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Avon Lemon & Lime Body Spray

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2004 14:20
      Very helpful



      At this time of year I like to have a plentiful supply of body spray to keep me feeing fresh during the day in the heat. As I love fruity smells I quite often buy sprays from the Avon range as they are affordable and in my experience, smell gorgeous to boot as well as refresh my skin when it?s wilting in the hot sun. Last year I discovered Avon Naturals had bought out a new fragrance ? Lemon and Lime. A 125 ml bottle normally retails for £2.50, although this item is quite often available as part of their buy two, get one free offers. Avon produce a wide range of body sprays but the Natural range is slightly different, in that it is a pump action dispenser type spray as opposed to a normal aerosol. The bottle is made of thick plastic and has a black pump action dispenser from which to spray the scent, covered by a plastic cap. The first thing you will notice about the spray is that it is very thin. When the bottle is agitated it is plain to see that the body spray is very watery, and although the appearance is slightly masked by the packaging it looks to be a very pale green colour, similar to lime juice. It is slightly difficult to describe the smell of the spray apart from to say that it is vile. Expecting this to be a refreshing zesty mix of lemons and limes, I was really disappointed when I opened the bottle for the first time. Although there is a citrus-like smell I would not personally say that it is specifically lemon and lime and the fruity smell isn?t particularly strong. The spray has a slightly chemical aroma and smells more of a toilet cleaner than a body spray and I can?t help wondering whether Avon have branched out into the world of loo cleaners and got their cleaning products mixed up with the body care ones. Despite the weird chemical smell I convinced myself that the spray would probably sme
      ll a hell of a lot better once it was actually on my skin so I decided to forge ahead despite my misgivings and gave the top a squirt. The pump action dispenser isn?t the easiest to push down and at present I?ve got a trapped nerve in my hand which restricts me from doing quite a lot. The top does need quite a lot of pressure put upon it before anything even remotely squirts out of it but when it does, the dispenser emits far too much of the puce coloured spray which erupts in a fountain of disinfectant smelling sticky stuff onto my skin. As if this is not bad enough the spray takes an age to dry, so I certainly wouldn?t recommend it as a quick fix for the middle of the day and even despite hopping around like a demented chicken, the spray till takes a long time to penetrate my skin. There is such an abundance of the spray it literally drips down your body before drying and when it eventually does dry it leaves a slightly sticky feeling to the skin and doesn?t leave me feeling refreshed and clean at all. I honestly feel as though I?ve bathed in a toilet pan. Far from being more subtle when the spray came into contact with my skin the smell got worse and hung in the air so that my bedroom resembled a public lavatory. The aroma, if you can call it that, is very pungent and takes my breath away because of its intensity. I was hoping to smell fresh and fruity after applying this but instead I smelled like a toilet pan, albeit a clean one. But there?s worse ? the smell is so strong that it clings to the skin for hours and although no one commented on my toilet like aroma there were a few crinkled noses in the house when I brushed past anyone. Avon ? you?ve failed me. I won?t be buying this product again, unless it?s to spray round the toilet rim. I had to bath after using it, so it has failed miserably and was thrown away straight after its first use. It?s such a shame as I
      ; am normally pretty loyal to Avon, but the lemon and lime spray gets the thumbs down from me.


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