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Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One

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9 Reviews

Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One - Multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) - colour - ink-jet - printing (up to): 30 ppm (mono) / 29 ppm (colour) - 100 sheets - Hi-Speed USB, Bluetooth, USB host

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    9 Reviews
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      11.05.2013 12:22



      a good buy

      The main reasons I bought this printer was a combination of the all in one function and the price of the ink. You can buy a colour and black cartridge for about 15-18 pounds depending where you go, and recently I bought 3 sets of 3rd party ink for £13. Extremely cheap!

      I have used all functions of the printer. The printing speed is pretty fast, as fast as you need from a home printer, but it does have a tendency to fire sheets of paper out at high velocity, so be warned!

      The scanner quality is extremely good, however it does take an awfully long time to scan a page from idol - so if you plan to be scanning a lot of pages or documents, this printer is NOT for you, and go and buy the electronics separately. The copy function is OK, and like any other printer I have only found the speed bearable when doing low quality grayscale copies.

      I do not regret buying this printer one bit, and has currently stood up to at least 2 years of light to moderate use.


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      20.09.2012 14:57
      Not Helpful



      Overall a good Multi purpose printer, would recommend it to any one.

      I bought this Printer about 18 months ago, the price was good and the cost of ink is very very good £7 for the black and £11 for the colour, if you buy the two as a pack its down to £15. depending where you buy it.
      The print quality is excellent, easy to use and the 3 inch display screen tells where you are and what to do. The ESP 5 is easy to set up, change ink etc. One thing is the paper tray is a little fragile, does not take a lot to break, so care is needed, the scan copies are also a little poor.
      I have not had one problem with this printer since I bought it, and I use it every day.
      On the whole I would recommend this printer as an excellent buy, Argos, Amazon, and Comet do some good deals on this printer.


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      24.02.2012 15:57
      Very helpful



      the ideal home printer

      When it comes to printing my family is far from mimicking your local staples, firing sheets of A4 out quicker Google can change its homepage logo however our printer is one of those things that will not be used for a few weeks then suddenly everyone wants a piece of it. It was on one of these manic everyone wants a printout days that our old printer decided he had served us long enough and without so much as a inky splodge, passed away.
      I popped over to my local comet and asked to see the Kodak printers I had heard good things about the cost of their ink and as we all know how expensive printer ink is thought this would be the best avenue to venture down. I will admit I didn't browse for long after spotting the ESP5 all in one I concluded that it seemed good quality and at a good price of around £60-70 and we really needed a printer.

      *+*+* THE LOOK *+*+*

      The Kodak ESP5 all in one is a printer, scanner and copier it is black with Kodak yellow trimmings. It stands at about 18cm high with width and depth of 40cm x 30cm and is a front loading and exiting printer. The top of this Kodak has a small flip up 3" screen. There is a selection of easy use buttons situated near the screen which allows you to use the Kodak without having to have it connected to a computer which is always handy. Obviously like most all in one printers the top of the printer lifts to reveal the scanner/copier.
      The front of this printer is adorned with a multitude of slots for all your memory devices these are:
      * Memory Stick
      * Compact Flash
      * XD Card
      * SD and SDHC Card
      * MultiMedia Card
      * Memory Stick PRO

      All of the above can be used to connect your photos straight to the small screen where you can rotate change between black and white or colour, print or just send straight to your connected PC.

      *+*+* USE *+*+*

      Use of the printer is very simple whether it is connected to a computer or not my entire family feel confident using it. The buttons are easy to understand and the screen provides easy to follow instructions for anyone not too sure. Printing in itself is reasonably quick compared to my experiences with other printers. However there is no wi-fi on this specific printer so it does have to be connected but we keep it turned off and just plug in the USB when needed, I mean it doesn't hurt anyone in our house to get up off their bums and move once in a while. Switching between A4 and 6x4 prints is simple enough for even my Dad to complete which means with my dads computer knowledge it must be easy.

      *+*+* MY OPINION *+*+*

      I couldn't recommend this printer enough it does everything you could wish for from a printer and more. It's simple and quick to connect making sure you are up and printing in no time. I have found that it is just as simple to print 6x4 photographs as it is normal A4 documents and it so simple to use the whole family can print away. I will be honest I get majority of my digital prints printed online and sent to me however the Kodak is used if we need a print for a family member or if we just need 1 print for a frame or present at short notice, for this I do not notice excessive use of the ink.
      The only small problem I have found is that when I get low on paper the roller seems to take the last two sheets together but this is only when short on paper and to be honest we usually keep it pretty well stocked so I have only seen this a handful of times. It is when it comes to the all important ink that this and all the other Kodak printers excel. Cartridges cost around £7 for black and £11 for colour making them over half price on some other well known brands, they are quite often on offer as well so a bargain is always close. Personally I feel the cartridges don't last quite as long as some of our previous printers but this could be down to the fact that in the back of my head I know it's cheaper to print and I don't worry about printing that extra copy or photo, but in the long run it is defiantly still cheaper so for me and my family this is perfect.
      This printer is ideal for a family home like ours it fulfils all our needs and at a fraction of the cost compared to some of our old printers...what more could you ask for.


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      18.06.2011 22:50
      Very helpful



      Excellent connectivity, ease of use and value for money

      This is an excellent all round printer/scanner/copier for comparatively little money (approx £60).

      We bought this particular printer about 3 months ago to replace my husbands old Epson photo printer and have not been disappointed. I am not a 'techie' and therefore will not go into all the technical aspects of the printer as I wouldn't know where to start! However, I can say it is a good compact printer with quality output to meet most 'average' people's needs.

      My husband is a semi-professional photographer and has had his pictures printed professionally for quite a while now mainly due to the expense for the initial purchase and to buy inks for a top quality photo printer. The Canon ESP 5200 is perfectly adequate for my 'point & shoot' photographs, aswell as word processing and other home/small business printing needs.

      The 2 main selling points for us when buying this printer were: the affordability of the inks - a full set costing around £20 and a black cartridge only approx £8 and the wireless connectivity - my husband's office is the oppsite end of our 3 bedroomed house from where I use my laptop and we can both print wirelessly without any difficulites at all.

      It was very quick and easy to set up, recognising the hardware on both our computers instantly and we were printing in no time.

      We aren't what I would consider 'heavy' print users, which may be an issue - but then again, whatever other printer you purchased would almost certainly cost more in ink regardless of the volume you print.

      I would thoroughly recommend this printer, especially for the value for money ink replacements and ease of use through it's wireless connectivity.


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      05.05.2011 20:40
      Very helpful



      Good printer with nice picture quality but not for daily or family use

      I bought this printer around 2 years ago to replace an old HP Deskjet Printer. The main use I would have for it was printing word documents a few times during the week, the kids printing their work off and every few times a month using it to print photos. The main reason I had gone for this Kodak Printer was because I wasn't looking to spend a lot on a printer at the time, being a Kodak I assumed that the picture quality would be very good for printing pictures and most of all I was sucked in by the Kodak Printer ads telling me how Kodak Printers used less ink and the ink cartridges were more cheaper than other printers. Furthermore, being an All in One printer it meant I could also get rid of my huge scanner and put this in its place. At the time when I purchased it I payed around £80 online, unfortunately to my knowledge this model is quite old and new models have replaced it (e.g new models with built in Wi-fi) and this specific model has been discontinued. A similar model to this with built in Wi-fi can be bought for round £65.

      First Impressions and Overall Appearance

      On first impressions the Kodak ESP 5 is a good looking and well designed printer. It weighs around 6.5 kg so it isn't too heavy either and in terms of size it will easily fit under a computer desk. The main control panel has a piano black glossy covering, whilst the rest of the printer is a dark matt black and overall seems to have a good build quality. In the right hand corner is a large 3.0-inch LCD colour screen on which you can view your photos before printing and also carry out a number of operations such as scanning and copying without having to turn your PC on. The buttons on the main control panel have a silver and black theme and are well made, with an on/off power button, zoom in/out button, cancel button, start button and a square grid so you can navigate through photos on the LCD screen. The printer also has a PictBridge port and a Memory Card Slot so you can easily print and view photos without having to go turn on your PC. This printer uses only 2 ink cartridges, a black and a colour both of which are provided already. You are also provided with a power lead and adaptor and a Software and User Guide CD, however, I think it would have been better if a full set of instructions was included in the box rather than on the CD.

      Photo and Document Quality

      Setting the printer up is fairly straight forward and the small guide provided is quite helpful if you have any problems. Not being a Wi-fi printer sadly you will need to connect it to your PC with a USB cable which isn't provided as is common with most printers these days. You can pick up cables like this for around £10 at a computer store if you already haven't got one. In terms of picture quality I can honestly say the Kodak ESP 5 prints photos of exceptional quality and detail. I have printed photos of various sizes of paper and of different scenes such as landscapes and of family and each time the photos come out very crisp and clear and sometimes seems like you've had them printed from professionally. On all the photos I have printed edges are clear and the colours are very vivid and look great in a picture frame around the house. Furthermore, Kodak also claim that the inks they use are smudge proof and dry to the touch straight from the printer. From personal experience I can't say they are totally dry straight from the printer but it will take around 30 seconds for the ink to completely dry, but this will depend on the size of photo you print. Printing photos is also fairly simple as you just insert your memory card into the slot and there is no need to turn the PC on, as you can view all your photos on the 3.0-inch LCD colour screen. You can also decided whether you want you photos borderless or not and print multiple photos all in one go which can be very useful. In terms of document quality, it seems to me that a black and white document is no different in quality compared to when I print it from my mono-laser printer. However, when the kids are using it to print of school documents and projects with pictures and text it is ideal. It will print around 30 pages per minute in black and 29 pages per minute in colour which isn't too bad, but when printing photos it will take much longer. Using the Kodak Home Centre software that is provided you can also make multiple changes, such as colour alterations, brightness, contrast and red-eye elimination in photos when using your PC. You can even whiten teeth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. When I have wanted to print off photos I have often altered my photos using this software before printing them off and the photos look much better than if I was to simply print them off as they were.

      Inks and Cartridge Life

      Despite what the adverts say about Kodak Printers using less ink and the ink being able to 'achieve the highest level of overall print performance of any current consumer desktop printer system' I have to strongly disagree. In my personal opinion this printer uses too much ink and it seems I have to replace the ink every 2 months or so, even though I often never use this printer. The colour cartridge has to be the worst and after printing a few colour photos on A5 size photo paper the colour cartridge is already half empty. I tried to ignore this the first few couple of months but lately it has become a little annoying and I have resorted to printing anything that isn't colour on my other mono black and white printer. I am sure there will be some people who will disagree with me, but for me the one thing that Kodak say their printers do best, seems to be the thing they do worst! The black ink cartridge doesn't seem to run out as often but as I say I would avoid using this if you are simply going to use it to print documents most of the time. Although the life of the cartridges is awful the price of the cartridges is probably the best you will find for any cartridge in an all in one inkjet printer. You can get both a colour and black cartridge for less than £15 and best of all the prices are more or less the same wherever you buy them. Because it only uses a colour and black ink cartridge not only are they cheap, but I personally prefer it to printers which have multiple ink cartridges.

      Scanning and Copying

      Scanning and copying on this printer is relatively straight forward and often you won't need to even turn your PC for this as you can do everything using the controls on the main control panel and view your scan on the LCD screen. However if you do wish to crop, adjust and make other changes to your scanned document or image you are better off using the PC to do so. The software provided by Kodak on their CD is the Kodak Home Centre System which lets you navigate between printing, scanning and copying. This system is very handy when you want to edit and make changes to documents and pictures and strongly recommend you install it if you purchase this printer. What is probably the biggest problem about the scanning and copying feature on the Kodak ESP 5 is the amount of sound it makes when it is scanning or copying. I am sure that the noise this printer makes when scanning a document or photo could wake up the whole house if I tried whilst they were asleep. It seems as if a factory machine is operating right next to you and can often get quite annoying. This is why I recommend you try out the scanning and copying functions on any printer before you buy it, just to avoid any surprises when you buy it.

      Operation and Other Features

      The printer being noisy when scanning/copying is bad enough but even for general printing it is still really loud in my opinion and this is probably what annoys me most about this printer. Even when the kids are using it I can hear it downstairs from the other rooms in the house and I am sure people who also have this printer will agree. The printer does however have a very smart paper sensor which detects the paper type that is being used and the settings are automatically adjusted to ensure you get the best print possible which is a very good feature. The Kodak ESP 5 also has a Bluetooth slot and can apparently connect with Bluetooth enabled devices. Initially I though this would be very useful as it would allow me to print wirelessly using the bluetooth on my laptop, however after plugging in several bluetooth transmitters into the printer and having no luck I gave up. It seems that you have to buy a Kodak Bluetooth transmitter which costs around £50 to be able to use this feature, which in my opinion is a complete waste of money.

      Ease of Use

      The printer itself is very easy to use its just a matter of using the buttons on the main control panel to get what you want and the LCD screen shows all the options that you have available when printing or scanning too. As I said, most of the time you won't need to turn your PC or laptop on when scanning or printing photos because it can be done directly from the printer which adds to the simplicity of this printer. Changing ink cartridges is straight forward and very simple, but I think this simplicity wears off after you realise the ink runs out so often. My kids use this and they have no problem at all printing off all their school work and what not and so far it hasn't caused me any major problems.


      Overall, a good printer in terms of photo quality, build/design and ease of use. The price of the ink cartridges is what will probably win you over with this printer as with any other Kodak Printer, as they are much cheaper than any other printer cartridges. Unfortunately, the amount of noise it makes and the speed at which the ink runs out really let this printer down. If you are looking for something that will last and is going to be used on a daily basis and for a family this printer doesn't quite fit the bill.


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      11.09.2010 00:05
      Very helpful



      Overall, This printer will save you money in the long run and will stop you worring about printing!

      I bought this printer last year for uni as we have a Kodak at home as well. Now Kodak as people know is a photo company so you would expect photos that are printed out of their printers to be very good, and this doesn't disappoint. I like printing loads of pictures out and documents without the worry of thinking, damn this is going to cost a lot. Because an A4 picture costs about 50p to print, worrying about cost is not an issue!

      "Now hold on a sec, this costs £89.99. I can get a printer for £30!" - This is how it is cheaper in the long run. To replace both inks in the kodak would cost at most £18. To replace, lets say a Canon MP250 (at £35) would cost £35. As much as the printer itself! I think investing in this printer will pay back for itself in savings in only a couple of years or sooner.

      The software that comes with the printer is good. It has a monitor for ink levels and various wizards for printing, copying, scanning and even Kodak picture enhancement. Setup is easy once the software and drivers are installed on your PC, then it's just plug and play. The built in Screen is useful for doing copying jobs and even printing photos from the sd and usb slots as it has a very functional menu so you don't have to do everything through a PC. Useful for me when I want to copy the odd study notes without having to use my laptop.


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      24.05.2010 14:58
      Very helpful



      A great printer full of extra features.

      My papa got this printer in November (I think - may have been earlier) and it's been no bother at all. Even my papa, who is what you'd call "technologically illiterate" is able to work it no bother. It is the successor to an Epson photo inkjet printer, a HP colour laser printer and a Brother all-in-one inkjet printer. I think it's far superior to all three and will compare it to them during this review.

      (The ratings used are based on ratings from Ciao, where my review was originally posted)

      Picture Quality

      I rarely print pictures, but my papa is a member of Lanark's camera club and prints out loads of high quality photos for competitions and exhibitions. Every Monday, one of his friends from the camera club comes to teach him how to use photoshop. With all three of the previous printers, there was always something wrong with the photos they printed out. The epson and brother printers regularly had pink or blue lines right down the middle and the laser printer produced very low quality photos. There have been no such problems with this printer - ever photo is very high quality and the only time there is any problem with them is when the colour ink is very low.

      Another reason I love this printer is because the ink required to produce a high-quality photo costs only 6.3p (for an A4 printout, according to a report I read by a European consumer service, whose name I can't remember). This is amazingly cheap, as with most other printers it will cost you around 20-50p. I will try to find the source of this information and add it to my review.

      Printing Speed

      While this is a very fast printer, it is not quite as fast as the brother. However, it is worth waiting that little while longer for a better photo. On average, I'd say it takes about 20 seconds to print a full A4 black and white page of text and just over a minute for a high quality photo. This is a massive improvement over the epson I had, which took around 3 or 4 minutes to print one, very bad quality picture.

      Colour Sensitivity

      I'm going to be honest here, I have no idea what colour sensitivity is. I assume it has something to do with print quality and, as the photos this printer produces are excellent, I have given it 5/5. If colour sensitivity means something completely different, please let me know and I'll update my review accordingly.


      With my other inkjet printers, I had to do a nozzle cleaning or realign the print heads on an almost fortnightly basis. With this printer, I think I've had to clean the nozzles once and that was after 2 weeks of the printer being idle. The one problem I have is that when I'm printing a large document for school (around 80 pages or so), the printer does sometimes print the pages in the wrong order. However, I am sure this is a spooling problem as my computer has very little memory and this did happen with the other printers, too.

      Value for Money

      This printer cost my papa only £20 in argos when he returned his faulty brother printer. I'm not sure exactly how much it cost but it's on offer online at under £80, which is excellent value. I'd be willing to pay double that for a printer this good. The printer's ink is also good value. In argos it's around £17 for the two cartridges, which both last for quite a while. I've only changed the black cartridge twice in almost 8 months and I do quite a lot of printing. The colour cartidge has only been changed once, despite the amount of photos my papa prints.

      Ease of use
      Very easy

      As I said at the start, even my 72 year old grandfather can work this printer with little help from me. Printing is very simple with the software included with the printer. My favourite feature is that it allows you to print double sided with no hassle at all. The other features (copying and scanning) are relatively simple. I'll be writing about them in more detail later on.


      The design is quite simple, which adds to the ease of use. The buttons are all on the top, along with a pop-up screen which gives instructions when printing double sided or when you need to insert paper or change the ink. There are not that many buttons and you know exactly what each of them does as they are clearly labelled. It's easy to feed paper into the paper tray and printouts come out at the same place the paper goes in. The scanner/copier is on the top, completely out of the way. Also, the ink is easy to get to - you just lift the cover. It also has slots on the front for printing photos directly from a memory card. I have never used this feature but it seems like quite a good idea, being able to print your photos without having to go through the computer.

      Range of extra features / functions

      This model has a built in copier and scanner. I have only used the scanner once to test it but I use the copier regularly and it always gives high quality copies. I have found it works best with black and white documents - when copying photos they're almost always lower quality.

      Instruction manual
      Needs improvement

      Here, you have two choices. Use the very simple instructions that shows you how to insert paper and change ink, but almost nothing else. Or you could have a go at reading the big bulky manual full of technical jargon that even I couldn't understand, and I researched printers in detail as part of my Higher Computing coursework. Luckily, the printer is really easy to use and you can work out what to do without a manual.

      Manufacturer Support

      I don't know if all Kodaks come with a warranty, but mine's has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty plus we bought the 3 year extended warranty from argos. Also, Kodak send regular software updates. Having up to date software is always a good thing. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with kodak if there's a problem but I've never had to so I can't tell you how reliable they are.

      5 Stars

      This is an excellent printer that I'd happily recommend to a friend. I'd be shocked if you bought it and disliked it. It's affordable and high quality - what more could you want from it?

      Also posted on Ciao under the same name.


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      21.10.2009 21:27
      Very helpful



      Great printer, cheap ink, lcd screen with easy to use options!

      This all in one printer came to me, from ebay, and came V.cheap, got it for £50.00 when rrp is double that! Anyway...this printer is great! The options to choose on the printers very own lcd screen are very easy to use and understand, after you have printed it will show you how much ink you have left, and will prompt you when you need to order! The scanning and copying option is also of very high quality, with very crisp copying and scanning. The print quality for word docs is also good but select the high quality option if you require something to look very sharp and clear, but the normal quality will do just fine for most things. The print quality in the draft option is the worst i've seen so just don't even bother with it.
      The software you have with the printer is also very easy to use, takes abit of loading time though, and you have an annoying kodak icon at the far bottom right of your pc screen, which can slow your pc down as it monitors your printer all the time, even if its off.
      As for the ink, you cannot beat it for price, black being £6.99 and colour i think £8.99 at most, if it lasts as long as the more expensive ones i have yet to find out, but if it does run out quite quickly i will defo post something on here, if not it must have been worth it!!
      For this printer you dont actually need a pc, you can just use your memory SD disk and slot it in and choose the pictures on the screen you wish to print.
      The printer will also take the time before each printer to test the quality of the paper, not by printing, but by using some kind of laser of light, then it will change the way it prints be it a word doc on standard paper or a picture that you want on photographic paper. Simply outstanding, but you can shop around for the best prices.


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      15.06.2009 16:11
      Very helpful



      Very good printed. I recommend it

      Well im not an expert on printers but ill give you my experience with the machine as well as its stats.

      Well I bought this printer for my office at work. I needed an all in one and saw this advertised to the tv boasting its quality and the cheap ink it uses. So where shall i start with the Kodak ESP5 (easyshare printer 5)

      Lets go with brand. Well its a Kodak and with Kodak you can almost ensure good quality. So since i have got it (which is only a few days) i have put it through its paces testing it with a variety of difference photos and documents.
      Do I feel bad? No! Because the ink is so damn cheap, but we will come to that later.
      Anyway I was quite worried to begin with due to the quality of prints. The were comming out abit blurred and the colours wern't exactly right. But after a tweak and a play with the machine i quickly realised i had the quality on draft. They do come out a little pale and not very in depth but thats what you expect but still not bad. When i changed it to best I was extremely happy with the quality. Not the best in the world but Very clear and detailed for an inkjet. The subtle changes in colour are no problem with it and on just normal bog standard A4 paper the images are clear and appealing, Which is perfect for our needs for school displays.

      Next is the looks. Well iv'e never seen a better looking printer. Its shiny black exterior just looks great anywhere you put it, with a little yellow band running through the middle of the printer gives it that little bit extra (as if it needed it) and finally the colour 3" LCD screen is the cherry on top. Full Marks on the looks category.

      OK now the ink. Well after Kodak's War on ink prices advertising campaign i wanted to see if the price was as good as they say. And for once and advertising company has told the truth, comming in at £15 for both cartridges (black & colour). Now then how long do they last? well i am about 1/8th through this cartridge and it has done about 50 black and white document copies and about 10 full colour prints. You can make your own mind up on that one.

      The 3" LCD is just great. You can control many things like the size, detail, bightness, colour or black and white prints are just a few examples. You can also scan things without touching you computer.

      If you will be using this printer to print photos then you can just plug your USB into the printer and print from there. It also has More Memory sotrage devices like PictBridge. However You can only do this with picture files and not documents. It would be better if it did offer this feature for word documents but its forgiveable.

      Speed of prints are a little slow for some of our needs like printing for a class but it is ok for just the few copies, even though it will do as much as 99 at a time. Also it does take a few seconds to get going. Initially I thought that it had jammed as it takes the sheet, moves the ink across but the paper doesnt feed any further throught but if you give it 10 secs it will start and it only does it with the first sheet.

      This printer also has an intelligent paper sensor that apparently senses what type of paper you are using and adjusts its printing accordingly ensuring the best quality. My needs have not yet needed this device but i can imagine it will help in the future.

      The price isn't bad at all for the quality of machine you are using. The best i found was around £80. A decent price. It feels well built and i feel it will stand the test of time and dont for get you get a colour LCD screen!

      The easy of use just amazes me. Press and button and it does what you want and if you want to change anything its just another press of a button and your sorted.

      Overall the printer is really made for amature photograpgers and people who want to print photos but it works really well in my office. It is a great printer and am very happy withmy purchase. I am sure that anyone who will buy it will feel the same. Whether you want it for photo's, home and office use it will do its job and very well. Also the final iceing on the cake is that it will even clean itself!

      A4 Inkkjet Printer
      Up to 29ppm Colour Print Speed
      Up to 30ppm Mono Print Speed
      Copier, Scanner
      7.6cm (3") Colour LCD display
      Memory Card Slots
      100 Sheet Input Tray with Intelligent Paper Sensor

      My Scores:

      Print Quality: 8
      Features: 7
      Looks: Definate 10
      Ease of use: 9
      Price: 9
      Ink Useage: 7


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    • Product Details

      Kodak welcomes you to an easier way to print, copy, and scan photos and documents for less. With the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One printer you can save up to 50% on everything you print, compared to similar consumer inkjet printers. No matter how you choose to use it, now you can print, copy, and scan even more for less.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One - multifunction printer ( colour )
      Device Type: Printer / copier / scanner
      Printing Technology: Ink-jet ( colour )
      Inkjet Technology: 6-ink
      Max Printing Speed: Up to 30 ppm (mono) / up to 29 ppm (colour)
      Original Size: 100 x 150 mm (min) - Legal (216 x 356 mm) (max)
      Media Size: 100 x 150 mm (min) - Legal (216 x 356 mm) (max)
      Media Type: Plain paper, labels, iron-on transfers, greeting cards, photo paper, coated paper, film
      Standard Media Capacity: 100 sheets
      PC Connection Availability: Yes
      PC Connection: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, USB host
      Power: AC 110/230 V ( 50/60Hz )
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.2 cm x 29.8 cm x 17.7 cm
      Weight: 5.4 kg
      Microsoft Certification: Works with Windows Vista
      Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty