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Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush

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5 Reviews

Brand: Gillette / Men's deoderant / 200 mL. / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Protects,

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    5 Reviews
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      01.03.2013 15:42
      Very helpful



      Sold for men but would suit females too

      Review of Gillette Protect Deodorant 'Power Rush'

      **The Product**

      I must start by admitting that I bought this deodorant spray in error, not realising it was aimed at men. I know, poor old thing, she needs to wear specs!

      In my defence, it was on the special offer stand in the supermarket, the can and the half price offer caught my eye and I chucked it into my trolley without really studying the product. I didn't actually find out until I'd been using this for a couple of days that it was a men's deodorant...hey ho!

      I am not brand loyal when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants, I do not suffer with excessive perspiration or overly sensitive skin, and I find most products suit me, so I generally buy whatever is on offer.
      The Gillette packaging style is resolutely conventional; it is a tall, metal cylinder with a pop off grey plastic cap. The cap lifts off completely to get at the spray nozzle. The press button is sloped with a finger shaped depression. It is easy and comfortable to spray accurately.

      The can is a bluish black colour with a livid green flash across the lower part of the can. The product is very eyecatching, all company information and other details are printed on the can, including the strap-line "developed for men", which I overlooked entirely!

      There are various warning printed on the deodorant can, including not to incinerate the can even when empty.

      **Scent and Usage Experience**

      The scent of this deodorant is really zingy, it is a fresh, fruity fragrance with a citrus undertone, I really like it and to be honest, I think it is suitable for both sexes.

      The scent is fairly long lasting, Gillette claim that this is a 48 hour product, now I can't comment on this as I have never gone 48 hours without washing and reapplying deodorant so I will have to take Gillette's word for this!

      I found that this deodorant keeps me feeling fresh and dry; it does not sting or irritate my underarm skin, or leave any white marks or residue on my clothing. The deodorant spray mechanism is a very efficient one; it sprays exactly where you direct it making it one of the best aerosol type deodorants I have used in a long time.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I usually opt for a roll-on style of deodorant but as I have explained, I bought this due to spotting a tempting special offer, so it is fair to say that this spray was an impulse buy.
      The deodorant fulfilled my expectations; it does exactly what you want a product of this nature to do. The scent is very pleasant and even though the deodorant is aimed at men, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to use in my opinion.

      The deodorant seems to be quite long lasting too, I have been using this for several weeks now and the container still feel around half full, not bad for something I paid a mere £1.25 for!

      All in all, I would recommend this Gillette deodorant to others, although I have to say that I probably wouldn't have bought it at the full price, which I believe to be around the £2.50 mark.

      Thank you for reading.
      ©brittle1906 March 2013

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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      21.11.2012 01:23
      Very helpful



      Good deodorant


      Looking back at the Toiletries I have owned over the past few years I settled on reviewing the Power Rush scent from Gillette. This is one of the more recent Gillette deodorants I have owned. As you may know if you're a regular reader of my reviews I do like to try new products and have tried many different fragrances in any one well known brand so occasionally I like to try something new that is on offer or is a recent new product which I hadn't seen or tried before. I had tried most Gillette deodorants before even though I had not owned all of the ones I had tried as I feel you need to be attracted by the scent from the tester spray can. I tried this one a while ago and decided I liked it enough on audition to give it a proper go and as it was cheap I considered it a bargain.

      **Power Rush**

      This particular Gillette deodorant stands out on the shelf with it's smart, colourful look which entices the customer to spray a little of the tester to see what the scent is actually like. Power Rush is one of many Gillette deodorants that promises to offer decent protection against odor and sweat as an anti perspirant. So does it work as well as it should or maybe needs to?. Well I believe that it does perform well with a nice scent which has a Long lasting masculine fragrance with notes of citrus. It also has a sharp, fairly strong kick to it which is part of the actual benefit of this deodorant over some lesser products as the scent lasts well and the way it protects your skin is decent too. Patchy white marks are kept to a minimum if any and you can still smell the main part of the fragrance at the end of the day.


      It's available in the likes of Poundland so can be found at a very decent price when compared to other deodorants both from Gillette and also similar rivals. The scent can feel a little synthetic compared to the more expensive deodorants but this doesn't take away from the quality of the product as a whole. The fact that it gives decent protection against odors and sweat is one of the main reasons that it has become a popular product, It's ideal for use before and after gym workouts or just general everyday activity. Like other deodorants in the Gillette range there are a few other varieties of this particular deodorant if you prefer a roll on type deodorant for example. So all in all this is a strong performing deodorant which beats similar priced competition and benefits from the price point too. So while this deodorant can seem a little synthetic compared to the best it does a decent job for the price and has a fairly nice scent.


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      27.03.2011 17:50
      Very helpful



      For the money, it's hard to grumble

      == Background ==

      Some people absolutely love spending hours on personal grooming, and can happily play about day after day with different cosmetics. For the rest of us, though, it's just one of those things that has to be done. Yes, it's true that the whole concept of "body odour" was invented pretty much from thin air by American manufacturers between the wars, and that we probably don't *need* much more than to keep ourselves reasonably clean... but however close to nature we may feel, I doubt many of us these days would want to go through a day without some sort of deodorant/anti-perspirant.

      == Branding and design ==

      I'm not particularly fussy in my choice of cosmetic brands, but I suspect I'm like many people in that once I've found a make I like I tend to stick to it. I tend to buy Right Guard, since I have absolutely no imagination, but I'm open to trying other brands if there's some reason to. In this case it was that a local independent chemist was selling 200 ml cans at £1.30, barely half the price of most directly competitive brands. You should expect to pay more like £2.50 at full price, which still isn't too bad.

      The Gillette product's design is resolutely conventional: it's a tall, rounded-off cylinder with a plastic cap you take off completely to get at the nozzle. The button is almost flat (something I find preferable to the highly sculpted shapes some other brands use) and is easy and comfortable to use accurately. The can itself is a combination of black, grey and a rather virulent green; the use of that last colour is not a design choice I would have made, but it's not really objectionable.

      On the back we're helpfully told that this product was "developed for men". That was a great relief; I've always dreaded picking up a deodorant intended for squirrels. As usual, this is followed by some near-random marketing guff. "All Day Scent Technology" is a classic example: this is just a go-getting way of saying that the smell won't disappear the moment you step outside the door. I was pleased to note that Gillette make this stuff in the UK; more and more cosmetics production is being outsourced to China nowadays.

      == Scent and feel ==

      By far the best thing about Power Rush is its scent. It's a lovely smell, and there seems to me to be a definite fruity feel to it, with such scents as green apples and wild blossom. This does mean that it probably wouldn't be a good choice if you like to smell macho and earthy, but for those of us who are a little bit more sensitive (or "weedier", if you like) it is very attractive indeed. It's quite a springlike fragrance all in all, and one which feels fresh and light throughout the day.

      Gillette makes good on its promise that the scent will linger; I can certainly still notice it many hours after having gone out. That said, I don't think it would do for more than one day; this isn't a "48-hour" product and doesn't pretend to be one. Unless you really overdo it with the initial application, it hangs lightly on your body, so there's no need to worry about smelling like a chemist's shop, but anyone who has reason to get close enough to notice your scent will do so.

      == Verdict ==

      Gillette Power Rush (come on, I'm not using the absurd full name!) is a well formulated, pleasant deodorant which does its job nicely both in terms of keeping you dry and in terms of its scent. It's not so good that I would recommend dropping everything to get hold of it, but it's certainly good enough for me to keep it in mind as an alternative if it's on offer again or even if I just feel like a change. It won't make you feel like a god, but it will make you feel comfortable and confident, and in an everyday product it's hard to ask for more than that.


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        29.01.2010 16:05
        Very helpful



        A good choice overall but not my favourite

        ** Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush **

        On her last trip to the shops my girlfriend picked me up a can of Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush as my usual gillette one was out of stock. I'm not a brand maniac so I don't mind swapping and changing makes. But I get used a particular smell of deodorant I like and tend to stick with it.

        ** The product **

        A can of Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush cost us £2.69 and that price is roughly reflected on the intyernet too so we didn't pay over the odds.

        The can is a good design and exactly what you'd expect from a deodorant brand. Aeroslol can with printed logo over black with a colour pertaining to the fragrance on the bottom half of the can. The can also has all the usual warnings about aeroslos and contact with the eyes printed on it, and there is a snap on/off plastic cap. The size is 70ml.

        ** Using Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush **

        Using Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush is simple enough. You remove the plastic cap, point the aerosol and depress the button. I prefer to use all aerosols in a room where the window is open to avoid breathing it in.

        The sensation on my arm pits when applying the deodorant was one of being cooled/chilled. It was more powdery than wet and unless you applied a lot of it you diden't get any white patches.

        The smell was nice and fresh but it was not so distinctive that I could instantly tell it from any other brand.

        The deodorant effect did last for a reasonable amount of time. Even after I've been out on my bike I'm still feeling fresh for a 3 plus hours.

        ** My Verdict **

        I think that Gillette Protect Deodorant Power Rush is pretty good and not too expensive for what it does. It is not my favourite deodorant but I would buy it as an alternative choice -definitely.

        Thank you for reading this review,
        Mike x


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        21.10.2008 12:47
        Very helpful



        A review of ONE of the Gillette antiperspirant/deodorant products available

        So it's credit crunch horror and you're trying to reduce your spending in every way possible. Cue Gillette's anitperspirant range. I have always been very fond of the series in the past - especially it's shaving razors but have always opted for Lynx when it comes to deodorant. However whilst out shopping in Superdrug recently I came across the 'Power Rush' brand for just 89p for a 200ml can. Much more than your typical Lynx. So it had already won on cost and quantity but would Gillette prove successful when put to the test?

        Obviously the series has a range of anti perspirants for both men and women but my review will focus specifically on the brand that I purchased. The packaging for the product is fairly simple but attractive as it uses grey, black and a nice, dark green for decoration. All the usual information you'd come to expect is contained on the back and the deodorant has a simple format of removing the plastic cap and pressing down to release the deodorant itself.
        The product claims to be a 'Triple Protection System' meaning it:

        Fights odours
        Helps keep you feeling fresh all day
        Keeps you smelling great

        Personally I only really agree two of those as the Power Rush brand has a gorgeous smell that is up their with the best fragrances I've experience. It not only sticks to your underams but you can smell it clearly through your clothes and when you're just casually walking down the street. However by the end of the day you do start to smell a little which sort of defeats the objective.

        I also notice that this brand is awful for leaving white stains on your underams or your clothes in general. Not really very flattering! It says on the can to shake well before first use though I'd reccomend shaking well before everytime you use it as the white stains don't always show up at first and you may find yourself in an embarassing situation later on!...

        In conclusion I'd choose the gillete range on the basis of:


        Though not the most amazing deodorant in the world, it gets the job done.


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    • Product Details

      Gillette 3x Triple Protection System keeps you smelling great all day /