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Piriteze Allergy Syrup

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Brand: Piriteze / Type: Coughs, Colds & Flu / Dosage Form: Syrup

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    1 Review
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      23.12.2011 12:40
      Very helpful



      Banana medicine!

      ***PIRITEZE SYRUP***
      You have probably heard of the Piriton brand which is a range of antihistamine's to treat allergies such as hayfever, pet allergies and more. Piriteze contains an antihistamine called cetirizine, which helps stop's allergic reactions to certain things. The product can be used by adults and children over 6 years of age. The syrup comes in one flavour which is banana flavour; the syrup is also sugar free. The banana flavour makes it easier with parents when having to give their children some of this medicine. The packaging the syrup comes in, in recognisable due to the colours of the box which is green and a beige/off white colour. On the front it states what the syrup can be used to treat and what the syrup contains. It also gives the dosage amount on the cardboard packaging as well. When you open the packaging you will notice that the bottle is made from brown glass. It then has all the same information on as the box; I presume this is in case you loose the box or the leaflet inside. The leaflet inside needs to be read before taking the medicine as it contains important details. You must not take the medicine under some certain conditions if you are currently taking other medication or if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or asthmatic. You can't see the colour of the syrup through the bottle due to the brown coloured bottle. The bottle has a child safety cap on it and it tells you on the lid how to remove it safely.
      The syrup provides relief for the following:

      * Mould Spores allergies
      * Hayfever
      * Skin allergies
      * Pet allergies
      * House Dust Mite allergies

      This product is available to buy from stores such as Boots, Superdrug and other pharmacy's, and it will cost you approximately £5.50.

      ***THE SYRUP***
      The syrup does smell of banana, this was quite nice and some other medicines can smell awful and puts me off taking them. Inside the box you will find a clear-plastic measuring spoon, this has 2 different measurements on it, depending how old you are it states on the bottle how much you need to take. I poured the syrup into the spoon, filling the spoon up to the top of the biggest measure. The syrup was clear in colour and fairly runny; how-ever it was easy to pour onto the spoon. I put the spoon into my mouth and swallowed the syrup. The syrup is cold but is smooth and you can taste the strong banana taste straight away as soon as the liquid enters your mouth. The syrup tasted a little sweet but not too sickly. The taste was quite pleasant and definitely better than other fowl medicines I used to have as a child. The taste of banana is how-ever strong, so if you don't like the taste of banana then this clearly isn't for you. This does also leave an after-taste of banana in your mouth so it may be handy to have a drink when taking this medicine so you can wash it down. The dose for an adult was 2 full spoonfuls per day. These can be taken together, or can be taken separate morning and evening. You are not to exceed the stated dose.

      ***ALLERGY RELIEF?***
      I took the product for a fungal infection I am currently suffering from on my legs. I have been itching a lot and making my leg bleed from the itching. I have got some cream the doctor prescribed me but she also told me to get some anti-histamine as well to help stop the itching and it may also take down some of the redness. The fungal infection could be due to sleeping in a damp room, so this would be slightly related to mould spore's allergy. I didn't see any affects from the medicine until an hour or so after taking it. The itching was no where near as bad as it was the night before, when I hadn't taken anything for the itching. I have been taking the medicine for about 3 days and the itching has almost stopped. The infected area isn't as red; how-ever you can still see that it's there. On the 2nd day of taking the medicine (taking it in the morning), I did start to feel slightly tired, which was probably due to the effects of the medicine which can be common when taking this syrup. I don't how-ever drink or operate heavy machinery so this wasn't a problem for me.

      The syrup tastes a lot better than other syrups. I chose this syrup because the normal Piriton syrup taste (very minty), made me gag when taking it which is why I chose this one instead. It did a good job at making me stop scratching at my legs and it did take down some redness too. I am surprised at how little of this medicine you can take as the recommended dose, as this is a lot less compared to Piriton Syrup. The syrup worked well for me, and I will consider this in the future when suffering from other allergies such as hayfever. I did suffer the drowsiness that can occur with this medicine, so for some people this may not be suitable, or it may be best to take it before going to bed. This product relieved the symptoms I was experiencing but not totally.

      (review also on ciao)


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    • Product Details

      Suitable for children 6 years and over. To relieve the symptoms of:Hayfever. Skin allergies such as chronic urticaria (hives). Mould sporeallergies. Pet and house dust mite allergies. Sugar free.

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