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H&M Juicy Pear Body Splash

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2 Reviews

Brand: H&M / Type: Deodorant Spray / Subcategory: Splash / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2013 12:14
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      Juicy Pear splash

      I picked up this little Juicy Pear Body Splash from H&M last week after reading a review about it here on Dooyoo. They don't seem to have this available online anymore, but they did have quite a lot left in the H&M that I visited.

      The Juicy Pear body splash comes in a cute little boxy and chunky, plastic pump action bottle, a bit like a plant spray bottle! The bottle is lime green, I guess to symbolise the 'juicy pears', but it is kind of a transparent lime green so that you can see through to see how much of the body splash is left. It's 100ml in size. The nozzle was shrink wrapped for hygiene so unfortunately I couldn't test it before buying it, they didn't have any open bottles as testers either. It was the grand sum of just £1.50 for the 100ml bottle so I figured I may as well give it a go anyway, even without actually smelling it.

      They also had a Candy Pink body splash available too, in surprise surprise a bright pink bottle. Again no open bottles were available as testers, but I'm guessing that the candy pink version probably smells very sweet and very 'candy' like.

      Once the shrink wrap is removed then you also need to twist the little plastic 'lock' underneath the trigger around to 'open'. The little lock will twist back around again to locked, so that you can pop the body splash in your handbag and not worry about the trigger getting accidentally pressed and soaking everything.

      The spray nozzle does works perfectly, but it does spray a very large and a very wet mist, as opposed to a concentrated spritz that you would get with a bottle of perfume. Each spray from the trigger covers a very large area and I find that on my arms and legs especially a lot of the spray just bypasses my skin and ends up in the air. The 'wet' spray does then take quite a few minutes to dry on my skin.

      The body splash is suitable to use all over your body, and I do spray mine all over. I don't have any other 'pear' fragranced products, so I've been layering the juicy pear body splash with other fruity fragranced body products - shower gel and body lotion. I spray it all over after showering in the morning, and then I do also need to top it up a few times during the day as well.

      This does smell really lovely, it's a very light and refreshing fragrance, and it's instantly recogniseable as pears. It's a very sweet fruity pear fragrance, with a slight citrussy undertone to it as well. It's the perfect daytime fragrance, and it will be perfect for the summer months as it's so light and refreshing. For me personally it's not an evening kind of fragrance, as I much prefer something headier and heavier if I'm going out for drinks or dinner.

      I know that this was only £1.50 for a 100ml bottle, but even so I'm really disappointed with the staying power of the body splash. I find that the juicy pear fragrance doesn't really last very long on my skin at all, I'd probably say only a couple of hours before I feel like I need to spritz again as the juicy pear fragrance has completely disappeared.

      I guess that ordinarily I probably wouldn't repurchase this as I'm really disappointed with its longevity. However when you consider that it is only £1.50, and the quirkyness of the little bottle, I have to say that I probably will end up buying another bottle, and I'll also probably end up trying the Candy Pink version too.


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      03.03.2013 11:21
      Very helpful



      A really beautiful scented body splash from H&M

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      As both of my sons birthdays fall within a 3 week period before Christmas, money is obviously more tighter in December than it usually is. They invited some friends round one Saturday for a pizza and xbox 'party' which resulted in said friends bringing cards and presents much to the joy of both of my children. One present that my older son Kieran received were some Super Mario tops and I noticed they were from H&M - a brand I'd only ever heard of and not bought anything from before due to none of their stores being local to us. I was really impressed with the quality and decided t check out their website where I happened upon this fantastic sounding body spray in the women's section - which priced at just £1.50 seemed too much of a bargain not to try so in to my virtual shopping basket it went.

      As this was just before Christmas I have had plenty of opportunities to wear it and I will now share my thoughts on 'Juicy Pear Body Splash' by H&M.

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      As mentioned this spray was very reasonably priced at just £1.50, which for the size it of 100ml I thought was quite a bargain. I usually only tend to wear body sprays sporadically, preferring perfumes overall generally, and rarely buy them myself as I tend to get a lot in gift sets for birthdays and Christmas etc which keeps me going throughout the year, but it was the packaging of this product that really caught my eye as it was so different to the norm that made it stand out along with the delicious sounding pear scent.

      Presented in a small compact plastic bottle, the body spray - or splash to give it it's proper name - is visually impressive. The design of the bottle is what initially attracted me - being cylindrically shaped with a small trigger handle it actually reminds me of a plant spray but it's quite unique and different and caught my attention, so the designers have certainly done a good job as I probably wouldn't have been enticed to buy it otherwise.

      The bottle is small and slightly bulky but not in a cumbersome way and the plastic has a transparency that makes it clear to view the liquid inside, though the bottle does have a very bright and zesty green hue to it making it very noticeable so it really does stand out. The splash is activated by a pump spray which is accessible via a trigger style device which is both easy and practical to use as it has a small plastic 'off' button which when pushed to one side stops any chance of the product accidently leaking.

      I've just discovered that this is also available in a 'Candy Pink' fragrance which next time I place an order I will be trying. I purchased mine from the website www.hm.com which did incur a P&P charge of £3.90, though as I was already placing an order anyway didn't matter but it can apparently also be picked up from in store, though as I only have experience of ordering online I can't comment on the availability from their shops.

      **My experience of using this splash**
      I very rarely buy body sprays myself as I tend to get quite a few in gift sets as mentioned for Christmas and Birthdays, and as I usually wear perfume on a daily basis the body sprays I receive in gifts last me all year so I don't go out of my way to buy them myself very often. There was something very enchanting about this pear spray as it's packaging was just so different to the usual generic cylinder style cans that I normally associate with a body spray that I found I *had* to try it.

      The bottle is very compact and despite having a bulky appearance it actually takes up very little space when placed in my bag and is ideal for carrying around if you should so wish to top up your fragrance throughout the day. The splash is very easy to use and once the 'off' button has been pushed to one side the trigger then just needs a gentle pull to activate the splash. The liquid has a heavy watery consistency but when spritzed it emits in a light mist and covers the body evenly.

      The fragrance itself is absolutely mouthwatering with the splash having a very natural pear fragrance which doesn't smell synthetic or artificial at all. Although it is pear fragranced there is a hint of what sells like grape to me which helps add to the fruity scent and compliments the pear fragrance though this is only my opinion as there is no mention other than 'pear' in the splash.

      This states it's suitable to use all over the body and I've found that after a morning shower is the best time to apply it for optimum results. A few spritzes are all that is required to cover my body as once the trigger is pressed it releases the fine mist which covers a large area so applying it generously isn't really a requirement as a little goes a long way.

      The pear scent is very fresh, fruity and just the right level of sweetness in my opinion and after applying first thing in the morning it can still be clearly detected throughout the day. I've had compliments on how nice I smell when wearing this and though the fragrance is strong on application it isn't too overpowering and fades just slightly enough to be noticeable for several hours afterwards.

      I am so glad that I bought this dinky little body splash as not only does it smell divine, but the packaging is just too cute to dispose of and once empty I am going to thoroughly wash it out and keep it to water my plants with. The 100ml bottle seems to last for a long time as I've been using this several times a week now since early December and I still have 1/4 remaining in the bottle which makes this a very economical purchase. I love the light sweet aroma this leaves on my skin which I can still smell clearly after 3 to 4 hours so it gives impressive results and has a better longevity than some EDT's and even EDP's I own.

      The fragrance is ideal for general day to day wearing and as mentioned is easy enough to pop into most bags though as it lasts for several hours I don't always feel the need to carry it with me when applied as it's scent remains noticeable for long enough.

      The spray - sorry splash - is ideal to use all over but is more body spray than deodorant so doesn't have any antiperspirant qualities so do bear this in mind. As much as I adore the scent of this it is something that I would only wear during the day as it's not really strong enough to double as an evening fragrance in my opinion.

      I'd highly recommend this and hope next time I place an order that this fragrance is still available but even if not it's impressed me enough to try other products in the range.

      5/5 from me.


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