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FCUK Moisture Mist Body Spray 2

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Brand: Fcuk / Type: Body Spray / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    2 Reviews
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      10.04.2009 22:54
      Very helpful



      Reliable body spray that can even double up as a light deodorant

      The body spray that I am reviewing here is the FCUK Cool Down body spray. I know that technically this review should refer to the Moisture Mist body spray but seeing as the previous review related to Cool Down spray, it makes sense to post it here too.

      I have two cans of this body spray at home and sometimes use it as an alternative to Impulse body spray. Although Impulse tends to smell much nicer on the whole, my main gripe is that it soon wears off. How does this body spray measure up in comparison?

      How Does It Smell?
      According to the packaging on the can, this contains Fennel extract. I'm not exactly sure what Fennel extract smells like, but this body spray has a nice smell that reminds me a bit of scented deodorants. It has a nice 'clean' type of smell, which is quite strong if you are going to be spraying it liberally. I can smell a bit of musk, but this isn't an overpowering smell.

      Does It Give Results?
      Although this is technically a body spray, I tend to use as more of a light deodorant. For days when I am not going to be leaving the house and do not need one of my ultra strong deodorants, this gives adequate protection and actually stops me sweating even though this isn't really its job. If you only spray it in a certain area (such as under your armpits), you can't really smell it after a bit. However, if you spray it all over, you will quickly notice quite a strong deodorant-type spray. It feels heavier and not as light as body sprays like Impulse, but it gives a cool and refreshing sensation when you spray it onto your skin. This makes sense when you consider that the product is called "Cool Down"!

      How Long Does It Last?
      I don't use this every day as I alternate with Impulse and other body sprays. On average, I would say that I use it three to four times a week. I have had it for six months now and have not even used a full can yet so I consider this to be excellent value for money. Being an FCUK body spray, I would imagine that this is more expensive than your typical body spray. I received my two cans as a birthday gift last year so I am not sure about the actual cost. I searched the FCUK website and I can't find a price. However, it has been lasting me a long time so it is good value for money if you are prepared to spend a bit extra for a product that doesn't need replacing a month later (which is often the case with Impulse body sprays for me!).


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        16.09.2008 17:40
        Very helpful



        Fcuk it I can't stop buying it! A sexy lasses deadly weapon!

        Firstly I must before I start my review point one thing out to you. The photograph at the top of this review is slightly wrong for the product I am reviewing. I am not reviewing the 'moisture mist' body spray, I am actually reviewing the 'cool down' one. Both are number 2 in the Fcuk range which means my request for another link will not go through so I'm putting here. Along with that I'm not sure if the product I am reviewing is replacing this one or not! Now that's cleared up... lol

        After buying some really nice Fcuk products in the past in Boots when I saw this on offer in I had to try it. I love body sprays, particularly not huge one's so I can carry them around with me for a quick freshen up on the go. I guess I'm a bit paranoid as I'm smoker lol I also like this cos I could also purchase the matching antiperspirant spray if I wanted to (I did want to lol).

        The Packaging...

        Light pink 100ml aluminium aerosol spray can (the same as on the review photograph). The pull on/off lid goes over the matching plastic sprayer. All the writing on can is all the same colour (pink) which gives this a really stylish look. I'm told on the front it is 'cool Down Fcuk Body Spray, Eau De Fcuk 2' and is a 100ml in size. On the back I'm told about the product, directions for use, cautions, ingredients, size (as I've stated already) and told to recycle after use and contact details for Fcuk then finally there is a white bar code.

        About The Product....

        'Cool down with a generous spritz of this deodorising body spray. It contains Mallow extract and Panthenol to help soften skin, leaving you refreshed, sexy and ready for action'.


        Shake can well before use. Hold can upright. Spray 15-20cm away from body to leave skin feeling cool and fresh.

        Using It....

        Oh the smell is lush! It smells really clean, bright and fresh. A little soapy, tiny bit floral and not one bit fruity. It's sexy in a light way with a hint of musk and it isn't take your breath away intoxicating or heavy It's really pretty and delicate whilst still being calm and smelling mature and elegant!

        It sprays out as a fine mist and it isn't wet. I of course do follow the instructions and don't spray it too close so I do manage to get a mist but it goes on cooling and not freezing and you can barely feeling it going on the skin and you can't see it.

        I do also feel that it is very skin softening. Now this surprised me a lot because a lot of sprays claim to to do this and quite frankly they do nothing for me but after spraying myself with this I've noticed that for the time this is on my skin and smelling fragrant my skin is softer but it isn't a treatment and these results are temporary so re spray and the skin softening starts again type of thing. It certainly on my skin doesn't dry it out or make me sticky. I can spray and forget it's on.

        The smell of this lingers on the skin for a couple for of hours which for a body spray isn't bad in my opinion. It doesn't transfer on to clothes as it's a mist though the smell of course, does so be careful who your cuddling up to!

        The very nice thing about this is that because the fragrance is so delicate there is no problem with layering other scents with it. Of course there is no reason why you couldn't use this as you would a perfume if you chose to just be aware you may need to top up regular but I feel this would be nice to wear on a summers evening as it is deodorising and we all know that when it's hot outside and the sun is shining our perfumes can start to smell a little odd so this is an ideal solution and this with this action helps us to stay fresh! Of course though you can use this with deodorant's and perfumes of your choice and you won't get too many fragrances going on and becoming to stinky! I use this in conjunction with many different perfumes etc and I find it just all blends in very well.


        From the lovely packaging to the nice smell I love this product. It smells expensive and is a very well blended product. For a cooling spray, one that softens skin, deodorises you and smells so lovely and girly it's worth it's price tag and weight in gold. Lovely for a treat and looks nice when you whip it out say in a gym or store it in a bathroom! Girly, delicious and oh so seductive! Really...

        I paid £3.95 for my tin in Boot's.


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      • Product Details

        Spritz on this non-greasy moisture mist containing antioxidant grapeseed / Rich in vitamin E and almond oil to help condition skin and restore natural moisture levels / Fragranced with the vibrant citrus scent of eau de fcuk 2 /

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