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Xerox WorkCentre 7120s

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2012 17:42
      Very helpful



      Great piece of kit

      The photocopier / printer is often one of the most important pieces of kit in an office. We had an old Sharp that went completely bonkers and had to be ditched. We decided it was time to condense all of out printing from 4 different printers down to just the one. Upon looking we discovered there is a ridiculous amount of choice out there and the average contract length for such machines are often around 5 years so you want to be sure it's the right machine for you before you jump right in a sign the contract. Companies will thrown incentives at you to choose them over the competition, I was even offered a free 32" JVC TV to go with one particular company, but do not be fooled and go with a company just for a good prize. We chose Danwood in the end as we has known them for years. We also managed to haggle the price down by over £100 to around £280 per quarter. This covers the lease of the machine and toner etc. You will have to pay a price per print which is also negotiable at the time the contact is signed, the costs do add up and it certainly is not a cheap piece of kit to own.

      The brilliant thing about the Xerox is the variety of features it has. The machine prints in black and white and full colour on A3 and A4 paper. The print quality is amazing, with colours being bright and vivid and bing very little leakage or ink (although paper quality also affects this). The cost per print is always higher for the colour, around 8 times higher, so try to print in B&W where possible. The machine will photocopy All documents under A3 size. The speed and which it copies is fantastic. If you have a large 100 page document you just place it in the top slots and the entire document will automatically fed through and copied in not time at all. There is also the traditional method of placing one sheet at a time on the glass panel. The copies are very quick an such good quality it is difficult to tell the difference between the copy and the original. The scanning function is also brilliant. You can load up email addresses into the machines contact book and have scanned documents emailed directly to the accounts. This is very handy in a office environment.

      The unit has the capability of have a use memory key plugged directly in and information extracted. Whilst we have not used this it is a nice feature to have. The machine is very easy to use and has a nice bright colour display. The display it touch screen which is a very nice feature. There is a key pad and several other buttons which are used to navigate between screen or to select special functions. The machine has an automatic sleep moed to save energy and will go to sleep after a few minutes but is very quick to 'wake up'.

      The model has lots of additional extras which you can buy but we kept to the basic model. There are two paper feeder draws, one A4 and one A3 which both have a section for storing paper as well the and feeder section.

      The toner is very easy to replace and lasts our office a few months each. The machine is on casters so can be moved around fairly easily but weighs a tone so would be difficult to get up or down stairs without special tools.

      All in all the machine is fantastic. We have cut back from 4 printers and a scanner to just the one machine.


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