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Asda Sunset Body Fragrance

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Antiperspirants / Deodorants / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    2 Reviews
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      25.05.2011 15:30
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      A good quality body spray that's more suited for summer day time wear

      One thing I make sure I always have a supply of is body sprays. I like to make sure I'm smelling nice and whilst I do have perfume I use a lot I have expensive taste(!) so I like to have something cheaper around that I can use on a more day to day basis.

      I'm not really brand loyal when it comes to things like body sprays, if it's cheap or on offer and smells nice then I'll buy it. Therefore when I saw this ASDA sunset body spray in ASDAs for 70p I picked it up.

      The Scent And What ASDA Say

      ASDA describe this scent as "Think of warm summer nights, a walk on the beach and a romantic sunset. Be sultry and seductive - desire control!" (Information taken from back of can and is also on website)

      I can't find anywhere what this is supposed to smell like. All it says is "Sunset female body fragrance" well, I could have guessed that from the name!

      However I do think that the description is fairly accurate because although I would never have come up with it myself, after smelling it I could see how they related the description to the scent.

      My Experience

      The spray button is quite easy to press down and releases quite a firm, directed spray which goes on damp but dries within seconds meaning there's no waiting around for it to dry before you can get dressed.

      When first sprayed the scent is very strong, quite heady and floral but this quickly settles down to vanilla. I'm sure there's more in there then this but this is all I can smell this is the middle note of this fragrance. The base notes are still primarily vanilla but the floral scents become more obvious again. However these are not near as strong as when first sprayed and the vanilla is still the most dominant scent.

      The body spray settles to the base notes within around two hours of spraying onto you but these last the whole day and I have never found that I need to reapply it.

      Although I do use this throughout the year, the vanilla scent it has makes it most definitely more suited to summer and it is more suited to the day, rather then evening.

      Other Information

      This product has not been tested on animals and ASDA funds research into alternatives to testing on animals.

      As far as I can tell this is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

      The aerosol also tells me that although both the can and lid are recyclable you should check with your local recycling centre as to whether they will take them.


      As with all aerosols this comes with several warnings. These are: keep out of reach of children, protect can from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures over 50degrees, do not pierce or burn even after use, do not spray on or near a naked flame and do not use on sore or broken skin.

      Price, Availability And Recommendation

      Being an ASDA product this is only available from them. It costs 70p for a 75ml can.

      For those of you who shop online rather then in store this product is very difficult to find in their online store but searching for it on google will link you to it.

      As for recommendation I will keep using it as I really do like the fragrance. I am however docking a star as I find the headiness of it when it's first sprayed a bit much. Besides this, it's a great product I'm happy to recommend.


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        20.05.2010 01:21
        Very helpful



        Rich scent, probably best used as a perfume in the summer!

        I do love smelling and feeling fresh and as a direct result of that I tend to get through a lot of body fragrances in the way of sprays. I am a bit addicted to them to be perfectly honest with you and I like to freshen up often, like at the moment I'm living above my best mates pub and so feel I should smell and look my best at all times lol.

        Because of this slight obsession with smelling nice my addiction ends up costing me a lot on a weekly basis. I usually go for So...?, Charlie and Impulse body sprays but that isn't always cost effective if they're not on offer so when I saw this Asda's own branded one in pink can costing a mere 70p I decided it was a must try and I may even save money in the long run!

        The Packaging:

        75ml frosted pink, long cylinder can that has a twist on/off piece to the top of it to protect the aerosol sprayer and it is push button action to the top it. On the front of the can I am told that it is Asda Essential Care Sunset Body Fragrance and there is a picture depicted of a woman on there. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed as well as being given directions for use, the size is stated and contact details for Asda are stated. It's a nice enough looking and informative can and it is simple enough to handle thanks to the curve to the middle of the can and the push button is easy to push and use etc.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Can:

        Think of warm summer night, a walk on the beach and a romantic sunset. Be sultry and seductive - desire control! Sunset body fragrance is suitable for all over the body top leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

        Using It:

        Well all you do to use this is simply direct and spray it wherever you want to fragrance yourself.

        it comes out damp rather than wet and doesn't hurt fabrics at all or leave any residue on you or fabrics either.

        This is a rather heavy fragrance to be honest though and I'm sure many people would find this 'too much'. Very rich and strong though it is a well rounded fragrance and you can't detect a can or alcohol smell at all within this.

        So the fragrance itself is warm, sweet and to me smells really highly of vanilla. I think there is a subtle hint of flowers somewhere within it and sometimes I feel I can detect them but in the main this is really a pungent vanilla body spray.

        When applied to the skin it really does smell heavy however as the day wears on it does fade slightly but due to the fragrance sticking about I do feel rather fresh for longer. I find I don't have to reapply this very often at all to get the fragrance to make me smell fresh and all in all this has staying power and doesn't agitate my sensitive skin in any way shape or form.

        All in all at 70p a can this is rather a bargain for girls/women who like strong scents. The quality is excellent and the smells sticks about for a good while. Test in store first though cos it is a sweet one!

        Only available in Asda stores priced 70p a can.


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