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Coty L'Aimant Body Spray

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3 Reviews

Brand: Coty / Spray / Type: Body Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      28.11.2010 19:27



      Great for when you want to feel special.

      Coty L'Aimant is an unusual scent for this day and age. It smells like is harks back to times of furs and hollywood glamour. Its quite a soft scent, with a powdery overtone, which can sometimes conjure images of older people. Myself, though, I find it a very pleasing scent for just after having a bath, as it really gives you a sense of being pandered to. Its biggest flaw is that it can come over awfully strong if you get a bit happy with the spraying. Too much, and you're lost in a dense fog of days-gone-by, too little and you'll hardly be able to smell it on your skin.
      The packaging is very feminine, with a dark pink body and 'gold' trim, which doesn't appeal to me personally, but does fit with the scents unique personality. The nozzle is white - although this may have changed by now, as my bottle is quite old - and it has a tall pink cap.
      Overall I would suggest this to girls with a love of hollywood or theatre, because it really does make you feel like you're dressing up to go out, or those with a liking for that freshly powdered, out of the shower feel.


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      30.08.2010 21:19
      Very helpful



      See review.

      I like body sprays as I like the smell of them and there are so many fragrances, it is sometimes hard to choose a favourite, the fragrances are more of a day time spray for me and to freshen when outdoors and they are usually small enough to place into a hand bag and they are super value for money too.

      This one is a very nice one, it comes in a can with a pull off top and I buy mine for around £2.30 for a 75ml can, but I have bought it for under £2 on many occasions and so it is wise to shop around for this one as it can be found at various prices, the smell of the fragrance is a strong one for the small price and it is made by Coty, the fragrance in my opinion lasts for quite some time, it is a nice sweet one and it is not too over powering for day time.

      It can be used as an evening one if preferred and I have used this one in the evening at a dinner party and I have not been told that I am wearing a too strong a spray.

      I would say this one is a very feminine spray, the can looks attractive and the smell is very flowery and the spray sits on the skin and soaks perfectly, it does not run down the skin as I have found some other sprays to do, but this one just stays in place and the fine mist from the spray, evenly coats the skin.

      I really like the size of the can as it is very easy to hold it in the hand and it is nice and light too, and I like the nozzle as it is not too big, and I think for the price it is a very good value for money spray, it is extremely good quality and the smell is amazing too, it is not a cheap smell, and it does not smell of a disinfectant as I think some cheaper priced sprays can be, this one is worth every penny in my opinion.

      These are an ideal size to take on holiday or for an over night stay, because the can is light weight and small, it is also one that can be used both evening and daytime and so it is so versatile.

      I recommend this one for anyone to try as I think it is an amazing spray and only a little is needed to smell nice on the body.

      I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        11.07.2010 05:17
        Very helpful



        Gorgeousness in a can...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        My all time favourite fragrance has to be the original Coty L'aimant! I simply love it but recognise it really isn't a modern fragrance so me, I wear it when I want to pamper myself in private and so I don't annoy anyone else with it and own the full range of products! It simply isn't a fragrance I'd want to wear around people because I have had so many negative comments over the years like one of my ex's saying like I smelt like his nan and so on!

        So pleased was I when I saw that L'aimant had got another string to its bow with this particular fragrance 'Fleur De Rose' and with one sniff I yet again fell in love and purchased it.

        The Packaging:

        The bottle is slightly different to the one shown at the top of this page for the purpose of this review. That photograph is for the original Coty L'aimant body spray I was referring to just a minute ago lol! This can is 75ml (and the only size it is available to purchase in) and its tall and cylinder shaped and there is a picture of pink roses on the front of it and I'm told that it is Coty L'aimant 'Paris' Fleur De Rose Deodorant Body Spray. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a little bit about the product, I'm told how to use it and given warnings, ingredients and the size is stated, I'm told the can is made from aluminium and contact details for Coty are given and its finished off with a light pink cap/lid covering a push button, white plastic aerosol button to the top of it. Nice and simple packaging this is that is quality in its appearance, pretty and girly and of course has all the information on it you may require.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Can:

        The enchanting scent of Rose Petal, Blended Freesia and Peony is perfectly balanced with Vetiver and Vanilla.

        Using It:

        Well all you do with this of course is to direct it on to your body and to where you want fragranced! Simple!

        This sprays out rather wet but is clear and simply feels like water on your skin. It dries however in seconds leaving no residue feeling or appearing behind itself and thats it your free to get on with your day.

        When this is initially sprayed it really is rather heavy.... however that initial heaviness does eventually fade but not too much, it is a scent that once on the skin will hang around for a good few hours.

        The scent of this is reminiscent of the original Coty L'aimant fragrance I've banged on about so much (on here and in other reviews on here lol). However this is a tad more modern in its approach.

        This is a rose scented fragrance as you would expect it to be from its title. Pretty and true to rose, it is natural. It has a lovely rich sweetness which to me is the heart of this fragrance given by the vanilla though that vanilla isn't overpowering and sort of sits slightly behind the top rose note. The peony flower circles and binds the scent and rounds it off and all round this is a rich, classy body spray. Smooth and very sexy indeed.

        I love the way this lingers on the skin for such a long time and less is more with this one, you really don't need or shouldn't want to use too much of it! Perfect as well for hot summers evenings when you want to smell fresh and fragrant but may not want to wear perfume!

        For me this body spray is up there with the best of them and for me perfect in every single way. It has the same amazing quality and classiness as the original L'aimant but where as, to me, the other one is rather old fashioned in its approach this isn't so much so....but a classic fragrance...this is! Beautiful, amazing quality stuff and I shall purchase this time and time again in the future for sure!

        This available in places likes Boots for a couple of pounds a can, I buy mine in Poundland when I can (which is rather often lol).

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        L'Aimant body spray is a cool and refreshing way to lightly mist your skin in this floral fragrance with notes of bergamot, neroli, peach, strawberry, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood.

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