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Dermadoctor Total Nonscents Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Brand: Dermadoctor / Deodorants / Type: Roll-on / Subcategory: Deodorant / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2010 11:34
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      A gentle anti-perspirant that gently solves discolouring

      I've been using this stuff for the past 5 years, and it's absolutely brilliant! Basically, if you have discoloured underarms, this product works to gently bleach it and correct the colour.

      *** My problem ***

      I used to be really scared of wearing vest tops and sleeveless tops in case I raised my arms and anyone might get a glimpse of my unsightly arm pits, but I worry no more!!! About 5 years ago, I read around on the internet trying to find solutions for my underarms, as I was sure there must be something I could do, and treatments varied wildly from rubbing lemon juice on them to using a special acid to get rid of it. I then read about this roll-on deodorant from Dermadoctor called Total Non-Scents Ultra-Gentle Brightening Antiperspirant (bit of a mouthful!), and was intrigued.

      *** Dermadoctor***

      Dermadoctor is very well known brand in the United States which sells skincare products to tackle a variety of skin ailments, and they are stocked throughout the US, and can also be found in select places abroad (I saw the range in Selfridges on London's Oxford Street).

      *** The product ***

      The Anti-Perspirant comes in a standard Dermadoctor packaging which is white with a pinky/purple lid, and is a fairly attractive looking product for your shelf. You roll it on and it's quite liquidy, but it does dry pretty rapidly. It is a very good antiperspirant (it had better be for that price!) so as well as the mildly bleaching effect, it is good in its job of keeping you less sweaty. It doesn't sting when you've shaved your underarms either, so it is indeed very gentle, as in its name.

      It does take a few months to see any results, as it is a fairly mild bleaching process, so don't expect instant miracles! I persevered and was very pleased with the results, I am no longer a freak!! (well perhaps still in other ways, but such is life)....

      Dermadoctor recommends that once your underarms are lighter in colour, you use their standard (non-brightening) version of this anti-perspirant, although to be honest, I've just used the Brightening one continuously and have not had any problems in over-bleaching. It has quite a softly sweet fragrance which is not unpleasant. When the bottle seems to be running out, I just turn it upside down and keep it like that which gets a lot more life out of it.

      *** Availability ***

      This particular product, however, is very restricted and I have not seen it for sale in the UK. The reason is the bleaching level within the product is slightly higher than allowed within the UK, therefore I can only get this product from the US. I have purchased this online from them, which can work out expensive, but if anyone I know travels to the States, I usually ask them to pick me up a couple of bottles, unless I go myself in which case I stock up! They generally stock them in Sephora stores, and some other places such as ULTA and Nordstrom. Their website lets you know exactly which retail locations in which US state stock them. If you buy online, you usually get to pick some free samples to receive, which is nice.

      *** Price ***

      Now, most importantly, the price! It retails for $28 which is approximately £18-£20 depending on the exchange rate, so it is definitely not cheap! However, if you are like me and would pay good money for good products which change your life, then it is totally worth it! Three of my close friends are now into this product upon my recommendation and have been using it for a few years also, saying how much they love it. None of us would never use anything else now....

      *** Summary ***

      A core item within my arsenal of beauty products, this little anti-perspirant does the job!


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