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Dove Deodorant Stick Sensitive

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Brand: Dove / Type: Deodorant Stick / Suitable for: Body / Dermatologically tested: yes

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2010 14:39
      Very helpful



      A good deodrant for sensative skin

      I really love Dove products especially the deodrants and this one is very good.

      The stick products are good to use because I feel that they create a nice layer of protection on my skin. With this being a Dove product it definately feels more moisturising than other deodrants and leaves my underarms feeling soft and smooth. I think this is a good deodrant to use in winter because it is not cold like spray deodrants and is a pleasure to apply.

      It is very simple to use and you just turn the bottom to make the solid cream at the top move upwards and then you just rub it over your skin using as much or as little as you like. I think it lasts a long time because you don't need to use a lot.

      I normally pay about £1.50 for this which is good value for money as it does last a long time and has plenty of cream in it.

      I choose this sensative one to try because I have sensative skin which becomes irritated easily and I find that this does feel a little bit kinder to my skin. It is not at all harsh and is very gentle and soothing even when I apply it straight after shaving and it never makes my underarms sting. It is not at all sticky and melts into my skin which feels really nice.

      The smell of this is lovely and fresh but not at all overpowering and just smells clean. When I apply it the smell lasts all day so it makes my feel confident that is working. The only downside to it is that on very hot days it doesn't offer enough protection against sweat patches but at any other time of the year it works perfectly.

      I would definately recommend this.


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      09.12.2006 10:26
      Very helpful



      A good, but imperfect stick deodorant by Dove

      Note: Since I wrote this review, I changed to using PitRok. Still, I thought those of you who like more conventional deodorants would like to read about this product.

      While I hate to think of myself as sensitive, I've found that I prefer to purchase deodorants made for sensitive skin since they're usually without sense... er, I mean scents. So when I couldn't find my usual unscented Lady Speed Stick deodorant, I picked up one of these - Dove Sensitive stick deodorant, which claimed to be both hypo-allergenic and unscented. Here's what I found.

      First of all, while this says its "fragrance free", it actually has quite a bit more perfume in it than any other deodorant I've ever purchased. I'd describe the smell as slightly peppery, almost spicy, with a dry paper-like undertone. While this was not what I was looking for, this is weak enough to not clash with my bath & shower gels. Nor does this odor seem to cling to my clothing or bra.

      As for its protection against wetness, this one comes up trumps. I live in a hot country, and in the summer, it can get downright steamy. This past summer, I noticed that while using this Dove, I never felt soaked under my pits, even when the sweat was rolling down my brow or spine. While nothing can keep you 100% dry in temperatures of 40+, it will certainly keep that part of your body as arid as possible.

      Most importantly, this will truly protect you against the stinking, which offends co-workers or fellow public transport travellers, even if the air conditioning breaks down, even under oven-like humid conditions.

      As for the sensitive bit, I really can't tell you if this is less irritating after shaving than other stick deodorants, simply because I don't shave. Please, don't be disgusted - I have so little underarm hair that it's just not worth the bother. However, I am prone to allergic (sometimes-severe) reactions to many beauty products, and I can safely say that this didn't cause me any problems at all.

      So why, didn't I give this more stars? Firstly, there's not a lot of product in this package - only 40ml (45gr or 1.6oz) in all. A recent purchase of Sure stick deodorant in the US showed they contain a full 73gr (2.6oz)! It seems to me that from all the products I've tried, Dove sticks have among the least amount of product in them (Lady Speed Stick with Aloe is 2.3oz, for instance). This means that you have to buy it more often, since it runs out faster. I figure if you're going to dish out £1.76 at Boots for something, you're going to want to get your money's worth - and unfortunately, this isn't the case. While I'm sure you can find this on offer to make it more economical, how much are you going to want to go out every 6 weeks or so to get re-stocked? If you ask me, you'll be better off finding a deodorant stick that has more inside it than Dove (or Nivea, for that matter).

      Another problem is the claim that it is "invisible". This is supposed to mean that the product won't come off on your clothes leaving white patches inside them. Not only do I get those white spots, sometimes I'll find that some of this flakes off and I'll find white bits on things! Perhaps the stuff clings to the little pit hair I have and then falls off as it dries, but still, its far from ‘invisible'.

      Regarding the packaging, the product is pushed up via a twisting action from a wheel in the bottom of the case - in case you were interested (see picture below). One problem - the lid tends to rock about on your sink top, having no flat side to it.

      Bottom line - Dove Sensitive does what it's importantly supposed to do - keep you dry and stink free. The little scent it has isn't a problem and it doesn't irritate my skin. On the down side, there's too little product inside, making it uneconomical, and does not achieve its claim of being ‘invisible'. All things considered, I'm giving it three stars, but will still recommend it - if halfheartedly so!

      Thanks for reading!

      Davida Chazan © January 2005, updated December 2006

      Technical Stuff:
      The UK Dove Web site is http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.co.uk/ but a list of items is at http://www.campaignforrealbeauty.co.uk/itemlist.asp


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        17.03.2006 07:45
        Very helpful



        Discreet deodorant which leaves no tell tale signs

        ~*WHY DID I BUY?*~

        I do like Dove products, have done for a while. Can't quite put my finger on exactly why I felt drawn to purchasing Dove Deodorant Sensitive in the first place but I never regretted it! I guess the advertising blurb about "¼ moisturising cream" got to me and I thought "That sounds like it would be nice and gentle on my skin...".

        I remember years ago, when I first started shaving under my arms, an older friend said to me that it's best to avoid using deodorants for about 24 hours after you've shaved as it would sting and could leave a rash. Back then (well over 20 years ago) deodorants weren't, I suppose, as technically advanced as they are nowadays. Anyway I heeded that well-meaning advice for quite a few years and as I'm one of those lucky people who doesn't sweat very much it was never an issue for me. I didn't have to worry about sweaty pit (sorry for sounding gross) smell coming from my person! In the last few years the summers in the UK (or London anyway) seem to have been getting hotter and longer and it's important to have a deodorant that really keeps your underarms sweat and odour free.

        This cool stick has protected me throughout the hottest stickiest days of this summer when I felt like I was going to melt in our un-air-conditioned (sorry if that's not really a word) office but I never worried about being smelly - and believe you me, there were others who did pong a bit, but nice ole me, I did my good deed for society (and for others' noses) I recommended Dove Deodorant to them (in a roundabout kind of way)!

        ~*DOES IT STING?*~

        Dove Deodorant Sensitive is the first deodorant that I've found that I can apply directly to my armpits after shaving and it doesn't sting! What a find! I was truly amazed at how nicely this well-shaped little stick of deodorant fits into the curve of my armpit and how just one swipe under each armpit works wonderfully well for me and gives ALL DAY protection. I've not once worried about how my armpits smell (or should I say, don't smell) when using this wonderful creation! I would definitely agree that it's good for sensitive skin as anything that goes on straight after shaving and doesn't sting is a miracle product as far as I'm concerned.

        ~*DOES IT PONG?*~

        This magical stick deodorant doesn't have any smell/scent/aroma that I could tell. Most deodorants leave at least some sign smell-wise. But this one really is scent-free. So people won't even know you're wearing deodorant, they'll think you just smell fresh naturally!


        By this question I mean does it leave tell-tale powdery marks on your clothes? Well, not in my experience! I would add that I only use one swipe under each armpit but if you swipe it more than a couple of times it does tend to leave some residue on your skin, which can henceforth be transferred to your clothes. But why would you want to swipe it more than once if once is all that is required to do the job it's paid for?


        Not really technical stuff - as I'm not going to give you the ingredients list... Although I would say that it contains alcohol for those that are allergic. Funny though, I thought it was the alcohol that was supposed to make these things sting and it doesn't so maybe it's a very small quantity...

        I bought my 40ml stick for just under £2 at my local Boots and found it online at auravita.com for £2.09.

        The stick is about 5 inches tall, about 2 inches wide and 1 inch at it's thickest. It fits nicely into the palm of your hand so you can get a good grip. I always leave the twist off lid on its side when using the stick as it doesn't stand up alone.

        ~*WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN?*~

        Well 100% absolutely most definitely is the answer to that one. Out of 10 I'd give it 10 as:

        a) it's scent-free
        b) it doesn't sting
        c) it dries quickly without drying your skin
        d) leaves no tell-tale signs on your clothes
        e) last for ages as you only need to swipe it once
        f) is pretty good value for money!

        What more could you want from a deodorant stick?


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