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Aubrey Organics E Plus High C Natural Roll On Deodorant

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2 Reviews

Brand: Aubrey Organics / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      22.11.2011 21:29
      Very helpful



      I expected much better from this quality company

      Aubrey Organics E Plus High C Deodorant

      Why Aubrey Organics?
      A favourite and longstanding cruelty free company who use natural ingredients in a wide range of products. Suitable for vegans and paraben free.

      Why E Plus High C Deodorant?
      I am always on the look out for the natural (aluminium and paraben free) deodorant. I can perspire quite readily when exerting myself or under extreme stress and have to rely on a little help from a deodorant to keep me fresh as a daisy - hopefully. I prefer essential oil and natural fragrance to the chemically smelling ones and I like to avoid the spray aerosols as I choke on the fumes.

      Great claims!
      Advertised as 'stay fresh and dry' this one certainly hit the right spot - the price was much higher than I would like to pay but I managed to get it on offer from Nutricentre in Tesco. RRP (don't look) £7.14 but it is a good 90ml bottle.

      I'm presented with...
      A standard roll on bottle, a little larger at 90ml. Screw off lid so no surprises there and fits securely when in place. Quite an old style design on this one but pleasant enough and it tells me all that I need to know about he contents. Good quality and handles well. Not much more to say on this aspect - it's a roll on and it looks okay.

      I hoping for a good performance from Aubrey!
      This is packed with great ingredients and includes my favourite - patchouli. I'm not going to list them all here - I will include the website address for you to access at your leisure if you would like to know.

      I applied onto clean underarm area - two rolls and a good coverage was insitu. It did not dry quickly but was not sticky and did not leave any marks or residue on clothing. I was not bothered by the dry time once I was use to it. The fragrance surprised me somewhat - I was anticipating the patchouli and jasmine and envisioned a feminine bouquet. I am afraid that this deodorant reminded me of a male fragrance and the dominating note on my skin was sandlewood - not one of my favourites as a main theme. I had paid my money so I persevered and this was not an easy choice to make as the deodorant was certainly not keeping me 'fresh and dry' as advertised. I was damp and the smell was not attractive to my nose at all. I felt quite self conscious. I carried on with the trial. Unfortunately on day seven I developed an adverse reaction and a painful rash developed under my arms. To rule out coincidence I allowed time for the rash to heal and then applied again - irritation soon became apparent and that was the end of an expensive test with this product for me.

      On paper the product looks great and the concept it admirable. This company is a favourite of mine for the soaps and some other purchases - this one just doesn't agree with me. That may just be me though.

      Sourcing in the UK...
      Aubrey organics.co.uk
      Nutricentre store


      Well worth a browse - easy to navigate - secure payment system. Soaps are recommended highly.

      Final words...
      Well I am surprised with this product. Such a great concept with quality ingredients - a real disappointment that :

      a. It didn't perform well and I was not 'dry and fresh' for long
      b. The fragrance was not as feminine as I would have liked
      c. I experienced an adverse reaction in the form of a rash which lasted a few days

      I cannot really recommend this one based on my experience - it's up to you if you want to give it a go and who knows you may not have the same effects as I did. For the price this is not value for money as it needs re applying often and even then it does not perform well. I expected more from Aubrey Organics as they are generally excellent quality items.

      Star Rating...
      TWO and that is being generous.

      Thanks for reading also published on Ciao.


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        18.06.2009 19:14
        Very helpful



        Best of the bunch in the natural deodorant market.

        My reason for purchasing this product was because I wanted a chemical-free, 'natural' deodorant. If it contained organic ingredients, then so much the better.

        My concerns are that under-arm deodorants work in an area where we have a number of lymph glands. And although there are no scientifically proven links between deodorants and illnesses such as cancer, I just don't want to take any unnecessary risks.

        Aubrey Organics have been using certified organic ingredients in their products for several years. They do not include chemicals such as parabens or SLS's. Some of the excluded chemicals are emulsifiers, so it is important to shake the bottle well to mix up all the ingredients before each use.

        I have tried a number of 'natural' deodorants in the past, and I have to admit that none of them are as effective as the standard offerings on the market. This one is the best of the bunch - however it does have some problems.

        It is not unusual for me to be feeling a little smelly by the end of the day. Perhaps it's better to apply the deodorant twice a day, but then it's not the kind of thing that I carry around with me.

        The deodorant leaves white marks on dark clothing, and I think too much liquid comes out of the roller, resulting in waste. So why have I have still given it 4 stars? Well I feel these issues are a small price to pay for not subjecting my body to harsh chemicals, and for that reason I'll continue to use it despite it's shortcomings.


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