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Adidas Women Action 3 Anti Perspirant Stick.

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Brand: Adidas / Stick. / Type: Deodorant Stick / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2011 11:47
      Very helpful



      I would recommend this to anyone who is active often and looking for great protection.

      When it comes to deodorants roll on sticks are my favourites. I find liquid roll ons make my underarms feel to wet and uncomfortable and sprays always seem to be aimed more at smelling nice rather than keeping you protected from sweat. Roll on sticks just seem to work best for me and so I tend to stick to them.

      When I started going to the gym for regular workouts I found that, out off all the different types of deodorants I found, nothing kept me feeling fresh whilst working out. Obviously I wasn't expecting a deodorant to leave me totally sweat free and dry after an hours intense work out but I was expecting something to have some sort of effect. Nothing I tried did.

      I went in search for something would that make a different during long workouts. When I saw Adidas Action 3 on the self of my local Asda store I decided to give it try. I'm guessing it was the fact that this deodorant is made by a sports brand that made me assume it would work well for me and my workouts. The fact the lid states 'developed with athletes' also made me come to this conclusion. This product also comes in the form of a spray and a liquid roll on all around the same price (£1.50 there about) but I went for the stick as, like I said, I just prefer them.

      So what are the 3 actions in this 'action 3' deodorant?
      Firstly this deodorant claims to be a 48 hour anti-perspirant. I can't really comment on how true this is. I always apply this product just before my work outs and then shower before applying my every day deodorant. I do, however, think this claim is probably a little ambitious. I always find it hard to believe when deodorants claim to work for 48 hours. Still, I don't think many people are going two days without applying deodorant so that probably won't effect a lot of people.

      The second action is 'anti-odour'. This I can comment on. I have noticed a significant improvement in my body odour after gym sessions. Hardly any of this odour seems to be coming from my arm pits at all. I wouldn't say it completely stops body odour but it does reduce it massively. I am more than happy with how the product works in this respect.

      The final action is the dry max system the deodorant apparently contains. This system formulated by Adidas claims to give maximum coverage, absorbent efficiency and superior protection. Personally I feel the dry max system is very successful. After workouts my arm pits are pretty much dry regardless of the fact the rest of my body is dripping with sweat. This is exactly what I'm looking for in a deodorant I'm using for protection during work outs.

      The deodorant doesn't really have much a scent to it but I'm personally not too bothered about that. They key thing is it works. It keeps to dry and reduces body odour massively. I'm very pleased with this product and will continue to use it for gym sessions.


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