      I did a fair bit of research and read several reviews before I found this printer at around £65 sold by Amazon. I made sure I could also get my inks from them, which cost around £17 for a set of colours and one black. Not being very knowledgeable about these things, I didn't realise you get a free pack with the printer anyway.


      The printer is big but actually not that heavy. I was pretty worried when it was delivered because I lived up 6 flights of stairs and would have to carry it from our communal post room, so I almost took a suitcase. However it was actually not that bad and I carried it myself without much trouble.

      Inside the big cardboard box, once I removed all that polystyrene, I found the manual, software disc, printer, power cable and oddly, a carrying bag. I also had small packet of free small photo paper to get me started. Nowadays you are expected to supply your own connection to the computer, and as this printer also had wireless capability, a USB connection cable was not provided.

      The printer was not that small, and took up a fair bit of space on my table. In fact, when I moved to a new room with a desk that is more of a computer trolley, it covered half the surface. This meant I had to buy something to put it on in order to work at the desk! The printer does not look bad, all black with a mix of glossy and matt surfaces. I kept it covered with the carrying bag most of the time and it hardly collected dust, but otherwise I'd imagine it would need a regular clean and the dust would probably show up. With a wide base, it also looks quite sturdy and, perhaps misleadingly strong.

      However, I felt that the scanner lid was probably quite flimsy and would be awkward when scanning from a book. Also the paper tray consists of a very flimsy structure and a small pull-out extension that might snap off quite easily if you forget to fold it back and knock it.

      Set up and Installation

      I was a bit nervous about getting this printer set up and ready to use, having been given the impression it was a slow and troublesome process from reading some reviews. Thankfully, I at least did not leave this particular task until my coursework deadlines were closing in on me. Wish I could say the same for the work! Anyway, installing the printer certainly did take longer than I had expected, and it would have been a nightmare had I needed it ready in a hurry. However, taking my time and working through it bit by bit, I didn't think it was that bad, or that it was too complicated. I had to download the software as I do not have a CD drive and this was probably the bit that took the longest anyway.

      The printer's small colour display screen guides you through each set up process step by step and so there was not a huge need for the manual at this point. In fact even when troubleshooting I followed the on-screen instructions. The only point I found problematic was calibration, which for whatever reason did not work properly, and it turned out scanning would be a bit tricky as I'll explain below.


      I had never used HP before so was pretty new to the software. To be honest I prefer to use my own software for scanning and managing printing, so I found it an extra hassle. I also think that each time it opened up it slowed down the whole computer. Also, although you can dismiss them, if you buy genuine HP inks you get a message saying that you have a reward to claim. I tried claiming the first time but it was just a money-off voucher for more products and not particularly generous. When the notification of a reward popped up it always looked like something was wrong, highlighted by an exclamation make, which was not at all pleasing.

      Printing Documents

      The main reason I needed this device was to print off coursework, without the stresses of queuing at the University printers and the high printing prices. It turns out, however, that this particular printer is quite costly to run, in particular because the inks do not last. I followed some advice I had read online, including leaving the printer switched on, because apparently switching off and on wastes more ink through some testing process. The printer still used an awful lot of ink and the inks ran out very fast. The one thing I did appreciate was that I only had to replace one colour at a time as the inks are separate: black, magenta, cyan and yellow. The alignment often printed wrong and so I still felt stressed at deadline time when I had to go through stacks of work, page by page to check they had printed correctly then find the pages that did not and reprint them.

      The printer is not particularly fast but not so slow as to cause a problem for me. I almost always printed in colour and did not notice a huge difference in speed by doing so. The worst thing for me was the noise, which is a sort of 'chug, chug, chug' as it prints. This is a very loud printer that makes itself known to everyone and I suspect that using it late at night for those coursework deadlines will have disturbed people in the same accommodation block as me (walls a bit thin).

      I did like the colour quality of my printouts and the crisp detail was not bad; however, my printer soon developed major glitches, which I describe below under 'Defects'. I would hope to think these were just due to my own printer being faulty, but it appears to be a common complaint, having searched the Internet for solutions.

      It is also possible to print from a memory stick straight to the computer, but I always prefer to preview what I am printing on my computer and stick to the old fashioned way.

      Wireless printing

      I did not really want or need wireless printing when I bought this printer. To be fair it could be a lot more convenient than having to keep going over to it and plugging in my laptop, not to mention having to buy that cable to connect your computer. My fears were that people could hack into it or print to it by mistake. Rather silly of me, I know, but I'm still not sure how much I trust networks I share with others. The set up process is simple and quick, however, and when I think about it now, it would be no use to other people, if they could, to print something to my printer which would be locked in my room.

      With the e-5510 (which I had) it is also possible to set up an email address and print from anywhere simply by emailing the document to the printer email. I have absolutely no need or wish for this facility - I would always rather be present when printing to check it has gone well, so I have never used this.


      It should be possible to start a scan from the display touch screen on the printer, however for some reason mine did not work. I don't know if this is to do with my OS (Windows 7) or something else, however I was happy to open my own software and start the scan that way instead. I just means going back and forth to the printer as I am already used to with others.

      To be honest, even using the same software, I have found that the quality of scan results from this printer compared to the flatbed scanners we have at Uni to be somewhat poorer. There appears to be a leak-in of light from the lid that distorts the picture and makes it appear with darker grey shadows over than with the equivalent settings on a flatbed. It was something of a bonus for me, more for convenience, although I ended up relying on it a lot.

      You can get reasonable results most of the time and therefore it is not bad for copying information. However, for my design work it meant that I often had to do a lot of fixes on the computer after scanning or keep changing the settings for the best possible result, so basically it was a lot more work than it needed to be.

      The speed of the scanner was not unreasonable, but obviously being a flatbed, and a little flimsy feeling, would not be ideal for heavy use. The scanner is also a little noisy, though I don't find it as bad as the printer.


      From the start, there was a slight issue with documents actually printing, but not being removed from the print queue, so when I'd plug in the printer again they would all reprint unless I was sure to delete them from my computer beforehand. This was more of a hassle than anything to me. I got into the habit of checking the queue at the end of each print and cancelling anything still listed, so did not lose too much paper and ink to duplication. I don't know how this would be fixed but was not really that bothered. However, there were worse problems that made this printer no longer usable.

      The scanner had some issues, but again I was able to get around these. Basically you should be able to scan and copy directly from the printer. I've never needed to copy, so perhaps that's why this was less of a problem to me, but when using the buttons on the printer, for some reason the scan kept failing. Hence I was unable to complete the initial configuration for scanning and alignment using the printer functions. What I could do, however, was use other software on my computer to start a scan, and this worked fine.

      For quite some time I realised that when printing a few pages, the printer had trouble picking up the paper, and would think the tray empty. Also it started to print the pages at an angle. I have heard many possible causes for this problem, but I noticed when reading other reviews on this product that I was not alone, so I think it is a defect. It was annoying because I submitted some of my work with wonky printed pages and I could have lost presentation marks for this.

      Another problem that started to occur in the final few months of use was inks supposedly running out when they should have still been near full. At one point my work printed entirely pink, as error messages came up saying that the new cartridges were empty in spite of the fact they were brand new and hardly used. I replaced the black and on occasion I could switch it off and on and then get a bit of black ink printing, then it would go wrong again.

      Basically once I experienced this problem and could not work out how to solve it I felt that the printer was completely useless to me. I bought it particularly for design work, which means the quality of the printouts had to be as good as possible. Fortunately I bought my printer from Amazon and even thought it was just about coming to the end of the 1 year guarantee, they offered me a full refund, mostly because they no longer sell it themselves. I would have to say that I would have been gutted to put so much time and money into this purchase and then not even get that. The manufacturer might have offered fixes, but I was worried about the costs of getting it sent to them and so on, whereas Amazon picked it up for free and at this point a refund was really the best choice.


      It's a shame a printer that looked very smart and was my first HP has been such a disappointment. For me it has simply not been fit for purpose, especially due to the faults. Without the faults, and for some basic photo printing and standard work that need not be perfect, it might have been acceptable, but it is hard for me to even justify a 3 with all these problems.

      Obviously this particular printer was defective, but my suspicion is that the problems I had are not uncommon and therefore I would say it is not worth the risk. I had heard about wonky printing but thought that it was just a case of making sure you align the paper yourself properly before hitting 'print', but I can assure you this will be out of your control at least to some extent.

      I think I will now use that money towards buying a more suited printer for my needs and do my research a little better!


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        11.04.2013 11:00



        A simple, reliable printer that delivers good quality for the price.

        I have been a loyal user of HP printers for years, so the choice of the Photosmart 5510 was not difficult. Set-up was relatively easy and the print quality is perfectly acceptable. I wouldn't say it's lightning fast - there is a lot of clanking and whirring during the printing process. Paper jams are not a problem and the printer takes sticky address labels and card well.
        Scanning is easy and the software makes it simple to email scans.
        I have occasional problems when the message: "Scan to computer not active" is displayed but generally it sorts itself out.
        I am not a heavy user but I can't say I'm vastly impressed with the time print cartridges last. I suspect printers are rather like wet shavers - cheap to buy - expensive to run.
        On balance, within its budget, the HP5510 Photosmart is a perfectly satisfactory printer for light home use. Whether it could cope with office duties I rather doubt.


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        30.06.2012 16:54



        Good quality printer, easy to use, occasionally variable results but a good buy overall.

        I used this printer for my last year at University to print photographs and word documents and I have found that on the whole it is consistent and produces good quality printing. However there have been a few small issues in the past month.

        Ease of use: I found it hard to install the printer and my laptop kept failing to recognise it which means you need to spend a while loading cds and software before you can use it. Once it is installed, sometimes it doesn't align properly even if you follow the instructions and this can take time as you keep attempting to align it. The ink cartridges are very easy to replace and install by simply clicking into place. If you get stuck on anything the printer has a useful display screen showing step by step instuctions (great if you hate fiddling around with manuals). Finally make sure you load the paper correctly as the printer jams quite easily if you do not align the paper properly.

        Features: Photographs are unsuprisingly very good quality, word documents are about average quality and the scanner and photocopier are also very sharp and easy to use. I never had problems scanning or photocopying anything. The printer also has a wireless function but I didn't use this as I'm a bit of a technophobe and used the printer cable instead. The cable simply plugged into a USB port - no fuss or confusing networks needed! The tools section on the LCD screen also has ink levels, alignment options, clean ink smears etc all at the touch of a button. I found this very useful and it saves time clicking for the options on your computer when you can just press a button on the printer itself.

        Durability: I used the printer frequently over a period of a year and it consistently produced good quality results. However, in the past month I've had some difficulties getting rid of an ink smear which keeps appearing on random pieces of paper and I've also had a few paper jams recently. Considering how much I have used this printer and all the features during my degree I'm not too disapointed although it would be nice not to have this problem.

        Overall I'm very satisfied with the results and would recommend this printer particularly to students and anyone that needs to print a lot of photos or documents.


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        25.05.2012 21:39



        Awful printer

        This printer is awful. I am an architecture student and so needed a printer/scanner frequently and got this one free when I bought my Macbook.

        With all the other printers I use I simply plug the printer and then select in from the print choices when I want to print. The HP printer didn't come up as an option so I used the installation disk and went through the installation process. At the end however, I still couldn't connect to the printer. I managed to finally connect by going through system preferences and printed one sheet to an okay standard. The quality and the clarity average. I then couldn't print again using the same methods and lost patience with the printer. Another think to beware of is the noise the printer makes is incredibly loud.

        The only redeeming feature of this printer is the scanner. I used this frequently to scan images to my Mac. The scan quality is good but the inconvenience of trying to use the scanner by going through system preferences meant that I just photographed images to put them on my computer.

        I didn't bring this printer back to university with me this term because it was so useless and if I had actually paid for it I would have been even more disappointed.


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        02.02.2012 12:44
        Very helpful



        if it's a good print you want then it's a good print you'll get... but it will cost you

        I've been out again buying yet another printer, although in my defence I got it at a knock down price due to the fact that it was what they call 'a display model', which basically means that I got it without a box as it was the one that was stood in the window of a friends shop for a while and he'd thrown the box out. So I gave him a few quid for it and away I went.
        Anyway, I was very pleased with my bargain, even with the months worth of dust on it, and the strange smell of burning, what I hoped was dust, when I plugged it in for the first time, although this smell disappeared pretty quickly and I was left with a rather fine looking, if a bit square, and very cheap three-in-one printer/photocopier/scanner, which I will just call a printer from here on.

        The printer itself is from a well known company, whose products I have used many time before, with some good and some not so good points, and the name of that company is Hewlett Packard, or HP, (not the sauce), with the name of the printer being called the Photosmart 5510.

        It looks the part, even if it is a bit on the square side, shaping in at a good 325mm by 435mm by 145mm and weighing in at around 5kg so it won't break the desk it's sitting on, nor will it rattle about on a windy day.
        To run this from you computer you will have to have certain specs on your PC, such as Windows OS XP SP2 or higher, including Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

        It is a Wi-Fi system, running on 802.11 b/g/n/, which means that you can print what ever you want from anywhere in the house, or office, depending where you have this, so long as you have a wireless router joining you all up together. It also has an SD memory card slot on the front for when you want to print from you cards and even a USB port in the rear for direct connection to your PC.
        And, as the saying goes ' if you can e-mail it you can print it', which this one can do, so long as you have a wireless internet connection and this printer is connected to it. This is easily explained in the instruction leaflet that comes with the printer and is pretty straight forwards to set up. Even if you do get a little stuck on this there is some very useful help on the HP website.

        As for controlling this printer, this is all done by the small, yet very functional 6.1cm full colour diagonal touch screen, which is fitted on the front of the unit, with the screen clearly showing the controls via symbols, those controls being...

        On the far left... (these are 'hard keys')
        * Home... which returns you to the home screen, this being the page when you first turned the machine on.
        * Direction keys... helps you move through the two home screen, photos and application.
        * Back... takes you back one stage

        On the right...( again these are 'hard keys')
        * Help... gives you additional information on using each process
        * Direction key... let's you scroll through home pages.
        * Cancel button... which stops any print in their tracks.

        On the touchscreen itself... (which has two home screens, giving 7 options to browse through).
        On the first screen you get...

        * Photo... lets you take a look through the photo's you want to print, either from a memory card or a wireless PC
        * Copy... for copying
        * Scan... for scanning
        * Apps... give quick access to printable things from online.

        Then when you press the direction key to the right you'll get the second home screen which offers you...

        * Set up... opens the set up menu which lets you change the setting of the machine
        * Wireless... opens the wireless setting for you to add wireless systems
        * Wireless signal... which indicates whether a wireless device is connected
        * E-print function... which allows you to use the E-print capabilities

        And I nearly forgot, right in the bottom right hand corner of this control panel is the on/ off button, which is self explanatory really.

        Setting it up was a doddle really, even though I only glanced over the destruction leaflet, I had it plugged in and printing wirelessly within a matter of minutes, having other wireless devices using it a few minutes later.
        In fact to be honest I was pretty amazed as to how quick and easy it was to get the wireless printing function working as I have set up several wireless printers, pulling my hair out on some and almost giving up on others.

        As I said you can print from a memory SD card which is so easy to do, you just slot the card into the port at the front of the printer and wait for the images to be recognised, this will all show up on the screen by the name of the image.
        Then scroll through the images and select the ones you want to print... simple as that really.
        Just remember that it's easier to find the print you want if it has a recognisable name and, very importantly, not just for this printer, make sure that you have paper in the tray before beginning to print...
        When you pull out the paper tray there is also an extra section, called the paper tray extender, (not a good name really but does exactly what it says), which helps steady the paper as it sits in the tray.
        And there's no need to worry about running out of paper as the paper tray can hold a massive 80 sheets at a time, although the tray where the finished prints come out can only hold about 15 sheets, which is a bit daft really as I've ended up a with paper on the floor when I've been distracted for a few minutes and the printers been working away. I mean, when they though of putting on an 80 sheet 'input' tray holder then why did they not think about putting on a bigger 'output' tray holder to even thing up?
        You can even set it to hold, and grip, smaller sheets of paper too, using the adjustable little 'width guide' which hold everything in place and helps stops the paper from being sucked into the machine, bunging it up.

        How fast can I print my work off..?
        The printing speeds aren't the greatest, and not as the actual information leaflet states either, but they're not slow so you wont be waiting around for too long to print off that important piece of work or that picture either.
        I won't go into that headache causing technical mumbo jumbo about ppms of dpm at a rate of dfs's, I'll just say that it can take around 30-40 seconds for a smaller size full colour picture(100x150mm), about 90-120 seconds for an A4 size picture and only a mere 10-20 seconds or so for an A4 paper with just writing on it.

        There's also more that just a printer on this one, there's also a scanner and a photocopier.
        The scanner can handle up to 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch), whilst the copying can deal with about 4 copies per minute in black and 6 copies per minute for colour, (this info is taken from the lovely little leaflet that came with it).
        Using the scanner/copier is a breeze, simply place the piece you want to scan underneath the top lid of the machine, making sure the papers edges are in the right place, drop the lid down gently and then chose where you want to send the copy, either onto paper or onto your PC. All this is done via the touch screen control panel and is really self explanatory, and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

        There's a lot more technical palaver surrounding this printer/scanner/photocopier but this is something that you pick up the more you use it so I don't want to get into it here as people may accuse me of padding.

        The finished prints are extremely good indeed, although this does depend a bit on the quality of the paper as well as the printer. but the colours of most prints I have done have been crisp and clear, without that dreaded smudging which I have found with some other printers. The ink seems to dry quickly enough to stop this smudging mess on glossy paper but to make sure I always try and leave the glossy paper prints to one side so that they have dried properly before handling them more than I should.
        As for a basic letter print, well these dry quicker than a bald mans head in a wind tunnel so there's no danger of smudging there really, although again I try to give a few minutes extra before touching the ink on the page just to be sure.

        What about the price..?
        This sells for between £40 and £70 which at the lower end of the price scale is cracking value for money, but even at the higher end you'll still get a great little home all in one which will give you fantastic results over and over again.

        Are there any downsides to this HP printer then..?
        The printer? No. it works as well as it should and gives great quality prints in quick time, and due to its size it won't look out of place in either a home or a small office.

        But as usual there are issues with the cost of the ink from HP, which as anyone who has owned a printer from HP will know that replacing the inks can be a bit pricey.
        The ink itself comes in four cartridges, black, yellow, cyan and magenta so you only need to replace each individual one when that particular colour runs out instead of replacing the entire cartridge. This can cost around £7.00 for black and £8.00 for the colours. Or you can get a four cartridge set for between £20 -£30 which is probably better value for money at the end of the day.


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