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Ice Guard Crystal Deodorant Roll On

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Brand: Ice Guard / Deodorants / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      26.01.2011 14:13
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      I'm a fan of crystal deodorants, I often get rashes from normal anti-perspirants and when I can't use them I always switch to a crystal product. A while ago I was using the Ice Guard spray and recently ran out so decided to buy the roll on version. Mine cost me £4.50 including delivery which sounds like a lot but you get a big 100ml size bottle so it's not alot more expensive than other roll ons.

      The crystal roll on is not an anti-perspirant, it's only a deodorant so designed to prevent odour but not sweating. The crystals work by inhibiting bacteria which is what causes the awful smell so you should be left with no nasty whiffs going on under your arms, or on your feet if you use it there too, but your body can still sweat so the pores aren't clogged up. Ice Guard contains no fragrances, no aluminium and is hypoallergenic. Take it from someone with sensitive underarms, this stuff doesn't cause problems in the area.

      On the back it says to use it before drying off after a shower however I'm a bit confused by this. The crystal version has to be used on damp skin as the crystal is dry but this roll on is liquid so I'm not sure why they suggest using it on damp skin as it's not necessary. I use mine on dry skin and it works fine like that.

      The liquid comes out white so you can see where you've put it and it takes about the same time as other roll ons to dry so only a few minutes. If you get this on your clothes it wipes off and doesn't leave any white marks. It does have a scent, it smells slightly of chlorine and it does contain benzalkonium chloride so that must be what I can smell. It isn't a strong smell though and once on it's odourless.

      Obviously you will still sweat with this on as it's not designed to stop that but it won't smell. I've used it for a while now and even wearing layers of clothes and sitting in people's warm houses during the winter it hasn't let me down on odour control, you literally smell of whatever soap or shower gel you used on the skin before applying this. If you want to stop sweat though this won't be for you. You don't reapply this over the day, it's only to be applied immediately after washing so if you started to get some nasty odours you'd need to wash again first. I don't need to reapply at all and this easily lasts all day with no odours creeping through.

      Economy wise it's better to buy the actual crystal version as it lasts ages but this roll on has been used every day for about 6 weeks now and it still has about a third of the bottle left so it does last. Compared to the spray there isn't alot of difference except I think the roll on is lasting longer.

      Overall to eliminate body odour this works brilliantly, I haven't tried it on my feet as I don't have problems with smelly feet but it can be used there. It lasts well, one application is all I need for a day, it doesn't irritate my skin and it's better for the body not to clog the pores up with anti-perspirants so it's a 5 star rating from me.


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