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Lush Aromacreme Deodorant

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Brand: Lush / Type: Deodorant Stick / Subcategory: Deodorant Cream / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      20.08.2010 20:15
      Very helpful



      Great product but a slightly dodgy smell

      First of all, I'm a great fan of Lush solid bar deodorants and have been using the various brands for about seven years now. These deodorants look like slabs of posh, handmade soap and are available in a range of mostly neutral / earthy browns, tans and beige. You buy them by weight (the prices fluctuate but generally you expect to pay £4 to £5 for one 'portion') and rub them in your armpits in the morning instead of using a roll-on or spray deodorant. They leave a reassuring smear of residue (I say 'reassuring' as you know you've put them on afterwards) but it's not sticky or unpleasant-feeling. And they do work quite well as deodorants - in that they prevent the smell of your armpit sweat getting really nasty during the day.

      Despite being on the pricey side for deodorizing products, each £5 bar of Lush solid deodorant does last quite a long time - I haven't exactly timed it, but I'd guess at LEAST six weeks with daily use, and probably a bit more. In fact I like this type of product so much that if I'm not able to get to a 'Lush' shop, I sometimes buy them by post - and as the set-rate P&P costs almost as much a bar of deodorant will, that's really saying something...

      Having written all this in favour of the Lush solid deodorant bars, I must say I had an unfortunate experience with this particular Patchouli-scented one. For anyone who doesn't know what Patchouli smells like, go to your nearest shop that sells any amount of tie-dyed clothing and have a sniff through the products on sale at the incense counter. Patchouli smells like a super-sweet, penetrating flowery / fruity / sour-sweet odour - incredibly distinctive - and it's the main fragrance you can smell with this particular Lush bar. I used this product, again, for several years, but somehow my sense of smell - which I think is usually super-acute - must've somehow become deadened to the aroma of this stuff through long-term use.

      My unfortunate and embarrassing experience with Patchouli deodorant is this. About two years ago for work reasons, we weren't going to be living in our house for about eight months, and as there was some serious structural work that needed be done on the place, this seemed like a good opportunity to have the repairs carried out.

      The building work spiralled out of control, as remodelling works always do, and suffice to say that the entire inside of our of house ended up being ripped out till literally nothing was left but the four walls, the roof (which eventually needed to be taken out and put back too) and a lingering odour of Lush Aromacreme Deodorant Bar Patchouli that you could've cut with a knife. It must've got into the old carpeting, and I was horrified to think that for over two years I'd gone about my business, meeting work colleagues, friends and family, always reeking of that. It was not a happy thought and I changed deodorant 'flavours' immediately.

      At last the building work was complete and we returned to effectively an entirely new house - on the inside: it had new floors and flooring, stairs, windows, doors, plaster-work - everything. But somehow the stench of Lush Patchouli still permeated the building. In the enclosed space the shut-in smell took on a terrible stale-ness - that you can still faintly get a whiff of, if, say, the house has been unoccupied for a few days when we've been on a visit away. I don't think it'll ever fully go, not really.

      It's a sobering thought, isn't it?


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        26.08.2008 02:19
        Very helpful



        A lovel alternative to a roll on deodorant.

        Lush produce 5 different solid deodorants, the one I am going to review is called Aromacreme.
        Aromacreme is sold in 100g pieces which come in little plastic pots. 100g costs £4.95.

        Aromacreme is a beige type colour and has speckles throughout it, it is quite soft and can easily be squeezed between your fingers and a little piece broken off which you then rub around the armpit or other smelly area! I do not suggest trying to rub a large piece on as when I first used it this is how I tried to apply it and it all broke to pieces.

        The photo here on Dooyoo is not actually Aromacreme, it is Aromaco, so this is not what the product I am reviewing looks like !

        As you apply Aromacreme it starts to melt slightly and turns into a powder which can be spread quite evenly. There is a powdery residue left so this can not really be used is you are wearing black as it will leave white marks.

        This deodorant is really good for using over the whole of your body and it does not leave any sticky mess behind like a roll on deodorant does.

        This has a really lovely scent; it smells very fruity and works really well at keeping you smelling clean and fresh. I apply this in the morning after a shower (you need to make sure you are well dried or it will turn sticky) and it keeps me smelling sweet all day, on hot nights I also re-apply this before going to bed. This does not cover smells, but works very well at keeping smells away.

        I think this also has moisturising effects because I am sure that since I started using this my armpits have been smoother.

        The ingredients in Aromacreme as advertised on the Lush website are -
        Sodium Bicarbonate
        Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii)
        Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis)
        Lychees (Litchi chinensis)
        Magnesium Carbonate
        Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata)
        Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana)
        Benzyl Alcohol
        Benzyl Salicylate
        Benzyl Benzoate

        I have also tried the Aromaco deodorant from Lush and I have found that I much prefer this one because it leaves no wet feeling and has a nicer fragrance, the butter and oils in this make it truly lovely and whilst it is more than I am used to spending on a deodorant it is worth every penny (as long as I remember not to wear it when I am wearing black!).

        I have given this 4 out of 5 stars because it is a fab product and the only area in which it is lacking is the white marks it can leave.


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      • Product Details

        The original patchouli one for hippy armpits / Aromaco is our deodorant for all over your body, perfumed with patchouli essential oil / Patchouli was used to perfume genuine Indian ink in Victorian times so that you could tell you were getting the real thing, not a cheap, synthetic fake / The Victorians also used it to keep moths out of their pashminas /

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