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Forever Living Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant

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7 Reviews

Brand: Forever Living / Type: Deodorant Stick / Subcategory: Deodorant / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Protects

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    7 Reviews
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      21.02.2014 20:07
      Very helpful



      worth buying

      I purchased this as I was looking for a deodorant that was better for me, I had previously tried the body shop roll on but I felt that left my skin feeling a bit wet .

      **The company**
      Forever living sell a lot of natural products including lip balms,skincare,hair care and they also do a detox program.This was the third product I had tried from the company and my experiences have been good.

      propylene glycol, water(aqua),sodium stearate,aloe barbadenis leaf juice,aloe vera gel,fragrance(parfum),triclosan

      **My opinion**
      I think this is one of the best deodorants I have ever used.Its easy to use as you just twist the bottom. The smell is nice- very natural and fresh. It lasts all day and I have found the coverage to be great even after I have been to the gym.Its a little less convenient than a spray on but I just tend to put this on before I get dressed and problem solved. This has never stained any of my clothes and I really like the fact that the ingredient list is very small- 6 things.It hasn't caused me to come out in a rash and the smell also works well with any perfume that I have sprayed over it.

      **Price and where to buy**
      This can be bought from https://www.foreverliving.com ,amazon or an Forever aloe agent and costs around £7

      Overall I think that this has worked out as a fantastic purchase. It does the job and when I think I have been using it for 6/7 months the price isn't that bad. The only thing I would say its not the best size to take in a suitcase if you only have hand luggage but apart from that.


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      14.02.2012 22:20
      Very helpful



      An effective deodorant that is safe and gentle on the skin

      Forever Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick (92.1g)

      ~~~The Company~~~

      Forever are a company founded by one man called Rex Maughan in 1978, he began in Arizona and the company is now an international supplier of health products ranging from personal care to slimming aids to make-up. All the products are Kosher approved as well as not tested on animals. He has millions of distributors and serves over 100 countries.

      ~~~The Product~~~

      After having problems with constant boils/cysts on my armpits as well as reading some articles about the possible link between breast cancer and the use of deodorants containing aluminium based compounds I looked for a product which was safer to use than the normal deodorant sticks, roll on or aerosols. Forever Aloe Ever-Shield was recommended to me by a friend.
      Forever do not use the aluminium based compounds in their deodorant stick unlike many other deodorant manufacturers. My sister in law had been a distributor for these products for many years but I not used them due to how expensive they were but luckily she had some in stock and I began to use it as an alternative to my normal aerosol deodorant.
      The stick contains just 6 ingredients of which 3 are water, aloe gel and fragrance. The stick is unlike any other deodorant I have used as it is like one of those push up ice lollies. Remove the cap, then twist a wheel at the bottom to push the stick up far enough to use them rewind to lower the stick back into the base. Applying is easy as you just rub the stick over your underarm, then you are done. It has a slightly greasy feel to it and a wonderfully fresh fragrance. The colour is white but nearly translucent. Unlike roll on or aerosol deodorant you cannot necessarily feel that you have applied it so I use a mirror to make sure I have covered the whole of the underarm. It doesn't leave you with wet or powdery underarms; just nice smelling skin. I have not noticed any staining of my clothes from the stick and it does appear to last all day as advertised.

      ~~~My opinion~~~

      This deodorant is now a firm favourite with me. Although expensive it has lasted for months and will stay fresh if the lid is kept on when not in use. I don't get any breakthrough sweating or odour from under my arms and my clothes don't stain. Obviously it's a little more hassle to use than a normal deodorant which you simply take the lid off but I think for the peace of mind that this brings it is well worth it.
      Available from distributors or direct from their website

      for around £6


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      20.07.2011 21:42



      I'm converted and can't imagine using anything else!

      I reach for this every morning after bathing. It has a light, pleasant fragrance which is neither masculine nor feminine and is very easy to use. I am totally shocked by how long this product has lasted! I purchased it over twelve months ago at a Forever Living Aloe party more out of politeness than anything, not really expecting it to be anything other than a basic deodorant, but I was wrong! It's much better than anything else I have ever used. I previously used popular brands in aerosol spray cans which I often choked on if I stayed in the bathroom for too long. I never used to like the roll on type of deodorant either, as I found them to be too sticky or I sometimes accidentally put too much on which was then difficult to remove. So at first I was unsure about this product, as it seemed similar to a roll on, but it really isn't! It's easy to use wind up mechanism means that you can adjust the amount of visible deodorant according to your own needs. It glides on nicely, does not leave any residue on your skin or clothes and in my opinion is excellent value for money. When this one finally runs out I'll be buying another!


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      12.04.2011 09:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A healthy and reasonably priced alternative to the every day deodorant.

      Forever living is a company that was born in Arizona back in 1978 and sells pure products to enhance your well being using Aloe Vera the main ingredient. The company works on the philosophy that Nature Knows Best. Their products are inspired by nature and their creations include lotions and potions for the body, as well as drink and food to promote a healthy body inside and out.

      When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, the doctors told her about the Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant. She'd had her lymph nodes removed which are needed to remove toxins from the blood and without them, she now needed to reduce the amount of toxins that she was applying to her body through deodorants.

      Unfortunately Aluminium, zirconium and parabens are found in most deodorants and antiperspirants and their presence in the body has also been linked to Breast Cancer. This deodorant is free from all of those things and was therefore recommended as a much healthier alternative.

      When she got home from the hospital, she immediately ordered the product and got one for me too. As I am constantly using the chemical rich varieties on the market, my mother naturally handed me one and told me that I had to use it instead. The Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant is one of Forever Livings best selling products.

      According to the information on the product label, this deodorant will give you effective protection against underarm odour and will leave you feeling fresh and clean all day. The deodorant promises to be gentle on even sensitive skin, will never stain your clothes and will keep you smelling clean all day.

      The deodorant comes in the form of a stick and is one of the largest stick deodorant I've seen. It comes in a pure white packaging and you twist the bottom of the tube to move the deodorant higher in the simple way that you would use a glue stick.

      Its scent is fresh and slightly herbal. It feels cool on the skin when you apply it which is really nice on a hot day. It leaves your skin feeling sticky and slightly greasy when you first apply it, but I find this is the case with most deodorant sticks. It glides on easily as the stick is silky and smooth and so doesn't pull the skin at all.

      The product contains only natural ingredients including Aloe Vera gel. It is soothing and gentle on the skin and even when used immediately after shaving, it still doesn't sting at all. It costs around £5 and will you get 92.1 grams of the product which will last you a very long time. It can be bought from a few online websites.

      This deodorant really does keep you smelling fresh all day and gives you a nice clean feeling. However, as this is only a deodorant, is does nothing to stop you sweating as it is not an antiperspirant. Unfortunately, as I am a complete Sweaty Betty, I need to use an antiperspirant as smelling clean is not enough for me.

      This is not necessarily a negative to the product as it doesn't claim to be an antiperspirant. It serves the purpose for my mother and I use it whenever possible instead of my normal antiperspirant.


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        20.08.2009 11:35
        Very helpful



        I love this deoderant and recommend it to everyone!

        A few years ago my mother became a distributor for Forever Living Aloe products and began raving about how amazing they are... I must admit I was sceptical and shunned the whole thing, rolling my eyes when she suggested aloe for this or that ailment...

        I then started getting very itchy underarms after using spray deoderants and after trying various brands and the stinging and itchyness not getting any better I succummed to my mum's pestering about trying the Forever Living Aloe Ever-Sheild Deoderant. And I was a convert!

        As soon as I applied the stick I felt a cooling sensation and the itchyness stopped almost immediately. Within 2 days of using the product, the itchyness and redness had all but disappeared - I was no longer sore and the relief was amazing!

        Aloe Ever-Sheild isn't an anti-persperant so it doesn't stop sweating, but it does stop the smell and the uncomfortableness of damp underarms seems to be a thing of the past for me too...

        The fragrance is lovely - very clean smelling - I love it and it contains no harmful aluminium salts which I've heard can cause cancer in some cases, so it's a very natural deoderant which has become very important to me...

        I use it for other things too! For example I was on holiday a few weeks ago and got bitten by a midge, which was very itchy as you can imagine. I had none of my usual aloe products with me to deal with it, apart from the Aloe Ever-Sheild deoderant so I rubbed some of it on the affected area and the itching stopped! I've also used it on heat rash, both on myself, my partner and my young son.

        We all use Forever Living Aloe Ever-Sheild now and the sticks last for months so don't let the price of £5.15 put you off, I have been using my stick for 6 months and it still hasn't run out, so I think it's far more economical in the long run.


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        25.04.2007 19:06
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth giving a whirl

        I have had this product on my bathroom shelf for the last 8 months but have only been using it since December last year.

        I was sceptical when the woman down the road invited me to an 'Aloe Vera' party but thought I'd go along as it might be a bit of a laugh and a good get together with the neighbours.

        Once there I was introduced to the world of Forever Living. Who are they? Well I had the same question as I hadn't a scooby of who or what they were.

        At the party you are taken through who the company are and the benefits of Aloe Vera. I'll go through who the company actually are before moving onto the product and Aloe Vera.

        Forever Living

        FLP (Forever Living Products) are based in Arizona and they claim to be the largest grower of Aloe Vera along with being the largest producer and distributer of Aloe Vera products.

        Rex Maughan is the founder of the company, which was apparently founded in 1978. He extols the virtues of Aloe Vera and the company produces a wide range of gel drinks, cosmetics, face creams, shampoos, toothpastes and household goods.

        As far as I understand the products are marketed through television mail order, internet and through the parties.

        Aloe Vera

        Aloe Vera has been used in skin creams for years and for thousands of years we have used it in it's purest form to help skin problems but I have found out that it has other properties too.

        Drinking Aloe gel can help digestion and it is claimed it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Certainly the rep at the party was keen to go on about it's healing powers.

        Well this certainly convinced me and after a few testers of different products I was soon writing on my order form and getting out my by now exhausted credit and switch cards.

        The Product

        I bought several products at the party and will review each in other reviews. One of the products I bought was the Ever Shield Deodorant Stick.

        I have problems when buying a deodorant as I do sweat and I also have sensitive skin. Sure is a no no with me so I really only ever get on with Dove or Nivea but using these twice a day I end up buying them a couple of times a month.


        There is no box. When I received my parcel it was all sealed in a pretty bag with the Forever Living logo on the side. Delving in I came up with the Deodorant.

        The tube (if you can call it that) is kind of a flat oval shape about 10 inches high. There is the hygiene seal around the top of the product to show it hasn't been tampered with.

        The Forever Living logo is in gold with the name of the product underneath.

        It has a twister at the bottom so that as you twist the deodorant stick will appear above the lip at the top ready for use.

        The deodorant has no smell and it's not an antiperspirant. I twisted the stick up and smoothed a little on my hand. It had a nice texture and glided easily. I couldn't wait to try it out but as I am a stickler for finishing one product before trying another then I had to wait.


        This product will not stain clothing. It contains no aluminum salts (I'd read somewhere that these could cause cancer!) and can be used after shaving and waxing.

        It's natural and fresh scented and will keep you fresh all day long.

        Hmmmm - not convinced about this let's find out how it fared with me.


        After finishing my normal Dove deodorant I decided I'd move onto the Ever Shield. I'd been in the shower and had shaved under my arms. As I have sensitive skin this is always an ordeal for me as the hairs sometimes have a tendency to grow inwards too so my armpits can feel like they're on fire!

        I smoothed on the deodorant and was immediately struck by the cooling almost soothing sensation. Almost like I was rubbing on a moisturiser. It was completely dry too so I didn't have to wait to put my clothes on.

        The first few days I found that I sweated a little more than I would normally but as this isn't an antiperspirant that is normal as it doesn't block sweat. What I did notice was the absence of smell. Sometimes at the end of the day you can smell your deodorant (or at least I can - maybe I'm abnormal?!?!) but with this I couldn't smell anything - not even a whiff of BO.

        I continued to use it - shaving under my arms every other day - and noticed that I was starting to sweat less. This is because my body had started to get used to the way this product works.

        At the end of the first week I noticed that the dry patches under my arms had disappeared and they were nicely smooth. The red blobs where I had shaved (which normally appear) were also absent and I didn't experience any stinging after shaving.

        Now nearly 6 months on and I have used this product every day - not even halfway down it yet. My underarms have never looked or felt so good.

        A big plus with me - I wear a lot of dark colours and with other deodorants I used to end up with white lines where I'd pulled on a Jumper or something but with this product I don't get that anymore. It really doesn't stain your clothes.


        God yes. I only need to use once a day, no stinging, keeps me fresh and my underarms are smooth and look great.

        Price & Availability

        I paid £5.25 for 3.5 fl oz of product, which considering the length of usage I am experiencing is extremely excellent value for money.

        It is available to buy through

        Or find out who's having a party - I couldn't actually find any details on this at all on the website so not sure how this is organised.


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          29.03.2007 12:14



          A great product well worth a try

          I had heard the rumours about the possible link of breast cancer to aluminum salts, but as a man didn't take much notice. Then I heard it can affect us as well! The jury seems to be out on whether aluminium salts actually cause breast cancer, but another worry is Alzheimer's. A link here has been shown.

          Anyway, why take the risk when there is an alternative that is safe?

          The main difference is that this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. So it doesn't block the sweat glands and until my body adjusted I would say that I sweated more. However the odour was eliminated effectively.

          The product is a solid stick of deodorant and the first one lasted me 6 months! My wife likes it because she can put it on straight after shaving and it leaves her armpits lovely and soft and smooth.


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      • Product Details

        A stick deodorant is a lightly fragrant stick,whose natural properties give all day protection without staining clothers in the process / Contains no harm alumiuium salts /