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HP Photosmart C4180 All-in-One

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    5 Reviews
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      18.12.2010 12:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Solid machine for home use.

      Why I bought it
      I bought this machine from the local hipermarket about 4 years ago. It wasn't an easy choice - there were lots of models on sale and I was pretty much in the dark technical-wise as to what to look for.
      I'd gone through a couple of cheap printers before; the first was a disaster and continually jammed until it gave up the ghost after a year, the second was also an HP, but a very basic printing model that was fairly reliable but slow and not at all versatile.

      Anyway, I went for this one because; it was HP, it could scan as well as print and copy, it looked good and it was middle of the road price wise. It has since gone down a bit in price.

      What I use it for
      Being a teacher, I am constantly photocopying....I use the machine nearly every day for printing off the net or making copies of worksheets I have. I couldn't be without it.
      I have also found the scanning useful and have scanned important documents and school lesson plans to store on my PC.
      I'm sure that since technology is moving at an incredible rate, and certainly a vast amount in the past 4 years, there will be other printers on the market with a lot more bells and whistles and new features, but I cannot think of anything more I could wish to add to my printer....it does everything I need.
      The machine is fairly compact and sits neatly on my desk next to the computer - the paper tray can be folded neatly away if required though I personally never do this.

      How does it work?
      The control panel is on the top left of the machine and boasts 18 or so well marked keys as well as a small ajustable screen in which to view the status of your copying, printing or scanning as well as the options you are choosing for those tasks.
      The machine is easily connected to your PC. The software that comes with the machine is a doddle to install and from then on all it takes is pressing a button or two and you can scan and store on your PC to a very high resolution, copy and print documents, edit the text or picture you wish to print and much more.
      The all-in-one accepts all sizes of memory cards which is handy for your photo storing and printing.
      I don't personally print a huge amount of photos, ink and paper being as expensive as it is, but I do store pictures and print the odd one - especially since I can resize and adjust any picture to my liking.

      Any problems?
      I have had the odd paper jam but only when I've used paper that I've recycled and is a little creased..with new paper I have never had a problem.
      The ink, though expensive, is very easy to change - just open the front panel and both black and colour cartridges glide along to meet you and are easily removed and replaced. The machine will warn you when the ink is running low and always well in advance. I always use the economical print option it offers which means my copies are printed that bit quicker and use a lot less ink, they are also perfectly legible and as good as you could need. I only use the normal or higher quality print options for photos.

      Where to get it
      You can buy it from Amazon for 89 pounds.

      For a good all round home printer and scanner, this has everything you need. I hope to get a good few more years out of it!


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        14.06.2010 23:44
        Very helpful



        A great priced all round printer!

        I've had this HP all in one photo smart printer now for about two years and so far it has done its job well for me!
        It's called an 'All in one' as you can use this printer to print (obviously), to scan photos or documents onto a memory card or straight to your computer, to photocopy and reprint documents or photos straight out. And you can also insert a memory card into one of the multiple slots and view the images in the little screen on the laptop.

        Ease of use; ....
        At the beginning I was the only one needing to use the printer and I adapt to technology easy, so I found the use of this printer quite easy!
        However as my sister got older, she's now wanting to use the printer herself. She's 9 and she can manage the 'print' option of this all in one printer by herself!

        The buttons are pretty easy to follow... I never even opened the manual as I found the buttons explained themselves clearly. For example one of the buttons is named 'start scan' ... which doesn't leave you any room for guessing at all!

        Price; ....
        When we bought this laptop it was a spur of the moment purchase due to its great price, we were buying a laptop at the time from pc world and our current laptop had just died.
        We bought it for under £100 however I don't remember the purchase price anymore! It's been so long... however a quick look shows this printer is available used on Amazon for an amazing £39.99!

        The HP ink recommended for this printer isn't cheap! We've always bought what came with the printer, mainly because we don't know how to select the right ink in other brands!

        Reliability; ....
        There hasn't been one time as of yet which I can remember this printer letting me down! Every time I use it, I am expecting It to ruin my day and refuse to print off my all important essays! This is probably due to my other printers I had beforehand which didn't last very long!
        The cables are very hardy, the power cable fits into the back of the printer quite securely and doesn't risk falling out easily.
        The power cable is a 'kettle lead' the same used for PC power leads. The power cable comes in two pieces which I find makes it easy to store, however the two pieces fit together snug and are fine left.

        The other cable is the computer/laptop cable which only needs to be used when you want to scan or print documents to or from your computer! This cable is a USB cable.
        These cables are widely found; in fact I bought a spare from eBay for 99p! As my original cable got broken when the end was stood on!
        The lid to the laptop guarding the scanner is pretty reliable, there have been plenty of occasions where my dog has pounced on the lid and I have shrieked expecting to find the scanner glass broke! So far there isn't even a scratch!

        I find the printer is very easy to store away, it's quite compact and you can simply fold in the paper tray, close the lid, wrap up the cables and keep the printer under your bed!

        There are a lot of memory card slots on the front of the printer which can be seen in the image of the printer. I find this very useful as it fits the most common SD card which cameras take.
        This means I can easily take the card from my Kodak camera, view the images on my printer and select which image I want to reprint.
        This also allows me to scan images and save them to my memory card.

        Printing quality; ....
        A lot of the time I get paper jams... which is sometimes a nuisance however easily sorted. The printing quality isn't always the best it could be.
        I find coming towards the end of the ink cartridges, the printing quality tends to sometimes reduce quickly, however not always!
        When this does happen, it's only the colour ink which tends to be affected. The images print out with lines across them and the colour appears faded. However I'm not sure if this is due to the ink or the printer! Or a little of both.

        I've found that even when the black ink is on the brink of empty, printing documents is still fine.
        Having said that! When the colour ink doesn't decrease in quality, I have been able to continue using it for days after the printer says I have ran out of ink.
        Unlike other printers, this printer lets you continue to try printing when running on empty, which I find useful!
        I have found from experience that the decrease in printing quality tends to happen when I have had my ink cartridges in for a few months without using them very much. Someone once said to me the ink runs down when you don't use it, and I never understood how this could be true although I have found the ink quality does decrease the longer it is left.

        Speed; ....
        I've found the speed of the printer decreases depending on the amount you are running on your laptop at the time.
        When you aren't over loading your computer, the printer is a reasonable good speed! However if you are juggling various tasks and have open numerous douments and/or web pages, the printing can slow down and sometimes when printing a full page image or page of writing, it can take a few minutes to print out!

        Overall; ....
        We are still very happy with this printer! It has proved to be worth buying so far and at a great price also!
        I have only given this printer a 4 stars out of 5 due to its decrease in printing quality towards the end of ink levels.

        Thank you for reading! I also post on Ciao


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        14.06.2010 12:51
        Very helpful



        for the home user this is a great photo and everyday printer

        I have been very happy with my since I've had it, it has it's flaws like all printers but, for a budget home printer (£55) it is great. It has obviously been designed with the home user in mind, from the drawer on the side that holds photo paper (4" x 6" size) neat and tidy ready to be used, to the screen on the top that allows you coupled with the memory card reader to print photos without a computer.

        The colour screen is very useful, it pulls up to almost vertical for easy use, then folds flat again to hide away. It is intuitive and allows you to select all manner of options, for scans, photocopies, photo printing, etc. The memory card reader reads SD, MMC and XF card formats, and a few others that I don't recognise. Using the screen and this you can select photos on the card, and print them quickly, even cropping, etc from the screen. This is great!

        The print quality is very good, it has four settings, fast draft, fast normal, normal and best. The best is not usually needed, even for photos, but I do use it sometimes for photo gifts, or presentations, etc. The fast normal setting is so useful if you are printing off unimportant things like google maps directions, as you can save ink. It prints fairly quickly, not very fast but for a home user is more than sufficient, the stated ppm of 30 mono and 24 colour is a bit ambitious in my opinion. It prints colours very well, and black and white printing text is good quality. It's called a photosmart and it does it's job as a photo printer very well.

        It is easy to use, the tray at the front comes down for paper, this is also where it feeds the printed sheets to. This tray has many settings for different paper and envelope sizes, and folds away vertically, to make the printer square when not in use, which makes for a nice tidy printer.

        It came with a big power transformer and plug, which perform well, if a little big. It didn't come with a USB cable, for connecting to the computer, but what printer does nowadays?! The software that came with it is on two CDs, one for Windows, one for Macs, so everyone's catered for. It sets up easily and quickly, and you will be printing and scanning in no time.

        It photocopies well, both in black and and white and in colour, although it is not very fast at this function, but for the odd one or two photocopies it is very useful for the home user.

        The ink lasts for a fairly long time, however, ignore the repeated warnings that the ink is running out, wait until the prints aren't coming out properly, as it warns you to repurchase cartridges way before it is actually needed...! The cartridges have been fairly in line price wise with other cartridges on sale (about £15 for black, £20 for colour).


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          20.05.2009 23:41



          Great value, good functionality, easy to use - what more do you want?

          Bought this product a few months ago and it's brilliant. The fast functions on it are so useful - can quickly photocopy (in black and white or colour) anything. Takes about 30 seconds max. It was very easy to set up - plug and play, and has been reliable. Have not had a reliable experience with other printers! Lots of slots, so I can quickly pop the memory card out of my mobile and transfer photos straight to the print. The display is good, instructions on it are clear. This product is incredibly easy to use. Scanning is dead simple too - and the software guides you through it in as much or as little details as you choose. We have two PCs but my partner (who works from home) crawls out of the loft to use this printer in preference to his. Lots of great functions also to enhance photos. And the cartridges last much longer than I feared! Expensive cartridges though, but the quality is definitely worth it. And the printer itself is cracking value for money.


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          24.09.2008 03:54
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A definite must buy all-in-one printer

          I bought the HP Photosmart C4180 about 3 months ago and I must say it's a great product that meets all printing needs. I bought the printer from Argos for £30, which was a steal considering the amount of features this product contains.


          Of course this product is an all-in-one printer so it contains a printer, scanner, and copier. The printer comes complete with a power cable, black and color ink, installation disk for PC and Mac, as well as a trial pack of 4x6 HP premium plus photo paper.

          I use this printer for both the PC and the Mac and on both operating systems the installation and setup is very simple. If you use this printer with a PC you have the option of installing HP Photosmart Express. This program is fairly straightforward and easy to use. You are not able to use Photosmart Express with the Mac, however the Mac already comes with iPhoto installed on it so it's not that big of a deal.


          The little picture window on this printer is quite ingenious; it allows you to view photos before printing on the actual printer itself. The printer will also store photos that have been printed previously so that in the future if you would like reprints there is no need to dig out the camera or picture CD. All saved photos will be displayed in the picture window, where you can scroll using up or down arrow buttons to find your desired picture. There is also a zoom and arrow keys used to achieve a closer view or move to inspect a particular part of the photo.

          In the printer tray there is a special tray to put 4x6 sized photo paper for printing pictures, no more cutting pictures to size.

          Changing and installing the print cartridges is a snap, once installed the printer will automatically align the cartridges with no fuss.


          There are a couple of small disadvantages to this printer. The price of replacement ink cartridges is on the expensive side, but on the other hand you are getting a great quality of printing. I've found that you can save ink by printing in fast normal mode; the quality is still good you just use less ink.

          Another downfall is that this printer does not come with a USB cable for connecting to a computer; you will have to purchase that separately. So make sure when you are purchasing this printer to pick up a USB printer cable otherwise you will only be able to use the copier mode.


          I love the print quality of this printer, I have always bought HP printers and this product is a great example of why this brand is so popular.


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