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    1 Review
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      14.11.2008 01:48


      • Reliability


      Great little Tripath amplifier and inbuilt DAC tuned to sound live a bit like a valve amp. Brilliant build quality and way better than a soundcard in every way imaginable. Easy to upgrade with matching power supply and preamp. The PSU makes a really big difference. Only one phono input, but you can connect a PC via USB and another device via RCA, so it's sort of two.


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  • Product Details

    KingRex T20 U AMP is basically the same Class T (based Tripath technology) 20 Watt integrated amplifier with an onboard USB interface and DAC (digital to analog converter). The convenience for digital life is all you looking for but without any unexpected noise and distortion of your favorite music.

    Nowadays, the computer is ubiquitous in many people daily life. But why the Hi Fi audio equipment still only in music lover's living room not just next to their PC? Although the all the PC could handle multi-media display very well. However, the sound card or the audio chip is for 5.1 or 7.1 using. It is good for movie seeing or game playing but can't provide the purity sound for the audiophile, especially the unexpected noise and distortion. The KingRex T20 U could get the digital signal directly from your computer with built-in USB interface and DAC (digital-analog converter). There will be no chance to inflicted noise and distortion so you only able to hear the authentic music no less and no more.

    Based on Tripath TA-2020-020 DPP chip, KingRex T20 U AMP is capable of 2 x 20 Watts at 4 Ohms with 80% energy efficiency. The heart of the T20 U DAC is the Burr-Brown PCM2702E which a 32/44.1/48 KHz ready 16-bit stereo DAC with USB interface, on chip clock generator, 8 times oversampling digital interpolation filter and analog output low-pass filter. The low-pass filters, the analog two-channel signals are handed over to the Burr-Brown OPA2604 op amp acts as output stage preamp. It also functions as a low-pass filter, taking out the residual digital garbage and turns the audio signals into more analog sounding stream. A pair of TL072 low noise dual JFET op amps are assigned to the DC servo circuit for sure the audio signals are clear. The T20 U has one set of line input and one set of USB interface; both the input sockets and toggle switch are located on the rear panel to keep the front panel as clean as the T20. Input selection is electronically executed by a relay.

    The cabinet is of a rigid construction with elegantly appearance by the size 180 x 138 x 45 mm with 6 mm thick aluminum face plate which with polished sliver chrome volume control knob in the middle. The stylish design with the tiny size will bring fun for life. It also contributes to the touch and fell factor and is essential for the long lasting life even in a tough environment. All the components used in T20U are of the highest quality and have been selected through intensive listing sessions from the PCB itself over the high quality chassis to the anodize gold RCA and SP terminal.

    KingRex T20 U AMP has more power compare with the original T-AMP with the loudspeakers of average sensitivity (86 - 90 dB, 4 - 8 Ohms). You can easily reach levels comparable to vivid performances in medium space. The pace of the KingRex T20 U AMP was more relaxed, stretching out on a more expansive, deeper set soundstage. This valve bloom syndrome was not making any definition or instrument placement but rather enhancing them in a more musical way.