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Kodak ESP 5250 All-in-One

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9 Reviews

Kodak ESP 5250 All-in-One - Multifunction ( printer / copier / scanner ) - colour - ink-jet - copying (up to): 30 ppm (mono) / 29 ppm (colour) - printing (up to): 30 ppm (mono) / 29 ppm (colour) - 100 sheets - Hi-Speed USB, 802.11b, 802.11g

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    9 Reviews
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      16.10.2012 00:33



      Great printer with very low ink costs, however the real cost is the unreliabiltiy of the product

      I was sick of spending over £40 on ink everytime a cartridge needed replacing so I decided to buy this one as it claimed to have the total lowest ink costs of any printer on the market. This could be due to the fact that ink runs out quicker with this printer, meaning it has to be replaced more frequently, but with £20 getting me one black and one colour ink it has to be worth it in the long run.

      The problem I most commonly face with this printer is the wi-fi printing option often needs to be reset and the printer set-up again in order for it to work, which can be annoying and time-consuming. However, the software for the printer is updated every few months, and the most recent update has seemed to have fixed this problem.

      Another issue is that for the printer to work, BOTH cartridges need to have ink in them, as if one of them has ran out the printer will refuse to print. This is different to other printers as usually if you have ran out of colour ink you can still print in black ink. Because of this, you need to keep checking the ink levels regularly (and the ink level indicators aren't as accurate as they could be!) to make sure you don't run out and can't print at all!

      Overall, if you want a cheap printer with all the essential features of an all-in-one, I would definitely recommend this product to you.


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      28.04.2012 21:37



      The one brand where you get value for money

      My old printer was beginning to show its age, slowing down and the cartridge cradle kept jamming. So my immediate decision was to by a Kodak all in one.
      There are so many advantages to this, the main one being, the cartridges are so much cheaper than other brands.
      Being multifunctional, this is just ideal for me. It is simple to install on any PC and you don't even need it plugged into the computer! Before i knew this, i never imagined you could use a printer without having it attached to the computer. I might be downstairs on my laptop, find i want to print something off and so, without having to go through the hassle of taking the computer upstairs, just click on print and bob's your uncle!! As long as the printer is on first and is set to wireless.
      I have to be honest, i did find it a little confusing whilst setting up the wireless printer, but once you have mastered it, it is so easy and convenient.
      The printer also comes with photo paper, which is a bonus, so you can print off any photos straight away. The quality of these are perfect, i have to add.
      With a lot of printers, you can't always tell when the ink is running low, but with the digital display on this , it will come up with a picture of the ink levels and will indicate when the cartridge needs replacing. Couldn't be any easier.
      Purchasing a Kodak all in one, is the best purchase i have made so far.


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      30.11.2011 22:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      great printer

      I had been looking around for a new printer for a while, mine was a 3-4 years old and although it still worked it was very expensive when it came to purchasing ink as it took four individual cartridges and if it was not used regularly it seemed that the ink started to dry out. So I decided that it was about to upgrade and find a more cost effective printer when it came to printing my photographs.

      This is when I came across the Kodak ESP 5250 all in one printer, I had then remembered that not only was this a reasonably priced printer at around £80, I had also seen advert where Kodak were boasting that they were the cheapest on the market when it came to the best price for ink cartridges.

      This Kodak printer is not only a printer it is also a scanner and a copier so it can handle all of your document needs in the home and the scanner and copier can be used without having your PC on. It has capabilities to be able to print thirty pages per minute in black, 29 pages per minute in colour and it takes 29 seconds to print a 6 x 4" photograph.

      In the box there is the all in one printer, a colour and black print cartridge, a power supply, adapter cord and a sample packet of paper to try, a user guide and the software installation disc.

      The printer has a built in wi-fi for you to carry out wireless printing which is great if you are busy and on the go, or need to print documents from a range of different devices. There is also a screen that is approximately 6cm square and it enables you to view pictures directly from inserting a memory card and then you select the photos that you would like to print without have to download them all to your computer first or even having access to a computer.

      The cartridges that are compatible with the Kodak ESP 5250 are the 10 series black and colour cartridges and I have found that they retail around £8, there are also xl size cartridges that the printer can hold and these are even better value for money.

      There are adverts that boast that you could save around £75 a year on ink, but this depends on how much you use your printer. If you do not use printers a lot you could purchase a cheaper printer with slightly more expensive cartridges, as you would not reap the reward the benefit of cheaper cartridges.

      I found this printer easy to install once you had removed everything out of the packaging, the software disc uploaded in minutes and then the printer was ready to connect and printing photographs minutes later. I unfortunately have never needed to use the wifi so could not comment on how effective it is to use.

      This printer overall is easy to use, when printing you can hear it printing but it is nowhere near as loud as my old printer. I have now been using it for a number of months and have not come across any problems or issues. I have probably printer over 20, A4 size photographs and a few works documents and there is still over half of the ink left.

      In order to make the most of your ink cartridges, I find that if you use glossy paper there is less ink used, but make sure that you change your settings when you change your paper as it you printing normally on glossy paper there is too much ink and it cannot absorb into the paper so it just runs down the page once you have removed it from the printer.

      Look around if you are looking to purchase this printer as it can vary quite drastically in price as i have now found it on amazon for £70.


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        28.11.2011 23:05



        I am overall pleased

        The print quality of our Canon had got so bad we needed a new printer.

        Having heard about them on the tv, and the fact they claim to have the cheapest ink - and with Canon being sky high - we thought we'd give the Kodak ESP 5250 all in one printer a try. The price was just under £70 from Amazon.

        was very easy to set up using the software cd that come with the package. You just had to follow the on screen wizard and it told you exactly what to do.

        The printer is a black finish and sleek in style. It has an LCD screen at the back that shows you the photo you are printing. It is quite a small screen but is sufficient for what it does.

        The photo printing is really good, we tried it with some A4 Canon photo paper and were really pleased with the results. MY children use it to print out all the time and it is always clear and crisp.

        One downside is that it is a bit more noisy than any previous printer, but you soon get used to it as it becomes your own printer then you think it is normal.

        Cartridges seem to last ok, nothing out of the norm, but the good thing is that the set can cost you £15 if you are clever shoping.


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        27.06.2011 14:56



        An excellent everyday printer for a good price

        Having moved to university I found that having a printer would be essential, and am definitely living on a budget. After some searching on the internet, I decided to go with a kodak, and after buying this printer, am more than pleased.
        I managed to find one for around £60 including the first ink cartridges, and the overall ink running cost is very cheap. On amazon one can find both the colour and black inks in a combination pack for just over £10 - much cheaper than other brands. However, the printer does stop running when any of the ink colours reach a critical level, which can be annoying.
        Connection to my computer was easy using the software provided, which after installation I found to be easy to use and effective for scanning, printing, photocopying and saving images and documents as PDF's. The software also includes extra features such as a program which corrects your scanned documents to make them look clearer, which did produce a noticeable effect.
        The kodak esp 5250 can print wirelessly, scan and copy, as well as print straight from a memory card, which is great for digital cameras.
        The printer works relatively fast, and has coped well over the past 10 months with all of my printing needs. The quality of the prints is good, exceptional on photo paper, and I have never struggled with problems such as paper jams or difficulty printing.
        Overall I would say this printer is perfect as an affordable every day use printer, and have recommended it to my friends, as I would recommend to any one else looking for a regular use printer.


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        02.06.2011 10:49
        Very helpful



        See Review

        We wanted a new printer so had a look round and decided to buy one of these Kodak ESP 5250 all in one printers. The price was just under £90 from Currys and we bought an extra ink package with it which was another £20 on top.

        The box was quite heavy to carry and when we got home the printer seemed quite big up to our last one but it looks smart. It was very easy to set up using the software cd that come with the package. You just had to follow the on screen wizard and it told you exactly what to do. Would have been easy to follow even for a newbie on computers.

        The printer is a nice dark grey colour and very sleek in style, it has the scanner cover on the left side and the buttons to use it on the right hand side. There is a little screen at the back that shows you the photo you are printing. It is quite a small screen but is sufficient for what it does. It flips up when you need to use it and it folds down again when you don't need it.

        You can print direct to the printer from a smart phone using the wireless network if you want to although we haven't used this as we do not have a smart phone yet but it would be handy if we were to get one in the near future. You can also plug in a memory card and print direct from that which is a very good idea if you want to print photos from your camera. You can see the photos on the small screen so you will know which one is which.

        The photo printing is really good, we tried it with some 4 x 6 photo paper and were really pleased with the results, they looked as good as what you would get from the photographers. We have used the printer for printing out other things like letters and receipts and found them to be very crisp and professional looking. My daughter also uses it for printing out her homework which has pictures and text on an a4 page and it looks a nice copy.

        Talking about copying, it is easy to do normal photocopying on this and you don't have to have the computer on to do it, just the printer itself.

        It is easy to use the scanner, and you can turn the pictures around once scanned if they come out upside down or whatever. We scanned some old black and white photos and found they printed out better than the originals as they were very bright and I was really pleased with them.

        One downside to the printer is that it is a bit noisy up to our last one but this is not something that would bother me that much as I use it during the day time so it doesn't interrupt anything else. Another down side is that the print cartridges do not seem to last very long. We wanted to print out copies of our old photos for my children so they could have a copy each of them. We got some A4 photo paper for this so we could do a sheet full at a time and did about 23 sheets and then the ink had just about run out. You can see on screen on your computer how much you have left in both cartridges so you can see how quickly it is running down. The colour ink ran out really quickly and I think it would have been cheaper for us to have had the photos printed out in Boots or somewhere instead. When we went to buy the next cartridge we had a look online and found the combo cartridges for £13 on Amazon which was a great saving on the price in Currys.

        All in all I am quite pleased with this printer, it seems to be reliable and it does a good job for everyday printing and for doing the odd photo or set of photos.

        Copied to Ciao under username Harveydog52


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        13.03.2011 17:14
        Very helpful



        Overall an excellent home-use printer, scanner, and copier - let down slightly by false promises

        Due to a concerted TV, Internet, and Retail advertising campaign that billed Kodak printers as 'The wireless way to save money on everything you print' (Kodak, http://store.kodak.com), when my old printer - a HP PSC 1215 - finally died under the stress of printing my University Dissertation I opted to give the Kodak ESP5250 a go.

        It's biggest selling point, and the main focus of the advertising campaign, is the price of Kodak ink cartridges in comparison to other manufacturers. Most manufactures apparently sell their printers at a loss in order to draw in sales, upping the price of the cartridges once you are stuck with their printer so that the loss made on the printer is recouped ten fold on the cartridges sold during the printers life-time (Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ink_ cartridge#cite_note-Article-3). Kodak apparently do not do this, they operate a 'Fairly priced Ink' policy that, according to their savers calculator, makes you an average 5-10p a page saving in comparison to most other large brands - working out an average of £50-75 a year (Kodak, http://www.kodak.com/ global/mul/consumer/ print/en_gb/fairly_priced_ink.html); a black ink cartridge costs £6.99 and a colour one £12.99. The printer itself, considering what it promises in both ink savings and performance, is relatively well priced as well at £65-95, depending where you purchase it (I bought mine for £60 from a Currys Sale.)
        As an *FYI* the cartridges for this printer do seem to last a bit less time (you seem to get less prints out of them) than other brand's cartridges; this said I have been printing photo's and posters for a local charity, printing reports and such for work, and scanning and printing / copying many pages of books / journals for an MSc dissertation - so it may be that I am just using more it often than I have used others, but I would say that they seem to get less prints per cartridges. An especially annoying related feature is that when the Printer deems it has run out of ink / got below the acceptable level for a cartridge it bars all printing using that cartridge; apparently this is to protect the printer, but if you are like me and leave ordering cartridges to the last minute then it is frustrating.

        Before I go into the technical details and failings I should look at ease of use and comfort of use. The first thing to mention is that it is very loud , when printing and when starting up; when you are prompted to print your test page during set up, and hear the sounds it makes, you will be forgiven for worrying that something has already broken - this said, how important is a quite printer? The second thing to mention is, unfortunately, another let down, or at least another warning - it processes incredibly slowly when printing over a wireless network, with an average of 15-30 seconds delay between saying it is printing and when printing actually starts. Now onto the positives. The set-up process, aided by the set-up wizard on the cd is easy to use, with prompts and simple screen to screen progression, though it is perhaps a little thorough / long; the most useful feature is that it configures the wireless connection for you, requiring only your network password. The flip up LCD screen is on the small side (2.4"), but when you are actually using it it is more than satisfactory, easily readable, and not at all blurred; alongside this it is a nice addition in that it makes copying and scanning, using the Manual Control Panel rather than the AIO Home Centre, simple and quick.

        The software that the printer comes with is excellent. The set-up-wizards and network-configuration-utility are simple to use and easy to understand, and essentially work by basic screen progression; alongside this there is Status Monitor for your printer, which runs in the background, and alerts you to the status of each print, how full your ink cartridges are, and alerts you to any Printer / network problems.
        The Kodak AIO Home centre is a plethora of fun and useful accessories. It allows you access to many more advanced settings (through the Tools and Documentation button); so, once set-up, if you are technical minded and want to tweek your configurations you can. This is something which can be to each individual print as well, as the printer-driver adds many more-than-standard options to the Print Menu Pop Up that you get when clicking print. Within the AIO Home centre there is also the Scan / Character Recognition Software (described further down) and the Print / Edit photo's option; both of which allow pre and post print / scanning editing, using good quality software (similar to Windows Photo Editor - ie remove red-eye ect), to make sure you get, and are getting, exactly what you want. There are also two buttons that connect you to the Kodak website; the tips and projects button which takes you to the online Tips & Projects Centre (where you can access very useful functions such as Tips from the Pros and Project making utilities) and the order supplies button (which takes you to Kodak's shop and automatically shows you what cartridges are suitable for your printer - rather than you having to faf through the shop trying to find the right ones).

        Now to bore you with the technical stuff; general specifications taken from Amazon (Amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kodak-ESP5250- Wifi-Wireless-Printer/dp/tech-data/ B002MROEMY/ref=de_a_smtd) -

        Print Quality - Thanks to the Software you can choose Draft, Normal, or Best for non photo paper / photo quality, allowing you a range of options - in my experience the Best / Photo option produces superb quality prints for a home use printer.
        Print Size - It prints Standard-size borderless photos up to 8.5 × 11 in. and ordinary documents at 210 × 297 mm (A4 size); this is standard, and all the average user needs, but be aware that it cannot print any larger than this (ie -A3)
        Print speed - It claims that it can print documents at a speed of up to 30 pages per minute in black and 29 pages per minute in colour. This was a major selling point for myself, and I am let down as it is not true; granted when it gets rolling it can print perhaps 10 pages a minute, but generally it will take a good 30 seconds to print a page - in either colour or black ink. Again this may be down to a number of factors not related to the printer, ie the speed of my computer and wireless network, however that it does not even appear that it could ever reach it's claim is disappointing.
        Connectability - It's connectability is a very impressive hardware feature - allowing you to print without a computer by using either a Memory Card (straight from a digital camera) or a USB Memory Stick (Good when wanting to do a one-off print straight from a Computer that isn't linked to your printer or your network, and don't want the faff of having to go through the set-up procedure).
        Wireless - Once set up, the wireless function is fantastic; it takes a while to process operations, but ultimately saves time, the necessity of wires running all over your house, and means that you can print from anywhere using a laptop.
        Scanner - It has an optical scanner, working at 1200 DPI at 24 bit, which in my experience creates sharp images and clear scans of documents. Two very useful features about the scanner are that you can scan numerous pictures at once and the software will create separate image files for them, and that it comes with character recognition software - essentially meaning it will extract / recognise text from a scanned document and allow you to convert it into text-format rather than having it as an image.

        Overall it is a very good package; it works well, is reliable (in my experience), comes with very useful functions and software, and performs admirably.
        The fact it promises far more than it delivers is a let down, mostly because Kodak could be realistic and this printer would still be highly appealing. This said I do recommend it.


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        30.01.2011 01:25



        Would recommend to anyone looking for a printer

        ***What is it***
        The kodak ESP5250 is an all in one printer, copier and scanner with a 2.4inch lcd flip up screen that gives you the menu or shows you the picture you can print from the integrated memory card slot

        ***Suitable for***
        This printer is great for those who may not want their printer in the same room as their computer laptop or if they would like to share the printer between different computers/laptops in the same household. It is also ideal if you would like to print off your own photos and you want to scan other items without having seperate items for each function the kodak incorporates all of these features in one unit.

        ***Using it***
        I bought this printer 7 months ago, this printer is more expensive then others but overall costs are a lot cheaper in the long run as kodak cartridges cost less then £18.99 for color and black together (the half full cartridges they give you with the printer last around 5 months, my current cartridges are are around 80% capacity after 2 months and i have printed lots of documents and around 100 photos)
        The initial set up was very easy to connect to my wireless router and took a matter or minutes and i have had no problem with this connection at all since it was set up.
        The photo quality is great with the option of printing from a memory card or from the computer with the added picture options such as red eye reduction from the kodak software included in the package.
        It prints quite quickly though slightly noisily (though this isn't a problem for me as it is in a cupboard) apart from this it functions with no problems only 2 easy to take out paper jams from not loading paper correctly.

        ***Main specs***
        Prints through wifi
        Lcd preview screen for pictures
        Integrated memory card slot
        42cm (w) 30cm (d) 17.5cm (h)

        I would recommend this to anyone thinking about purchasing a printer, slightly more expensive to purchase but for the functionality, features, hard wearing quality (my son has given it a few bashes) and low cost ink it is well worth it in the long run


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          02.10.2010 12:35
          Very helpful



          I made a regretable mistake buying this, I do not reccomend it.

          Kodak esp 5250 does everything, prints, scans, photocopy's, helps you save ink...It's perfect!Or is it?

          I bought this about six months ago, i read that kodak really does save you ink and money, and because it was on offer I though, why not?

          Well now I can see why not. Firstly I culdn't connect it to my computer, I experienced several problems with the wi-fi. The first few times I used this it was great, it printed quickly and barely used any ink. i was over the moon!

          After about three or four prints the printer decided to print at the pace of a tortoise. I have no idea why but this was yet another problem.

          Afer six months of slow printing, it was suddenly using vanst omount of ink on each paper, roughly one tenth on each. I tried several diffent ink cartridges from several different differnt places but nothiing changed. Eventually I had to get it replaced.

          It is priced at £80.00-£100.00 depending on where you purchase it.

          For me this was a terrible mistake, kodak is unreliable and I won't be purchasing anythg from their brand any time soon.

          I do not reccomend this to anyone, I advise you not to purchase this or you may experience all that i did. Overall an extremely unreliable product, do not buy it.


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      • Product Details

        With the Kodak ESP 5250 All-in-One printer you can print vivid color documents and lab-quality photos at home for much less than what you're paying now thanks to Kodak's low-cost, high-quality pigment ink cartridges. And with the convenience of Wi-Fi built-in, Kodak has made printing as easy as it is affordable. Say goodbye to overpriced ink for good. Print, copy, scan, and save every day with Kodak.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Kodak ESP 5250 All-in-One - multifunction printer ( colour )
        Device Type: Printer / copier / scanner
        Printing Technology: Ink-jet ( colour )
        Inkjet Technology: 6-ink
        Max Copying Speed: Up to 30 ppm (mono) / up to 29 ppm (colour)
        Max Printing Speed: Up to 30 ppm (mono) / up to 29 ppm (colour)
        Scanning: 1200 dpi
        Display: 2.4"
        Original Size: 216 x 297 mm (max)
        Media Size: 100 x 150 mm (min) - 216 x 356 mm (max)
        Standard Media Capacity: 100 sheets
        PC Connection Availability: Yes
        PC Connection: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
        Office Machine Features: Print from memory card
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.2 cm x 30 cm x 17.5 cm
        Weight: 6.4 kg
        Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7
        Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR Qualified
        Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty