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Bunkspeed Hypershot Web Windows Licence

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Photorealistic rendering software - 800x450 realtime resolution - Up to 360k pixels rendering resolution - Windows (TM) XP,VISTA, 32/64 bit

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2011 12:55
      Very helpful



      Doesn't do everything in terms of 3D modelling but an excellent renderer with amazing results


      Bunkspeed Hypershot is a piece of software I stumbled across back in 2009 while struggling to get quick but nice looking renders knocked up of mesh models I had created in 3DS Max 2009 and AliasStudio2009.

      ))Scenario of Use((

      At the time I was a university student studying Transport Design specifically the course followed a product design workflow but within the area of vehicles and transport infrastructure. I had sketched lots of concepts and had chosen 3 to model up quickly in Autodesk AliasStudio2009 (now called AliasAutomotive) those familiar with modelling this piece of software uses Nerbs modelling rather than Mesh modelling. Now traditionally I would import my model into 3DS Max to add materials, textures and lighting to render out some high quality static images. However this was taking quite a long time as each vehicle was completely different and needed a different render environment. Now because I had a deadline to meet and I had high expectations of quality with each vehicle I needed a quicker method.

      ))Hypershot and how it fits the Scenario((

      I stumbled across hypershot as a quick rendering solution. Basically it has a library of lots of excellent pre-loaded materials and HDRI image backgrounds. You can import your Mesh model (Mesh is quicker to render than Nerbs so a quick conversion for me was necessary) as different elements and drag and drop materials onto each part just like 3DS Max.
      However now the quick part...as you drag a material onto your model hypershot will render the model in real-time. Now this sounds very performance heavy but it's not as bad as you think. Hypershot's main focus is high quality static rendering as realistic as possible. You can do 'pan' rendering but nothing much more extravagant than that (this was back with hypershot 2 - since then it may have more features). The software can just about handle it real-time if you have a PC with 2gb of ram or more, less than this will take a few seconds to load each pass. As you leave the model the real-time renderer will increase the image detail with more and more passes. If you continue to work on your model rotating/adding materials the renderer pauses at render pass one while you apply changes...leave it again and the renderer commences real-time rending. A Nice touch as many a time you tend to sit back to see if you have chosen the right material to suite the model during this time the program does its stuff rending which overall will speed up you workflow.


      --All the lighting is setup ready and you can quickly flick through different setups from studio lighting to lighting you would get from a dull cloudy day or even night time.
      --There is a small library of HDRI backgrounds and environments to select from or add to. Of which the ground and floor shadow is automatically calculated and you can raise and lower the ground level to best suit the back drop.
      --360 pan rendering
      --reflections are calculated extremely accurately and need minimal adjustment.
      --adding materials and rendering out a good high resolution image can be much less time consuming than a program that has a much more manual approach.

      ))Not for everyone!((

      This program is excellent if you a creating presentation boards, static advertisements or just high quality rendered screenshots of your 3D model. It's defiantly not used for 3D modelling or animation like for example 3DS max. You need to start from a complete 3D model. It is not a mesh editing program, if there is an issue with a model you will need another program to edit it or move an element.


      --Parts that require different materials save them as separate files to import to hypershot. This will make it quicker to apply Materials.
      --Make sure your object locations are in the correct co-ordinates before importing.
      --import the element closest to the ground first, as hypershot calculates the ground shadow by the first mesh imported
      --After the lowest part imported work from the inside out. This is important as you will find it difficult to apply materials to objects inside another object. E.g import the interior of a car before the body and glass as everything imports as a solid colour.
      --save regularly as separate files

      ))Bad points((

      Get the latest version of the software all the time as the program does have a few bugs especially version 3 introductory editions i found to crash a lot or not importing things correctly. The software doesn't have many other flaws so long as you know exactly what you're getting as it's not a piece of software to do everything in terms of 3D modelling just an excellent easy to use renderer.


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