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Samsung SCX 4300

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2013 16:19
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      A good piece of kit

      I have made do without a printer at home since I split up with my ex husband as he kept it and on the occasions I needed something printing I could always ask my mum to do it for me as she lives close. However, a few months back my brother texted me asking did I fancy taking a printer off his hands as he works with printers and ink and he had a spare one. I of course bit his hand off thinking that it would come in handy for my son and his homework and such like. The printer he gave me was the Samsung SCX-4300 and this is my review of it which I apologise in advance for it not being a particularly technical review....I am not technical in the slightest and am just going to try and review it as a general user.

      The Samsung SCX-4300 is an all in one mono laser printer, scanner and copier and so it is quite a useful piece of kit to have at home but obviously from the off my brother warned me that this is not a colour printer. This wasn't really as issue for me as like I say the bulk of printing that we do is simply printing emails, vouchers or confirmations of things. It uses a laser toner which looking on amazon is quite expensive to replace when it runs out but there are compatable ones available for purchase which is my brothers line of work and so I would just go and buy one from him.

      When my brother dropped off the printer I was quite surprised at the size and the weight of it to be honest. It is quite a big and bulky machine in comparison to my old printer which was also a samsung one but my old one was just a printer rather than an all in one machine. My computer table is actually quite a small one, too small really, but this printer sits on the lower shelf but with some over hang. The dimensions are 37.5 by 40.6 by 23.1cm for those who will be able to visualise that or may want to measure a space where they may wish to put it! It weighs 10kg too and so it isn't a light item by any means but once it is in place there should be little reason to move it around anyway as far as I can tell.

      As I mentioned early in the review I am not technical at all and when it comes to trouble shooting and things on my computer I am a bit clueless and I have to say I was a bit worried when my brother just dropped off the printer and left as I was thinking how the hell am I going to set this thing up on my own! As it happens though I needn't have worried at all. The printer needs to be plugged in to the main power supply and then also plugged in to the computer at the back in to one of the usb ports. Once I did this my computer automatically began searching for the driver required for the printer but I think if your computer doesn't do this a quick search on google should send you to the right place to download the driver. For me though set up was over and done with in no more than five minutes which was perfect for someone like me as I don't want something that is going to stress me out as a try and get it working!

      The machine is all black and looks quite sleek I think despite its size. I think black looks much more appealing and less office like than a white machine personally. There is a lid where you lift and place documents for copying or scanning on top of the machine. There are also various buttons along the front top section of the machine which you can use to switch it on, change the number of copies you require, go in to the menu and start the machine copying. It has a little display to the left hand side of the buttons where it will tell you the status of the machine and if it is copying, or how many it is going to copy or print. It is here where it will tell you when the machine is ready to go and be used.

      So, as I said this machine is an all in one machine and as such you can use it to print, scan and copy. Whilst I haven't had the need do any scanning on the machine I have done both printing and copying on the machine. In terms of copying it really is great because the computer doesn't need to be on to use it as a photocopier and so you can get a copy of a document quickly and easily. You simply switch on the machine at the front and wait for it to be ready and then you can slip your document under the lid and line it up ready for copying. It copies documents really quickly and accurately I find. Of course there is no colour but this isn't a massive issue for me personally. In terms of printing you simply click print your document in word or whatever and select the Samsung printer and the number of copies that you want and then click ok. The printer isn't the quietest but isn't any noisier than any other printer that I have come across and I do find that it prints things quickly which is a real bonus when you are in a rush. According to the Samsung website this does 18 pages per minute and I have no idea whether that is good or not but for me it seems fast and efficient when I printing things at home. Print quality is as good as with any other printer that I have used and as of yet the laser toner is still going strong for me.

      The paper tray is a really good size and holds around half a pack of paper but I tend to load slightly less than this to minimise the opportunity for paper jams just in case. Loading paper to the machine is really easy and you just pull out the paper tray and pop it in then close it shut again. My son has been over zealous a couple of times and dragged the paper tray out completely when loading some paper but it slots back in nice and easily thank goodness! What I do really like about this machine and its simplicity is that my son can work it without me after I showed him how to switch it on and use the basic functions. He sometimes needs to print things for school but he also likes to write little stories on the computer and being able to print them out now really pleases him.

      I actually can't find a current price for this printer online. Amazon say it is currently unavailable and a quick google search doesn't bring anything up either. I think this model was introduced in 2008 so it is perhaps a case of newer more advanced models having been released. Should you be able to pick up this printer though I think you will be pleased with the quality. The toner produces good quality black printing whilst the machine works quickly and efficiently too. I would recommend this one and am really pleased to have got this one from my brother!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        10.03.2012 19:29



        Still buy, but use carefully and watch it when printing large documents

        I got this all in one printer when I went off to University. It is a perfect size to fit under a desk, but I find it a little too large to sit on a table.

        The photocopier is a little slow at times but it does the job, the only annoying thing is that the lid doesn't come down on the book with much force and so I have to lean on it in order for the spine to touch the glass and the margins to copy clearly. The settings are easy to use and change back, so it has impressive capabilities for sizing up and down copies for such a small machine.

        The printer is quick but the problem is that the tray in which they fall into is a slot only about 1.5cm deep. this means that it can get clogged up pretty quickly.

        The only large downside and the reason it loses a star) is that it is prone to paper jams. These are not easy to fix either as the machine is compact I once had to dismantle it to solve the problem. It can lead to a lot of grazed hands when trying to tease paper out of the compartments.


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