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Garnier Invisi Mineral Dry Protect Deodorant

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3 Reviews
  • Does not leave marks on clothes
  • Refreshing scent
  • Not available in Boots
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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2016 17:33
      Very helpful


      • "Does not leave marks on clothes"
      • "Soothes the skin"
      • "Refreshing scent"
      • "Long staying power"


      • "Not available in Boots"

      A great deodorant for long-lasting protection

      I have always been a fan of Garnier beauty products because they have always felt really nice on my skin and have never disappointed. Being rather picky with deodorants, I found it hard to settle on one that I could be perfectly happy with. Most of them have either not done their job properly, not lasted for a very long time, had an unpleasant smell, or have left marks on my clothes. I decided to give the Garner Minerals Spray a try, thinking that, as with other Garnier products, I would not be dissatisfied. Ultimately, I have been pleased by the performance of this particular product.

      The product
      Garnier is a famous French cosmetics brand that is part of the L'Oréal cosmetics company. It manufactures cosmetic products, as well as hair care and skin care products. They are known for tailoring their products to specific skin types, making them a great pick for those of you with "difficult skin" (either too dry or too oily, for instance). I would certainly recommend that you have a look at their range of products, as you are very likely to find something that was designed specifically for your particular skin problems; and that product is also very likely to leave you completely satisfied with its performance. In this review I am looking at the Garnier Minerals InvisiCalm Spray (deodorant). This product comes in bottles of 150ml and 250ml, which on average cost £2.3 and £3 respectively.

      The deodorant
      The Garnier Minerals line of body sprays and deodorants contains mineralite, which is a natural absorbent. This makes the deodorant very effective, as it dries very quickly after it has been applied, allowing you to instantly put on your clothes after using it. It does not leave any marks on your clothes, so you can freely wear either whites, colours, or blacks without the fear of discovering any stains in the underarms region. This ingredient also allows the continuous evaporation of any humidity on the surface of your body, in turn making it a very effective deodorant that protects you from sweating. I have used it both during a normal day as well as when I exercise, and I have noticed that it is really effective even when your body is under a lot of pressure and therefore producing more sweat. This deodorant is specifically designed to protect the skin, allowing for easy use after shaving or other types of hair removal. It does not irritate the skin, which I see as a very important advantage, considering that I have very sensitive skin that often reacts to the use of cosmetic products. This spray has a very pleasant floral scent that lasts for a long time, leaving your skin feeling refreshed; the fragrance is just the right intensity without being too potent to interfere with the smell of any perfume that you might be wearing. It helps protect from any odour that your skin may emit, leaving you feeling very fresh. However, I must admit that the whole "48 protection" is simply false advertising: yes this product does last for a long time, but that would be no longer than about 16 hours (you would obviously have to apply it every day instead of every other day). Overall, I am very satisfied with this product.

      The packaging
      The Garnier Minerals InvisiCalm Spray comes in a standard deodorant bottle, which is available in two sizes (150ml and 250ml). The specific material that the bottle is made out of, however, allows for the product to remain rather cool on the inside, which in turn makes you feel very refreshed when you use it on your skin. Like all Garnier Mineral deodorants, this one has an interesting feature on the cap: you are able to lock it, which will result in you being unable to spray out any of the liquid whilst pushing onto the top. It clearly shows whether the can is a locked or an unlocked position through the depiction of two locks (one open, the other closed) on the cap. In all honesty, I have not really found this feature particularly useful, however I guess it does protect the deodorant from somehow accidentally spraying everywhere (although I don't really see how that could happen). I assume that this lock could also prevent the spray from drying out, which is an important advantage, as then you would obviously be able to use the product for a lot longer and not have any of it go to waste.

      Price and availability
      This deodorant is priced similarly to most other deodorants, but because of its great performance, I'd venture to argue that it is very good value for money, as it will not disappoint you. It is readily available in the following places (with the average prices listed alongside them, not including shipping costs):

      Amazon.co.uk - £4.69 for 150ml and £9.84 for 250ml
      Chemist Direct - 2.99 for both 150ml and 250ml
      Drugs4U Pharmacy - £2.29 for 150ml
      East End Cosmetics - £2.23 for 250ml
      One Pharmacy - £2.29 for 150ml
      Supedrug - £2.99 for 250ml
      Weldricks Pharmacy - £2.29 for 150ml
      Wilko.com - £1.75 for 250ml
      Unfortunately, Boots doesn't seem to stock this particular product, which is a great shame for me, as I often shop in that store. However, there is always Superdrug!

      Final thoughts
      The Garnier Minerals InvisiCalm Spray is certainly a product that I would recommend. It is not my favourite deodorant on the market, but it certainly does its job to a really high standard. It has a pleasant smell that lasts for a long time and protects from odour, it does not irritate your skin, and it does not leave any marks on your clothes. What I particularly enjoy about using this product is that great fresh sensation that it gives your skin, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed. It is definitely a great product to use at the very start of your day to lift your mood and make you feel less weary.


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      25.04.2012 19:35
      Very helpful



      promises something it simply doesn't do

      Why did I buy the product???

      I'm always in a hurry last minute quickly spraying deodorant, throwing on my top and running to work only to discover I've horrible white marks all over the front when I arrive there, usually late :P anyway, I've tried a few brands before, all trusted brands like nivea and sure which have promised not to give me white marks and low and behold they don't work, nonetheless I'm not going to give u hope so when I seen this on offer at my local bodycare shop I was more than willing to give it a go. I dont remember exactly what I paid for it but I never usually spend more than £1.50 or there abouts on deodorant so i'm sure it was no more than that which is great as its such a large sized can! I have tried and loved many products from the garnier range including moisturisers and cosmetics but never deodorant, in fact I didn't even know it existed!

      Was I impressed???

      No, I wasn't at all impressed, this deodorant promises no white marks and in fact it gives me much much worse white marks than my usual choice. when I first used it excitedly, I luckyly was showering before bed and not before getting dressed for work. I shook the can and pressed the button only to discover horrible white sticky powdery substance flaking from my under arms, bearing in mind i wasn't holding it too close or spraying too much this was a disaster! I tried the other arm and got the same result, afterwards I had to rub it off completely and reapply my old brand!

      Did I give it a second chance?

      Yes!! of course I was going to give it the benefit of the doubt and try again the next day, the scent was gorgeous and very fresh, not over powering but definatly noticable which I love so it seemed a pity to waste it. The next day I tried shaking it whilst I was spraying it on (not easy) and holding it a little further back than I usually would. This helped but didn't solve the problem, I still got the build up of white powdwer litterally flaking off my underarms the moment it was applied, it felt heavy and wet, it doesn't dry instantly and quite frankly is a disaster


      basically I cannot use this deodorant at all before I get dressed, being short for cash and not one to waste anything I only use it after showering before bed, I only give a quick spray but im not overly concerned if I have white marks on my nightsuit, which i do! I smell nice the next morning so it works effectively but I simply cant have the horid white mess!

      Im giving this product a 2star rating because it des smell so nice and lasts quite a long time (not quite sure if it lasts the full 48 hours because generally speaking I dont go that long between washes)

      I personally dont recommend it and cant for the life of me understand why it is advertised as being anti-white marks when its much worse than other brands which dont promise any such thing

      overall, a big dissappointment!

      Thanks for reading :)
      Aveen X


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      27.10.2011 16:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Wouldn't buy it again.

      I was shopping in a local branch of 'Savers' the discounted drugstore recently and bought two anti-perspirant sprays, one of which was from the well-known "Garnier" range of cosmetics. The "Invisi Mineral 48hr Dry Protect" spray cost me around £1.25 for the 150ml can, which I thought was reasonable value.

      Packaged in a white and pale green-coloured metal canister, complete with a plastic mint green coloured lid on top of the can, the overall first impression I got from the product's packaging was that it was going to be quite refreshing to use. Certain phrases on the front of the canister, such as "Ultra Dry Protection" and "48 hour non-stop" led me to think that the anti-perspirant qualities contained within the product were going to be quite strong, and keep my delicate underarm area bone dry and for a long time too... a bonus!

      When it came to using the spray, I found that it was as easy to use as any other similar product that I buy regularly. The spray 'mists' onto my skin very easily and quickly, thanks to the neatly-sized nozzle on the top of the can. Furthermore, I found that the button that releases the spray from the canister was not overly cumbersome to use, nor did I need to use any sort of real 'force' to spray the product, which is not something that can be said of every similar product that I have bought in the past. This may be a rather insignificant point for many consumers, but for somebody like myself who has limited mobility and/or problems with the strength in the hands at times, the packaging for certain products can certainly be slightly more problematic than others and so I think it is worth a mention.

      The only other aspect of the packaging that I would comment on is the fact that this particular product has a little built-in 'lock' on top of the plastic lid/cap, which you need to slide horizontally to open or close the canister's nozzle. Again, I found this was easy enough for me to utilise, but I'd bear it in mind if you have issues with using your hands. (I'm not actually sure what the *need* for a lock on an anti-perspirant product is, most - if not all - similar products that I buy regularly are without this design.)

      Anyway, when I first sprayed the Garnier Invisi Mineral deodorant, the first thing I noticed was of course the smell. I found it to be quite fresh and it reminded me of a soap-like smell, whilst being quite floral too. I can't say that I was overwhelmed by the scent, and I thought it was fairly average overall. One aspect of the product's fragrance that I was pleased about however, was the fact that the floral aspect to the fragrance was not particularly over-powering or at all sickly.

      The spray felt quite light on my skin, and I didn't think it felt as though it was 'caked' on or at all heavy to wear. I was also pleased that the product seemed to be quite gentle, and it caused no irritation to my extremely delicate underarm area whilst I was using it, even when applied directly after shaving. There is no alcohol contained in this particular product, which may account for it's 'more-gentle-than-average' nature. I have to be honest however, and say that this is where the good news ends.

      Firstly, I found that the product seemed to 'wear off' very quickly, in fact I found that some two or three hours after it had been applied, my underarm area felt as if I had no anti-perspirant product on it at all. This meant that I had to reapply it as I was growing quite self-conscious. This was easy to do, granted, but considering the bold statements on the front of the product's packaging, I felt it was a bit of a let-down and really rather lame. I would point out too that I wasn't undertaking in any sort of physical exercise or enjoying a session at the local gym - I was merely going about my usual daily routine which doesn't involve any 'real' exercise due to my mobility problems as mentioned earlier. For me then, the "48 hour non-stop" claim from the product is complete rubbish.

      As for the "Dry Protect" claim, well no, it didn't keep my underarm area dry at all. I felt that I needed to reapply the product at least twice during an 'average' day to ensure any sort of dry or fresh feeling was achieved, so again, to me this claim from the product is false. The unreliable nature of the product meant that I only ended up 'trusting' it enough to use on days that I knew I wasn't going to be out and about, or perhaps a light spray before bedtime. There is no way that I could trust the product for something more 'energetic' such as nipping to the shops or a visit to my mum's house... I just couldn't rely on the product to keep me dry and fresh, and free from any nasty odour. For this reason, the product really only deserves one star in its rating.

      Overall, I was very disappointed with the product's performance and wouldn't buy it again. I didn't feel that it did anything to keep me feeling fresh or dry for any decent amount of time after it had been applied, and it seemed to wear off very quickly.

      If you want to try the product for yourself, you will find a range of Garnier anti-perspirant products available to buy in stores such as some branches of Boots as well as some supermarkets such as Tesco.


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