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King of Deos Vanish Hair Deo

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Brand: King of Deos / Type: Roll-on / Suitable for: Hair

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2009 16:30
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      Pointless purchase from Poundland!

      A few weeks ago I was browsing Poundland and noticed they were selling a deodorant I had never seen before. Named "King of Deos" and made by the same people who gave us "King of Shaves" products, it was a roll-on product and there were two varieties on offer - one for sensitive skin, the other claiming to slow the regrowth of underarm hair called Vanish Hair.

      Well I am a woman who hates shaving - and anything that claims to cut back on the regrowth is of interest to me. This also advertises itself as a natural product which is free from aluminium and preservatives, and crucially for me as the wearer of a lot of black, leaves no white marks. I thought, for a pound what do I have to lose, so I duly purchased the Vanish Hair variety.

      Just a week or so after I purchased this, my Mitchum deodorant ran out so King of Deos came out of the cupboard, ready for me to use.

      King of Deos roll on looks like any other roll-on - the Vanish Hair variety has a shocking pink semi transparent screw top lid.

      The first thing I noticed about this deodorant was the consistency when it came out of the bottle - it was really runny - almost like water in its consistency. The second thing I noticed was how long it took to dry.

      I tend to be in a bit of a rush every morning so I was a bit put out at the length of time this took to dry off - I ended up doing my face and cleaning my teeth as I waited but even when 15 minutes had passed, it still felt damp. I was a bit annoyed by this - I prefer roll-on deodorants but do not expect to be flapping my arms about like a headless chicken 15 minutes after applying it in the vain hope it will dry.

      As for the scent, well to begin with it seemed quite delicate. I had tried the scent in Poundland before I bought and thought it seemed pleasant enough. Ah, how wrong I was.

      As the day wore on I became aware of an unpleasant smell in the house. At first I thought it was a smell in the kitchen. Then I caught a whiff of it in the living room. And in the bedroom. In fact wherever I went in the house the smell was obvious to me. I was on the verge of calling Dyno-Rod as I thought it might be the drains, however it wasn't until I smelt it in the car that I realised it was me, and it was my deodorant.

      The smell had become almost overpowering, and it wasn't pleasant either - its like the scent from depilatory creams I used to use in my youth. Now I am a big fan of depilatory creams for removing hair, but the smell has never been something I was particularly fond of, and one of the saving graces was you would be washing it off after 10 minutes had elapsed. Quite why you would wear a deodorant that has a similar scent all day long is something King of Deos would do well to consider.

      I wondered if my "natural" deodorant actually was anything but given the depilatory cream aroma, however King of Deos claim this variety's active ingredient to slow hair regrowth is xyleine, a "patented vegetal active" so I don't think its that.

      I persevered with this for a couple of weeks, but had to give up once my daughter said I "stunk" - I actually felt the smell from the deodorant was worse than if I hadn't bothered at all - and as for the hair regrowth, well sadly had I decided to be lazy and trust the claims King of Deos make, I would have pits to rival Julia Roberts at the "Notting Hill" premiere.

      As for the deodorant actually working to cover the smell of sweat, I actually couldn't categorically tell you such is the overpowering aroma this gives off - it's so strong you cannot smell anything else!

      So save your pound for something better that at least smells half decent and don't put your razor into hibernation.



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