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Neilmed Sinus Rinse Kit

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Brand: NeilMed / Type: Sinus Relief / Dosage Form: Rinse

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    3 Reviews
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      25.09.2013 20:57
      Very helpful



      A drug free way to clear sinuses and nasal passages

      NeilMed Sinus Rinse Saline Nasal Rinse Kit

      I suffer from hay fever and allergic rhinitis probably from house dust and our cats as well as living in the countryside where there is plenty of pollen and dust after harvesting.

      I saw this advertised with a free kit and some samples so decided that it was worth a try. It took me a month or so before I finally plucked up the courage to actually try it though as I envisaged it being agony like when you accidentally get water up your nose when swimming.


      Well it is basically a plastic bottle with a rounded nozzle at the top and not a lot more. This bottle is called a large volume nasal rinse but it is really a fancy name for a plastic bottle with a nozzle as far as I can see. It comes in a cardboard box with lots of instructions and advice on using the product.

      You also get a few samples of the NeilMed sinus rinse in sachets. These contain a mixture of pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. They stress these "Are the purest grade available " and that you should NOT try to make your own home made version as not only are they not sterile and may contain impurities but the proportions will be incorrect and may not do the job you want. The cynic in me thinks that maybe it is also because their stuff is not cheap and if you make your own them thy will lose custom but I may just be being too cynical.

      HOW TO USE

      Firstly you have to sterilise the bottle by using boiling water or you could use baby bottle sterilising solution. They say that you should either use bottled water or boiled and cooled water. The temperature should be body temperature when you use it as it feels best, cold would be a shock and unpleasant while hot would also be unpleasant.

      The mixture is Ph balanced to match your body tissues so that it will not burn or sting when you use it.

      The Isotonic solution of the mix will not create complications of osmosis and osmotic pressure.

      Basically what you do is pour the sachet of mix into the luke warm sterilised water which is in the sterilised plastic bottle.

      Then comes the fun part. You stick the bottle nozzle up one nostril and the you then lean over a bowl or basin and gently and continuously squeeze the bottle so that the liquid goes up your one nostril round your sinuses and back out of the other nostril. You are supposed to keep the flow up constantly and gently until the bottle is pretty close to empty. The bottle has a sort of straw in it so you can squeeze it up your nostril while the bottle is upright so no need for any gymnastic contortions. You should ensure that you keep your mouth open while rinsing so that no pressure builds up to cause pain in your ears.

      The idea is that you completely wash out your sinuses getting rid of any allergens and blockages thus clearing your sinuses and releasing any blockages and relieving any pain you might be suffering .

      You need too have at least 4 fl oz for each nostril. The flow should continue upwards, go over the septum and flow down the other nasal passage. This flow must take place or the thorough cleansing will not take place.

      If you have an ear infection then do not use this. Don't swallow the solution but is you do there is not real danger as there is nothing harmful in the solution.


      I have done this several times over the last few months especially when the pollen count was high. I can't say I enjoy it much and I try to put it off but once I have actually done it my nose and sinuses do feel a lot better.


      This simple although not entirely pleasant sinus rinsing helps with a variety of symptoms. Not only does it help with hay fever and allergies such as house dust, animal dander, grass, pollen and smoke it also helps when you have a cold or flu as it relieves sinus pressure and nasal congestion and sinus stuffiness. It also helps if you suffer from post nasal drip which is another thing I do suffer from at times.

      It is also supposed to help those who suffer with sleep apnoea. More seriously it claims to help with nasal mucous symptoms from cystic fibrosis and immotile ciliary syndrome ( not sure what that is but it states this on the box).


      This is NOT suitable for patients who are bed bound. You must use this at least an hour before going to be or lying down. This is suitable for those who are pregnant as it is drug free. The bottle is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher as it may not get it properly clean. You can sterilise it all in the microwave though and that I the simplest method. This is not really suitable for children until they are of an age when the method can be fully understood as they may feel like they are drowing and panic.


      I have found this does help clean out all my nasal and sinus passages and my nose feel clear and I can then breath easily again. I can't say this is the most pleasurable activity ever but it is far more pleasurable than suffering with sinus pain and a blocked or dripping nose. It takes a few minutes, I always do this privately as it isn't the nicest thing to watch and after this I can breath again easily. It is almost like someone releasing a tight wrench from my nose.

      This is easy, a bit messy but painless and effective. It isn't too expensive and the fact that it is drug free is a big bonus for me.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        15.05.2013 16:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Maybe if my Husband had of persevered with this it may have worked better.

        When my Husband was suffering with Rhinitis and Hay Fever he was advised by the Nurse Practitioner to pick up a Sinus Rinse kit, she even went so far as to hand him a leaflet about NeilMed Sinus Rinse kits. Inspired by the promises of removing most of the allergens, mucus, bacteria and viruses from his nose and thereby reducing the occasional infection and the symptoms of his Hay Fever and Rhinitis I promptly shot off to Boots and paid £16.00 for a kit containing a bottle, 60 sachets of sinus rinse and a dock to house the contraption.

        I prepared the sinus rinse for my Husband by filling the bottle with cooled boiled water to the 240ml marker, I then ripped open one of the sachets and poured it into the bottle, screwed the lid back on and covered the hole up in the top of the bottle and gave it a gentle shake till it had fully dissolved. The rest was then up to my Husband.

        He bent over the sink and placed the cap of the bottle gently but firmly into his nostril. Keeping his mouth open as advised in the leaflet he then gently squeezed the bottle. The fluid proceeded to flush up his nostril; my Husband found this quite shocking at first and pulled away from the bottle. On the second attempt he knew what was coming and was able to continue squeezing the bottle till the solution began pouring out of his other nostril and also out of his mouth. Once half the bottle had been used he swapped sides. He then gently blew his nose and then sniffed to clear the fluid out as advised in the leaflet. It is advised not to swallow any of the solution so when you are clearing it from your throat and nose it is best to spit it out.

        The bottle is very simple to clean, just give it a good wash out with warm soapy water and then allow to air dry. For additional cleanliness you can clean it using white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol or zap it in the microwave for a minute and a half.

        My Husband found the whole experience very uncomfortable. He found it very messy and disgusting. I found it quite fascinating much to his discomfort. Within an hour or so of using the rinse my Husbands sense of smell returned for a while, a side effect of his Rhinitis is that he has virtually no sense of smell. He also noted that he was sneezing less and that his nose felt clearer.

        Unfortunately my Husband could only bring himself to use the whole kit a couple more times. He found the process very uncomfortable and invasive for the short lived relief of his hay fever and rhinitis symptoms. The kit now sits in the medicine tub. It is advised that the bottle is replaced every 90 days but as our bottle only got a couple of goes I have never replaced it.

        All things considered this was quite an expensive experiment. I feel that the Nurse seriously over sold the benefits and the simplicity of using a sinus rinse and I would advise you to only buy the kit if you are 100% sure that you will persevere with the rinses.

        Thank you for reading.


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          16.03.2012 13:25
          Very helpful



          the drug free way to treat sinus problems

          I have suffered from recurrent sinus infections ever since my dentist left a hole in my sinus when taking out a wisdom tooth about 4 years old. Sinus infections are horrible, I get pain in my sinuses and teeth, the sinuses fill up with disgusting gunk, the pressure on my face is horrible and I end up throwing up. I ended up at the GP surgery every few weeks for antibiotics and I would also use Sudafed, inhale menthol and steam and take painkillers to keep things under control.

          I had read on American websites about a netti pot, a strange contraption where you tilt your head and pour water into one nostril and it comes out the other one. People raved about it but it seemed a bit weird for me to try. I saw the NeilMed sinus rinse kit in my local chemist for £10.99 and seeing that it worked on similar principles to the netti pot I decided to give it a try.

          Apparently nasal irrigation has been used for centuries for sinus and allergy sufferers and it has become popular again recently. Swimming in the sea was used as a treatment in previous times as the water that goes up into the nose used to rinse the sinus cavities out with breathing salty air doing further good, it sounds far easier to buy a kit.

          What's in the box?

          The starter kit contains everything you need to start using the sinus rinse. It has the bottle, the special lid, and 60 sachets to make up the rinsing solution and a kit to attach your bottle to the bathroom wall. The stand for the bottle can be affixed either by screws (a screw guide is included) or sticky pads or a supplied suction cup. I have chosen to use the suction cup and it works well.

          Each small sachet of sinus rinse contains pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (salt) and sodium bicarbonate which makes an isotonic solution when mixed with 240ml of water.

          How do you use the sinus rinse?
          You put a small sachet of the solution into the bottle and fill it to the fill line with warm water. It recommends using filtered, distilled or previously boiled water but I have always used tap water with no problems. I tend to make the water around body temperature to avoid any discomfort.

          You then lean over the sink and put the rounded tip of the bottle into one nostril whilst holding the other nostril shut and squeeze the bottle gently and put around ¼ of the solution up your nose. You then allow this solution to drain before blowing your nose gently. You then repeat that step on the other side. Then you do the whole thing over again until all of the solution is gone. They also recommend sniffing any remaining solution into your nasal passages because that cleans out the posterior nasopharyngeal area.

          What does it feel like?

          It did feel really weird the first time I used the sinus rinse but I was really surprised that it did not feel unpleasant. If I squeeze the bottle too hard then it feels a bit like when you get water up your nose at the swimming pool but if you keep the pressure on the bottle nice and gentle then it feels fine. I did feel the solution running into my ear when I squeezed too hard too but squeezing gently stopped this happening. Afterwards I do get some of the residue from the solution dripping into my mouth from the back of my nose and get a runny nose as the solution all goes out of my nasal passages.

          Does it work?

          Yes! I have noticed a huge difference in my symptoms since I started using the nasal rinse kit. I have not had a single full blown sinus infection during that time and even when I had a cold my sinuses were only mildly bunged up, this compares to my sinuses regularly being a bit sore and having infections every few weeks.
          I talked to my GP about using the kit and he said it was a good idea and that the ENT doctors were using these kinds of devices more regularly recently so he recommended I keep using it.

          I am impressed with the results I have got with the sinus rinse kit; it is effective without having to use drugs and is well worth the money and time taken to use it.


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        • Product Details

          NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit is recommended for natural relief from symptoms of: / hayfever, nasal allergies, sinus pressure, catarrh, post nasal drip, nasal congestion, nasal symptoms from flu and cold, nasal irritation from animal dander, pollen, dust mites, house dust, occupational dust, fumes and smoke / 1 custom 8oz.(240ml) nasal irrigator 60 regular premixed packets of pH balanced sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate mixture (USP grade, natural ingredients, isotonic, preservative & iodine free)

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