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Crystal Spring Natural Deodorant

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Brand: Crystal Spring / Deodorants / Type: Deodorant Stick / Subcategory: Deodorant / Suitable for: Body / Parabene free: yes

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    5 Reviews
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      16.03.2009 00:19
      Very helpful



      Wish i had disovered it sooner

      I was increasingly aware that the usual high street antipersperants were just not working for me.

      I have always had issues with overheating and getting sweaty. It is only natural to be so. Its our bodies way of getting rid of toxins.

      I would normally use the aliminum based sprays and they just were not doing the job.

      My clothes would be stained under the arm and washing powder wasnt hitting the mark and getting rid of the stains. I read on the internet that it was in fact Aliminium based sprays reacting that were the main cause for your clothes getting stained. There was nothing to do but to throw them away.

      I have had to throw away clothes that were otherwise fine because of the stain and the odour that came from the old stain.

      I decided to try this product from a local organic bodycare shop. Its BRILLIANT!! I never get smelly with this product. I sweat but it does not stain my clothes and I feel fresher using this product.

      I have noticed times where I have been smelly and thats because I am wearing a top that had previously been stained by the old antipersperant spray and the odour has come from that and not me!!! Hoooray! I am not smelly anymore!

      Furthermore, its more economical. I paid £5 for my one and it will last ages and ages! Had mine for a month already.
      Whereas a can of Sure was £3 and lasted me a fortnight at best and it never really worked.

      Also its better for you as you can release the toxins that is natural and not prevent it with the nast Aliminium based sprays.

      I LOVE IT! Wish I had discovered it sooner...my daughter is "at that age" and i am getting her to use it too.

      HOW TO USE IT -----easy, just wet the stone and rub it under arm, the stone is made of salts and this is a natural deodorant. Apparently good for feet but never tried that.....i got sweet feet anyway!


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      30.12.2008 17:46
      Very helpful



      A Good natural deodorant made out of only natural mineral salts and last a long time.

      In my time I have used loads of different scented deodorants in particularly roll on ones. Knowing that they are harsh with the chemicals they contain and can lead to breast cancer. Did not have much of a choice i sweat under my arms a lot and didn't want anyone to think I stink. Then I think it was on The Wright Stuff programme on five I saw the crystal deodorants and thought could this actually work.

      This was to the back of my mind till I went into Holland and Barrett for a quick look round. I came across the Crystal Spring Natural Deodorant for £4.99 a bit much I thought. So after dithering whether to try it out or not I thought what the heck I will.
      After my shower I wet the crystal with water and just rolled it under my arms and let it dry before getting dressed. I never felt so much better, no scent wafting away, knowing I don't stink of sweat after a while was also a good sign. Wet patches I don't think they going to disappear what ever deodorant you apply but there is no white marks. Gentle on skin (wish i found it earlier) no irritation. Wish it was more powerful in keeping dry but atleast you don't stink.

      Its made out of only natural mineral salts and last a long time much longer than branded scented roll ons which I guess is cost effective in that way. Don't contain Aluminium Chlorohydrate - the chemical that has been casually linked to breast cancer.

      Over time the crystal gets smaller and will at some point fall out of it container, so be careful not to drop it as it fractures and pieces come out.

      Overall its not a bad product, will stick to it.


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      07.09.2008 14:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent for cooler weather

      I purchased one of these in the spring. I bought it on ebay for £2.00 with £1 p&p so if I didn't like it I hadn't wasted too much money. I always wanted to try one as many anti-perspirants irritate my skin and I've only found a couple that don't so this natural solution seemed ideal.

      The stick itself is just like a crystal, it's in a base you hold onto with a plastic cover that screws on top. You hold the crystal just as you would a normal roll-on.

      Down to business, before you can apply this you either have to dampen your skin or the crystal itself. It's probably quicker to apply immediately after washing when the skin is still wet and this has the added bonus of not getting too much water onto the crystal. The crystal must be dry after use before you can put it away or it dissolves.

      Then you just rub the crystal around the wet skin several times. You can actually feel a bit of residue as the skin dries and this works best if the skin is damp not dripping wet. Once you're done leave the crystal to dry, I put mine near the slightly open window and the breeze dried it in about 1 minute. As for my skin, this takes about 5 minutes but so do normal roll-ons.

      Then you're good to go for the day. In the spring when the weather was just warm this worked a treat, fresh and dry all day, never any odour at all. I was thrilled with it but the summer had yet to come....

      Once the summer hit and the temperature raised or we had humid days this was not effective for dryness. There was never any odour but it does not seem to keep you dry in warmer weather.

      I decided to put this away until the sticky weather had passed but I'll definitely be getting it back out over the winter, it's very effective in cooler weather.

      Another thing to watch out for is dropping the crystal, mine slipped out of my hands and hit the sink and it chipped the crystal and produced a sharp edge which I rounded off by adding water and rubbing my fingers over it. It would have been very sharp under my arms though so if you drop it onto anything hard check for sharp edges!

      They last ages, I used mine for a month before putting it away and it only had about 2mm gone. They can also be used to take strong smells off your hands, onions etc after cooking and you can place them in the fridge to combat nasty niffs too. Very useful product but not in the summer!

      Thoroughly recommended for the cooler weather and will also save you money on deodorants through the cooler months.


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        12.05.2008 12:39
        Very helpful



        If you like the sound of it then try it, I will always use this in the colder months now!

        After wanting to go over to all things natural I looked for a natural deodorant. I tried out The Body Shops Aloe deodorant and was happy enough with it but it isn't exactly natural just not tested on animals. I turned to Lush and tried two of their deodorants, they burnt my skin really badly and so weren't an option for me, sadly!

        A member of a review site told me about Crystal Spring deodorants and I decided to give them a try.

        I popped to my local Holland and Barretts and picked up one of these little wonders in travel size. It is only very small at 50g and at only £2.99 I thought it was a bargain. The normal sized one is 90g and £4.49.

        For a first purchase the travel size was enough to try and see if I liked it and the value for money side too.

        It has a plastic base that the salt stick is held in and a clear plastic lid which screws onto the base to cover the deodorant. (They are also sold in a liquid form in a pump action bottle.)

        The salt stick itself is moulded and has a rounded end, so there are no sharp edges that could scratch.

        The way it works is that the salt (Aluminium Alum from Thailand) kills the bacteria, which causes the smells. It doesn't however stop wet marks so anyone that does suffer in that way should bear this in mind.

        It contains no man made chemicals and is all natural so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to all the rumoured problems with conventional deodorants.

        I started using this straight away and found it really simple to use. After having a shower I would leave my underarms slightly wet and then rub this over the skin a few times and that is it. (Sounds strange rubbing salt on yourself, like some weird fetish but I will try anything once, or twice!) I was used to using roll on deodorants so the wet feeling was just normal to me and if anything I felt wetter with the roll ons I would use than with this and it very quickly goes.

        You can wet the stick and then rub it over dry skin instead but I find my way easier, it is just the way that suits you best I guess.

        To start with I was unsure about how much to rub this on my skin as you can't tell that it is leaving a film on your skin. Obviously the more you rub the more you use so the length of time it will last goes down. I eventually found that just wiping it back and forth about ten times was more than enough.

        The other beauty with this deodorant is you can use it anywhere on your body that might get a little wiffy. Great for those with smelly feet.

        There is no sticky feeling and there are no white marks left on clothes which is great for us ladies, well and guys. Yes I said guys, the fact this deodorant has no scent to it means it is ideal for both sexes and if you are wearing light perfume or aftershave there is no deodorant scent to fight with it.

        The most important part with any deodorant has to be if it works or not. I have to say it does but not so well in the hot weather. In cool weather and when not doing huge amounts of physical activity this works so well, I was really pleased with the results. I didn't smell at all, thankfully. Then the weather warmed up and on the hotter days we have had recently I have felt let down by this deodorant slightly. I wouldn't say I stank, I probably didn't even smell but I was worried I did, so just couldn't carry on using it.

        I have now bought a Sanex deodorant, the brand I always used to wear before trying to go down a more natural route. Before rushing out and buying a new deodorant to get me through the heat I did try using more of the Crystal Spring each morning, rubbing it back and forth on my skin more but after a few days of this I knew it wasn't making a difference to its performance.

        I did go back to using this in the autumn when the heat was over as it really is a great deodorant.

        As for the value for money, that aspect is amazing!!!! My travel size stick is lasting ages! Using it every day from January till july, I only used about half of it! What, £3 for a whole years worth of deodorant? Yes!

        There are two things to be aware of with this, don't drop it on a hard surface as it will chip and then you have a sharp edge that could scratch the skin. You should leave the stick to dry after using it before you put the lid on, salt melts away if left wet without the opportunity to dry. Not big problems but things to keep in mind.

        This is a great cheap option but not really for those with an active lifestyle or in the heat. I certainly recommend trying this and even if you don't end up liking it all that much at least you would only be spending three pounds on it. Even if you only used it on your feet it is a great price and far cheaper that Scholl products.

        It would be a great option for those with allergies who cannot use conventional deodorant products.
        This surpassed my expectations and really works, just not as well as I would like.

        1 * for its natural simplicity
        1 * for not being scented and for not leaving marks on clothing
        1 * for being unisex
        1 * for being such amazingly good value
        If it worked a little better in stressful situations it would get a full five!

        Prices vary depending on where you buy from, looking on the net you can find better deals on this but be warned buying direct from Crystal Spring is surprisingly more expensive!


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          12.04.2008 16:00
          Very helpful



          This is the only deodorant I will ever use from now on

          Walk around any chemists or the personal hygiene section of any supermarket and you will find the shelves groaning under the vast range of deodorant products. Everything from roll ons to aerosols in more varieties than you can imagine. Shopping for the right product can be something of a challenge and when you have decided on the type and the brand you are then faced with a range of scents. It can be hard to choose and I found I wanted something that I liked the smell of but which wouldn't 'compete' with any fragrance I might choose to wear.

          I was therefore intrigued a few years ago when I heard about crystal deodorants and was keen to find out more about them as they were very different from most of the products you find on the shelves. I had heard about this product through various magazines and it sounded far too good to be true but I thought that the only way to find out was to buy one for myself and try it out.

          What is it?

          Basically a crystal deodorant is just a lump of crystal which you wet and then rub under your arm. It is totally odourless and it doesn't mark your clothes but a thin film of the crystal is dissolved and it stops bacteria from forming. Body odour is caused simply by the bacteria on your skin and where the bacteria form, say under your armpit, a smell arises. A crystal deodorant stops the bacteria from forming so you don't get any smell - quite simple really.

          There are lots of advantages of the crystal over traditional deodorants.
          * It is totally odourless so you don't have the problem of competing smells between your deodorant and your perfume or aftershave.
          * It doesn't stain so you can use it with confidence even if you are wearing black garments and it seems to stop any lingering smells on your clothing which can be hard to shift.
          * It last for ages, at least twelve months in daily use
          * It works
          * It doesn't contain aluminium like lots of deodorants do
          * It is not an antiperspirant so it is not preventing the body's natural mechanisms
          * Because it kills the bacteria and therefore stops the odour you don't get the smell of sweat in your clothes
          * The effects last for 24 hours so you don't need repeat applications (but you should always use it on clean skin for best effect)
          * I believe it is a much safer option than many commercial deodorants

          They do suggest you don't use it on broken skin but I find it barely stings if you use it straight after epilating and with its ability to kill bacteria it should help to prevent an infection in hair follicles. By way of a test for its antibacterial properties just after I bought my first one I used it on a cat scratch I had on the back of my hand and it reduced the reddening within a matter of hours - not very scientific I know, but nonetheless an interesting result.

          Where can you get it?

          There are quite a few brands on the market now so you will find it in some chemists and shops. I found the Crystal Spring Natural Deodorant in Holland and Barrett. It comes in a handy plastic container and you just unscrew the top and push up the crystal. A little tip here - when you have used it store it upside down so that the base of the stick is in the air - that stops any water running down and loosening the crystal in the base - it is just annoying if it works loose and falls out, you can still use it but it isn't as handy.

          What did I think of it?

          I was amazed. I found it actually worked, and not only that it worked very well indeed. Basically what it is is a lump of opaque crystal which you wet and then rub under your armpits or wherever you want to use a deodorant. You leave the area to dry and then forget it for the rest of the day. The theory is that it stops the bacteria which cause the body odour and as I discovered it does exactly that. The first few times you use it you worry but it doesn't take you long to realise that it does truly work.

          I used to cycle about 1.5 miles to work each day and even in the Summer I found I didn't get body odour so I believe I really have tested it pretty well.

          It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and doesn't contain aluminium chlorhydrate. Concerns have been expressed that the latter could be implicated in breast cancer so from my point of view I think it is safer to use than many of the other deodorants on the market.

          I know many people like to use anti-perspirants but I believe that we perspire for a reason and it does help the body to expel toxins. I have no wish to suppress that process and I think that with this product there is no need to as it gets rid of the problem of perspiration, the smell.

          The only thing that surprises me with this product is that it still hasn't come into mainstream use. I have been using mine for almost four years now and I can't imagine ever going back to other forms of deodorant. I am confident when I use it that however hot I get it won't fail me, my clothes don't get stained and the effects last for ages and ages.

          My first purchase was from an internet supplier who supplied me with a crystal about 2 inches in diameter which came without a casing of any sort. It worked very well as a deodorant but left tiny crystals wherever you put it down so worked out a bit messy in use. The I found the Crystal Spring Body Deodorant in Holland & Barrett which comes in a handy plastic container about the size of a regular deodorant and I was really impressed.

          It costs around £6 but the first one I bought lasted well over a year before I replaced it so overall I think it is cheaper than most regular deodorants and is certainly better for the environment that aerosols. They also do a handy smaller size for holidays or your handbag but frankly you won't generally need to carry it in your handbag because it works for about 24 hours after just one application.

          Would I recommend it?

          Emphatically YES. It is one of the best productsI have found. I have been using it every day for about four years now and just can't imagine going back to using anything else. I find it works really well for me, my clothes stay fresh and I don't get any unsightly stains. It is just so reliable.

          I have almost forgotten what body odour smells like - well except for when I get on a Tube train and get stuck standing next to someone who hasn't discovered this!


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          Free from: parabens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate / the chemical that has been casually linked to breast cancer /

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