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Asda Non Drowsy Allergy Relief

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Brand: ASDA / Type: ASDA own brand allergy relief tablets

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 14:18
      Very helpful
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      No need for me to revert to more expensive brands now

      Up until last Tuesday when she died rather suddenly during some tests at the vets, I had a cat. I'm also very actively involved with horses both of which I'm allergic to. There's also something around the house that I get a relatively bad reaction to but have yet to work out what! So, some good quality anti-allergy tablets are a necessity for me and something I always have on me wherever I go.

      I was getting slightly fed up with the high prices charged by some better known brands and so thought I'd give these ASDA tablets a try. Since I use them throughout the day it was important to me that they were non-drowsy and so this pack it was.


      They come in a green and white rectangle box containing 30 tablets. There is the name printed on the front. It also tells me that they are 10mg loratadine tablets. They are designed to treat hayfever, dust, pet and skin allergies. There are also some embossed dots on the front that look like braille.

      On the bottom of the pack there is the batch number and expiry date imprinted in. This can be difficult to see unless you get it in the right light. I'm not sure why they chose to imprint it, printing would make more sense in my mind! Anyway, they have a four year expiry date so you have plenty of time to use them.

      Suitability And Warnings

      These tablets are not suitable for children under two or those weighing less then 30kg (4 and a half stone). They also should not be taken if you are sensitive to loratadine or lactose.

      They are not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have liver problems then you should consult your doctor before taking these as you may need a lower dose. They are however safe to take with other medicines.

      They also say that if symptoms continue longer then 7 days then you should arrange to see your doctor. Also if you experience any side effects stop taking the tablets immediately and see your doctor.


      I don't usually believe in listing ingredients but I do feel they are important with medicines.

      The active ingredient is Loratadine. The other ingredients are: Lactose monohydrate, maize starch, pregelatinised starch and magnesium stearate.


      The dosage is 1 tablet a day, or as low as 1 every other day if you have liver problems. To be honest I probably wouldn't have chosen them if I had noticed this before since I didn't think one a day would be enough for me but I had them now I may as well try them!

      Taking The Tablets

      The tablets themselves are miniscule. They are an oval shape and just 7mm wide by 3mm high. They have a break line down the middle with an L printed on one side and 10 on the other. Their small size is a bonus for me since I have problems taking large tablets but these I just put on my tongue and take with a drink of water without any problems at all. There is a slight chalky taste but this doesn't last longer then a couple of seconds since I take them with and this washes away any flavour they might have.


      I was pleasantly surprised by these. I take one as soon as I start to notice symptoms which used to be almost immediately on waking and within half an hour I notice the symptoms begin to disappear. After around an hour I'm completely free of any symptoms at all.

      I haven't experienced any side-effects from these tablets but the leaflet explains any you might experience. As with most medicines these range from minor side-effects such as drowsiness and headaches to more severe ones such as difficulty breathing and hives.

      The effect of the tablet does start wearing off around 9PM when taken around 8AM so although they do last a good 11 hours it doesn't quite last all day. This isn't a problem for me as I can tolerate some minor symptoms that time of night but it is something to bear in mind if you experience severe symptoms.

      I use these to help with pet allergies as stated above and some skin reactions. My feet in particular swell up quite badly and become very red and inflammed. I'm still unsure what this is a reaction to but these tablets quickly and effectively deal with both these reactions.

      These are getting 4 out of 5 from me and I would highly recommend them since despite the low dosage they really have worked exceedingly well for me. The only reason they are losing a star is because they don't quite last the whole day.

      Price And Availability

      Being an ASDA product they are only available from ASDA. I can't find the 30 pack I bought to get a pricing for that and I can't remember how much I paid either but a pack containing 14 tablets costs just £1.


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