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    1 Review
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      21.01.2009 11:56
      Very helpful



      if you have the cash, give it a listen

      I was auditioning some speakers with this preamp a few weeks ago, which was also connected up with the company's 4BSST power amp. and a seperate power supply (pictured)First impressions were that the build quality was exellent! Hooked up a pair of monitor audio speakers though and the whole system sounded a touch brighton the lead vocal, so much so that i had to change CD's . Bearing in ming i had heard the same spoeakers albeit on a diferent system, and they were fine then, so we swapped the speakers over for a pair of proac response D15's Listening to springsteens "magic" with this amplifier didnt to the speakers or the cd any justice at all. Again the system sounded inherintly bright, and i pointed this out to the dealer and he agreed, but he apologised and said that that was the closest he had that resembled my system.

      Rather that write the audition off comletely I rang up my usual dealer and told him what happened with the proacs, and asked if he could getthem in for me so i could have a listen to them on the meridian gear he has there, and he said he could. So, appointment made i had a listen to the exact same speakers on my system, and they were wonderful. So i proved myself right when the bryston system was sounding very bright indeed.

      Some people may find this system to their liking but im not one of them:-)


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