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Adidas Women Intensive 48hr Anti Perspirant

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Brand: Adidas / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2009 11:16
      Very helpful



      A really hard working deodorant..this is!

      Being a regular gym enthusiast I am a really bad hygiene freak! I have always been if you look through my past reviews but now when it comes to antiperspirants and stuff I really do need products that work hard for me and products that I can rely on! I don't mind getting hot, sweaty and sticky but I do really mind stinking to high heaven and my gym is a nice one and doesn't smell! lol.

      I usually like anti-perspirant sprays but I find that when I'm working out they don't help stop the perspiration and I can be ringing wet by the end of a session and me being a girly girl really does hates that! I know from in the past however that some types of roll on's can help prevent such wetness so when I saw this in my local Poundland priced at er... a pound (lol) I decided to try it it out!

      The Packaging....

      42ml white plastic quite wide sort of container with an orange plastic cap to the top of it that pulls on and off. On the label on the front of it I'm told it is New Adidas For Women 'Intensive' 48 Hr Antiperspirant which is anti-odour and has an Active Absorbent Complex and the size is stated at the bottom of it. On the cap/lid I'm told it is developed with athletes and then on the back of the container ingredients are listed, the recycle symbol is displayed, contact details for Coty (the manufacturers of this product are given) and finally there is bar-code on there. It's a nice easy to use and quality looking product and a nice large size at that.

      The Anti-perspirant....

      Well it's easy to use. It has a plastic disc to the bottom of it that you simply twist up and down to reveal the product and at first that is a bit stiff but as you use it, it does become easier to twist. In this case that product is a white cream and the first few times you use it, it has the Adidas emblem engraved into it though of course the more you use it, that simply vanishes.

      So to use it you simply apply it to clean armpits. It comes off the block of product easily and smoothly with no lumps, clumps or residue and although it smears off onto the skin easy enough it isn't greasy and you can dress immediately after using it, so no waving your arms about like a funky chicken trying to get it to dry is required with this product lol.

      Being a cream it's gently hydrating all day long and the smell when you use this and after a few hours is crisp, fresh and clean and has a modern smell of flowers to it that is quite light in fragrance. The hotter you get the more it smells and no it doesn't melt or anything and gives me no issues at all!

      What is great about this is that I don't find it blocks my pores but I have noticed a bit less perspiration for some reason and it seems to give a bit of a barrier in that way. However the one small niggle I have is that even using this the day after I've shaved my armpits it makes them tingle in a slightly uncomfortable way. It doesn't hurt but it takes a good few minutes to lose that feeling but it is bearable to be fair to it.

      Does It Work 48 Hrs?...

      Yes and that is why this is an excellent deodorant! It keeps me less sweaty and no nasty stench appears and I feel as fresh all day as when I first applied it which can't be bad! No nasty residue is applied anywhere and the fragrance is pleasant. Yep it's a hard working antiperspirant to be fair to it!

      As I mentioned I purchased mine in Poundland so keep your eyes open there for it but do keep your eyes open for it in other outlets including T.J Hughes and places like that!


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