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    1 Review
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      03.09.2013 16:21
      Very helpful



      Naim AV2

      This is yet another Naim electronic product that we own that my husband bought many years ago before he knew me as he had more money than sense in my opinion. That's not to say that these aren't really good quality products, they are just so expensive. They do however, give our living room the most amazing sound from our CD players and television that some would say the expense is worth it. I think this shows just how great these Naim machines are as we have had it now for nearly 10 years and it still works perfectly well and has not needed any repairs.

      So, what exactly is the Naim AV2? Well, it's an amplifier and for those of you, like me who are not technically minded at all, an amplifier basically amplifies sound that comes from your CD or other items you have hooked up to it that makes it sound louder, more powerful and increases the quality of the music. I have to say that when we have our surround sound turned on and are watching a DVD the sound quality that comes out of this amp is amazing. The whole room shakes practically and it sounds absolutely amazing, so crisp and true with no back sound or anything like that. CD's coming through this are great too. We have this machine in our living room but if I put a CD on I can hear it perfectly well in this kitchen through the hallway and you can hear all the lyrics and instrumental parts too as clear as if you were right next to the machine.

      According to the Naim website, "The AV2 is designed to be used in addition to an existing stereo system or as part of a stand-alone home theatre. The NAIT5, for example, has a dedicated AV input, which if used in conjunction with the AV2 amplify the right and left channels. The remaining channels, surround and centre, are amplified using our three-channel amplifier, the NAPV175." That doesn't really mean much to me but I guess for those of you who know about electronics this will be some good information.

      What I like about this amp is that it is fairly small, it is basically a thin black box, very simple and sleek looking with only a few buttons on it. It fits in with the rest of the Naim equipment we have and you are able to stack these different boxes on top of each other to make your sound unit look un complicated and not messy.

      On the left hand side of the box you have a big dial which is the volume button. This moves very easily by twisting round and we also have a remote that comes with this amp making it very easy to up or down the volume if you are sitting away from the machine. Unfortunately my little boy pulled this button out a few weeks ago and with it came a wire which obviously slots into the back of the machine. I thought we were facing a couple of hundred pounds bill to fix it which is what happens when these machines go wrong but luckily my husband was able to pull the back off and fix it so it is fixable yourself if you know how. On the right hand side are a number of small round buttons which you can just press to select. These put different functions on the amp and are illuminated with a green back light when you have selected that particular button. The buttons in order are: mon, mute, cd, tuner, tape, av, aux 1, aux 2.

      All in all if you are into your electronics and want good sound from your music and DVD's then I definitely recommend this machine to you.


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