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Asda Cool Lilac Body Spray

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Brand: Asda / Spray / Type: Body Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2009 13:15
      Very helpful



      Won't bother with this one again!

      When it comes to body sprays I'm such a fan they are something I buy loads of in a week. My favourite one's happen to be So...? or some of the Impulse offerings but because I get through so much of the stuff and it works out quite an expensive habit I do try and get some products a little on the cheaper side to help my finances out and as a rule I usually find they do a respectable job at helping me to stay fresh and fragrant through the day. As a smoker and a hygiene freak (yes I guess a contradiction in terms for many people lol) I'd hate anyone to ever think I'm stinky so I usually have some sort of fragrance refreshment on my person to freshen up with lol!

      At 47p and a couple of fragrances in store to choose from (of course me being me I purchased both at the same time lol) they seemed like worth a go to me!

      The Packaging....

      75ml aluminium slim and cylinder aerosol can which is purple in colour (with a matching plastic lid) and has white, pink and black writing on it. On the front I'm told it is Asda 'Essential' Care, Body Spray and is 'Cool Lilac'. On the back of the spray I'm told it is 'Cool Lilac Female Body Spray' and told a bit about the product, ingredients and advice on how to use the spray are given, cautions and a money back guarantee (if not entirely satisfied for ANY reason are given us from Asda), I'm told Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives (though it doesn't anywhere on the product tell me it ISN'T tested on animals, just that they fund into research to not test), size is stated and finally there is a bar-code on there. I do quite like the can as it is neat, tidy, informative and colour co-ordinated and doesn't scream cheap or anything!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

      For use all over the body
      Leaves you feeling refreshed and fragranced

      How To Use It....

      Shake can well.
      Hold can upright and spray lightly over the body from approximately 15cm

      Me Using It....

      Well using it is as easy as you would expect a body spray to be! Hold it upright after giving it a wee shake and spray away at a bit of a distance from yourself giving it room to evenly spray out. It's sprays out nice and fast, is a wee bit wet so therefore cold, none sticky, none agitating, leaves no residue on the skin at all and it dries within seconds. Comfortable to use and wear and the fragrance is very pleasant indeed to.


      The smell to me is light and floral and pretty much suitable for any age as it contains a real soft scent that is pleasantly sweet, light and airy. Calling it 'lilac' is very apt cos it does smell lilac! lol It's not zingy, or zesty and certainly isn't in your face but you can smell it once applied and it does freshen you up alot in the feel of it.

      But.... well there is a but sadly and it's one I saw coming when I went through the till and parted with only 47p for it! Give it one minute of being on the skin and bang you seriously can't detect it and like your skin has devoured it completely the smell is eaten. You can smell a teensy weensy bit of it but boy you have to sniff hard for it and that's only after a minute of it being on the skin... after sniffing it after wearing it for 5 minutes it really has left your skin completely!


      Nice to use.....it is. Fragrance is pleasant but pretty much understated from the moment you spray it on. Once on sure you feel fresh and you know your fresh from using it but the smell dies from the moment of it's application. Would I buy it again? Sadly not! I'd rather pay a little bit more for something that smells great for longer cos for me this doesn't do enough! I want to smell good! lol

      Only available in Asda Stores for 47p a can.


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      Feel fresh and fragranced /

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