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Medibee Pollen Capsules

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Brand: Medibee / Type: Allergy Relief / Dosage Form: Capsules

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2011 22:37
      Very helpful



      A different approach to hayfever by boosting your immunity.

      In the summer of 2006 I was pregnant with my first child and suffering with hayfever symptoms. I still had to go to work as a teacher and work all day, so I needed a treatment that would help alleviate the symptoms, but I also wanted something that would not affect my growing baby.

      I did an internet search for natural remedies, and one idea kept re-occuring. You can help your body cope with pollen if you ingest the pollen from your local area in a natural form such as eating honey.

      I came across the medibee range. I sent them a quick email to check there was nothing that could affect me in a negative way and that they were safe enough to take while pregnant. Satisfied by the response, I placed my first order with the company.

      What is Medibee?

      Medibee is a company that makes a range of pollen based products. They own 2 bee farms in Derbyshire. Troway Hall is the base they work at, and they have a range of 200 species of plants that the bees are free to visit. These consist of ancient wild flower meadows, woodlands and heather moorlands.

      They specialise in antibacterial honey, and sell a whole range of bee products such as Royal Jelly, energy tablets, pollen sprinkles, propolis essence and capsules and honey soap. This is just a selection of their range, and if you are interested you could take a look at their company website to find out more, (www.medibee.co.uk)

      The product I was interested in was their bee pollen tablets, said to control pollen and also natural secretions from the bees all in one handy to swallow capsule.

      Bee Pollen Tablets

      From their website, they have a lot of information about the types of pollen that can cause the majority of hayfever symptoms, and the times of year that pollen can affect you. They recommend that the best way to use these capsules is to start taking them before the allergy becomes apparent.

      Taking the capsules will prevent your body producing histamine, so therefore you will not need to take the anti-histamine found in most hayfever remedies to alleviate the symptoms.

      They state that pollen can be in the air between February and October. They also recommend that you take between 3 and 5 of these capsules per day for optimum benefit.

      Now, this to me is a long time to take them, but if you are determined to go the natural route, you can probably cut this down a bit by thinking about when you suffer most with the symptoms. For me, I would notice a sensitivity from April, and my full blown symptoms would usually be here by the end of May through to July. So I have taken them from April to July.

      The capsules come in a plastic pot, with 60 in each pot. The pot costs £7.99. If you buy one pot, there is also postage of £2.50. By 3 at a time, and this drops to £1.25. Or, you can purchase 6 pots in one go for £47 plus £3.90 postage. I found my usage was somewhere around 4-5 pots in a season. As far as I am aware you can only get them from their website and I have never seen them at any other high street or online store.

      The cap is initially sealed with a tab, which you pull to remove. Once the pot is open, it is important to keep it away from children because it is not a childproof lid, and they can open it very easily.

      What are the Capsules like?

      Appearance wise, the capsules are fairly clear. You can see the grainy pollen inside, and they are kind of a pale yellow. Taking them is fairly easy as they are torpedo shape and they slip down fairly easily with a drink of water. If they stay in your mouth a bit too long the coating can disintegrate a little, and the taste is not great. Not horrible, just a bit odd. I also sometimes get an after taste if I don't eat after taking them. A bit like indigestion, and worse if I followed up taking them with a hot drink.

      Easily solved though, as I would just take them immediately before I ate breakfast. I mostly took 3 tablets at a time, so I can understand why you get some aftertaste.

      And the bit you all really want to know. Did they work? Yes, I did notice that my hayfever symptoms were milder for the past 4 years while I have taken them. Between 2006 and 2008 I was either pregnant or breastfeeding, so I do think my symptoms were also different in these years because of hormonal changes. My hayfever is still milder than before these changes now, although I am now finding that I also need to take other remedies such as antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays at this stage of the season (June/July).

      Customer Service

      I found that the company were quick to respond when I emailed with my original query. They also despatch your order quickly. It is well packaged within a padded envelope and then securely sealed with tape. They email you to let you know to expect it, and it arrives within a few days.

      Would I recommend these Capsules?

      I have indeed recommended these capsules to others. I said earlier that I used to be a teacher, and I talked with a few of my GCSE students about these capsules as I could see for myself how they were struggling to concentrate in my lessons, and I was very concerned about how their exam results would be affected. With these being natural, there is not the same age limits that you find on some over the counter remedies, and you are also not going to experience drowsiness.

      They have also been in the national press as one of the top 10 hayfever remedies, and endorsed by Mark Roe, a Professional Golfer.

      All I can say about any hayfever rememdy is that you need to try it out and see what it does for you. I have bought a similar product from Holland and Barratt and found it was the most useless thing I had ever used. I might as well have not bothered.

      If you are going to go down the natural remedy route, try out other tips to help:
      -when you wash bed linen, dry indoors or tumble dry
      -when you come in from outdoors, wash your hands and face. If your symptoms are severe have a shower and wash your hair, and then put on clean pollen free clothes.
      -wear sunglasses while you are outdoors
      -smear vaseline around the inner part of your nostrils to trap the pollen and prevent it irritating you. Remember to refresh this layer if you are blowing your nose a lot.
      -keep your bedroom window shut at night.
      -consider using an eye wash or eye drops to relieve sore eyes.


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