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Bionsen Deodorant Spray

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    4 Reviews
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      15.08.2011 18:27
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth a go, try it - see if it's the right thing for you. Good smell, a nice alternative

      Overall, a great product - it boasts a unique and natural, fresh scent and is a sensitive, aluminium free (0% aluminium) deodorant...a common worry amongst the public is that aluminium is carcinogenic. It is also paraben free.
      This is certainly a good alternative to 'normal' deodorant, and won't harm the environment or clog up your lungs after spraying it.

      In addition to the deodorant, it also comes in gel-stick form and a cream. There is another spray with crystals in it, where you just add water and the crystals will 'turn' the water into a deodorant!

      Bionsen will stop you smelling. It's what it says - a 'deodorant'. It ranges from person to person (I am a 20 year old male) and I still feel a bit sweaty sometimes ... (it's not an anti-perspirant- it says on the back that it neutralises the bacteria that cause odour). Unfortuntely, unlike the hardcore 'Sure For Men' sort of sprays, it won't work as well when completing a sporting/fitness regime/task.

      As a male, I don't own a handbag, but if I did, it would fit in it. It is easy to use too - no unecessary locks...just a cap.

      It never leaves white marks on clothes, and I have been complimented many times on how fresh I smell! One bad issue is that I've (very rarely) experienced stinging when I've put it on. I do have sensitive skin, but it claims that it's 'gentle'. The stinging goes away after a minute or two.

      However, it is relatively expensive, around £3 - £3.50, but if you're looking for an alternative, fresh, healthier option, then this is an excellent purchase.


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        11.07.2008 17:34
        Very helpful



        a good pruchase but dont expect miracles

        on the whole, this is a nice product, it smells really nice and is natural/does not have as many bad aluminium additives like the other deoderants have, people worry about aluminium in deoderants causeing cancer, well this has no aluminium in it.

        It comes in 3 forms, one is a spray, which comes in a medium sized can and sprays well, this is what I have tried, it also comes in cream and also gel-stick form.

        It works if your using it for the average day, doing your average every day tasks, but does not work if your pushing it at the gym or working up a sweat whilst shopping in 40degree summer heat, though you dont smell as bad if you do sweat, the perfume is activated well, but sweat is not stopped.

        Its handbag friendly, it doesnt take up too much space, and the can has a nice sheer/matt effect and feels like a nice product to use.

        I have never had any issues with yellow marks or leaving white marks on clothes while using this also, its not something thats stated so I could have just been lucky, but it isnt something thats common place anyway!

        It can be expensive, around 30% more then most other products, but if the science and cancer aspect on normal deoderants worries you, then its a good purchase.


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        21.08.2006 23:25
        Very helpful



        An excellent green deodorant

        I have always tried to be as environmentally friendly and safe as possible, one area I've always failed is deodorant. I have never felt adding something chemical to your armpit was good for you.

        When I came accross Bionsen Active Minerals I was sceptical. My experience of natural products hasn't been good, little or no effect. But in my efforts to maintain the environment I bought this product.

        Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals £3.99 from Boots, the only place I have seen it, am sure you can get it other places. They do a whole range of deodourising products but this is the one I chose.


        Billed as being 100% Natural anti-odorant for the whole body (feet included, it "combines the antibacterial and astringent properties of natural active crystals with the purity of the water you add" Apparently its made from fluid extracted from small holes in volcanic ash in the winter because in the summer the crystals have formed.

        These crystals prevent the "proliferation of bacteria that causes bad smells" and they don't interfere with the physiological make up of your body. The crystals work for 36 hours preventing smells and the astringent properties work on pores while letting the skin breathe.

        No Gas, No Perfume, No Alcohol and No Aluminium, it is known that aluminium is linked to breast cancer and it is in most deodorants.

        Does it Work?

        Yes, I am impressed with it, like I said I was sceptical. The bottle comes with the crystals already in it. You then fill it with water yourself, the bottle looks small but you refill it five times (with panels to scratch off the back to tell you how many times you have refilled). I bought mine two months ago and I have refilled it three times. I find it works effectively as a deodorant, and I certainly don't smell. The only issue I have and I suppose it can't be helped because of the crystals is the spray pump blocks and has to be cleaned out, which is easy enough, it says to soak in warm water, but just pumping warm water through it works.

        It is unusual at first, it feels like you are spraying water on yourself, so its psychological at first, you don't feel like you have put deodorant on, and don't taste it, you can tell it's astringent on your tongue!!

        More info can be found www.bionsen.com


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          02.01.2006 12:08
          Very helpful



          Aluminium free deoderant products

          It's a rather unpleasant fact of life, but breast cancer is on the increase in UK. There can't be many people that do not know of at least one friend, relative or acquaintance that is fighting (or has tragically lost) a battle with this insidious disease. In my circle, a colleague lost her 65 year mother last year, an old school friend lost his 66 year old mother, and one of my colleagues, aged 45, is currently undergoing chemotherapy. When something that you thought "only happens to other people" starts to encroach on your own life, it does make you take stock and look to the future. Ever increasing articles in the press about possible links between the chemicals in anti-perspirants and deodorants causing breast cancer lead me to do a little research.

          ~ THE CASE ~
          In the UK alone, breast cancer cases have increased by 50% from approximately 20,000 cases in the late 1970's to around 40,000 cases per annum now. Sadly, Britain has one of the world's highest rates of the disease and every year almost 13,000 British women die from it. I must stress that there is NO CONCLUSIVE evidence of any link between a rising breast cancer rate in this country and our use of deodorants, but many scientists are pointing an accusing finger in this direction. Evidently, Britain is amongst the highest users of deodorants, and between us we spend over £300 million per annum on them (and that's despite our relatively cold climate). Whilst it's nice to know that we are one of the more hygienic nationalities, some to the chemicals found in our deodorants may be causing us long-term damage.

          ~ WHO OR WHAT ARE BIONSEN ? ~
          Bionsen is a brand name for some of the personal care range under the umbrella of Italian company Guaber SpA. The Bionsen range of skincare products are all formulated with a balance of essential minerals such as zinc, copper and manganese. Evidently these are the nutrients needed by our skin in order to maintain a healthy PH balance. These essential minerals are found in the highest concentrations in the world in Japanese volcanic spas, called "onsen", hence the name Bionsen. The Japanese swear by bathing in these spas to nourish their skin.

          Whilst there is no conclusive evidence that aluminium in deodorants causes cancer, Bionsen have decided to eliminate it from their products. Links have been suggested between some of the more common ingredients found in deodorants and anti-perspirant such as aluminium and zirconium compounds. Our bodies readily absorb aluminium in this form and as we apply deodorant to our armpits it is therefore absorbed into our lymphatic system, as well as our internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and brain. In laboratory tests these chemicals can cause mutations in DNA leading to cancerous growths and tumours. However, not all cancer experts agree with these claims. Some cite the reasons that cancer develops in this area is because the breast tissue is much denser. They also claim that although breast cancer is more prevalent in richer countries this could be due to a richer and more fatty diet, rather than excessive use of deodorants.

          In addition, the Bionsen range does not include anti-perspirants. Anti-perspirants block sweat ducts and suppress our bodies natural perspiration. This can inhibit the skin's ability to breathe naturally which is essential to its health. Anti-perspirants are one of the more common causes of skin irritations and contact dermatitis. Believe it or not, sweating is good for us. It allows our bodies to dispose of waste products and regulates our temperature. Bionsen deodorants will not stop perspiration, but they inhibit the bacteria that cause the smell.

          Deodorant spray 150ml = £3.19
          (only available in one size and only in larger chemists such as Boots and Superdrug)

          The Deodorant comes packaged in a pretty coloured turquoise tin with fitted turquoise cap hiding the spray nozzle underneath. It's decorated with the Bionsen logo and has a navy blue and silver sticker stating "ALUMINIUM FREE" & "JAPANESE SPA MINERALS". It's lightly perfumed to neutralise the bacteria responsible for body odour. It's a hypoallergenic product so it's particularly suitable for sensitive skins.

          As you spray it, it has a fresh and sharp citrus smell. It doesn't sting, even if you have just shaved your armpits. However, this is where it all goes sadly wrong. Once it has dried, it starts to give off the most horrendous smell of fly spray. I don't know about you, but I cannot stand the smell of fly spray - it can give me an instant headache. I had to put up with constant wafts of fly spray smell rising from my armpits all day, and by the end of it I was really feeling quite sick. I couldn't wait to wash it all off. You also have to contend with that wet armpit feeling if you get a little bit hot because it doesn't block the sweat. That said, I went for a fairly strenuous walk with my dog, and even though I broke out into a sweat, there was no hint of any body odour smell (apart from the fly spray aroma of course).

          Sadly, I really am going to have to bin this stuff, as I cannot stand the smell of it. Even if I liked the smell, I'm afraid I'm just not brave enough to venture out in this stuff during the week. Number one, I don't want my colleagues to have to put up with constant wafts of flyspray and number two, as I sit by a radiator, I don't really want to be at work with soggy wet armpits.

          I don't want you to go away thinking that all Bionsen products are a waste of time. I have also tried one of their Deodorant Sticks, and this is much better. It smells much nicer and seems to work better as well.

          Deodorant Stick 40ml = £2.69
          Deodorant Roll-on 50ml = £2.19
          Deodorant Pump 100ml = £2.65

          ~ RECOMMENDATION ~
          Bionsen deodorants do not stop you sweating, but they do work in neutralizing any nasty armpit aroma. I really cannot recommend the Deodorant Spray because of the fly spray aroma. They'll be no flies on you while you are wearing this - they would be too scared to approach you.....However, the Deodorant Stick is a much better alternative and I use it on those days when I don't have to go to work. I do recommend that you check the ingredients of your current deodorant, even though the rise in incidences of breast cancer cannot be proven to be directly linked to this.

          More information on Bionsen products can be found on their website www.bionsen.co.uk, but it's not particularly informative. The same can be said of the Guaber SpA website www.guaber.com - here you will need to click on the link to get an English translation.

          For some further information on breast cancer and deoderant links you can go to http://www.antiperspirantsinfo.com/english/04.php


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