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Cote L'aimant Roll On Deodorant

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Brand: Coty / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      11.12.2008 01:47
      Very helpful



      Beautiful if you like the smell!

      When it comes to purchasing products purely on fragrance and because it's a matching part of a range I like I'm really very wary. Although I like to top to tail my fragrances particularly when it comes to an evening out, when prior to said evening out I like to indulge and pamper myself like mad in preparation, still when it comes to deodorants of any type I'm really fussy and would always prefer to use something reliable and trustworthy than fancy and 'cosmetic'. Sure I like nice fragrances but when I'm out partying the night away the very last thing I want to be thinking about is sweaty and/or smelly pits for real!

      Now me, well I don't really sweat or smell bad. I don't have a particular body odour problem at all but still I have to wear some deodorant and of course wouldn't dare risk not using it cos you never know! I prefer sprays in the main but both roll on and sprays have their positives and negatives and I personally find sprays kinder to my skin and more highly fragranced and I don't have to flap my arms about like a sad mad chicken type of creature person trying to get dry after using a roll on. Saying that however I do have to watch of course for white 'talc' marks with spray so it's swings and roundabouts!

      Cote L'aimant is my all time classic favourite fragrance. Sure I own far more expensive, exotic and popular fragrances (in fact far too many to be honest with you!) but for me this is something that if I didn't own at least a drop of I'd lose the plot! Simple as that! It's something I have to have hanging around to at least sniff!

      It was actually the first fragrance as a young kid I was bought just for me to use. My Nan used it as did my elderly next door neighbour. It was the fragrance I wore when I dated my first bf aged 18 and it evokes a lot of happy memories for me and wearing it makes me feel young, confident and safe for some reason. Now don't get me wrong though this really is a fragrance most popular with the over 60 crowd. My ex as I mentioned earlier said to me once I'm sure your wearing the same perfume as my Grandma! The sad thing is actually I asked her afterwards and I was lol So this isn't a trend setting fragrance in any way shape or form and not only does the smell give that away but so does the standard pink packaging that surrounds all of the L'aimant products. It just looks rather quaint lol

      The Packaging....

      Firstly once again Dooyoo you got it wrong! What Dooyoo have added as the photograph is the deodorising body spray and I'm reviewing the roll on as listed!

      The Packaging....

      White, plastic, recyclable bottle with a rose and white coloured label around it's middle and a matching pink twist on/off cap/lid which covers a clear plastic roller ball. On the front of the bottle I'm told it's 'L'aimant, Coty' and at the bottom I'm told it is Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed, how to use the product and a warning not to use it on broken skin, the recycle symbol is displayed, size is stated (as I've listed already), and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's nice packaging but it has to be said. It's the sort of thing people in old people's homes have on their dressing tables and believe me I saw this alot as a care assistant in the past lol

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Bottle)...

      Delicately fragranced with L'aimant, this effective anti-perspirant deodorant roll-on works efficiently to help you feel fresh and confident throughout the day, whilst being safe and kind to the skin.

      Using It....

      Well as are all L'aimant products this is typically highly fragranced and what is nice about this product is that note for note this roll on smells exactly the same as the other other products within the range. It really is spot on smell wise so if your a fan of L'aimant stuff you NEED this lol.

      Now I advise anyone not familiar with the fragrance to take a good sniff of it in the shop first as it really isn't going to be to every-one's taste and this really is a product to mix and match with other products within the range in my view to get the most from it. You won't find this product out on display with other products of this nature either. I''ve only ever seen it sold alongside other Coty L'aimant products.

      Smell wise Coty L'aimant say the fragrance is made up of Bergamot, Neroli, Peach, Strawberry, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Vetiver and Sandlewood. For me I'd simply agree that all those smells if Coty say they are in there, are in there. For me I can really smell a combination of Jasmine and Rose and would say the gentle breeze of vanilla and peach soften the whole thing up alot and calm it down. There's nothing harsh or abrasive to the fragrance it all just moulds beautifully into one thing. It's like a song in tune and a dance being danced by to lovers in love to me, it's harmonious. It really is beautiful to me and it's a gentle, heartwarming smell that is incredibly feminine, floral and flirty.

      To use it of course it's simple. Apply it to clean and dry (prefereably shaven as well in my view!) armpits. If you apply it straight after shaving this baby is going to sting so if freshly shaven give it a few minutes to lose that rawness feeling and then apply it (unless you don't mind the stingy feeling, which does pass lol).

      Then you simply tip the bottle on a slant and run the ball to the armpits. Now there is something I would like to share with you. I buy this product often because I like it and not always to use as part of a set or anything but sometimes just because I like the deodorant itself and it's an affordable bit of luxury.

      I was having a clear out the other day and found a bottle of this that must be about 4 years old. I threw it away simply to be on the safe side but before I did I gave it a sniff and it was fresh as all the others I own, the same colour, consistency and exactly the same strength of smell. As I say to be sure I chucked it but I'm convinced it would have been fine to use. What's more is that even though the bottle was forgotten about and therefore untouched it still rolled like a new one! Yep I was surprised as hell!

      So yes where was I?? lol Using it? Oh yes well each and every time I use it, it dispenses out the clear liquid evenly and smoothly the same every time. The liquid itself is rather thin and so you don't need much and it's very hugely fragrant. On touch with armpits you can see a bit of wetness and then say a minute later it's dried into skin and vanishes completely and all your left with is a wonderful smell.

      No sticky feeling to contend with, skin is left soft and gently hydrated but in a way you can forget about it and depend on it. As long as you've given it a minute or so to dry in to the skin then you can then get dressed and there's no transfer whatsoever. This really is just a simple deodorant to use. Not only does the smell stay gently in the background (but fragrant for up to 6 hours in my experience) it really works. It works on pits that get whiffy to cos although I'm not smelly my Mum does get that way and she used it and was impressed and said the same as me about it. The hotter you get the more fragrant it becomes and the harder it works for you.


      This is a lovely product for a L'aimant fan to own. It's lovely to use the whole lot of the fragrance and layer up the scent but this is so nice it's great as a girly girl to use something that smells this nice and feminine under my pits. It works. It smells nice. It doesn't dry up my skin or anything and me, well I'm glad it does it's promised job cos I adore the fragrance so it's a huge winner for me!

      To be honest with you this fragrance is an acquired taste and probably best suited to the more mature lady but if you've ever smelt it and thought it's lovely but a bit too old fashioned to use nowadays this is a great way of using a bit of the range without going over the top with it! A great Christmas present too with something else from the range for someone and this is about £1.59 in Boots at the moment on offer but do look around in independent chemists and the likes for bargains!


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