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Botanics Deodorant

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Brand: Boots / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2001 22:40
      Very helpful



      I'm sorry about the crap title, it's just that I can imagine Forrest Gump saying it!! .. sorry! Let's face it, there are only a limited number of things that you can get from anti-perspirant (from here on in known as AP ok?) isn't there? Or should I say, there are only a limited number of things to expect. I have no set list of rules to follow when shopping for 'pit perfume' All I really want is something to keep me dry and fresh all day. And, no, a towel won't do (Smart Alec) Oh, and when I say dry, I don't mean that there is some hidden chemical in this product that will keep 'all' of me dry all day. I won't be able to venture out into the rain or swim, without getting wet y'know? I mean keeping the certain parts of a persons anatomy that are, on occasions, prone to emitting forth a liquid that after a while of being out in the open air (as opposed to still being in their natural habitat of pores!) and drying will become rather smelly. Bloody stink in fact in some cases!! (Not mine!!) To be blunt, cos I can tell that my eloquent approach of describing the underarm region has left you all agog, I mean your armpits! <looks of surprise all round then!> Yep, we all sweat. Although, according to some old guy ... Horses sweat Men perspire and Ladies glow! What crap. Sorry, but it is. When I've been working out (very rarely) running after my errant canines, just seen my Visa bill on the mat, or engaging in any other activity that usually helps the temperature to rise, the underarm mini sluice gates open ... and I sweat. Ok, so we are not talking buckets of the stuff. We aren't even talking a mug full, but all this glowing business, as I said, crap. And my 'sisters' don?t be coy. You all sweat too. I know you do. Anyway, to counteract the sweating thing, we, all human beings have to find a product to help control it.
      If there are those of you out there, that in the course of a day, can manage to off load a litre or two of the stuff, well, there are remedies, sprays and roll on things that can help you in your mission to stay dry. Oh, and you have my sympathy too. For those of you out there that have the normal amount, and normal sized sweat glands, you'll be needing something gentler, but as effective. Cheaper but lasting. You'll be wanting Boots Botanics. The Boots Botanic range is vast. Almost anything you care to suggest in the toiletry range, and Botanics have one. They are so called Botanics because of their product ingredients. Apparently they use the 'purest extracts at levels that really work' I have no cause to doubt, therefore I believe. The smells and aromas that these products come with, come in are gorgeous. Really intense. As with my views on the OS (sorry Original Source) range, I don't believe that there are chemicals out there 'real' enough to emulate and take the place of natural smells. Although the Botanics AP comes in 3 different flavours, or should I say smells, my favourite is the one with Pine extract. But you have the choice of Thyme (not too bad actually) or Cinnamon (Bluerghhh) I've tried all three, but always come back to the Pine one. I love fresh smells. I love citrusy smells. And this AP seems to combine both. Oh, I realise that different noses have different preferences, so this might not be suitable, in fact, some might compare the aroma to toilet cleaner. I'm not saying it does. But people might say it does? Each to their own I say. They also do the 3 smells in their 'roll on' range also. The smell ain't the main reason I buy this AP though. It's true that it's up there in the main 3 reasons, but its not the main, main reason. Dryness and freshness roll in at numbers 1 and 2 respectively. There's no point in smelling nice if
      by mid morning your arm pits, in fact your whole bod, feels as if you haven?t washed for days is there? Well, you might like it (I'm just assuming that all have the same hygiene standards as myself ... I could be wrong?) And this keeps you dry. All day. And by keeping you dry, it also helps you to stay fresh and sweat smelling also. At any given time through out the course of a day, I can stick my head into either 'pit' and be slapped around the kisser with a pine tree. Honest. I can. The smell is so intense and lingering it does last all day. It's the input of the Pine extract that acts as an effective natural deodorant. Oh and I don't make a habit of the 'head pit sticking' thing though ok? As with several aerosol AP's, you do run the risk of having an armpit of white congealed AP after spraying. Well, you don't actually have an armpit full of the stuff, cos as soon as you move, you have a carpet full of it dontcha? And I'm not going to lie, you do get a tinsy insy winsy amount of the white stuff with this AP. But it's only the first spray or two. No more. If there were, bugger the smell, I wouldn't be using it believe me. (I could have lied there, but I see no point) What else to tell you ... ?? Also, after just having 'defluffed' my underarm region, I don't have to shy away from this AP, and opt for a more gentler 'B.O basher', this stuff is gentle enough to use. There is no stinging, no tears in the eyes, no rushing around the house flapping my arms about trying to take the intense heat out of my burning pits. It doesn't hurt. Really. The AP, as with all of the Botanics range, has been dermatologically tested too. A woo hoo! The Botanics AP range all come in 175ml cans. And Boots will only take a mere £1.89 off you if decide to purchase one of these AP's. Which, I thought was bloody good value. They last absolutely ages too,
      we are talking at least a month I reckon. So for 6.3 pence a day you can have sweet smelling armpits. Bargain. Buy the pit perfume on a 3 for 3 offer and it's only 4.2 pence a day!! Another woo hoo! In keeping with the Botanic labelling range, the cans are white and a kind of sagey green colour (very naturish!!) and there really isn't much to comment on about the front of the can. Back to basics in a big way! The product name with a tiny little bit of info. The back of the can is a haven of information, nothing really out of the ordinary however. We have the usual product blurb, telling us of the attributes, and how the AP is meant to perform. And then it's directions on how to use the product!! I'm sorry, this section always make me laugh, and feel kinda sad that there are people out there that might have to read this section, and actually learn something?? Basically, if there any of those people out there that need to read the direction section, read this instead, it's basically the same .... Shake can. Right arm up, hold can 6? away, and spray. Put right arm down. Change hands. Lift left arm up, hold can 6? away and spray!! OK? ......... ? Then it's onto the list of ingredients, and for those of you that won't consider this op useful if there isn't a list of them .... Butane, Isobutane, propane, Cyclomethicone, Aluminium chlorohydrate, Parfum, Isoprpyl myristate, Disteardimonium hectorite, Propylene carbonate, Dimenthiconol, Pinus sylvestris. And the aerosol does not contain CFC's as required by legislation. There's the usual 'do nots' and 'shouldn't dos' that come with most, if not all pressurised containers. Keep away from sunlight. Do not expose to temps exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce. Do not spray on broken or irritated skin. Do not use near or place on painted or polished surfaces. Avoid spray
      ing in your eyes (or anybody else's for that matter!!) Keep away from children. Use only as directed (does that mean you need someone to guide you in to each armpit area?) Do not spray on a naked flame (if you do, say good bye to your eyebrows and fringe) Keep away from sources of ignition and .... No smoking (This AP has just given up and is still in the craving period?!) The can can (oui oui monsieur) be recycled cos it's aluminium, and the cap, which is a clear dinky little thing that covers just the button instead of the whole top of the can, is made from Polypropylene. And finally .... phew ... If you have any probs with this item, or just want to write and ask how they are doing, you can contact the Boots big wigs at the usually addy .... The Boots Company PLC Nottingham England. Basically, if you are in Boots, and you need some B.O basher, pick up this Botanics, you have nothing to lose ....! You can also purchase a whole range of products on-line and from the comfort of your living room (and PJs) from the recently new website www.wellbeing.com Of which I have only visited, but not yet purchased anything. Although, if I remember rightly, Boots ain't the best place to be at Christmas time so I guess I'll be visiting their web site again in the near future, this time armed with Mr Credit Card!!


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