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HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One

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    5 Reviews
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      26.05.2013 20:31
      Very helpful



      Great all in one printer, running costs can be expensive.

      I came to own this printer when the household printer broke down a couple of years ago, it was reduced to £35.00 in-store in Tesco, which was half price at the time. This printer has been very well used over the last couple of years, probably one of the longest serving printers we've had.

      It came in a huge great box - filled most of the trolley. I was quite relieved when I got it home to find although it was quite large, it wasn't as big as the box.

      I was lured in by the wireless facility. We have several laptops and a netbook, being able to print without having to plug in seemed very appealing.

      **The Printer**

      The printer itself is black in colour. It's an all in one printer (scanner/copier and printer). The top part is the scanner, the lid flips up to allow you to insert the paper to be copied or scanned. This works up to A4 size.

      There's a paper feed section at the bottom of the printer. I've only ever had a couple of paper jams with this printer, it's used a lot, so I'm quite impressed at the lack of jams.

      Additional features are accessed on the screen of the printer, situated on the far left. It's very user friendly. My 4 year old boy has been found scrolling through it and finding pictures on-line to print off and colour in - I didn't even know that this feature was there. I was busy working on the laptop and he was telling me that Father Christmas was in the printer...'no, Father Christmas lives at the North Pole' I replied. 'No he's in the printer Mummy'....then I find a nice ,festive picture printed out, ready to colour in. I digress....


      Very quick and easy to install. It comes with a CD to install the drivers, steps you through a quick and easy wizard. I've also downloaded drivers from the HP website for the netbook, as it doesn't have a CD drive. It's really easy to search and locate the appropriate drivers on their website below:


      **Day to Day Use**

      It's fantastic having a wireless printer. It works through the internet router and has it's own IP address. No cables or messy plugging in involved. Scares the life out of my husband when he's working on the PC next to it and it starts up. Also scares the cat when she sleeps on top of it (apparently this is a great place to sleep).

      It's quite a noisy printer, sounds 'chuggy' is the only way I can describe it. It shakes around quite a lot as it prints side to side. Even more so if you select fast, draft printing. We have thick walls but I don't print after 10pm for sheer fear of disturbing the household and the neighbours. The print speed is fast, manufacturer quotes:

      Up to 32 ppm (mono) / up to 30 ppm (colour)

      But be warned it does violently swing from side to side with the faster prints!

      As most printers these days, there are settings for various paper and quality settings. The print quality is okay for a standard print on normal paper. Photo prints are reasonable. I've seen better laser printed results, but this is a thermal inkjet at the end of the day.

      The manufactures specifications are Up to 600 x 600 dpi (mono) / up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (colour).

      It's perfectly usable for our needs which are homework, letters the odd photo, leaflets for events etc. If you want lots of beautiful photos and amazing artwork, this probably isn't the printer for you.

      The photocopier will copy up to 30 pages in one sitting, great for household use. You can select on the printer screen to copy in colour or black and white. There's no need for a PC for this, it can all be done on the printer itself.

      The scanner is also useful, this is used from a PC using the scanner software, or any other photo package that you can aquire an image in. It scans up to 1200 dpi up to A4 sizes.

      There is an option to download software for an iPhone to send photos straight to the printer. We've not tested this facility.

      **Running Costs**

      This printer uses quite a lot of ink, I've found it runs out quicker than others I've used before. It takes the HP 364 Printer Cartridges. They are split into 4, black, magenta, yellow and cyan. You can replace these separately if needed. Very useful if you intensively use certain colours.

      A full pack of HP 364 cartridges including all colours and black has an RRP of £34.99. They can be purchased separately. There are usually deals to be had on Amazon and Ebay, they're currently half price at this current time on Amazon.

      There are options to buy refilled and compatible cartridges. I do use these from time to time, I notice that the quality isn't as good. You also need to ensure that you buy ones that have been 'chipped' this means that they have a little micro-printed chip square on the cartridge, without these the printer won't recognise them. There are many sellers on Ebay that sell the cartridges without the chip, some even advise you to remove the chip from your old cartridge and adhere it to your new one which can be rather fiddly. Somehow the printer still knows that these aren't original cartridges and generates an error message on your PC screen, then on the printer which you need to select 'ok' to for the print to proceed - which can be a little bit annoying, especially if the printer is some distance away from your computer. For these reasons I'd highly recommend using original cartridges where possible.

      So it can be quite pricey to run, it is possible to just run the printer using black cartridges. There is a print in black only option you can select on the PC. You need to have the other cartridges in the printer for this to work, but these can be empty.


      All in all I'm pretty happy with this printer, it's a perfect all in one for household/day to day use. It's lasted over two years so I'd consider it quite robust. If you want something that will print lots of beautiful photos and posters, it's possibly not the printer for you.

      The running costs can be pretty high, if you can purchase cartridges on special offer this brings the costs down significantly. Prints fast - and even faster on draft, however that comes with 'chuggy' noise.

      The wireless feature is really handy, perfect if you have lots of remote devices.


      This printer is available on-line from Amazon and Ebay. Occasioanlly available in-store in Tesco. Costs are now around £35.00.

      Cartridges widely available, including Argos, Tesco, some larger branches of Sainsburys, Amazon, Staples and Ebay.


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        30.04.2013 21:28
        Very helpful



        Great value for money and packed with features.

        When I had to part company with my previous HP all in one printer, which had lasted a fair few years, I naturally wanted to consider HP for my new model.

        I like the convenience of all in ones as they remove the need to have multiple devices when short on space - and plug sockets. So when I researched the HP e-All-in-One, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was wireless. I will come to that later on.

        When purchased, the printer cost me £35.00 and this is normally what I would spend on a printer as I don't tend to use it everyday and normally need an average dpi output as it's mainly text I have to print. I occasionally use the scanner when required so having this included is ideal.

        The build of the printer is black (although I'm sure I've seen the same model in white) and features the scanner/copier at the top which is accessed under a hinged lid. Items can be placed on the glass and either scanned in to your computer, or items placed face down can be copied and printed straight out.

        To the left hand side is a front facing control display which is touch activated. Here you can access the menus, choosing what function you wish to use, how many copies, what size of print you require etc. The display is clear although is not very responsive and I have noticed a slight delay in pressing the on-screen buttons and the printer activating. Although not a major problem, it can be frustrating when having to key in a lot of information.

        Underneath the display is a button to turn the wireless capability on and off, which illuminates when on. There is also an SD card slot that is useful is printing photos directly from your cameras memory card. When inserted, it also allows you to view a preview of each one on screen before going on to choose size of print etc.

        In the front centre you find the main part of the printer, the paper tray and a movable guide to select the width or shape of paper or envelope you are using. The paper tray folds up flat against the front of the printer when not in use and there is a slide out support and stopper to ensure when your printing is done, it isn't ejected onto the floor but is held on the tray.

        To the right hand side, there is an indentation to open the printer up when inserting the ink cartridges. Included in the box were some original HP starter inks which will get you going, although they are a smaller capacity than regular cartridges so I bought some additional inks as I knew I would be needing them soon. The cartridges used with this model are HP 364 and although not the cheapest, are about mid range in price.

        A software CD is included to install onto your computer but the printer is also plug-and-play so is set up with minimal fuss. There is also a printer cable if you choose to connect it directly to your computer or laptop. One of the main reasons I opted for this model was that it is wireless and I use a laptop so it's just more convenient to not have to be sat next to the printer and connect it up when I need to use it. My partner uses a desktop PC and the printer remains connected to this and sits underneath the desk. The wireless set up was actually ok, it involves connecting the printers IP address to your home router and laptop so if your home network has a password - and it really should! - you key this password into the printer using the touch screen display and then you're good to go.

        Another nice feature on this model is that you can send it emails. Yes, I was puzzled when I heard that too. Basically the printer has it's own IP address and this enables it to receive communication though your broadband. By going onto the HP website, you set up an account and choose an email address for the printer. Therefore, if you are at work and need to print off some things at home, you send the document to the printers email address and it will print it out and be waiting for you when you get home. In a way, it works a bit like a fax in that it automatically receives and prints out information. You have the option to view email print jobs instead of it being on auto. I had some fun the first week trying it out when I told people the email address and had all kinds of random things popping out!

        I had an HP app on my phone which meant that any images I'd taken on my phone could be sent to the printer via wireless connection instead of using the email function. I've used this a few times when checking email on my phone and printing out attachments without having to turn my laptop on. Again, can be very useful thing to have.
        My partners new computer uses WiFi so now we have the option to move the printer anywhere at home which is very convenient if short on space.

        Now on to discuss the operation of the printer. The print quality is average, 600dpi which isn't mindblowing and it copes reasonably well with photographic images. The speed is up to 32 pages per minute and it can be a little chuggy and noisy - another thing that scares the cat - it's not an unbearable noise though. Not had any technical issues although it is worth noting that if you change your home network settings or wireless password, you will have to tell the printer as the wireless will not work.

        I've never had a paper jam yet. The only thing I would recommend is occasionally printing off a page so that the print heads don't dry up. The e-All-in-One has some nice features and whilst I don't use all of them all day everyday, it's definitely value for money considering the price.



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        11.09.2012 13:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        good printer at affordable price that gets the job done

        Last year January when I bought my apple macbook with my student discount there was a current promotion in that to pay an additional £100 for the all in one HP printer and receive a £70 cheque refund in the form of a rebate form - basically meaning paying only 30 quid for the printer. Since I was a student with a 2 year old, sometimes with coursework and late night assignments to do, the ease and comfortability to be able to work from home and print lecture notes and work at home seemed a brilliant idea! It meant saving on travel to uni to print documents and also no battling for already limited computer space in our library to print work with a tight deadline!

        Whats good about it you ask??

        it is a neat and nifty all in one black printer from the brand Hewlett-Packard (aka HP!). It is multi-functional as it can scan, copy, and print and most importantly of all it's wireless! Meaning I can print from it without being in the same room (my printer lives under table in front room and 9 times out of 10 I am in bed with my Macbook!) and also is great as simply using the wi-fi network I can also print off my mobile phone.

        Setting up the printer was easy, and given I am not so clued up with technology I managed to set this up on my own! It already came in a box so no assembly was required the only manual part was inserting the ink cartridges, of which it came free with black, magenta, cyan and yellow. There were instructions which were clear (and ENGLISH!) most importantly and so I now know how to put them in easily and efficiently.

        On the left hand side is a touch screen on the printer which is straightforward. Setting up the wireless was also easily, as I simply touch the appropriate arrow for "settings" and go to wireless networks and key in the password to the wi-fi and voila! It's all set and raring to go! By simply clicking print on my macbook or phone it instantly connects with the printer and prints easily.

        Photocopying is also a doddle, just insert the paper to be copied under the lid, close and press photocopy and the job is done within seconds. Similarly with scanning, it is the same process, only press scan and the image instantly pops up on my computer screen, and I am able to save the document and forward it via email or whatever is necessary.

        The clarity of the printing is excellent and when all ink levels are at a maximum, it prints professionally and doesn't smudge or blur which is exactly what I need it to do!

        Any downsides??

        Well of course, number one being the ink is so expensive. I don't find I print tremendously often, more little things like voucher tickets if we go out to eat, occasionally things like zoo tickets, or flight confirmation emails and the like and when I go to gigs it is easier to print off an email rather than pay postage. I find that the ink doesn't last particularly long and needs replacing every 3 months or so. For example, buying the black ink alone that is required for this printer is £12.59 (cheapest I could find on Amazon) and going to places like Currys is in excess of this! Considering I need 3 other colours, this is about £50+ a pop on ink which is why I exercise printing at home with caution! If I printed half as much as I'd normally like to, I'd have no money left lol!

        Occasionally the printer has started to jam as of late. This is not tremendously awful, seeing as I have had it 18months + it's getting some age, but I find it annoying when I have to open it up completely and be battling to get paper out of the crevices and re-start my printing process all over again = more wastage of ink! In fairness this has only happened about 3 times, but it doesn't give me the greatest of joy.

        In addition I find the wireless connection can be dodgy. I used to have wi-fi provided by BT and I used to always leave the printer on and so when I needed to print it does the job straightaway. Since changing to 02 as our wi-fi provider I have found that if I haven't printed off it for a while, I need to reconnect it to the wi-fi as my macbook keeps telling me the printer cannot be found. I don't know if this is due to the change in internet service or the printer getting old and tired and can't stay connected! Needless to say this annoys me as it means I have to get out of my bed lol.

        One of the selling points of this printer was that it being wi-fi meant I could actually email work to print when not at home. For example, if I was at work/uni and wanted to print something, I could email it to the printer email address and when I get home it would have already been printed. To me this sounded totally amazing, but in reality I have no idea how this works and have never been able to do it! Perhaps I am blind and can't read instructions properly but I don't know how to operate this part of the printer and as a result can't really comment on how good/efficient it is. In fairness, I don't have much need for this now, as I am no longer at uni, and most of the time if I can I'll just print stuff at work, (although I don't print private things at work!) and most stuff can just wait until I get home and remember to print it!


        Considering I basically paid about 30 quid for this printer it has done more than I could possibly ask for and has served me well. It prints, photocopies and scans to a high quality and with ease and is great for my basic printing needs. I don't print things like family photo's etc as I prefer doing those the old traditional way and go off to snappy snaps lol but for simple paper documents it gets the job done. My only thing is the ink is so overpriced and so I am sure this is where HP make all their money seeing as they can shift these printers for a mere £30! I'd definitely recommend it to any other student (if apple still do this deal!) or someone who needs a printer on a tight budget as I have seen it can still be picked up on places like amazon for the region of £50.


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          01.08.2011 23:10
          Very helpful



          A good printer made great because of the wireless and email capabilities.

          HP Photosmart wireless all in one printer.

          It's wireless so no messing around with cables!
          Good print quality
          You can email a document to the printer's own email address

          Takes a long time to start up
          A bit on the noisy side
          'Touchscreen' really isn't a touchscreen
          Supplied scanning software not the best.

          This is my first wireless printer and I've got to say it's a really big plus not having to mess around with cables. Another big advantage of wireless is that you can have as many PC's etc mapped to it. We have three laptops and a home PC and now we can all print if we want to!

          Another great feature is the email facility. The printer has it's own email address so you can print from any computer, without having to install printer drivers etc. If a document is mailed to the printer as an attachment, it will even print that. It's such a useful feature!

          I don't print photographs so can't vouch for the photo printing quality, but for documents and diagrams/flyers etc that I do print, the quality is great. The printer doesn't gobble up ink cartridges either - it's pretty efficient with ink and cartridges aren't badly priced either - even OEM ones are reasonable if you shop around.

          The printer does seem to take a long time to boot up, and it's not a quiet process either, clunking and chugging through the start up process.

          I do a bit of scanning and although the scanning quality is good, the software that comes with it isn't great. I had a Lexmark all in one previously and the software for that was easy & logical - not terms I would apply to the HP scanning software.

          The 'touchscreen ' as it's promoted, isn't actually a proper touchscreen. You don't touch the icons you want, you navigate round the menu by touching on the left/right arrows at the side, and use the OK or cross icons. The touch is also a bit fiddly and you have to learn the knack or the items don't respond. iPhone users will find the touch process a joke!


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          28.05.2011 10:05
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great printer

          Before I had this printer I was in possession of a Lexmark printer that worked with USB since we have multiple computers at home, you had to send everything you need to a computer to print. This is fortunately not necessary with the HP Photosmart Wireless e-All -In-One, since the printer works over Wi-Fi, you can access it from any computer in the home. There is a digital colour screen of 2.4 inch with six buttons. This printer has a front loader which means that your paper goes at the front of the printer.

          The Installation was fairly simple. Unpacking the printer is always a bit of hassle with all the plastic but it was well protected and it came with a little bag with stuff like the plug. When you plug the printer in it will search for the wireless network to connect, you have the CD with bundled software and drivers that you install on each computer from which you want to print, unfortunately if you install it will also offer a lot of other software that you probably never use. There is also an excellent manual and even an instructional video.

          The buttons on the screen is a point where we had to pay more attention to, there are six buttons on the display, namely:

          Back (upper left): This button returns you to the previous screen.
          Left (left center): This button will go left to select an item.
          Indent (bottom left): This is used to select the option that is left on the screen: the option settings.
          X (Top right): Lets you cancel the action you've taken such as printing, scanning.
          Right (middle right): Takes you to the right to select an option.
          OK (Bottom right): Allows you to access the options you've selected by left or right.

          The buttons are well lit making it clear which buttons you can use at that time but always you really have to press hard to make sure it actually works. A bit annoying at times.

          The printer is rather beautiful black with a fine gloss over it, he is prone to fingerprints but you really only touch the printer when you need to scan. The 2.4 inch screen is neatly placed on the left side of the printer so it's not in the way of the scanner above a SD card slot. Beneath that is the the Wi-Fi on / off button. This printer has a front loader is clumsy but here it works fine.

          I was pretty happy when I saw that you also can put an SD card, as I have a camera available with SD card so you can put this into the printer and print directly without doing anything else with the computer control. Selecting the images or documents you want to print using the buttons that sit next to the preview screen.

          When I bought the printer I got four cartridges with the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The cartridges are packed well and are fairly easy to install in the printer, if you're a little searching around on the internet you will find these cartridges for about 5 pounds each which is not very expensive.

          The quality of the prints in my eyes is fine although I read on several forums that some people are what disappointed but I think it's fine and that is maybe because I used an older printer . It takes about 30 seconds before an image is scanned and printed in colour, which in my opinion is really good. The quality of the printed image scanned is also fine.

          You can send from your Ipod, Iphone and even Ipad prints to the printer, every printer has its own email address, you simply send an email with the images, Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files to the email and then print. I myself have not tried this but the forums I read nothing but positive comments about it.

          The advantages of this printer is that it is an all in one printer, scanner, copier and printer in one. With the Wi-fi you do not have to messing around with the USB cables from computer to printer because now you can use different computers over the network send commands to the printer.

          I use this printer a few months now and he's doing fine, I did not have to buy new cartridges even though I print quite often. For the rest, this is a great all in one printer that really does everything and more what you'd expect from a printer and I would say this printer is ideal for both home and work.


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