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Asda Protect Sensitive Anti-Perspirant

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Brand: Asda / Type: Spray / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2012 10:24
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      I wouldn't buy it again..

      I usually favour anti-perspirant deodorant sprays from the well-known Nivea brand, but when my usual spray was out of stock in my local Asda Supermarket recently, I had little alternative but to purchase a different product altogether, as I knew I was running out of spray at home. I also knew however, that I would be able to purchase my much-loved Nivea spray from a rival store in the next couple of days, so I didn't want to purchase something too expensive to keep me going in the meantime. The product I decided to try out as a 'stop gap' spray was from Asda's own range, which I thought would be fine to tide me over.

      The product is from the "Asda Protect" brand of cosmetics and toiletries, namely the "Asda Protect For Women Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray." I paid £1.20 or thereabouts, which I thought was a very good value price, especially when you consider the generously sized canister, which is 250ml in size.

      The packaging doesn't scream chic or sophisticated, I must confess, although the colours and shades of silver, pink and white used on the can do go some way to offering a little eye-catching detail. I can't confess that the product stood out to me from the supermarket shelf either, although to be fair this is something I find can often be the case with supermarket-own branded cosmetics, and is not something that would deter me from trying out own-branded products.

      The deodorant has an aerosol spray, as you would expect, and this is contained neatly under the robust plastic lid on top of the canister. The plastic 'button' itself is apparently quite robust, as it is has never become cracked or damaged during use, and it has withstood being dropped on the bathroom floor as a result of my clumsy hands. A final point to note is that I have experienced no difficulty in using or depressing the plastic spray 'button' at the top of the can, even though I suffer with mobility problems and weakness in my hands. I have found some sprays can be quite hard to utilise as a result of these restrictions, but in the case of the Asda spray, I have coped well with its use.

      The product claims "48 Hour Wetness & Odour Protection" which led me to feel slightly dubious as I have found very few anti-perspirant products can live up to such claims, in my experience. To be perfectly honest, I have no desire to skip a day with such a product, and much prefer to apply an anti-perspirant product at least once each day to ensure I feel fresh. It is fair to say therefore, that any such claim was not really going to be put to the test by yours truly.

      What I did find however, was that the anti-perspirant worked rather well at keeping my underarm area free from moisture and perspiration, although to be fair these problems are not something that I am particularly bothered with. I did find however, that the 'strength' of the Asda Protect Anti-Perspirant is enough to keep me feeling dry and fresh for several hours after application. A good enough result really, when the low purchase price is considered. It is true to say that I was slightly weary of the product's effectiveness when I used it for the first few times, but I didn't feel particularly self-conscious or aware of any unpleasant feeling in my underarm area, which is a good enough result, as far as I am concerned.

      I noticed no irritation or aggravation to my delicate skin throughout the time the spray was being used, which allowed me to reach the conclusion that the product is actually of quite a high quality. My sensitive skin suffered no ill-effects from using the product at all.

      I found the aroma of the Asda Protect Spray was pleasant enough, but I can't confess to feeling completely blown away by it, or to finding it offering anything particular innovative or different from other sprays on the market. Being slightly reminiscent of something light and slightly floral, there is a delicate sweetness to the scent that gives it a contemporary edge, rather than being something old-fashioned. In actual fact I find the scent to be quite 'mainstream' and so I do think it would suit a variety of age groups rather than being targeted at a specific age range. This perhaps makes it more versatile than other anti-perspirant sprays that feel quite young and modern. There is something quite 'powder-like' about the scent too that I quite liked, with it reminding me of the scent of talcum powder. This element to the scent was the one I was able to detect once the product had dried on my skin and become fully absorbed, and I can't confess to feeling any disappointment about this discovery at all. I don't really think there is anything about the spray that would be off-putting for most females... True, it is not the most innovative or refreshing, but it is rather inoffensive too, which is a definite plus point for me.

      There was only really one negative point that stood out for me when trying out this anti-perspirant spray, and that is the unforgivable white streaks that were transferred to my clothing during use. I found these marks were rather unavoidable too, and seemed to appear on a whole variety of different fabrics and colours, irrespective of what clothing was being worn at the time. To me, this is a completely unforgivable flaw, and it was enough to make me lose confidence in the spray, seeing it delegated to being used when I knew I was going to be at home all day, or to being used at night time, instead of being suitable for everyday use or when I was going out. The unmistakeable, 'powder' like' residue was really quite annoying, and certainly noticeable when dark coloured clothing was being worn. It is for this reason alone that I feel compelled to award the product only three stars in the product rating score, and I can't say that I would purchase it again. Such a shame really, as I felt it performed really well in other areas, such as freshness, fragrance and of course, being effective at combating perspiration and odour.

      ** Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives **

      If you wish to try the product out for yourself, you can purchase it online at www.asda.com or in store in branches of Asda's supermarket, where the price is £1.25 as @ the time of writing.


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