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Sainsbury's Non-drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief

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6 Reviews
  • Cheap and effective
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    6 Reviews
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      25.07.2014 19:29
      Very helpful


      • "Cheap and effective"


      Great product and cheap

      I have always suffered from allergies, generally food allergies and allergies from skin care products. In the last few years I have asks I started to suffer from hay fever. As as result I am always buying different antihistamine tablets when out and about if I have an allergy all of a sudden come on.

      I have tried probably most anti histamine products available and I clan honestly says that I have found very little difference between them. Most products available contain the exact same ingredients and so it is radiculous to buy premium expensive brands when the cheaper alternative does the exact same thing.

      The day I purchased these sainsbury's antihistamines I had a glass of pimms which I thought was free from citrus fruits that I am allergic too. It turns out it wasn't and as a result I started to get a rash. After a quick nip to the sainsbury's store just around the corner, I took a tablet and nearly instantly my allergy cleared up.

      These tablets are to be taken once a day, and they did not make me drowsy. Be careful not to take these whilst taking travel sickness tablets - I did this once and it made me feel really spaced out. I think it is definately a good idea to always read the instructions before taking any medication even if it can be bought off the shelf.

      All in all I would definately buy these antihistamines again. They are one if the cheapest around and they do exactly what they are meant to.


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      05.06.2013 21:33
      Very helpful



      Cheap way to relieve minor hayfever systems

      I'm someone who gets effected by hay fever differently every year, and as such I don't tend to have any strong loyalty to a particular brand. I tend to just pick up what I can find when it's on offer as I don't want to spend full price for the named brands. When I do suffer from hay fever it tends to be my nose and eyes that are mainly effected, and I don't mind what I take as long as it sorts these out and doesn't make me drowsy.

      The Product:
      I picked these up a couple of weeks ago with my weekly shop. I was mainly attracted to them because they are only £1 for a pack of 14, far more reasonable than the £4 odd it would be for a more well know product. The active ingredient in these is Cetirizine Hydrochloride (the antihistamine found in Zirtek) and comes in a simple tablet which should be taken once a day with water. I find the best thing to do with antihistamine is to make sure you take them every day rather than on an adhoc basis. It seems to slightly build up in your system if you take it daily.

      The product is true to its word in that it doesn't make me at all drowsy. I do think on the most part they are a good alternative to other more expensive allergy tablets, however, they don't seem to stop my eyes itching. I need to use eye drops as well but saying that, my hayfever does fluctuate and so it could just be a really bad year for it.

      In summary, its a good product at a great price for slight hayfever symptoms.


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      22.05.2013 11:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Mostly works well, a good price, and doesn't send me to sleep

      ** Why do I use these? **

      Every spring I view the arrival of good weather with mixed feelings. It's lovely to walk in the sun, visit the countryside for a picnic or sit in the garden. Unfortunately I am pretty much guaranteed to start to feel lousy. Exhausted, sniffly and itchy - nice! I have hayfever and it's not fun.

      Over the years, dealing with my allergy, I've tried pills and potions and even local honey (no idea why this is supposed to work but it didn't for me) and nasal sprays (I just couldn't handle squirting this up my nose).

      I've now settled on these pills from Sainsbury's as my main treatment. The packet states that they provide relief from the symptoms of hayfever and allergies such as pet, feather or dust mite allergies. With hayfever I get the unpleasant symptoms of a runny nose, itchy eyes, dry skin and a dry throat. At other times I get occasional itchy eyes and a runny nose symptoms from feathers if we travel somewhere and the hotel has feather pillows.

      ** Do they work? **

      Pretty well for most of the time. My symptoms are kept under control with the tablets for most of the hayfever season and they easily help with the feather pillow problems. However I find that in the peak of the hayfever season these aren't quite enough to keep my allergy under control. I have to then switch to the other main type of tablet (primary ingredient of cetirizine hydrochloride) which is the one more likely to cause drowsiness. As I have to try another type of tablet when my hayfever is particularly bad, I've rated these as 4.

      Fulfilling the claims of "non-drowsy" on the packet, these don't make me feel sleepy so I'm happy to drive as normal when I take these.

      However it is worth remembering that these, like all allergy treatments, only provide temporary relief. Sadly for me, taking these won't ultimately actually cure my allergy problem.

      ** What is in this product? **

      The main ingredient of these pills is 10mg of Loratidine. Loratadine is one of a type of medications called anti-histamines. The substance in the body which gives me allergic symptoms (such as my runny nose) is histamine. So an anti-histamine works by blocking the effects of histamine.

      The pills also contain lactose monohydrate, maize starch, pregelatinised starch and magnesium stearate.

      They are now sold in a blue and green cardboard box. A few years ago they were sold in packaging which was green and white but I noticed that the packets changed last year. Inside the box is a white blister pack of pills and an instruction leaflet.

      ** How to take these? **

      Each tablet is in a separate blister pocket in the pack. I pop one out each day and take it with some water. It doesn't seem to matter if I have food with them or not. The tablet itself is about the size of a small sunflower seed so it's really easy to swallow.

      One tablet is supposed to be taken around the same time each day but if I miss one, it can be taken as soon as I remember.

      ** Are they OK for everyone? **

      If you have liver problems, are pregnant or are breastfeeding then the instructions say not to take these. If you have any other medical issues, I'd check whether these are OK to use with the Sainsbury's pharmacist.

      For children it depends on the child's age and weight whether these can be used. A child must be over 2 years old and with a body weight of more than 30 kilos.

      Otherwise it looks like everyone else is able to use these (but please check the box or ask the pharmacist for information as well if you are unsure as I'm not a medical expert).

      As usual there are possible side effects listed in the instruction leaflet. I've not had any side effects but, as with all medicines, I'd suggest that if anything out of the ordinary occurs when you start taking these, consult a pharmacist or a doctor.

      ** Are there other similar options? **

      This Sainsbury's product is produced by Galpharm. Galpharm appear to make similar allergy tablets for Waitrose and I suspect for other supermarkets too. A branded Loratidine product is one called Clarityn but this is much more expensive that the Sainsbury's option. I've found that these all Loratidine tablets appear to work in a similar way.

      ** How much is it? **

      A pack of 14 is found on the supermarket shelf in Sainsbury's and costs £1. A pack of 30 is only from a Sainsbury's pharmacy counter and it costs £2.


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        26.07.2011 18:01
        Very helpful



        Great Hay Fever relief


        For years I have suffered from Hayfever and tried many tablets from a variety of suppliers to help me through the summer months. I particularly enjoy going for walks on bright sunny mornings and as I live in an rural area where the pollen is all around. I need good hayfever allergy relief otherwise I just can't get out and enjoy the summer.


        I think this is the most amazing feature of the product because the Sainsbury's non-drowsy hayfever and allergy relief costs just one pound. For this you get a packet that contains 14 tablets. This compares very favourably with the branded products that can cost as much as five times this amount and will provide less tablets.

        ==The product:==

        I came across this product by accident when I was shopping a few months ago. Yes I was looking for hayfever relief but I nearly walked past it as presumably I had previously as the packaging does not stand out. The product is in a rectangular packet measuring 85mm by 70mm. The colours and design of the packet I would describe as cheap and cheerful. It is split in two parts the top is white with a flower design and blue behind it I think that depicts the blue sky. It is simple but as it gives me a message. Below that on a green background you are told in plain writing what the product is. The design is not eye-catching but then is that because I did not know to look for a Sainsbury's hayfever packet? As I have grown up with the branded ones being advertised I have never seen the Sainsbury's own before I saw it in store.

        Inside the box you will find a plastic tray that contains 14 tablets. You need to push a tablet to get them out of the tray, which is very easy to do. They are very small and I must admit I did wonder if a pill this small could give me relief for a full day.
        Along with the tray of tablets you also have a wrapped up A5 sheet of paper that is called 'Patient Information Leaflet'. This contains a lot of advise and support of about taking these hayfever pills. Such as how to take this medicine, possible side effects and storage of the product. I thought this was very useful and I was impressed with its completeness and the excellent advise it gave as it is easy to forget this is a medicine.

        ==My experience of the product:==

        I have been so surprised and impressed with this product as I have found that one of these pills will provide me with relief the whole day. Some mornings I wake up with streaming eyes and runny nose, so I take a pill and within half an hour I feel normal again and able to get on with my life without any discomfort.

        The pill as I have advised earlier is quite small and as a result I find them very easy to swallow with a glass of water. Initially I was doubtful about the success of this product especially when I looked at the very competitive price of it, but I can say in all honesty this product has never let me down and always impresses me, how quickly in works and its effectiveness. Especially as this product is a Sainsbury's own product and you can never be sure of the quality against the more expensive and advertised on television products.

        I have also taken this product when I have visited by friends house who have two cats. This is because I am allergic to them. I found that when I took a tablet again I had no allergy problems. Admittedly I did not go particularly close to them but even being in the same environment can usually make my eyes water and bring up cold type symptoms.

        The product also provides allergy relief for skin allergies such as rashes, itching and urticaria plus dust allergies but I cannot comment on its effectiveness of these as I have never had to take them to deal with these problems.

        On the packet you are advised this product is non-drowsy and I have to say that having taken it most mornings for the last two months I have never experienced any tiredness and feelings of drowsiness.

        You are advised by the supplier not to take this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

        From my experiences there is no need to exceed to exceed the dose of one pill per day and the packet advises you that you should not give this product to children under the age of two or weighing less than 30kg.


        Each tablet contains 10mg of loratadine and also contains lactose.


        I think this is an excellent hayfever and allergy relief solution. For me it is just as good as the far more expensive branded products as one pill will help protect me for the whole day with no ill effects. I will certainly continue to take it until the pollen levels are reduced as for me there are no disadvantages with this product only advantages.

        Thanks for reading my review.

        © CPTDANIELS


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          14.07.2011 16:12
          Very helpful



          Overall a very good value product to meet your allergy needs.

          Although I havn't strictly been diagnosed with hayfever by my GP I do suffer from the symptoms in very hot weather. Generally it has to be 'perfect' hayfever weather - hot day, freshly cut lawn etc. when I feel the effects of my hayfever. I would say that my hayfever is fairly mild, but nevertheless it affects me and I prefer to eliminate the symptoms, such as itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing.

          In the past I have tried various different tablets for my hayfever, a lot have failed to live up to their expectations. What I find is that either they don't get to work quick enough or they don't suppress the symptoms for any great length of time. I have no trouble taking tablets, so I have never had any problems trying different brands or forms of relief.

          Sainsburys Hayfever and Allergy Non-drowsy tablets cost £1 from their supermarkets and each box contains 14 tablets. The front of the pack contains some key information, offering fast acting hayfever relief and the fact that they are to be used for skin allergies, dust allergies and pet allergies. These allergies are all covered by this product, along with hayfever of course.

          I have quite a positive view of the Sainsburys Hayfever and Allergy Relief Non-drowsy tablets, My hayfever is alwayhs suppressed within a short period of time, and I am more than impressed with the results in comparison to more expensive branded tablets. For £1 you can't argue with the value, and the fact that they are fast acting is a big positive for me. One thing I wish to add at this point is that I don't have really bad hayfever, and it only rears its ugly head when there is quite a high pollen count - I aren't as sensitive as most to hayfever. I do also have an allergy to pets. Although I don't have cats, when I look after a neighbours cats I do find myself weezing after a while, and when I have had a rabbit in the past the same thing has happened. These tablets helped to reduce the effects of these allergies and I could breathe easily when in contact with these furry pets.

          Overall I can only recommend the Sainsburys Hayfever and Allergy Relief Non-drowsy tablets. my positive experience of them has been like this for some time, as I have used them for a number of months now. If you are struggling from the symptoms of hayfever or pet allergies then pop into your local Sainsburys store for relief.


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          06.08.2009 19:21
          Very helpful



          A handbag must have!

          Of late I've been feeling rather rotten. To be totally honest I wasn't sure what it could be but all I knew is that I felt rundown, a bit snively and felt it was hard work at times to breath and could sleep for England.

          Now I am a hayfever sufferer and usually every summer am armed to the hilt with lotions, potions and pills but on hot summer days I've been fine. Then when the weather took a down turn that was when I felt bad. Migrainy and lifeless and just generally very sad and ill.

          I just assumed I've had a sort of summer cold the past couple of weeks then someone said what about hayfever could it be that? Well I laughed at the suggestion seeming as it's raining all the time here but when in Sainsbury's I thought before I go to the Dr's and complain I would try a antihistamine just to check it's not an allergy of some sort and that day as I picked up this box I had started to sneeze and my eyes were well sore and heavy! I thought well for 99p a box it worth a go!

          The Packaging:

          White and bright green square box with a round light blue circle on the front with a flower picture on it and braille writing. On the front of the box I'm told it is Sainsbury's Non-Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief 'Loradine 10mg tablets' which are 'Fast acting, hayfever relief and also for skin allergies, dust allergies and pet allergies and that this box contains 7 tablets (also available is a box of 14). On the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product and given dosage instructions, ingredients and warnings are given as are contact details for MA Holder (the manufacturer of the product on behalf of Sainsbury's) and finally there is bar-code on there. Within the box there is a leaflet explaining more in depth about the pills and then in my 7 pill box is a plastic tray containing the very small white pills.

          A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box:


          To relieve the symptoms of hayfever and other allergies e.g pet or house dust mite allergies. Can also be taken for skin allergies such as rash, itching and urticaria (hives).

          For oral use.

          Adults and children 2 years of age and over weighing more than 30kg:
          Swallow one tablet a day with water. Do not give to children under the age of 2 years or weighing less than 30kg.

          Taking Them:

          So all you do is take a small white tablet with a big glass of water and it's job done! Now like I have mentioned I wasn't sure what was up with me! I do have an eating disorder and suffer with low potassium levels which do make me lethargic and generally grotty and I do train hard at the gym and then I thought oh no maybe I'm getting swine flu!

          However I'm now sure it's a case of hayfever because these really work for me! Within half an hour of taking these my eyes stop itching, my sneezing and snivels vanish and I'm generally more perky and alert and the effects seem to last about 24hours to which you simply take another of them if desired. Although not a massive dose of antihistamine they do the trick for me, are simple to take with no horrible after-taste or side effects (for me) and like I say are fast-acting enough.


          Not only am I glad to know I haven't got the dreaded lurgy (swine flu lol) these really are great and as promised non-drowsy. I'm amazed they're so cheap too for the results they give and appreciate them being so fast acting and me, I shall buy a couple of boxes for emergencies! Brilliant and I can breath easier!

          Only available in Sainsburys and my 7 tablet box cost 99p and a box of 14 tablets about £1.89!


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        • Product Details

          Relief for hayfever and allergy sufferers.