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Kodak HERO 5.1 All-in-One

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2013 23:36
      Very helpful



      Disappointing product and didn't meet my expectations

      Kodak Hero 5.1 All In One features:
      - colour or mono printer, allows you to switch easily between the two colour types
      - scanner, scan individual pages either directly to a memory card or send the full document to your email account.
      - copier, easy to copy more than one copy
      - two sided prints, which reduces paper waste

      Advanced features that you may find useful are:
      - mobile printing directly from smart phones
      - WIFI ready, the printer can be placed anywhere within range of your wireless router. no more messy cables
      - multiple memory card / SD / USB slots so you can print directly from your memory USB stick or SD card
      - cloud printing, allowing you to print directly from your email account.

      We initially wanted to make our own wedding invitations, stationary and place cards. We therefore wanted a printer that would produce high quality photo prints with low running costs. Looking at reviews online, this printer was going to tick all the boxes.
      We however found several issues with the printer:
      - printing quality wasn't great. The lines were fairly blurred which contorted images and text.
      - ink had to be replaced far sooner than expected. We replaced the colour and black cartridges at least twice for the 50 table place cards. They were printed on photo paper so they would fit into a fridge magnet so each one used a lot of ink.
      - kodak claim you can print a few hundred black and white pages on one cartridge. I struggled to print more than 50 standard document pages before it needed replacing.
      - the colour came out completely wrong (i.e. green instead of yellow) on several prints and it could only be fixed by creating a brand new document
      - the colour cartridge combines all three colours in one cartridge. therefore if one of three colours runs out, all three colours need to be replaced
      In the end, I ordered tailor made invitations and only printed the place cards.
      - some images came out extremely small where it only took up a 20th of the page. despite playing with the settings, I couldn't figure out how to print an image on the whole page rather than just a tiny section. It may be my lack of technical knowledge or limitations of my laptop but the Kodak software should have made it easier to change the scale and layout of the image. the print preview should also be a true reflection of how it will look when it's printed.

      The scanner and copier are the best features of the printer as it's very easy to scan, convert to PDF and transfer the documents to your memory stick. I now only use the printer to print word documents and wouldn't rely on it as a photo printer. It would be cheaper to have your photos printed from Boots when you take into consideration the ink usage and the sheer amount of premium photo paper wastage (due to printing out of line, in the wrong colours and other printing problems)

      Printing via WIFI is extremely convenient. The printer can be placed anywhere within range of the modem so you no longer need to hook the printer up with your desktop computer with cables. The wireless printing made it very easy and convenient to print from the laptop.

      If you can get it to work, printing directly from email would also be a great feature. I also tried (and failed) to link my email account so scans are emailed directly to my inbox rather than saving to a memory stick.

      approximately 10 months after we purchased the printer, we had to take it back to PC World for a replacement. The printer wouldn't print in black despite changing (and wasting) a full cartridge. PC World took it away for repair and said they would replace the printer as it would be cheaper than trying to fix the machine. we received the replacement within a few weeks.
      4 months later, the printer head on the replacement printer is completely jammed and will not move. Unfortunately it's now out of warranty and I have a £100 printer that will not print. The KODAK support pages are completely useless and can't see a solution without taking the machine apart.

      I wouldn't buy another Kodak printer based on the experience with this product. I would go back to an Epson printer which was more reliable and lower running costs.


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      14.05.2013 11:46



      A great value printer with cheap cartridges - why wouldn't you!!

      I purchased this printer from Amazon. Right from the start it was easy to use - set up was quick and simple and print quality is good for home use. I mainly use it for text documents and scanning both of which it handles really well. I have printed a couple of pictures, although only on normal paper, not photo paper and the colours were what you would expect from Kodak - good balance and nice skin tones.
      The best thing about the printer is the price of the cartridges which I think are the cheapest per page around - make sure you buy the largest size as they offer best value. I have been using "compatible" and refilled cartridges with no problems.
      A couple of other good points:
      Wifi - print from anywhere in the house - no cables
      Double sided printing - no more pages upside down!
      Cloud printing - I have not had much use for this but you get an e-mail address that you can just send any document to from anywhere in the world and it prints at home! Even if the printer is off, it will print when you next turn it on. If you want someone to send you something that you will print, just give them the e-mail address of your printer - no need to print it yourself then!!
      Overall I would strongly recommend it.


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