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Ice Guard Crystal Deodorant

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Brand: Ice Guard / Spray / Type: Deodorant Spray / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2010 13:39
      Very helpful



      I like it alot, highly recommended

      Having sensitive skin sometimes means products set my skin off itching and flaking and one of the usual things that does it with me is anti-perspirants. I can usually use a brand for a while then my skin has a hissy fit and decides it doesn't like it anymore and I'm left with very itchy, red underarms. When this happens I have to switch brands but I can't actually wear any type of anti-perspirant until the skin has calmed down or it makes things worse. So what to do, wear nothing or use a natural product?

      In the winter months I'd wear nothing for a while to give the skin a chance but during the summer I feel happier if I at least wear something so I have this Ice Guard Crystal Deodorant Spray on standby for when this happens.

      Ice Guard works the same as the lumps of crystal you get to use as deodorant but it comes in a handier spray form. The spray contains only water and minerals and works by neutralising the bacteria that causes odours. It doesn't prevent sweating as it isn't an anti-perspirant it's just a deodorant but it should stop any nasty bacteria causing any bad odours. It is of course perfume free as it contains no fragrances but I usually find I smell of whatever shower cream or soap I used before applying this.

      The spray is 100ml and I paid about £2.50 for mine. It varies however how much it costs so do shop around. I've seen it at £4.99 in some places so it's not cheap but Amazon seem to be very reasonable at £2.89 right now.

      The bottle is a pump action spray and when you spray it on yourself it feels just like water. If you use too much it will drip down your sides so go easy. I find about 2 sprays each side works for me without the dribbling effect. I can also tell you it tastes like salt water, I accidentally sprayed some on my lips and tasted it which isn't really recommended!

      The bottle says you can spray this into shoes and on clothes where the bacteria might be but I think it would leave clothing and shoes very wet so I haven't used it for that purpose.

      So does it work? Well I'm currently having yet another reaction to anti-perspirant and using it right now. I've found if I apply it once in the morning after a shower, you need to wash any old bacteria off your skin first or it won't work, it keeps me completely odour free for the entire day. I find it does feel like it's left a layer of something on the skin, it feels a bit like a layer of salt I suppose but this doesn't stop any sweating. My armpits are perfectly capable of sweating still but to be honest I don't find they do very much, I haven't felt much in the way of dampness there while I've been using this spray and the bit I have felt is completely odourless and dries really quickly.

      I'm really pleased with this spray, not only is it more convenient than using an actual crystal which has to be left to dry after each use but it's also totally effective against any odours. It isn't irritating my skin at all even though the skin is still feeling sensitive and it dries within about a minute which is actually quicker than a normal roll on. The only downside is it doesn't stop sweating so if you sweat alot it probably won't be suitable for you but for me it works a treat.

      It is available in a roll on form too which I may try next and various online shops sell both types so do shop around for the best price. Highly recommended for both sexes.


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