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Dove Pro age Deodorant

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9 Reviews

Brand: Dove / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    9 Reviews
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      22.04.2015 02:32
      Very helpful



      A brilliant product, but increasingly difficult to find.

      I am never sure what age you have to be to use Dove age products but as they always feel so good on my skin - I buy them anyway. This deodorant is exactly the same. I am finding it increasingly more difficult to find it in the shops, which is a great pity because it smells divine and makes me feel so good about myself. It is not a long lasting deodorant like some that are on the market, but that is OK. I am a bit too old now to want to use a product that promised me 24 hour freshness - I am a bit old fashioned and would rather shower and reapply. I just need a deodorant that smells nice in the morning and works well enough that when I am working I don't have sweat patches to put the members of the public off. The fact that this deodorant soothes my delicate underarm skin which can sometimes be a bit irritated when it is freshly shaved from said shower is a complete bonus. Yet this is what it reliably does. I think the packaging is probably a bit boring - but then maybe Dove thinks that the aging population can't cope with anything more exciting - or perhaps some marketing person somewhere has gone for a more classic feel? I guess it doesn't matter if you can hide it away in a bathroom cabinet anyway. It is a great pity that it is becoming more difficult to find this version of Dove because it truly is a great product and you don't have to be of age to enjoy its soapy fragrance that makes you feel clean.


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      19.08.2010 19:19
      Very helpful



      Nice anti perspirant.

      Oh how I love all Dove products because they are so good quality for a cheap price in my opinion and they are so soft and they smell gorgeous and this anti per spirant is super and it is a canister and I like to stay nice and fresh all day and I like products that actually work and I have been using this one for a week or so and I have am very happy with the results too and it certainly suits my skin.

      I bought it recently from Boots for £2.15 for 150ml and it is a nice slim canister with a pull off top and it smells lovely and once sprayed onto the skin it dries quite quickly and it leaves a very thin film over the skin to protect it from moisture and it has an absolutely gorgeous fragrance and smells nice and fresh.

      It gives 24 hour protection to keep you nice and dry and it contains ¼ moisturising cream and it also moisturises as it is giving protection and it leaves a barrier over the skin and I have found it does not leave any marks on my clothing with this one because of the quality of it, when I have shaved under my arms and applied this after a few hours, it has not irritated my skin or given me a rash and I normally only apply a deodorant after around 4 hours after shaving but sometimes if I am in a hurry, I have had to use a deodorant much sooner and this one has caused me no problems at all.

      Once dried I can feel it is nice and soft and my skin is nice and smooth too and the fragrance lasts a very long time, and only a small amount is needed because of the quality of it.

      The can is quite light and not too heavy as I have found with other brands and as the spray is being used the smell in the air is gorgeous.

      It is a nice design of a deodorant in my opinion, I love the burgundy colour of the can as it makes a change and it stands nicely on a bathroom shelf or in a cabinet and I love the colour of this one too, and I first thought I would try this one because it is a pro age one and since I am in my mature age, I thought it would be nicer for my skin and help it to keep softer for longer, of which it has in my opinion.

      This is an extremely beautiful deodorant and well worth every penny and it works and it also smells gorgeous too and very good value and quality for money and also good for any age in my opinion.

      I highly recommend it to anyone to try it and I give it 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        14.10.2009 13:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Sorry cannot recommend this to you

        This review is on the Dove pro-age deodorant roll on- I asked for this product to be added to Dooyoo- but my suggestion was referred back to be entered here. I wanted to write it as I wanted to warn others of a problem.

        Dove pro-age works very well as a deodorant and is applied like any other roll on. I will be truthful in saying that I have noticed no benefit with regard to the "pro-age" claims- but then having poor underarm skin has never been a problem.

        I apply every morning and I don't find I need to reapply, unless I have another shower because I am going out. I haven't had any white marks or adverse reaction to the product. The aroma I find is very pleasant, though I cannot liken the aroma to anything other than "clean".

        The roll on contains 50ml and costs £1.89 in Boots but I always buy when it is on offer so I have never paid the full price, and I wouldn't because it has a problem.

        Let me explain- when you use the deodorant and replace the cap the product always seeps out over the cap, sometimes to a not inconsiderable degree. Now I prefer roll ons that are stored so the product is draining down to the roll on, but I don't want it draining out.

        Not only is this a waste pf product, it is a pain to have to clean it off every day.

        I wrote to Dove and they are going to advise their quality control department of the problem- it wasn't just a one off it has happened four times now.

        I like Dove products but I will not be buying this again- it is more trouble than it is worth.


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          09.08.2009 19:35
          Very helpful



          A great deodorant that keeps you fresh and dry


          Imagine my annoyance when I am in Tesco to buy my usual and favourite deodorant and there is an out of stock sign where it is usually stocked. This left me with the dilemma of which deodorant to buy. I stood in the aisle looking for one which had a unique selling point but they all pretty much looked the same. The only one that really stood out was a bright red aerosol can. So yes, this was the deciding factor of which deodorant I bought... the colour of the can. See, packaging is important!

          *The Claim*

          Dove Pro Age Anti-Perspirant Deodorant claims to provide all day protection with the extra care your underarm need right now.

          *About Dove Pro Age Anti-Perspirant Deodorant*

          This deodorant will give you 24 hour protection whilst also taking care of your underarm skin. Dove Pro Age contains ¼ moisturising cream to maintain your skins resilience and help to keep it in optimal condition. When using this deodorant you can expect to be kept fresh and dry all day.


          You use this deodorant pretty much the same way that you would other. Shake the can well. This stops you from getting those horrible white marks that appear on your clothes if you spray the can without having done this. Then spray the can when you are holding the can 15 cm away from your underarm.

          As with most deodorants it is very important that you do not apply this deodorant to broken skin. This will hurt if you do!

          *Price and Availability*

          Dove Pro Age Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is widely available to buy places like Superdrug, Wilkinsons and Boots. You can also buy it from supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda. If you are somebody who prefers to buy things online, you can buy it from www.boots.com.

          You can buy this deodorant for just £1.95 which is a fair bit cheaper that a lot of deodorants that are available to buy. And as it is a very effective deodorant, I would be willing to pay more than that anyway.

          If you are not a fan of spray deodorants then you will be pleased to know that Dove Pro Age Anti Perspirant Deodorant is also available to buy in a roll on form. That way you won't miss out on this fantastic formula although I haven't tried it in the roll on form so I can't tell you whether or not it is as good as the spray.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: This deodorant is a 150ml aerosol can that is a shimmering red colour. I am sad enough for this colour to have enticed me into the purchase. Well, it goes nicely with my Arsenal themed room. The lid of this aerosol is round and it slides on and off of the can easily. It is one of the only deodorants that manages to keep its lid with me because I generally loose them where they do. The button that you press to release the deodorant impressed me significantly. This is because it has a piece of rubber that covering the plastic. This takes away any pain that you can sometimes get when you put too much pressure on your finger. This makes the motion easier and smoother.

          The smell: This deodorant has a very fresh scent about it although it is quite light and certainly not overpowering in any way. You can tell that it is a Dove product with their trade mark smell. The deodorant smells pretty much the same as its soap. It leaves you feeling confident and comfortable all day leaving you free of worrying about your body odour.

          Does it sting? No, not in the slightest. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is one of the smoothest deodorants that I have had the pleasure of using. This is probably due to its moisturising qualities.

          Does it last 24 hours? In my experience, this deodorant is very long lasting. Although if you are participating in rigorous exercise, a second spray of the deodorant would be a necessity otherwise I think you might smell a little. And we don't want that do we?

          Does it protect you with the extra care your underarm needs? I definitely think that this deodorant leaves my armpit feeling softer that other types that I have used. I have also found that since using Dove Pro Age, any spots that I used to get in the past under my arms have stopped. I presume this is down to the use of this product.

          What about the white marks that you get with some deodorants? Whilst I have been using this deodorant, not a single white mark has been found on any of my clothing. So worrying about this problem is not an issue with this deodorant.

          Longevity of the product: This deodorant will last you around just over a month depending on how often you spray is and for how long. I use an average amount once and a day this is how long it lasts me.

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          Dove Pro Age Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is a great product. I'm now pleased that my regular deodorant was unavailable to buy as it forced me out of my comfort zone with regards to deodorants and into trying something new. It is complete value for money as it not only works as a deodorant but also as a moisturiser as well. It gets my seal of approval that is for sure.


          I was very impressed with Dove Pro Age Anti Perspirant Deodorant. I wasn't too sure whether I would like it as it wasn't a planned purchase of mine and considering I decided that I wanted it because of the colour of the packaging I shouldn't really have expected too much but it fulfilled all of my expectations. I was kept dry and clean all day long which is what is most important when it comes to a deodorant.


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            23.06.2009 00:25
            Very helpful



            Not the best Dove product I've ever used!

            I own so many deodorants! I'm not even a smelly person (honest) but I am a hygiene freak and so I own many different types and brands of antiperspirant. My favorite is one that I can spray on me and I do love the Dove brand (as a rule) so when I saw this in my local Sainsbury's Store priced £1.89 a can (do look out for this on offer though) I thought I really must try it out!

            The Packaging....

            150ml burgundy long cylinder can with matching push on/off lid/cap over an integrated large push button aerosol sprayer. I'm told of the front of the can of course that it is Dove (silver Dove emblem is on there which is the branding of course), Pro.Age Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 'All day protection with the extra care your underarm skin needs right now' and I'm told this will keep me fresh for 24hours and contains moisturising cream. On the back of the can I'm told a bit about the product, how to use it, warnings are listed as are the ingredients, contact details for Unilever are given (the manufacturer of all Dove products), the size is stated as is the recycle symbol and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice, mature and easy to use can this is and I like the way it has a slight dent to the middle of it which makes it easy to grip hold of and spray away!

            A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Can....

            Why Dove Make This Product....

            To give 24h protection, of course. But it's also made to take care of underarm skin, which just like the skin on the rest of your body now needs extra care.

            How It Works....

            It contains 1/4 moisturising cream to maintain your skin's resilience and to help keep it in optimal condition

            What You Can Expect....

            It not only keeps you fresh and dry all day, but also gives you the extra care your underarm skin needs right now.

            Directions For Use....

            Shake well. Hold can 15cm from the underarm and spray.

            Me Using It....

            Because the spray button is large and the can is slightly dented (as I mentioned already) it's really easy to direct this fine mist of spray to your underarms with ease.

            Smell wise to me it's like a cotton fresh sort of smell. Sort of lightly floral but fresh and natural smelling really. Once sprayed on the smell does stay delicately on your under arms for a good couple of hours but even when the smell isn't so apparent it just quietly works in the background.

            However I find that if I'm not careful this does spray on and go to white powder and it crumbles and flakes. I can avoid this by really spraying a small amount to the area and from a long distance and it's fine. However on more than a couple of occasions I have sprayed this on and then had to 'dust' my armpits with my hands and this then does transfer on to clothes still and stuff.

            Yes my armpits do feel very soft and supple with this on. It delivers a slight hydration to the area without grease. Yes it smells nice in it's own way and more importantly yes it works really very well. Even though I don't like the white powder residue (if as I said I'm not careful applying it!) not once has my armpits felt greasy or smelling or anything else but pleasant and fresh and I can vouch for the fact it has worked for well over 24 hours on me (out partying!).


            Soft, mild and gentle, you can spray this immediately after shaving if you want to with no nasty effects. However this is really not for me. The smell isn't as nice as it could be (I'm 34 years old and find this a little on the old fashioned side to be honest with you) but the white marks appearing on my clothes don't also look unsightly when done they are really hard to get washed out and have stained a couple of my black items of clothing! For me this is a no no on them grounds sadly and I'm not one bit impressed with this product!

            Available in all good supermarkets and chemists etc.


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              29.03.2008 11:18
              Very helpful



              Pleasant product but not a reliable 24 hour deodorant.

              Dove Pro Age anti-perspirant deodorant is supposed to give all day protection and keep the under arm area soft and supple. It contains Dove moisturising cream and is alcohol free and costs around £1.89.

              The 'pro age' range was introduced by Dove to appeal to ladies of a certain age. The packaging is a quite plain but striking burgundy-pink colour and very distinctive. In general the range which includes shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body was and deodorant is excellent quality and lives up to what the Dove brand name would lead you to believe.

              However, this particular product is not quite up to the same high standard as the others in the range. I don't find that it gives me 24 hour protection. I always need to reapply. I don't have complete confidence in the product and I think that this could be because the fragrance fades quite quickly. The perfume is pleasant and it's a kind of soft, powdery, floral scent, but after a few hours it seems to be barely noticeable.

              This product contains 25% moisturising cream and it does leave the under arm area feeling soft and smooth, so I am more than happy with it from this point of view. According to the wording on the can it keeps you fresh and dry all day but I didn't find it reliable which is a pity because it's an excellent product in other ways. The scent is very pleasant and the moisturisers live up to the Dove promise and work very well.

              Although this product comes in an aerosol can with the usual butane and isobutene gases, it is completely recyclable.

              Overall, I did like this product but I use another deodorant such as 'Natural' if I am going to be out all day and want to make 100% sure that I have full deodorant protection.


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                21.03.2008 20:54
                Very helpful



                It's for the mature woman who knows exactly what she wants.

                Celebrating Your Personal Beauty.

                I haven't written a beauty review for over a year now, possibly as I always find it hard to "gush" about beauty products in general. That doesn't mean I care less about my appearance, but it does mean that if I write a review about a product, then I want to be able to back it up 100%. Naturally different women (and men), have different needs and that reflects in the products they buy. I find that Dove is mainly a women's brand, so I will refer to women in general in my review.

                ~The ages of beauty~

                I am sure there is a guide somewhere about the needs for various age groups, though it's merely a guideline. To me there are stages that stand out as meaningful in the general sense only.

                Twenty to thirty.
                The 40's.
                The Twilight years.

                As we grow older our skin changes and with it we need to use different types of products. Personally I tried to hold back on using anything on my skin for as long as possible. In my own experience the more people use beauty products the more they need to carry on doing so. However, I was lucky to have good skin so it didn't bother me much until I was coming up to forties. Then, as now, I always used the best deodorant I could find. But times changed and with the menopause my once near-perfect skin became dry and irritated.

                ~~ Exploding the myths around Menopause. ~~

                I think it's a word every women dreads and when the first symptoms appear the initial response is to feel that from now on it's a long skid down to wrinkles and old age.
                There's a word I'd like to say, but can't use in a review...just think of "oh bother".
                Menopause is NOT the end of the world. It does cause problems, yes, and some of the solutions are as bad as the problems. I started mine very early. I was just forty, at least ten years younger than the average age for the onset of menopause. Suddenly my body went haywire and within three years, despite using HRT, my periods stopped altogether. I had gone through the menopause so quickly that I had to get used to my body changes quickly.

                Be reassured though, mine was highly unusual. Generally the approach to menopause takes a long time and continues gradually over ten to fifteen years. The biggest problem I faced was hot flushes and increased perspiration. I spent years finding an adequate deodorant only to undergo another change. By now I was suffering hair loss all over my body and dry skin alternating with greasy skin. What on earth could I do?

                ~~Anti-Perspirants and deodorants.~~

                Name me a women who can choose one of these and find it suits hers needs straight away and I'll stop writing reviews altogether! No woman wants to smell of sweat so the choice is usually made over a period of time.
                As a woman's body ages then her hormones change also, leading to problems with every part of her body. Feeling confidant is now imperative and the choice of deodorant, anti-Perspirant etc is even more important than ever.
                Finding Dove pro-age was the best thing to happen to me in years. I'd struggled on with my usual brand of Deodorant only to find that it was bringing the skin under my arms out in a rash. I'd then lost about 50% of my body hair, I hasten to add that this was mainly due to a thyroid condition, though hair loss can be common in menopausal women.

                ~~ Presentation. ~~

                All the pro-age range is in a distinctive colour of metallic red. The Dove logo is in white lettering with the words pro-age in gold. Although I have bought this for some time now, it still has the word "New" on all its products.
                There is little other information on the Roll-on anti-perspirant./deodorant. The active ingredients are as follows:-

                · Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly (14.8%) W/W
                · Reduces perspiration and kills bacteria that produces odour
                · Sunflower seed oil (0.5%) provides essential nutrients and soothes delicate skin with moisturizing care
                your result
                24-hour protection from wetness and odour for soft, smooth underarm skin.
                This is taken directly from the website as its not clear on the bottle.

                One thing I did notice was the absence of any alcohol in the product. This is a prime ingredient in many skin products and perfumes. It can irritate skin, so always look out for this.

                ~~ Product ~~

                The top of this roll-on Deodorant is larger than the norm. I find this is better for me as it's easier to just smooth over my underarms once, then let it dry and add another coat. One is adequate, but I feel better with two applications.
                The scent is pleasant, though hard to describe. Rather like a mild soap, I would say. The dual action of both anti-perspirant and deodorant is extremely effective, lasting up to twelve hours. The words say 24 hours, but I haven't put this to the test. I'm afraid that my partying days are long gone.
                Unlike some products, this rolls on and dries quickly, allowing you to get on with your day. Since is also helps to moisturise the skin, I feel quite confident in using this in other places.
                Underneath the breasts and behind the knees. (Well where did you think I meant?)

                ~~ Summary~~

                I love this product. On the rare occasions that I need to shave under my arms it's mild and gentle. It keeps my skin supple, but does its job and leaves me feeling confidant all day long.
                I am less active than a younger woman, but it stands the test of playing with my nearly three-year-old grandson. I do have some mobility problems so a brisk walk is out of the question. I do walk long distances though and my Dove deodorant copes with that.
                It also copes with my nerves when I have to do things that I'm not confidant about anymore. Since taking very early retirement I am not comfortable meeting people so it's really important that all my beauty products stand up to the test.
                The only gripe that I have is that the pro-age products are aimed at the over-fifties. Sure, I think it's wonderful that finally we are recognised as still being attractive, there are women that look wonderful at any age. I also think the motto, to celebrate your personal beauty, is uplifting. It's just that the website is so good with its information, but puts the Menopause along with it's 50+ range.
                Apart from that I love everything about it. It's not a cheap product at around £2 or a little less. It does last about a month to six weeks though, depending on your level of activity.
                Finally, I agree with the aims of Dove's 50+ plus range. It doesn't offer wonderful results throughout its extensive range. There are no miracles. Just a range of products that are designed for mature women who still dare to bare all.

                ©Lisa Fuller March 2008.


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                  14.01.2008 22:07
                  Very helpful



                  A great deodorant that does the job!

                  Now I am an old lady of 53 I thought I would try some of the Dove Pro Age range and I decided to start with the anti perspirant deodorant.

                  I will just say that I don't really think of myself as old although after a period of less than decent health brought about by the stress of being a carer I have to say I do feel old at the moment!

                  Anyway back to the deodorant.

                  The Dove Pro Age range is easy to spot as the packaging throughout the entire range is a deep pinky red in colour and the deodorant is no exception.

                  I chose the roll on as it is the type of deodorant I usually use anyway and it was on offer - buy one get one free - at Boots at the time. You know me I can't resist a BOGOF!! The cost is normally about £2 per deodorant.

                  The 50ml roll on looks exactly the same as the standard Dove roll on deodorant in shape and size, the only difference being the colour of the packaging.

                  The front just has a label with the Dove logo of the word Dove and the white dove flying beneath. The wording then just says 'Pro Age, anti perspirant, anti transpirant deodorant moisturising cream 24h 0% alcohol' and that's it. The label on the back just gives a list of ingredients. So no extra useless information here then!

                  I have looked at the web site at http://www.doveproage.com/ to see if I could find out any further information about the deodorant and to find out what anti transpirant means!

                  A word of caution here don't bother filling in the form to receive a free sample as the 'state' box is mandatory and it is drop down and only US states so no freebies in the UK then.

                  The information on the web site informs me that the condition of my skin is changing over time and this includes my underarms. Well, fancy that, I had never noticed but then I don't inspect my underarms on a regular basis!

                  As usual with Dove products this contains 25% moisturiser and this also has sunflower oil to nourish aging skin and help to maintain its resiliency so it will make my underarms softer and smoother. The deodorant has 24 hour protection so that I will remain dry and sweet smelling all day. No mention of what anti transpirant means though.

                  So what we now need to know is what the deodorant is actually like.

                  Well it smells good but I am afraid I am hopeless at describing smells in words! The best I can do is to say that it is light and sweet smelling but not over powering.

                  The most important thing about it is that it works! At least it keeps me dry and free of any sweaty smells all day. Now whether it makes my underarms softer and smoother is anyone's guess! It isn't really something that I find it easy to measure.

                  What I do know is that Dove Pro Age deodorant works and it works well so that will do for me!


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                    15.06.2007 18:07
                    Very helpful



                    A new deodorant from Dove

                    Ok hands up who has an annoying sibling! I have and its my younger sister, there is 4 years between us and she likes to remind me on every occasion. To date she has bought me anti ageing creams, old peoples vitamins and now she has bought me this deodorant. Apparently my underarms are looking a bit old now (along with everything else!) and she thought it would be really funny to buy it for me. To be honest if she carries on she will not be seeing old age but as I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (or a old hag in her case!) I decided to give it a go.

                    PRODUCT HISTORY

                    Dove is a Unilever product and was first launched in America in the 1950’s it started with the cleansing bar that was actually developed to treat burn victims during the war. It wasn’t released as a beauty bar until 1957 when it was reformulated and renamed the “Original Dove Beauty bar”. This soap was aimed at people for dry and sensitive skin, and in 1970 was tested by dermatologists which proved it was milder than 17 of the leading soaps at the time.
                    Dove came to the UK 12 years ago and became famous for its bath time products and body washes. In 2000 dove started branching out into to deodorants, hair care and body moisturisers, in 2004 came the firming range (and not a moment to soon for me anyway!) Dove is now running the campaign for real beauty, let’s be honest you must have been living on the moon if you haven’t seen the adverts basically they are using real women of all shapes and sizes for their advertising instead of stick thin models.


                    This is the 150ml spray one in the range and Dove seem to have moved away from the usual blue and white colour that you normally associate with them and this product is maroon with the Dove logo and the pro age name coloured gold, all the writing is in white. The plastic cap is also maroon and the spray bit is the usual one you would find on these deodorants, it also states that it is an anti-perspirant deodorant with 0% alcohol and moisturising cream.

                    PRODUCT STATEMENT

                    Apparently Dove made this product to give us lucky people 24-hour protection but also to take care of our underarm skin, which like the skin on the rest of our body and now needs extra care. It contains ¼ moisturising cream to maintain the skins resilience and to keep it in top condition.


                    Ok now the tricky bit describing the smell because to be honest I can’t really, it doesn’t smell anything like the usual Dove products but more floral and powdery and that’s about as close as I can get! The scent is ok but maybe a bit to floral for me. It is very easy to spray and comes out in nice big bursts; the one thing I have noticed is that I have had no white marks as yet.
                    Now the big problem with deodorant for me is I need to have a very good one, not that I am especially sweaty but my job demands a deodorant that works hard. You see during the week I work in an office, which in itself is not unusual, but my desk is under a glass roof and we have no air conditioning! Last summer the temperature hit over 100 degrees! And then on a Saturday I am a carer so I am usually running around in and out of clients houses who usually have their heating on even in the hot weather! So as you can see I need a deodorant that will not let me down. Usually I use Sure which has served me well and I like the fact that during the day I can still slightly smell the scent (not that I am in to armpit sniffing!) So I was interested to see if this one was just as good and I can say that it isn’t bad but not as good as Sure I am afraid. I can say that I haven’t had any sweaty out bursts but the scent doesn’t linger so halfway through the day you can’t really smell anything which is a bit of a disappointment really. As for the moisturising bit well I can’t say my armpits feel any softer but then I haven’t really had much dry skin there lately I have noticed that after shaving my underarms they do not feel dry so maybe there has been a slight improvement. So all in all I can’t really say this is the best one I have tried and will go back to my Sure range after I have finished this one.

                    PRICE & RANGE

                    Dove pro-age spray anti perspirant/ deodorant… £1.95

                    Dove pro-age roll on deodorant 50ml …£1.69

                    There is also a wide range of other pro-age products, including hair care, body care & bath care.


                    Butane, isobutene, propane, aluminium chlorohydrate, PPG-14 butyl ether, cyclomethicone, parfum, disteardimonium hectorite, helianthus annuus, C12-15 alkyl benzroate, octyldodecanol, BHT, dimethiconol, propylene carbonate, benzyl alcohol, limonene.

                    These contain fragrance, but they also contain chemical compounds that block the pores to stop the discharge of perspiration, no sweat, no odour.

                    This allows the release of perspiration, but prevents odour by combating it with antiseptic agents, which kill odour-causing bacteria.

                    So my sisters latest mickey take backfired because I did use this product but to be honest I will not be going out and buying it myself, as I have said I like a stronger scent that lasts through the day but on the other hand it did work and I didn’t have any sweaty moments so you may be happy with it’s performance. As for the making my armpits in optimal condition to be honest it’s not that high on my list of things to improve about myself! I will get my own back on my sister but to be honest if she keeps on buying me all these products I will just go along with her I mean it’s her money and if I keep using all these anti-ageing things I will start to look even younger than her!!!

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