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Boots Catarrh Pastilles

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots / First Aid Type: Allergies / Dosage Form: Pastilles

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2012 00:36



      The pastiles do a very good job of clearing up you nasal sinuses and cut down your coughing. Boots must know how popular these pastiles have become, because they have banged the price up from £1.79 to £2.45. Still, they are the best of their kind so I suppose a bit of highway robbery is the price we have to pay. When I pointed this out to Boots they offered me three for the price of two. So, although I didn't really want three packets of them, I did save 47p (wow) instead of being ripped off. As they are their own brand you've got to grin and bear it. Still the best of their kind on the market... unless you know something I dont!


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      13.04.2010 11:12
      Very helpful



      Solve that mucus problem!

      I was recommended these Catarrh pastilles to take as a supplement to my cough medicine when I was recently ill. In all my years of being alive, I'd never actually considered that I might need Catarrh pastilles (I wasn't even sure what Catarrh was?!) but upon the nice lady in Boots' recommendation, I bought these pastilles as they were claimed to help with the mucus in my nose and throat which was causing the cough.

      The NHS website describes Catarrh as follows:

      "Catarrh is the excessive build-up of mucus in one of the airways, or cavities, of the body. Most people associate catarrh with a blockage of the nasal cavities, although it can occur in other parts of the body including:

      - Throat
      - Ears
      - Chest

      Catarrh is not a condition in itself - it is a symptom of another underlying condition, typically an infection, such as the common cold. Sometimes, it can also be a response to an allergic reaction."

      So, there you have it, catarrh explained!

      The Boots pastilles were slighltly cheaply priced than some branded Catarrh pastilles also available in Boots, so I went for the Boots brand as their stuff is generally pretty good.

      The box costs £1.79 which is quite reasonable, and you get quite a lot of pastilles in the box (i'd say about 20-30 - sorry i didn't count!!) the pack is 45g. The pastilles are in a sealed foil bag inside the cardboard box it comes in.

      The pastilles themselves are small, oval shaped, dark red colour, and a tough/firm texture. You are supposed to put them in your mouth and just suck on them to get best effect, so as nasty as they might taste, don't chew and swallow them!!!

      Now, the taste! They taste really awful and strong, due to the ingredients involved, such as menthol and eucalyptus oil. Full ingredient listing below.

      Active ingredients:Menthol 0.7% w/w, Pumilio pine oil 0.6% w/w, Eucalyptus Oil 0.02% w/w. Other ingredients:Modified starch, sugar, glucose, marshmallow liquid extract, vegetable oil, beeswax, thymol, water, carmoisine (E122).

      Now I was really tempted to spit them out as soon as I tasted my first one, but I persevered, and after a couple of goes, I was actually used to the taste. Things that taste awful are usually quite good for you, and this case is no different.

      I found these pastilles really helped break up the mucus build up in my throat, and I feel I recovered quicker than I might have if I just had the cough medicine on its own.

      If you are next ill with mucus in your nose or throat, do give this a try, it may help you too! I have a pack on standby now, as I get ill quite often!


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