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Galpharm Loratadine Hayfever Relief

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    5 Reviews
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      18.10.2014 01:59
      Very helpful


      • "small box means I can pop it in my bag"
      • "easy to swallow"
      • "work very quickly to relieve my symptoms"


      • "none for me"

      no more itchy feet thanks to these little tablets

      My GP prescribed these tablets and luckily I no longer have to pay for prescriptions (over 60) so they were came at no cost. I was suffering and I mean SUFFFERING with itchy feet all summer. It was so bad, especially at night, that at one stage I acyually wanted to chop my feet off! I couldn't think that I'd eaten anything out of the ordinary, nor changed my washing powder etc I always wash and carefully dry my feet plus use a lotion but had been using the same soap and lotion for years.

      I hobbled off to my GP who immediately prescribed these as she said it was probably an allergy and as these are antihistimines they should relieve my itching. They certainly helped and I have to say they went to work immediately and the following night I had my first good night's sleep for quite some time.

      They come in the box featured in the Dooyoo picture and inside there is a comprehensive leaflet which gives details on what the drug is, what it is used for, side effects (not always experienced) directions for use etc plus the usual warnings.

      The pack has 14 small triangular tablets which are easily swallowed and it's advised to take 1 per day although I have to confess I took 2 the first day. Ingredients are enclosed too but I cannot actually read the print to list them all for you.

      I had no side effects and all I can do is tell you how well they worked in my case plus I have been advised by my friend that really helped her hay fever.

      Would I recommend? Most definitely!


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      25.11.2013 21:03
      Very helpful


      • Everything!


      • "None for me at all!"

      A nice little medicine cabinet buy, all year round!

      Summer just gone and as per usual I had terrible hay fever. I have had it for the past few years and I suffer with all the usual symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing but I also get a really sore throat, itchy skin (hives) and bad headaches. I usually have to use hayfever tablets, a nasal spray, eye drops and a lotion from the Doctor to help ease the itching on my skin and cos of that I feel really groggy.

      I have tried many different tablets over the years to try to help combat my hayfever from very cheap ones to very high priced ones and ones of course prescribed from the Doctor and they have all been very hit and miss. One day I was out and about on a day that I didn't feel bad at all but by mid day the symptoms of hayfever were full on and I was in a mess so ran into a local small chemist and grabbed a box of these. I bought a box containing 7 tablets and they cost me just a pound.

      The Packaging:

      These tablets come in a green and white box and on the front of it we are told that they are Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief 'Loradine' and that they can help with Hayfever Allergies, Skin & Dust Allergies and Pet Allergies and that they are a 1 a day tablet formula and that of course as I have mentioned already that there are 7 in a box and then on the back of the box other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, dosage advice is given as well as warnings and the ingredients and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Inside the box the tablets are in a white plastic tray and are backed with silver foil and on that again we are clearly told what they are on there so you can get rid of the box and simply pop the tray in your bag or whatever.

      Using Them:

      These tablets are really small and sort of diamond in shape and white in colour with no aroma to them at all. Taking them couldn't be simpler and all you do is take one per day with a good glug of water and that's that!


      I suffer really badly with my hayfever so I wasn't expected them to be all that great but I have to say that I did really find these helpful to me although not a miracle cure. They helped my itchy eyes not feel so itchy and helped me stop sneezing and my nose being so runny which of course then helped me not get so headachy and feel so generally run down. They didn't help with my sore throat at all though and they didn't help me stop getting a rash and they really didn't stop me itching like crazy but like I say they did help me with a few things which was appreciated and all I did was take these, suck a few Stepsils throughout the day and use prescribed cream from the Doctor on my skin and I did feel somewhat human!

      I do think that these are a good buy and could be helpful to most people, like I have stated I get really ill with my hayfever allergy so if you are not as bad as me these may really be beneficial for you to try and I do actually give these a thumbs up , and the price is great too and of course these are meant to help with other allergies too so these can be bought and used any time of year!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        05.06.2013 11:00
        Very helpful



        Goodbye hayfever!


        These tablets are prices at around £0.80-£1 for a pack of seven tablets, and can be purchased from major retailers such as Asda, Sainsbury's etc., or can be purchased from chemists such as Boots.


        I have always suffered from Hay fever since I was a child, as well as allergies to wheat and dust, so I am no stranger to using allergy relief tablets shall was say! I used to use a nasal spray during the summer season when the allergies where at the peak, but as I grew older I found that either my immune system had become used to the spray or that the allergy had become worse and therefore a different approach was required. I was recommended these tablets by my friend who also suffers similar symptoms (runny or blocked nose and itchy eyes) and thought I would give them a try as I had nothing to lose.

        Once I begun taking these tablets I was pretty much kicking myself as to why I hadn't used these earlier instead of the nasal spray, as the relief was apparently within a couple of hours of taking the tablets - with the added bonus of not having the awful taste of the spray at the back of your throat/nose. The trick with these tablets I find is to begin taking them during early/mid-April, well ahead of the traditional peak of the Hay fever season during June. This way it seems to help build up your resistance to the allergy, and I rarely even notice it is affecting me except on days when the pollen count is exceptionally high - which is very rare up north.


        As mentioned above, the pack contains seven tablets, each of which of 10mg and contain both Loratadine and Lactose - so Lactose intolerant people beware this isn't the product for you. The tablets themselves are very small in size which makes them very easy to swallow (recommended to take down with a drink of water still) and do not really taste of anything so no bitter tastes or smells are left in your mouth after consumption. The dosage is one per day, and I tend to take mine first thing in the morning which allows for relief from the symptoms for the full day ahead.


        The packaging states that children under the age of two should not be given the product, nor should anyone who is lactose intolerant (as mentioned above), or women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

        MY VERDICT

        Around one pound per a full week of allergy relief is certainly a god-send for me, so I always ensure I have a plentiful stock of them in and around the house/workplace. I have been using this product for two or three years now, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

        One further point worthy of mention is that while it doesn't state non-drowsy on the packaging, I have never showed any signs of additional drowsiness while taking the tablets.


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          11.05.2013 19:41
          Very helpful



          A cheap alternative to expensive meds.

          I'm reviewing galpharm one a day Allergy and Hay fever relief tablets.
          The pack contains 7 and mine are bought in Poundland or Poundworld.


          ***WHY I BOUGHT THEM***

          I was always inclined to a touch of hayfever ,but it was never extreme nor prevailing and would occur in short bursts of just a few days in really dry summer time (when we get those), but then a couple of years ago it became more persistent so I visited my doctor and he suggested it seemed more of an allergy rather than hayfever. He prescribed meds .These worked sometimes, but not always and it was perplexing trying to establish what the allergy was until I finally realised that the reaction had got worse since we got our rescue cat Freddy. Mystery solved. I had a reaction ,albeit slight, to little Freddy.
          Well, there was NO question of dumping our Freddy, so I resolved to cope with the reaction with over the counter meds and after successfully using a few of the expensive ones I finally decided to try these Poundland ones......just to see if they did the same job.
          They do.


          Couldn't be easier. The tablets are really VERY small and easy to swallow and you just need one a day
          There are 7 tablets in the packet in a bubble wrap sheet , so you just pop the pills through the plastic to access them.
          Best taken early morning I find,so that the relief gets started early and you can get on with a symptom free day.
          There is leaflet in the pack,so read that carefully before using .
          They recommend that if you have severe liver problems you use these at a rate of just one EVERY OTHER DAY , rather than daily.
          Plus you mustn't use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


          They work. It is as simple as that. They are just as effective for me as the more expensive brands and although I use them most days,there are lots of times I forget or have run out and I get along fine without them for a few days till the symptoms kick in again,so I'm inclined to think they build up in my system so I can get away without using for a few days just fine when I need to or have no choice.
          But then again, my symptoms are annoying (teary eyed,runny nose) but not that intense, so they might not suit extreme sufferers. But at £1 per week I think them worth giving a trial run.
          They are suitable for children over the age of two.


          I note it says on the pack

          So ....if you are lactose intolerant these may not agree with you,depending on your intolerance level and the amount of lactose used in them.

          Would I recommend ? Yes,definitely. Give them a try . £1 a week for allergy relief is a steal.

          Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful~~~myloh.


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            07.06.2012 13:16
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            **Please Note, I suggested the 'Non-Drowsy' version of this product to Dooyoo and they seem to have made a general category covering both the non-drowsy and the normal products as the title suggests the normal version but the product picture is the Non-Drowsy. My review will be covering the Non-Drowsy product as pictured**

            With the return of Spring signalling the return of my sneezes I think its time to review my trusted form of relief for my hayfever symptoms.

            Galpharm Non-Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief are one a day tablets manufactured by Galpharm Healthcare Ltd. The tablets are designed to relieve symptoms for sufferers of hayfever and other allergies.

            Until last year I had never suffered with any kind of hayfever and after seeing friends who suffered I was quite grateful for this. However, late last Spring I noticed that I seemed to have a constant runny nose, was always sneezing for no apparent reason and when I removed my glasses my eyes were always looking quite puffy. At first I thought this might just be a little cold, but my nan was quick to diagnose me with mild hayfever and a trip to our local Boots store confirmed this.

            Why Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief?
            After about a week of taking the more expensive brand, Clarytin, I was browsing our local pound shop and came across Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief, I read the back of the box, decided that it sounded as good as the brand I had been taking and purchased 2 boxes of them.

            Each box of tablets contains a blister packet of 7 tablets, so one weeks supply and a printed instruction sheet. I have since thrown both the box and instructions away as when I moved from the UK I was trying to take up as little space as possible in my luggage. I clearly remember the box though, it was mainly green in colour and had a picture of a flower on the front. On the reverse of the box was mainly printed information such as ingredients, precautions and how to take the tablets. Each tablet contains 10mg of Loratadine.

            How to Take
            I take these tablets in accordance with how the printed instructions told me to, which is one tablet a day washed down with water. I personally choose to take mine first thing in the morning, just to be sure, although there is no specific time stated.

            These tablets are one a day and it is clearly stated on both the packet and instructions that you should not take more than this dose and if you do then you should seek medical attention even if you feel well.

            Do They Work?
            The first time I took these tablets I wasn't expecting miracles, I had bought them in the pound shop after all! However, I did notice, even on the first day that these tablets did have an effect and my nose was a lot less runny with a very obvious lack of sneezing, because of this if felt a lot better and like I could breathe properly and even more pleasingly, when I removed my glasses in the evening my eyes were pretty normal looking with no redness and puffy skin!

            I continued to take these tablets as and when I needed them for most of last summer and they always provided me with relief. It wasn't perfect relief and I did still suffer from the odd sniffle and sneeze, but compared to how I was feeling I was happy with this. As I said earlier in the review, I was suffering with a very mild hayfever so with this in mind I doubt whether these tablets would be so useful for sufferers with more extreme symptoms, but for the light sufferers this is a much cheaper option.

            With the return of Spring in full force, I have encountered the return of my sniffles and sneezing and due to the lovely hot weather making me feel lethargic anyway, sneezing is the last thing I want, thankfully I used my brain when I was moving from the UK and brought a supply of these tablets with me, I have been taking them for the last couple of weeks and again I am pleased to say they are really easing my symptoms and therefore enabling me to go outside and enjoy this lovely weather.

            The product claims to be non-drowsy and so far I have yet to experience any drowsiness so I would say this claim is accurate. There is another version of the tablet available called Galpharm Hayfever & Allergy Relief, but I have not tried this version as I always tend to go for non-drowsy wherever possible.

            I paid £1 per box of 7 tablets in my local pound shop last year, but I have done an online search and it is telling me I can buy these in Asda for just 84p! So I think on my next trip back to the UK I will be stocking up on these. They are also sold in boxes of 30, but I have only seen these advertised online with prices ranging from £2.99 all the way up to £7.12!

            Do I recommend?
            Yes, I really recommend Galpharm Non Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief for anyone who suffers with mild hayfever or allergies and who doesn't mind the occasional sniffle or sneeze. I'm not sure how effective they will be for extreme symptoms, but at such a low price I would say they are definitely worth a try no matter how mild or extreme your symptoms are!

            Thanks for reading :)


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