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Boots Super Deodorising Shoe Spray

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Brand: Boots / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2010 15:00
      Very helpful




      I hate my feet. They are covered in hard skin (which I can never seem to remove effectively) and unfortunately they are prone to smelling bad. I blame my mother for this - she always had smelly feet and I think I have inherited the same tendency! Obviously having smelly feet is pretty disgusting so I try to do everything I can to minimise odour.

      I bought a can of this last year and have been using it regularly. In fact it is the second can I have bought since the beginning of last year. It is a Boots own brand product and can be found with the other foot care ranges such as the Boots Gorgeous range and Scholl.

      The product comes in 150ml cans which are white and blue in colour. The can has a picture of a trainer and the information states that the shoe spray "helps protect shoe linings and prevent shoe odour". The spray is "antibacterial and antifungal". The can carries the usual warnings about solvent abuse and a list of ingredients.

      The instructions are as follows:

      Shake can well before spraying. Hold the can upright and spray inside the shoes. Allow shoes to dry completely before wearing. Wipe off any product on shoe exterior before wearing. Use daily or before wearing shoes. Use only as directed.

      As I said, this is the second can of the product I have bought so as you may have guessed I do find that it works. I tend to use it in shoes made from artificial materials - leather shoes are best at preventing odours but I can't afford to buy only leather shoes (nor would I necessarily want to as it would restrict my choice of fashionable footwear!). That's where this spray comes in.

      I don't always use it every day, but I spray the product into my shoes when I feel that they need it. The smell of the product is quite strong and gets into my throat, making me cough, if I stay in the immediate vicinity so I usually try to move out of the way! Once the smell has 'calmed down' a bit it becomes clean, pleasant and fresh, and after a few minutes I can't smell it at all but then I can't smell any horrible odours either!
      Depending on the individual shoes, how old they are, how warm the day is etc., the effects of the spray can last from half a day to a full day, and even more - I only use the spray a couple of times a month on my gym trainers. I think this is pretty good going. I tend to use the spray in conjunction with using a foot moisturiser to achieve maximum effect!

      I do recommend this spray if like me you suffer from rather stinky feet! I have definitely noticed a difference and I find it helps my shoes to last longer - those cheap slip-on shoes from Primark get smelly relatively quickly but this spray helps to slow the process! The product works on more expensive shoes too!

      If you are interested in the spray it can be obtained from Boots stores or their online site, www.boots.co.uk. A can is £3.29 but there is an offer on at the moment whereby you can get 2 products for £4 on "selected Boots foot hygiene", so now would probably be a good time to give it a go.


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