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HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One

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    7 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 00:54
      Very helpful



      Good value

      I was bought this as a present from my mum about 18 months ago, as I needed a more reliable printer for my uni work than the ancient one I already had. I believe it to have cost about £90.

      Firstly, as the name suggests, it is a multi function machine, able to scan, print and photocopy. I have used all of these functions but mostly use it for printing so it is this function which I will mostly be reviewing.

      I have used it the odd time for printing photos out, which I have to say it did reasonably well but by no means with as high a quality as when you print photos out at a Kodak machine in a shop, for instance. It will also accept your camera memory card in order to print photos, though I have not as yet used that function.

      I am 95% happy with the printing function......the speed at which it prints is fantastic, haiving worked in an office for 10 years I am used to supposedly hard wearing and no doubt very pricey printers but none have printed as quickly as this. The quality of the printing is also exceptional, when compared to something printed on my mum's printer (which is slightly older but by no means a cheap one) it is clearly superior. Colour printing looks fantastic and is of a really professional standard. The ink cartridges last the usual expected length of time, they are pricey (as they are for all printers) but cheaper ones (not approved by HP) can be bought online and work just as well. They are really easy to fit and change. My only slight problem with the printing function is that just sometimes - for no apparent reason - it prints things slightly wonky on the paper, no matter how much I make sure the paper is lined up etc! It then goes back to normal of it's own accord, but this can be frustrating whilst trying to print out an essay which needs handing in!

      Overall I have found this easy to use and I think that for the price it is very good quality. It is wireless which has meant that both my son & I have been able to link up our laptops to it and can print out school / uni work without having to link up wires etc.


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      25.05.2011 20:47
      Very helpful



      It's great.

      This is my second printer and my mum bought it for me recently to help me keep up with my college work. I think she got it on sale, otherwise she would not have bothered with it.

      It came with a starter back of ink. This ink did not last very long and I don't know if it had something to do with the printer or just because it was a free pack of ink. I am not very high-tech so I had no idea how the thing installed, the instructions were far too small to read to I did the lazy thing and played about until it worked

      It is s very small printer and in a way this looks very smart and tidy. This size of it allows you to fit it underneath a computer desk with no issues. Mines is in black and I don't know if you get it in a variety of colours but I love the look of it. My last printer was grey and of a very weird plastic material and I don't think it looked very smart at all. The exterior is very shiny and it comes with that stick stuff you pull off. I've not had it long but I'm assuming by this that it was will get scratched and smudged very easily so I try and open it up with the sides as possible. As it is wireless it does not have all the ugly wires and cables hanging out of it, only a cable which connects into the socket which improves the look of your cabinet. I think the little touch screen on it makes it look very smart and very high tech, I am very proud of the look of my printer and it's certainly one that I would like to show off.

      Although the screen is absolutely tiny, I have to use my pinky to press the arrows and I'm constantly missing the buttons and pressing something else.

      As always, this is very confusing and I have to say I wasn't impressed with it all. It comes with a CD and when you insert it, it's just one thing after an another. It took a good hour to get it up and running but at least in the end it was all nice and easy at it was all wireless. Well, I suppose it was sort of easy. There's a big silver button that you press to activate the wireless, then it's one thing after an another. You can have go through this whole process after switching it off. You first select your language, then try and find your network which is a pain. Then you have to type in your internet password. Mines was given to me by my internet provider and it has almost every letter of the alphabet in it. It's not a case of you just press the button on the touch screen. Oh no, you have to press an arrow and click through every letter of the alphabet, press select, then it's back to the start to find your next letter. Bearing in mind I have an 8 letter password!

      Putting the ink in was another adventure. You have to open up a very heavy lid and try to work out how it goes in and what not.

      Whenever you turn on your printer, it does a strange "print test". It prints out a page on to paper which is every bleming colour of the rainbow, then you have to place it on the scanner, scan it, and it will tell you how effective the ink is that THEY provided you for free. Turns out the printing quality was not of the best standard according to the printer, but I thought it was perfectly fine. Great marketing skills HP! Printing can be very slow but I think this is due to the wireless and my poor connection, it must take time for all the information to go through. I also find that printing is abnormally noisy. This can get irritating after a while and I want to kick it in the screen.

      Photocopying isn't much different from a usual copier and I always get a clear picture on my screen if I'm scanning. Once or twice there was an annoying white background but it turns out that I simply didn't have the picture in the right place.

      The paper holder is very small but It does extend out a bit which is great. Only bad thing about that is sometimes I have stepped my foot down on the paper holder and it has bend down, but it has slipped back into place so that's all good.

      I have never has an issue with this printer after installation and I think it's great. Having the all-in-one saves so much space and I don't think I could part with this printer.

      Costs £100, but worth the money.


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      05.04.2011 13:10



      Excellent for use in home or small office.

      This is an all in one printer which we currently have in our office at work. It is only a small office so we required something that could "do it all". This printer is incredibly useful. It scans perfectly and copies rather quickly. It does however take longer than i would expect to print. If i am printing out 50 sheets or so then you can expect it to take over the 10 minute mark. The only thing that i find irritating it refilling it with ink. A warning message seems to flash up when the printer is about to run out of ink. However, i decided to just ignore this an carry on printing, and to my delight i actually got around 30 more pages out of my apparently "empty" ink cartridge. I think this is probably just HP trying to encourage you to buy more ink but this was something which annoyed me. It is however, an excellent all round printer and one which i would recommend for the home or a small office. Ink costs around £15 for black ink and around £20 for coloured ink. I have also tried printing pictures on this printer - the quality is acceptable but if you are wanting high quality photos then i wouldn't suggest this printer. It plugs into my pc with a usb cable and as far as i know there is not a wireless capability for it. Photocopying on this printer can be done in either color or black and white which i think is useful if you are trying to save on ink (as colored ink is more expensive).


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        24.10.2010 14:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good printer which does everything with great effect

        HP are a very big brand when it comes to computer and printers and as a birthday present this year I was given the Photosmart C4780 printer and this is a three in one printer.

        The first thing I noticed was this really nice but tiny area on the front of the printer which is a 1.5 inch LCD screen and this is used for you to view things like photos and stuff without the assistance of a PC and you can view an image and if you are impressed by the image you can select to print the page. I like this because it gives you the benefit of not needing a computer all the time to print a document which can get frustrating at times.

        You can also view items you have scanned and copy the results as well so this is a nice feature instantly to tell people about. The printer is a charcoal colour and most of the features are on the right hand side. You have the wireless capability button which enables you to print things without a wire and above this you have the various card readers which there is plenty to use.

        The printer is very bulky and looks very heavy and the overall weight of this item is 4.6kg which is not super heavy but it is still quite big for a printer and the overall size in terms of measurements are 442mm x 421mm x 169mm and it is quite big in height terms.

        I should perhaps mention how easy the driver software and wireless enabling features are to perform. The disc i got you just put this inside the computer and your instantly installing drivers which gives you all the basics you need to play with the pritner and the wireless part was pretty easy as well. If you are a wireless person already you just need to add the printer to a network and then you can find the printer and print documents without needing a wire which is quite good.

        When it comes to printing i have found the ink is superb because although the catridges have yet to run out on me i have printer many documents in a minute and sometimes around 25 sheets and with colour sheets about 22 so i am not sure if that is fantastic but i find that pretty good going as well.

        I scan documents all the time and the scanner is actually pretty quick because i tell the printer to scan an item and instantly it seems it has completed such a task which is very good and i find great quality at the end of it as well.

        The scanner is flatbed whichs should be noted and has 1200 dpi resolution which is kind of standard with most printers.

        There is an 80 sheet input tray which is fantastic and i find that is very good because lately i have found most printers have 50 sheet trays and not 80 so you do not need to keep filling it up with paper.

        You have other features such as the red eye removal which is extremely handy for me because i am terrible when it comes to taking pictures and having red eyes show up so this is a great feature.

        What i do enjoy overall is that the printer although heavy does everything quickly, whether your printing or copying and just the simple quickness of the ink drying on the paper it is fantastic. The price is around £60 or more so that is not to bad and overall i think this is a super printer.


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          30.08.2010 20:53
          Very helpful



          Good value wireless printer

          I have just bought this printer at the weekend and think I have got a pretty good deal. PC World were selling the HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One for £99.99 but dropped their prices for the bank holiday weekend, so I ended up paying £69.99 for the printer plus a black ink, a colour ink, and photo paper pack!

          Having previously owned an HP printer, I was familiar with the brand and had quite a lot of faith in them already. This faith was increased when I realised just how easy this printer was to install. The printer comes with a disk which you insert into your computer. If you have a netbook and are therefore unable to insert the CD into a drive, you can run the install software from the HP website - the address is provided in the manual. The install CD then takes you through the installation process step-by-step. All in all it took about 15 minutes to get everything set up. The printer comes with the option of being used via a USB cable or through a wireless router. I have a wireless router and was a little sceptical about how easy this would be to make the printer join the wireless network. However, my worries were unfounded as the installation disk takes you through this process and configures your printer to the network for you so you don't have to do anything other than click 'next' on the guided instructions on your laptop.

          This printer can not only print but it can also scan and copy documents. As the name suggests, it can also print your photos, which are not very bright in colour, but are still of good quality.

          The HP Photosmart printer is very easy to use and also has a tough screen display which means that you can still copy, scan or print without having to switch on your computer. It has a 6-in-1 card reader slot enabling you to easily load the photos that you wish to be printed.

          This printer also has quite fast print speeds with speeds of up to 29 pages per minute for black and 23 pages per minute if printing in colour.

          ** Features **

          - Built in Card Reader Sony Memory Stick, Compact Flash, MMC, SD, SDHC, xD
          - Built in LCD Screen
          - Compatible Black Cartridge HP 60 and 60XL
          - Compatible Cmy Cartridge HP 60 and 60XL
          - Copying Facility
          - Direct Printing From Memory Card
          - Direct USB Printing
          - Built in wireless
          - Colour display with touchsmart frame
          - HP photo print gadget
          - Memory card slots
          - HP smart web printing
          - Borderless printing up to panorama
          - Horizontal Scanning Resolution DPI 1200
          - Maximum Print Size A4
          - Maximum Resolution Horizontal DPI 1200
          - Maximum Resolution Vertical DPI 1200
          - No of Ink Cartridges 2
          - Pages Per Minute - Colour 23
          - Pages Per Minute - Mono 29
          - Paper Tray Capacity 100
          - Pictbridge Compatible
          - Scan
          - USB 2 Connection
          - Vertical Scanning Resolution DPI 2400
          - Wireless G Connection
          - Wireless N Connection

          Product Depth: 42.2 cm
          Product Height: 17 cm
          Product Width: 42.2 cm
          Product Weight: 4.6 kg

          ** Price **

          The HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One Printer is available to buy from the following retailers:

          Tesco - £68.97
          Amazon - £73.97
          Argos - £79.99
          Currys - £73.97
          Dixons - £73.97
          John Lewis - £99.95
          PC World - £73.97 (normally but bank holiday deal £69.99 with extra ink and photo pack included)

          ** Product Update **

          I would just like to add that I have now owned this printer for a little over a month and all is working great. Sometimes it disconnects from the wireless network and this can be a little irritating but it is simple enough to hit the reconnect button on the HP solution window that automatically pops up, and all is back to normal once again. I am still thoroughly enjoying my new printer!


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            17.07.2010 21:19



            Really good Printer

            The HP Photosmart C4780 All in one printer delivers a reliable system including A printer, copier and scanner that can be wirelessly connected to up to six computers or memory stick connected to print items. This is all finished off with a smart black finish and one opening for all three of its functions. At the back there is another opening for removing any bits of paper that havent printed properly (which hasn't happened to me yet) and another opening for easily changing ink cartridges. With a reasonable price of around ninety pounds if you're in the market for a new printer i reccomend this one. With easy to use buttons and instructions this printer processes your request in a matter of seconds. This printer efficiently uses ink, making your ink cartridges last that much longer. Overall a great product with an easy use system and high quality prints, copies and scans, a really great three in one printer


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            08.07.2010 01:08
            Very helpful



            A great printer for home use that is quiet and efficient with useful copying / scanning functions

            From a seemingly endless selection of HP Photosmart printers to choose from comes the middle of the range HP Photosmart C4780 which is a wireless all-in-one offering. This printer focuses solely on your printing, scanning and copying needs.

            What do you get for your spondoolies?

            Well when you purchase one of these babies you get yourself your HP Photosmart C4780 printer in a smooth black colour, a USB cable, a power cable, a black and a colour cartridge which have both been deliberately drained by evil ink vampires thus meaning you must purchases replacements almost immediately, an installation disk and a setup/reference guide. Once you make sure you have everything in place you can begin the installation.

            Beware all ye mono-linguists

            If you are unfamiliar with the setting up of printers, which whilst being a fairly straightforward thing is actually nice to seek written reassurance from the experts, then you will naturally take a look at the set-up guide. Right, up first Lieferumfang...am I having a stroke, oh no that's German. Skipping forward to the next section...Verifiez...nope French...next Verificare...ah Italian...followed by Controleer...but of course...Dutch. Compruebe...eh? Ah Spanish. Verificar - haven't we had you before...nope Portuguese. Surely some English instruction must be around here somewhere...Sprawdz...ye..wait no. Polish. What I can only assume is Russian that follows and finally we hit a title that reads "Verify box contents" and unless I've now become a multi-linguist we've finally hit the English section....hallelujah....and after all that the instructions on how to install the printer are on the CD provided. Excellent.

            Anchors Aweigh

            Upon inserting the CD you will be prompted to run an exe file which will of course cause temporary insanity in your computer as it tries to avoid a catastrophic security breach. Once you have reassured your computer that all is well the HP installer will fire away and begin running system checks and all kinds of installation-y type things. Once you have confirmed that you have read the terms and conditions which remarkably takes only about 0.5 seconds in my experience then a guide will pop up explaining the procedure to set up the printer which is very clear and idiot-proof.

            If you are a novice it will walk you through the plugging in of your printer, the loading of ink and paper, your language (I was tempted to go for Polish since I was now an expert but stuck with my native tongue) and wireless set-ups as well as a final alignment check for your paper. It also makes a very clear warning about "NOT CONNECTING YOUR PRINTER VIA USB BEFORE INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE" multiple times so there must be pretty serious consequences if you attempt this feat. Best to heed their advice. Once this is complete the HP installer sets off again by installing loads of groovy Photosmart software which will no doubt make your printing experience that bit more awesome.

            It took over 30 boring minutes for the disk to finally finish (including the setting up of the printer) and if you are unlikely to ever want to print in a fancy way and are self-confident enough to set the printer up on your own then it might be worth just skipping the disk entirely and searching for your printer via Control Panel.

            Down to the nitty-gritty


            The printer is probably on the smaller to average end of the size scale - much smaller then ones that encompass faxing - and is quite compact with a paper tray that neatly folds up and a thin lid which when uncovered reveals the scanning surface. It is a nice looking printer with a smooth, black appearance and a touch screen on the top left from where you can operate the printer. This touch screen is a little small and if you weren't blessed with slender fingers you may have to take a bit of care. This screen also gets a bit smudged but is probably a CSI's dream, so it does need to be cleaned quite a bit if you are house-proud. The screen is very straightforward with only three menu choices to print, scan or copy and each choice is very intuitive.


            Once the printer is set up correctly on your computer it is very easy. You have the option to be connected wirelessly (up to 5 computers on the one printer) or you can plug in via a USB cable if your connection is poor. I've not had any real problems with my wireless connection to the printer barring one odd thing where if you try to print pages double sided and you are connected wirelessly, the printer will run through the first side of however many pages you are printing then just stop. If it worked correctly it should pop up a message on your computer asking you to confirm printing on the reverse before it starts guzzling the sheets of paper back in, but this only works if you are plugged in via USB - weird!

            You can print easily from your computer, or you have the option to insert a memory card (presumably from a camera) and print your chosen pictures straight from there with no PC required. A preview of your photo will appear on the touch-screen which automatically removes things like red eye before you agree to print. The quality of the printing is very high both in black and colour with everything coming out with sharp clearness and smudge free - you can pretty much pick up the page hot off the printer and not worry about smearing the ink. It does guzzle the ink a little, but no worse than any other printer I've tried, and I don't really print in colour all that much so that ink (from a replacement not the original pointless cartridge provided) has lasted a quite a while already. You can get the ink pretty cheap from about £30 including both a black and colour cartridge which in today's economic misery isn't all that bad.

            The printer is nice and quiet when it prints and scans, unlike the HP Photosmart which we have at work which half sits across my desk. When this one prints my whole desk vibrates, and whilst naturally having a vibrating desk is fun, it's simply not appropriate at work. This one also starts rearranging its printer cartridges after every print which is very irksome, and so the C4780 is a much more polite printer and ideal for home use. One slightly annoying thing about this printer though is that when the paper gets low it is liable to grab multiple sheets together which can lead to a paper jam.


            Copying works just as any photocopier would. Simply lift the lid and place your aligned item for copying on the scanning surface and then on the touch screen menu touch the copy menu. Then you can select black or colour followed by the paper size, relative size you want and number of copies required and hey presto away we go. The final result is pretty good, not the highest quality I've seen, but readable and definitely passable if you're copying something like proof of bills or drivers licences, but it's not good for committing fraud or forging documents. The only thing I wouldn't advice is using this copier as you would at the office party after one too many cocktails - the size and build of this printer is definitely not designed for such an activity as industrial sized photocopiers are.


            Scanning works in the same way as copying, except rather than printing out you have the option to scan to a memory card or to a PC. If you scan to a PC it will automatically save your documents to your Pictures/My Scans/Date/ folder as a jpg. The scans come out pretty clear and readable at about the same quality as the copying so are good but not of the highest quality. I think it would have been nice to also have the option to scan to a USB device such as a memory stick as I would be much more likely to use a device like that rather than a memory card, but alas this is not an option.

            HP Solution Centre

            If you use the installation disk you will also end up with a HP Solution centre link on your desktop. From here you can also control the printer and adjust settings, get additional help and get your estimated ink levels cleverly near some shopping links to encourage you to part with your money on HP's own store - resist and look for deals elsewhere!

            Thinking I had downloaded loads of fantabulous software that would improve my printing experience tenfold I was a little disappointed as there seems to be no evidence on my computer. However, when you click print preview on any web page the HP Smart Web Printing gizmo kicks in and will adjust whatever web page you're on into a printable format which is incredibly useful for saving paper. Well, at least the 30 mins installation at the beginning yielded some results.

            Final Thoughts

            The HP Photosmart C4780 is a nice looking, efficient printer which does the printing basics very well with very high quality and also includes the very useful functions of being able to copy and scan things at a reasonable quality. Ink is pretty cheap for this model which is good as the ink will get used up quite quickly for complex printing, but will last if only simple things are printed. I would highly recommend this printer for home use as it is quite small and quiet and can be used from anywhere about the house with a strong wireless connection. The only thing I would say is make sure you buy it at a reduced price as its original price of about £100 is definitely on the expensive side.


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